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Now thats a CPU bottleneck if I have ever seen one

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What a pussy.

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My slim cheap case has a usb-c connector with internal usb2.0 header cable
top kek

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look in the mirror

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i want to buy a shield for my gpu niggers, where to find it looks horrid naked on my case, where can i get a magnetic shield that looks good?, i tried amazon but nothing

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Cracks me up everytime

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That's nothing, the dude said "Thanks to Proton and a dedicated GPU you'll be able to play any game on the Pi".

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and? proton is like 99% compatible at this point

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*81% overall. 94% for top1000 titles. It'll close in on 99% for most popular titles once the EAC+BattlEye deal is fulfilled.

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this one is great

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3 4

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how are people so gullible to believe shitty larp on a larp forum?

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Only supericial consoomer-thots think that's bad. If you wanna bang one, I guess it's bad for you too. Otherwise, no, nothing wrong with that.

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Don't you mean,
>aw shinkledinks, I lost half of my testosterone reading this

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where can i find this video?

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No. You never fell for the cloud meme, and that's a good thing.

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We all use Minix down here...

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its basicly free music without piracy

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same as OPs pic related

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Is it OK?

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I had another one, but I can't find it. Sorry brah

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very good lmao

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>He says "non free"
>She thinks it's about money
Is this the power of english?

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its streaming trash, make of that as you will

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holy phukken baste MAH SEIDS MAH DUDE

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I'm not an american and have no idea what this is.
Is it someone getting Bane'd?

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No, this is dead mouse guy

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wheres the APB /v/ersion?

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okay....It never ceases to amaze me, reading stories like this weekly. How the fuck do people always manage to do OBVIOUSLY stupid moves like this in work/school settings. Like you should know to keep blatantly cringy and creepy anime porn type stuff far, far, far away from your professional environment.

Can someone please post a screenshot of the guy who made a thread about how he got fired from a really nice well paying position, because he was given some sort of company cloud microsoft account for work use, logs in form home and changes his desktop background to an extremely obscene and perverse naked loli. Also it wasn't the kind of style where it's like, "yeah.... she looks pretty cartoon-character-ish where the details and proportions are so anime and fantasy like the average random person gives you plenty of plausible deniability wiggle room for you to be like, umm yeah she's the character of an anime I used to really like as a teen, what's weird about it", so it would still be really, really weird and awkward but less "catastrophic fuck up level". NO, instead it was JUST a naked loli picture, the kind that's less 'anime' like and more of one of those hardcore borderline photo-realistic artwork types which give you no wiggle room whatsoever, instead it just screams ""IM A FUCKING CHILD MOLESTER"".

So basically he didn't realize the Microsoft account he was logging into was server based or whatever so when he was called into the office to show his boss something and logged into a completely different company computer it was the same fucking desktop with the same fucking background image. So yeah.... he said he got fired for that one.

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>He didn't survive by the way.
He's fine anon. Just needs to walk it off.

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The server one's not that bad since he's the only sysadmin and likely the only one with credentials, plus it's nothing fellow IT bros would rat you out over.
(You also aren't considering they enjoy being caught)

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>94% for top1000 titles
Where are you even getting that? Top 1000 shows 21% are native and 21% are rated platinum. If we assume both native and platinum-rated games are flawless, that still leaves 58% of top 1000 games which have issues ranging from minor to severe, with some being completely unplayable.

On x86 CPUs which the games are written for, RasPi has an extremely slow ARM CPU instead. Proton runs Windows games on Linux, but the actual hardware the games are running on is still the architecture the games were always intended for. ARM isn't.

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The quick frozen brown fox

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Solid. No one knows the reference unless they recently doomscrolled youtube "memes".

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>It's claiming that PCIe x1 is 75W while actually it's 10W. PCIx x16 is 75W.
It's got the exact same power pins.
>b-but muh spec
Literally nobody cares. I doubt most motherboard manufacturers even put a fuse on it, that would cost an additional $0.12.

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that pic was posted here a few months ago last time I remember

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Extremely based, this destroys the roastie

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The US allied themselves with drug dealers, child rapists (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bacha_bazi) and other criminal filthy while they were occupying the country. The Taliban want to execute them, so as the US forces were pulling out these faggots were clinging to the landing gear. Hilarity ensued because it made the US look like shit no matter which way the media tried to spin it (a lot out outlets just didn't cover it).

