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i helped design the system to assign software signatures to the hardware, get fucked hetros

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Why do people allow this to happen. I don't understand.

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I wish it didn't need to be like this. I just wanted to play video games bros.

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Basically Apple have a Camera calibration software that has to be run after replacing the camera (or swapping them around in this case) otherwise you get this.

Apple are dickbags when it comes to any third party repairs.

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There's a security failsafe hidden in the new battery design. Very sneaky. If you remove the battery and wrap it tightly in aluminum foil, that should form a faraday cage and block the errors.

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Screen, Battery and Logic Board are serialised and any change in serialised parts will trigger the said fail safes.
The security chip (from Logic Board) has the record with registered parts (against the iPhone).

Screen and battery can be replaced in a normal repair, but the Logic Board can't (do dead Logic Board = whole unit replacement).

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I hope the EU comes down on apple for needless environmental waste. Whole industry follows apple in 1-3 years when they make atrocious decisions like this

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Don't like it ? Dont buy it

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>needless environmental waste

>> No.83667235

>Every other company follows Apple's suit.
What now?

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Because the US is cucked when it comes to shit like this. EU is unironically based for some reason.

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They did this with the Touch ID as well. Needed to take it to Apple and they put it in some magic machine. I forgot what it’s called.

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Apple products have gone to absolute shit since Jobs died

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Honestly though, CEOs should have personal criminal liability when companies break laws. Jailtime, not company paid fines.

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Poorfag BTFO

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This is the core issue. A majority of their users would still use applecare because it's cheap and easy, so they wouldn't even lose that much by making their devices repairable by 3rd parties

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Unless company fines present a true existential threat then they are a meaningless cost of doing business.

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That's understandable is a technology so advance you actually NEED a Genius™ to help you!

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You are so incredibly wrong it's astounding.

Iphones have literally been designed to be easier to break so that you will spend more money on repairs.

I have an LG android from 6 years ago. The thing can go flying across the room and it has never once had the screen crack or shatter. But making good phones isn't profitable enough to stay competitive in the market anymore.

Keep sinking thousands into your phone repairs wage slave.

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Based Apple

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>I have an LG android from 6 years ago.
Wtf ever happened to LG? I also had a LG that I stopped using a case with because it literally could not break.

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>This guy literally replaces the parts of an iPhone 13 with the parts of another iPhone 13 and neither of them works properly. the only way to repair them is to take it to an apple store

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>Glass front and back

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Imagine unironically buying apple shit.

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>EU is unironically based for some reason.
This. Say about the EU what you want (and the EU did a lot of trash decisions), the EU did actually more good than harm for normal people who don't have a few billion $ on their shelf to sue the big companies.
The best part is that the EU is the one who sues big companies if they violate the law, so you don't even have to fear any retaliation like getting your account banned.

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Lmao if you unlock the bootloader on the z fold 3 (video on that same channel) the cameras both front and rear stop working until you lock it back. This shit is going to spread because customers don't care. They will consoom the product until next product comes out.

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>the EU did actually more good
EU wants to ban E2E encryption. But they unified charging cables, so that's a wash then lol

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Well no shit you dumbdumbs can't repair it. They're called Genius Bar for a reason.

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Do they serve IQ enhancing booze?

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Enjoying the 21st century?

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welp serves them right for buying a fucking iphone lmao

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Lobbying is not enough. Fines are not enough. Prison time is not enough. This ends when the state is pressured into executing them.

Call up your representatives. Tell them you're as mad as the French in 1789 and you want Tim Cocksucker to get the fucking chair.

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Then the market has dictated what it wants. If the need is there, it will exist

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The glass has been shown to crack on its own, no mishandling needed.

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they are retarded sheep

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what about the battery itl just wear out even if you dont drop it

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consooom mooreee

>> No.83673351

the EU is judgemental and forces people/companies to behave a certain way
you like it this time because it's the corporations that get cucked

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This is why I tend to get a new phone every 3-4 years.

>> No.83673465

phones are the biggest scam ever

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>iphone 4 came out back in 2010
>everyone bought it
>white one cames out later
>the same people bought it again

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>spend my whole life devoted to furthering chip manufacturering
>we develop a new laptop with super computer chips in it
>the Repairable Electronics Team for All Researchable Devices (R.E.T.A.R.D.) comes to investigate the repairability
>they pull apart the entire laptop bit by bit
>get to the new CPU chip, attempt to delid it
>we had to use thermal concrete to ensure proper cooling so it doesnt explode
>R.E.T.A.R.D. breaks the lid off, attempts to disassemble further, he cant figure out how to replace the transistors
>"hands up youre all under arrest"
>thrown in prison because they couldnt repair a microscopic transistor
>tfw raped by dequan and tyshaun for the rest of my life for building a laptop

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>phone works
>does all the phone things
>battery goes to shit
>spend like $800 on a new device instead of $50 for a new battery

God I hate zoomers

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Free Market, don't buy iToddler devices faggot

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i dont see anything wrong with this

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You guys don't get it.

