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no don't drop it yet

>> No.84082853

yes, im gonna drop ur mothers nudes soon

>> No.84082876

afaik there's only one provider of privacy services that claimed a no-log policy that btfo'd a court order by proving they didn't keep logs

>> No.84082892

Are you downloading illegal material from them?
Doesn't mention uploading btw.

>> No.84083328

Just use TOR

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Would you trust fucking a prostitute in the middle of a Detroit ghetto at 2 AM without a condom just because she told you "I ain't got no AIDS"? That's you're answer, anon.

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Using Tor isn't safer than a VPN?

>> No.84083607

TOR nodes are hosted by the CIA, anon :)

It *may* be safer for cunny, which is what i assume OP is looking for, but its not exactly unsafe to use a VPN instead of TOR.

>> No.84083628

Which country? Countries outside of China and America are pretty bad at arresting people for shit on the internet, so you should be fine anon. Just use tor/vpn if you are scared

>reddit post
>from four years ago
Im not saying the CIA is competent enough to spy on people using tor, but they do control many of the nodes, not just exit nodes.
But the feds only go after the big players in the cunny business, they wont arrest the average cunny enjoyer downloading a few files

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>post is 4 years ago
>redditor for 3 years
>last post one year ago

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>It *may* be safer for cunny, which is what i assume OP is looking for
>TOR nodes are hosted by the CIA, anon :)
> :)

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>CIA glowniggers are good
>stop badmouthing them.

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H-haha yeah.. all those cooking recipes.rar i downloaded from this site are for my chef school assignments sir

>> No.84084092

Both pedophiles and federal agents (not like there isn't a huge overlap) are going to hell

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