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Holy shit this one got me good

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Cucks at least get told when their wives get fucked. This shit is just pathetic. What's a license that allows everyone to use it, but they have to credit you, and they have to post the extra shit they add onto it? I forget the name, but that sounds fair and not dogshit like this.

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>What's a license that allows everyone to use it, but they have to credit you, and they have to post the extra shit they add onto it?
GNU/Chad Public License

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I appreciate your spirit, linux-bro, but the pi is too weak to reasonably play the majority of games out there.

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Because it's a collection of local files and he has no method to share it without using some sort of file-sharing program?

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>you will own nothing and you will be happy

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Indeed, if only not everyone were behind a NAT firewall so that we could actually connect to each other without a third-party server in between.

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Are you expecting the roastie to use netcat to receive the files?

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>It's claiming that PCIe x1 is 75W while actually it's 10W. PCIx x16 is 75W.
Wat. The power supply is entirely independent from the number of lanes. You are aware that the power is supplied entirely by the pins to the left of the key, right?

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Proton doesn't include an x86 emulator.

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So I don't get it. Is the argument
>bad people can use your software
If so than this is also possible with the GPL. Free software can be used by anybody without your permission. Terrorists, pedos, glowies, people who want to kill you and your family. Thats basically an argument for the "ethical license" which is stupid.

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under GPL, derivative software has to be GPL and its source has to be made available to the user. but even that argument seems fishy to me, because the GPL shouldn't prevent the OS from running spooky components that are technically not a part of the OS itself.

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wow a clickbait, who could tell?

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>So basically he didn't realize the Microsoft account he was logging into was server based or whatever so when he was called into the office to show his boss something and logged into a completely different company computer it was the same fucking desktop with the same fucking background image. So yeah.... he said he got fired for that one.
That's the stupidest shit I've ever heard. Just claim you got hacked and cause a ruckus. It's not like a boss would know that cloud wallpaper is supposed to sync or some shit.

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so actually how was this done? is this some rich guy thing where they like throw a baby into an immersion blender and needle it into your scalp?

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>they can do with it whatever they want
so long as they don't modify the software and then have others run it.

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GPL is a swinger's club. MIT/BSD/other cucked licenses are just cuckery.

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oh lord he's retarded
"nah i just listen to CDs still haha"
"yeah i just download all my music so i don't have a need for spotify"
or literally ANYTHING ELSE

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>Don't have spotify, but I can send you a screenshot
>I downloaded all my music, I use android so I can just put it on my microSD card
>nah I don't have netflix, everyone else has one so they always sign in

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It wouldn't be that bad to create a basic http server in assembly.

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Is he okay?

>> No.83367212

The origin of his name comes from a literal dead mouse in his computer, if you want to act like a smartass.

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it was done by taking hairs from the side of his head and moving them to the top of his scalp, anybody can have this done for about $10-20k

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real men pirate all their music in FLAC

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You've clearly never used Proton and are talking out of your ass. Gold games work just fine without problems for most everyone, silver rated games might have some problems. You don't get to pretend like Windows is a perfect platform either, for what bugs might arise from running the games under compatibility layer on Linux, it makes up for in lack of crashes, blue screens and improved performance from being lightweight and better optimized overall.

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Kek that thread was legendary, anon was born with a spot of the old 'tism.

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>Gold games work just fine without problems for most everyone
>silver rated games might have some problems
> it makes up for in lack of crashes, blue screens and improved performance from being lightweight and better optimized overall
>picrel is anecdote evidence
Perfectly executed bait, /g/ will fall for this. here have my (You).

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>he plays a """"game"""" with rootkit AC
I am glad wine filters out pozzed stuff for me

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What part of this is /g/?
>rootkit AC
Just so our glorious leader Xi can see I only play Genshin Impact for the past few weeks.

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>battery only lasts for 43 seconds
>everyone around him is sterile
this always cracks me up kek

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Sauce to thrad

>> No.83370470

I miss when they were open about being corporations and more importantly when people acknowledged them as such

>> No.83370504

What's wrong with men?

>> No.83370510

I remember this one lol

>> No.83370541

Yes and?

>> No.83370548

because we raised them to be both of those things

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Why did we go straight to windows 10 from 8?
Because 7 8 9

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Go buy a monitor stand for 10k faggot

>> No.83370848

it was a joke. everyone knows the real reason.

>> No.83371055

Then why did you ask?

