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>> No.83532706

>gaben releases steam deck
>suddenly easy anti cheat and battleeye will work on linux
soon there will be no more games that u cant run on linux

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>> No.83532793

vidya is optional you nigger
dont like it? dont install it

>> No.83532796

I hope so.

>> No.83532982

Il take credit for the Deck i told a guy at Valve about the gpd win and i said to him if somebody would make that under 500 they would take over the market.
So you can thank me for the deck I'm waiting...

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so the only thing that'll hold it back is the horrible desktop experience?

>> No.83533085

Thanks. Can I suck your dick?

>> No.83533295

using windows

>> No.83533324

So now there will be "battleeye" and "easy anticheat" malwares directly into linux kernel...

>> No.83533340

just dont install it then boomer

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windows 10 toddler here, care to elaborate? can i install linux on my manchild box now and play every game like on windows?

>> No.83533495

These malware companies are merging shit in linux kernel and for what? 0.02% user stupid enough to play games on a server OS.

>> No.83533923

>>all linux distros
No, they're excited that proton makes using linux less of a pain for gaming, and the deck increases the ecosystem for that.

>> No.83533938

>are merging shit in linux kernel
It's all through Proton you retard, and has nothing to do with the kernel. It jut means EAC/BattlEye/DRM shit will just look at the proton and go 'oh, this is a linux player from Steam' and leave your system alone.

>> No.83533983

Point is, my games run. Whether they do so natively or through some compatibility layer is irrelevant, it doesn't make a lick of difference.
Steam's main selling point is that installing and launching games from it "just works", whether it's using native or windows binaries.

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>runs game with vkd3d
nothing personnel

>> No.83534208

Not by default, but you're free to patch that functionality in if you want it. That's the beauty of free software.

>> No.83534233

did you have to recompile all of Gnome, or do you just drop the File Upload executable in a folder and it's replaced?

>> No.83534392

>recompile all of GNOME
Nope, just gtk3. It's only a library, so it's pretty quick.
>drop the File Upload executable in a folder
What kind of windows shit is this? Hell no, my package manager handles that for me. Imagine having to drag and drop an executable into a folder every time a new version comes out.

>> No.83534454

I'm kind of happy it's sold out until mid 2022 at best. Prevents me from buying yet another handheld I won't use.

Instead I can buy the Zen3 APU version and never use that instead :)

>> No.83534722

literally who?

>> No.83534831

I have to enter one command to update everything on my system. No manual intervention, no GUI, drag-and-drop or whatever needed. And I prefer to use locally-built binaries for anything outside of the official repositories.
I should publish install scripts for cracked windows games on lutris' website

>> No.83534986

KDE dreams of being as stable and fast as the Windows shell.

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