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Why does /g/ simp so hard for wm4 anyway?

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VLC is better

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He wrote 80% of the code. The other 20% was written by someone who is now employed full time by VLC.

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>writes the /g/reatest media player of all time
>why does /g/ simp for him?
/g/ee, i wonder why

vlc is going with flat shit ui, and the same jew that is killing mpv is also working on vlc.

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mpv is dying, move to mpc-hc

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>He wrote 80% of the code.
Wrong. The mpv core still contains a lot of code that was originally in mplayer and which wm4 didn't write.

Most of wm4's recent work was non-functional commits such as rewriting internal APIs.

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t. wm4

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I'll keep using mpv till it turns to shit too, or just keep using an older version as long as it works

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it just works

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vo_placebo when ?

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>lower refresh rate has higher latency
wow, who would've thought...

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>stole a TV
>is also retarded
wow, who would've thought...

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just looking through some more pull request and it seems like the current main dev is literally schizo talking to himself...

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wm4 deleted his comments

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>a random mpv contributor
it CLEARLY says "member", can you not read?

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doesn't work on Gnu/Linux afaik.

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can you?

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where (and why)

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video-sync=adaptive-sync when?
A sync mode where you need an adaptive sync display(G-Sync or Free-Sync) and it adapts the refresh rate of the display according to the frame rate of the content.

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He said mean words to people on the internet so I guess he's based.

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stop being a contrarian and use VLC or MPC-HC.

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What is wm4 doing now?

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mpv. Even if they don't touch anything anymore it will still werk, until some new meme extension comes and becomes standard, which is a pipe dream.

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madvr hasn't been updated in years

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>UI changes bad
So just change the UI with the themeing tools. I wouldnt stop using an app thats objectively one of the best becuase of the UI defaults.

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>greentext on blue background
neck yourself

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Sounds like another /g/ idol..

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Let me guess, you *need* more.

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hi haasn, have you cut yourself recently?

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/g/ doesn't do shit, let alone program, he can't be /g/ incarnate based on your description.

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Yes I do. The UI is atrocious.

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That's irrelevant. (You) personally don't have a problem, and the fact that you mention GitHub issues further proves you just want drama.

You're free to address some of them yourself if you want to improve mpv. If you don't, why care at all?

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Navigating between different videos in the same directory WITHOUT them autoplaying in succession because they're part of a playlist.

mpv's "solution" to allow navigating between videos in a directory is to use a Lua script to add them to a playlist, which is not always desirable. Every single other video player figured out how to do this over 20 years ago. When RealPlayer from 2001 is better at performing basic video player functions in 2021 than current software is, your current software is fucking trash.

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Literally two seconds in the manual.

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Qrd on the situation? Why wm4 out?

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>jew tries to take over the project by putting the main renderer outside of mpv's control
>wm4 sniffs it out

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There is no such thing as "in control" or "outside of control", it's all free software.

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How exactly did he "btfo" them?

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Can someone give me a quick run down on what's happening with development and wm4?

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haha nice joke, upvoted :)

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>now 10 minutes ago
mpv is kill

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just use mplayer - the white man's player

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