>> No.83371593

I don't get it

>> No.83371688

Read it out loud

>> No.83371705

re-read the replies and realize your mistake, autist. if you can't see it, read again. keep repeating until you see the fault in your ways.

>> No.83371829

Its a dating app. The girl has a life

>> No.83372010

Is that Jeff Geerling?

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kinda reminds me of this gem

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>all that work for nothing

>> No.83373334

Unlike you

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I almost started up an angular app on teams meeting (ng serve) by typing nigger serve, I got to ”nigg” until I realized my mistake. I haven’t been fired so I’m assuming no one paid attention

>> No.83373795

He should have explained the difference between free as in libre vs. free as in gratis.

>> No.83374028

>linux usually gets better performance

>> No.83374668

So you can indoctrinate yourself with LGBTQIA++ ideology.

>> No.83374717

but I have a 49'inch tv to watch movies and shows on, its what I am using as a computer monitor right now

>> No.83374809

Commercial media servers like Plex and renting seedboxes show otherwise.

>> No.83374943

Fuck dude that picture is 12 years old now

>> No.83375048

but i'm not a girl

>> No.83375337

Gender doesn't exist, John Money.

>> No.83375754

Post Hyperborean edit

>> No.83376092

8.1 was pseudo 9.

>> No.83376240


>> No.83376354

Go back where fag? That thread might still be active.

>> No.83377898

the word gender is cringe with no appropriate translations as its definition was made up by John Money
it's a loan word from the same french/latin word as the one of genre but with a drastically different (and confusing) meaning
humans dont have genres, we have sexes

>> No.83378580

No, it's gain.

>> No.83378621

also kek

>> No.83378659

Ytmp3 is all you need

>> No.83378853

begone thot

>> No.83378855

More ham radio jokes pls

>> No.83378904

this. Dude just wants to sound different and complicated

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>The stories and information posted here are artistic works of fiction and falsehood.
Only a fool would take anything posted here as fact.

>> No.83383038

>try to run yakuza like a dragon on proton
>stuck in black- screen

>> No.83383419

>3 sorc
>7 fighter
>lich merge inbetween
>3 HK signifer
>7 EK

sounds good for a gish/pre-buffing fightan??

>> No.83383509

just a retard, anon

>> No.83383534

all they can do in turkey is give you an antenna transplant

>> No.83383548

They're made of cunny.

>> No.83383613

I listen to music, but I have never even seen Spotify.

>> No.83383646

This one's great because I can totally see myself having done the exact same thing. Thank god the text based recaptcha has been gone long enough that I've unlearned that habit now.

>> No.83384761

Why is this image so fucking funny? I don't understand why this cracks me up every time I see it

>> No.83384854

What does GIMP do if you click Scale anyway?

>> No.83384939

dear~ please understand

>> No.83385075

neither have I. I think it's some kind of automatic playlist recommender or something, idk.

I used to torrent tons of music and try to get flac files whenever possible and all that shit. But honestly nowadays I just listen to everything on jewtube.

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>> No.83385307

cool, link to people who did it

>> No.83385625

a girl that did would be wife material

>> No.83385714

>this meme again
WINE works with like 3 games from the 80s

>> No.83385745

I didn't know RMS and ESR browsed 4chan.

>> No.83385975

based on this retard chart AMDVLK is beating everything else
other anon is just shitposting for (you)'s

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>using BINs to get free month trials of Spotify Premium and Downtify to get the best quality mp3s
get fucked

>> No.83386878

The program will freeze and crash. I would know since I've done it before for shits and giggles

>> No.83386922

>looks like some anti-privacy non-e2ee messenger app with proprietary non agpl-v3+ server
>talks about freedumbs, interjecting and yet probably uses smartphone and some gay ass botnet OS, and gay ass botnet router with proprietary ACS with mirai infection
>says "No..." at the end clearly the other participant of the conversation misunderstood the term non-free so it actually sounded like anon was a poorfag to them aand you're blocked lol
>didn't have playlist anyway lol, uses freedumbs as an excuse when they use non-free internet infrastructure and messaging app anyways, did not even bother making a last.fm playlist and did not fucking even made a spotify playlist despite it being easy as fuck to do lmao
Your brain on freedumb larp. Probably uses locked and proprietary bootloader/x86 bios/etc. You can't larp as freedumb unless you use pure libreboot or hack into every little component, if neither then you are just a privacy larper redditor.

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