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>That should be illegal
But it won't be, because Apple and companies like them just pay politicians to oppose right to repair laws.

Apple users are retarded nigger cattle and don't care so long as they can show everyone their new iThing and thus how rich and cool they are. In more general terms of why nobody else stops it, see above. The common man has no power, and politicians are more aware of that than ever. That's why they spend so much time paying lip service to identity politic talking points, rather than tackling anything that might affect their bribes.

>> No.83674481

>EU is unironically based for some reason.
EU doesn't make phones anymore so this is their passive aggressive tantrums.
>EU is old money, old traditions,
EU is a new federation of old countries and new countries. Some that have no been around longer than America.
>le america brazilified
Europe is getting braziled as well there Kettle.

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And next year other phone vendors implement the same shit.

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Bass, baste & basada.

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I was ready to buy the 13 mini but seeing this video puts doubt on the entire enterprise for me. So much of it has no purpose other than monopolizing the repair market. It's not even just that they're warning you that components have changed which I can at least kind of see an argument for although I don't buy it, they're actively bricking the device.

Holy christ stop being a dumb fuck. The recycling business started as and has always been an excuse for the worlds largest polluters to use up scarce resources and pollute the environment when no recycling process can prevent the fact that every time you recycle your phone a bunch of the materials are not reusable or recoverable.

The truth is the only way to actually achieve environmental goals is to reduce your cooonssummpttion. You need to buy a phone less often to be environmentally savvy. You need to buy less plastic wrapped crap. You need to stop using so much single use shit. However there is no financial interest in promoting this shit so companies go WHOAH RECYCLING WE'RE SO ECO-FRIENDLY! Recycling has become a way to greenwash to justify evil.

The issue is that Apple, when its been a sufficient amount of years will stop supporting software updates for your phone, stop supporting the hardware for your phone, and the entire system is so locked down if you want to do anything about it, "sorry bud". Your battery will inevitably degrade and you can't even replace it without fucking up your phone. Don't worry though, just go to the Apple store, RECYCLE for the ENVIRONMENT woooooo, and buy a new one! I love Apples environmental stewardship! So long as I RECYCLE I care about the environment!

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Cool. The batteries wear out over time due to technological limitations, the battery has a fucking serial number, and apple will eventually mark the product "legacy" and stop offering warranty support. When they do so, your battery will wear out, and then your phone will be fucked for no other reason than Apple being cocksuckers.

Purchasing warranties including applecare is retarded and so are you. You lose tons of money on average to offset a small risk. Paying for repairs out of pocket even through offical sources saves you money.

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all hope is lost for normies. my brother literally told me "why don't you buy a macbook if you want a good computer? they have the best laptops if you wanna do serious work"

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Take meds. Every electronic device will eventually shit out, this has literally nothing to do with Apple. Even if you keep a device and constantly repair it forever you are still going through tons of electronic parts and creating garbage. Dumbass.

>> No.83677067

>have only ever gotten a slight 1 millimeter scratch on the screen once in the 10 years I've used iPhones
based Apple dabbing on retards like you with Apple Care.

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>it has existed before Jesus Christ was born,

>> No.83677634

>didn't get the joke

>> No.83677890

I have never owned a smartphone for more than 3 years.

>> No.83677915

>iPhone 13 is irreparable
>the only way to repair them is to take it to an apple store
So it's not irreparable?

>> No.83678157

>we live in a perfect fantasy world where accidents absolutely NEVER happen!
>if the phone incurs ANY damage it is clearly YOUR FAULT!
I sincerely hope Apple is paying you to shill here because if they are not than you are one sad, retarded faggot.

>> No.83678175

>"This PC is never obsolete!"
Dude is most likely an apple shill and/or a plebbitor tourist.

>> No.83678176

I stopped giving a fuck when I got rich. I buy second hand phones now. They do what I need to do. Browse /g/ and shit post on /b/

>> No.83678191

Oh shit, I forgot to stop a multi-billion dollar international corporation from making their devices irreparable. My bad.

>> No.83678239

>it has existed before Jesus Christ was born
Is this bait or are you genuinely retarded?

>> No.83678555

based ralseiposter

>> No.83678647

>Phones are meant to be used for only a couple years
My current one come out in like 2015 or so. Still works. I don't want to shill out money every two years for a crap like smart phones.

>> No.83678697

i've never owned a phone for less than 4 years

>> No.83678721

Screen not shattering during a drop is more luck than anything else though.

>> No.83678776

the negro is frivolous

>> No.83678792

This is why I haven't bought an Apple product since 2011

>> No.83678804

same. 4-5 years is when i swap out.
if you consider the cost of your phone as an expense you can amortize over 4 years, it suddenly seems a lot cheaper.

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I'm ok if it's not repairable though. Corporation should be forced to establish a bill for your repair. If it's unrepairable or the bill exceed the price of the product when you bought it (minus value drops for years of ownership), they should be forced by law to give you the latest flagship for free. And when they're tired of this shit, they will make them repairable.

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>gets imprisoned for life without parole.
i prefer the guillotine, less taxpayers money wasted to keep subhumans alive

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