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Fucking based

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Holy shit, now what are we supposed to do?
Will Debian even work without json?


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i fucking kneel
downloading bullseye iso right now

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>let's put an entirely subjective and legally un-enforceable clause in our license
>what could go wrong?

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This is why I love Debian. The only mainstream distro fighting the good fight. Don't give them an inch.

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Also the only mainstream distro that knows the difference between kernel, OS, distribution, userland.

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Listen here you dipshit.

Good and evil as traits and [natures of actions] are absolute. All killing is evil, no matter who the person is.

It's just that good and evil as FORCES are relative, and therefore the situations and scenarios involved in one's actions decide the outcome.

For example, while all killing is evil once again, there are GOOD SCENARIOS for killing. For example, self defense, and if the person you are killing is about to take over the world and is refusing to stop at the same time.

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holy based, I kneel

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Really? So ending the scourge of transgenderism and homosexuality in favor of the inherent stability of the nuclear family is objectively good, then.

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Whatever I choose to do.

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That evil for certain demographics anon.

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No it's not. Homosexuality is rife with pedophilia and sexually transmitted diseases. Ending those things is an objective good. Since good and evil are objective absolutes the LGBT rights movement is inherently evil.

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I agree. We should start with 4chan, I hear everyone there is a homosexual and a pedophile.

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Based. Evil is a necessary part of existence, if Good is to exist as well. You cannot have Ying without the Yang. Based Debian.

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Absolutely. And then we can move on to facebook, twitter, youtube, the catholic church, antifa, islam, etc.

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Incorrect. Might makes right, therefore the weak are evil and the strong are good.

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To be honest, the JSON license is based af
You can put up the code for that license and then sell an exemption for a pretty penny to corpos who will gladly pay for the exemption

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>jesus gets killed, which means he's weak
>that means he's evil
dumb dumb retard kill yourself

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based and double gets-pilled

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>he's evil
well, he was a jew.

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There is no objective morality, everything is subjective. Now go dilate.

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bike cuck

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rms as talked about his before. He mentioned that there is no way to enforce such a license (in the context of the military using free software for nukes)

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>defines the concept of morality with the ill defined term "wellbeing"

Anyway, if I break your leg that's immoral right? Because it reduced your wellbeing?

What happens if tomorrow war is declared and you avoid conscription due to the broken leg? Now your wellbeing is higher than if I hadn't broken your leg, thus your wellbeing is improved because of my actions.

Notice how your wellbeing status changes unpredictably over time as a result of the butterfly effect of my supposedly moral/immoral actions.

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Presumably the author could sue you if you ever tried to use the software to develop nuclear weapons, one example of evil.

While nuclear weapons of mass destruction are indeed evil, it shouldn't be a matter for free software licenses but rather, get involved in politics if you oppose nuclear weapons.

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Now design an objectively correct measure of overall wellbeing.
If you find one, make sure to send it to the folks at https://intelligence.org/, they'll appreciate it.

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What a ridiculous fucking thing to put in your license.

>> No.83884303

it's literally explained right there. Free means free, not "so long as you do what I consider morally good"

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>All killing is evil, no matter who the person is.
justified killing, cf murder, is not evil

btw the commandment is "you shall not murder". But KJV cucks think it's "shall not kill" which is an improper translation

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>but objective morality is easy
Actually it's not, which is why ethics as a branch of philosophy has been a concern for a few thousand years. Different philosophies define different meanings of value and of morality, and
>does net human wellbeing improve as a result of an action. if yes, its moral
is only the philosophy of hedonism. Quite literally "blue-pilled" in The Matrix analogy, believing that value is tied to wellbeing and therefore lives of comfort but obscurity are more valuable - and therefore more moral and more desirable - than lives of illumination but suffering. In the analogy, the contrary philosophy of being "red-pilled" is a philosophy that value - and morality - come first from authentic truth and would state, "Does net authentic truth illuminated to humans increase as a result of an action [without regard for individual or collective wellbeing]? If yes, then it is moral."

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moralfags should be killed

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That defining good/evil is nonfree, just like how Apple saying you can't use crappleware to develop and maintain nuclear arsenals. It is nonfree.

at least crApple defines evil in their EULA though.

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it means you don't have to pay for it you idiot duuuuuhhh

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>Provide a framework that can unambiguously determine whenever given usecase is good or evil
trivially easy
all usecases are evil
>prove that other common such frameworks are wrong.
literally impossible to do

>> No.83887249

And that's literally what makes morality not objective.

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wtf based Debian?

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Standard =/= implementation

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Also json isn't even a subset of JavaScript. Not every valid json is a valid js. It's its own separate thing.

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