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Are there any X570 boards with T-Topology?

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>3D Cache refresh
will this bring anything interesting to the table or is it just the same old slightly better performance at lower power consumption that comes with every refresh?

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I have an old case I'm turning into something to store movies and other media and also to watch old anime in 4:3. I have everything ready to slap it together but I can't figure out the front panel connector. I've searched online for a manual of this particular model to no avail. Any idea where to look?

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Oops, reposting.

Building something of a dream machine, although I'm not looking to just throw all of my money at it, is LogicalIncrements still good?
The only thing I'm sure on about this list is the Tower, GPU (not any specific brand) and CPU+Cooler. I wanna stay around 4k and I live in California. I wanna try to make it look nice, of course not to autistic lengths, but complimenting the white tower would be nice. No idea on motherboards, no idea on monitor either, but I'm set on buying a really expensive one.

So really the picture is more like an idea of what I want.

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what is the primary use gonna be?

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ok, ill make you a pcpartpicker list with gaming in mind

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Anyone know where I can buy PC parts with crypto

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Cash it out you fag.

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I put white ram to match the white case, it's not rgb but there is an rgb option from the same brand for only a few dollars more if that's what you wanted(ill put the link at the bottom), main difference is it's 3600CL16 the one you had was 3200CL16. The motherboard is x570 which is understood to be the premium option right now, if you wanted to get the cheapest motherboard that would still have good performance you could go with a b550 but it would only save you $100 and this is a premium build. The ssd I left the one you selected, you could put a sn850 2tb if you want the fastest on the market for only about $100 more, but for gaming it's not likely to change much, and you have 2 m.2 slots so you could just buy another one later. I swapped out the gpu for a Strix, which are generally considered to be the best in terms of build quality and it's around the same price on amazon as the one you had selected. I selected a psu that has the same specs but without the iCUE controls because you aren't mining crypto and probably won't need that level of monitoring. I don't know what exactly you want out of a monitor so I selected one that's will make use out of a 6900xt.Rgb version of the ram

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Damn I wish I had $20K

btw the 3090s are dual slot blower cards

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Sounds pretty based actually

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Put on uphold, get uphold card, spend at any place that accepts google pay

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>wait for shiny toys in 2022 with ddr5 and all the pitfalls that inevitably arise with a new platform/memory spec but with possible room to upgrade down the line
>buy in 2021 end of life so no future upgrade path but as stable as a consumer platform can reasonably be

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intel changes socket every gen anyway so whats the difference

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Next time use rubbing alcohol

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>cleaning keyboard with water
>while it's turned on

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I dry stuff off before I plug it back in but somehow it still happens

price of this exact model has skyrocketed since I last bought it somehow. oh well, I already ordered a replacement.

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i keep my old g15 around for this very reason. gives my freshly cleaned keyboard caps a few days to hang in a mesh bag and thoroughly dry, giving them a whirl in the bag a few times a day just to make sure

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the caps and exterior is just plastic though...

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I don't want to build a pc but I want to buy a pre-made one that can run any game on the max settings that isn't like 5 grand..
This seems like a good place to ask.

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read the OP

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The interior isn't sealed. Water is guaranteed to get in there.

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So as long as it's got the parts the OP says to use for high tier gaming its good?

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>max settings that isn't like 5 grand..

settle for high settings at 1080p60 and you can get it super cheaply

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read op again

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But I tried running a pretty intensive game at max on my shitty outdated laptop the other day and it worked. That laptop was only like 1200.
Something seems off about that. There should be a PC in the 2000 area that can do it too.
Not to come in all ignorant and shit up your thread but are you sure about that?

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try and unplug all your usb devices including mouse and keyboard

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>on my shitty outdated laptop the other day and it worked.
integrated graphics dating back to 2015 have full dx12 and vulkan compatibiliy, "working" is one thing, working at a playable framerate is another. this isn't like back when cheap graphics had very limited compatibility and barely worked.

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Maybe your definition of "run" is different to his. You can certainly buy a PC that will meet the minimum spec for every game on the market for under $2k. Which is all fine and well if you're okay with 30FPS, 1080p, or both. Getting /every/ game to run at 4k60 or 1440p144, and max settings, would cost more than that even if the GPU market wasn't fucked. If it's even possible.

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zoomers are so entitled
back in the dx9 days the best sli or crossfire shit money could buy could barely run the latest shit at max settings in high res. getting those top end components and overclocking was actually meaningful towards getting high end games to run well at their best.

then consoles happened, and every dick joe and tom could run 1080p60 locked on the latest games with some midrange throwaway card, maybe some placebo setting like nvidia gameworks would be thrown in to spice things up but that's all it was. so to sell new graphics cards it became all about ludicrous fps or resolutions and dropping even 1 fps was seen as a travesty. then even that became standard so now they have to "invent" raytracing and other retarded shit that was rejected in the 80's for being too slow already to try and sell you a gpu that costs more than those overclocked systems from the mid-2000's put together so you can consoom at 4k240hz raytracing dlss whatever other bullshit that doesn't affect the look or playability of the game one fucking bit

fuck you

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I'm not saying it's a bad thing. I'm saying you can comfortably play games at high settings with fairly modest hardware. there isn't a legit reason to chase the x80x sli with x900x OC shit other than masturbation

we have it so much better than the days where a midrange card was barely adequate. now a "midrange" card is more than you'll ever realistically need.

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PSU recs for a midrange 5600x build?
i'm never going to overclock or have some high end GPU i just want something stable and quiet

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but you can't. the games look the same

see https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=d5ZsaavKNR8

you can get the maximum perceivable fidelity and fluidity with a 2060 on a freesync monitor. there is nothing above that but masturbation.

>> No.83341839

maybe go in and make sure the bios has loaded the correct timings

>> No.83341860

>16gb 1197Mhz to 32gb (8x4) 3600
I can kind of understand what you're saying but there's so many errors here that I can't be sure you're not doing something retarded.
Is 1197MHz the clock speed but 3600 the DDR speed?
Is "8*4" a 4 or 8-stick kit? Usually we put the capacity second.

>> No.83341961

Can you boil that interminable list down into like 4-5 recommendations?

>> No.83341968

Nope. It's as easy as that. Just enter the bios and make sure to activate XMP after installing the new kit.
If you know enough you'll even understand retards. 1197mhz is obviously the unpumped clock frequency he either got from hwinfo or his bios while 3600 is the one he got from the product he's ordering. The 1197mhz is definitely not the DDR speed, because even DDR3 JEDEC specs didn't have that, it only had 1066 and 1333, nothing in between. Asking questions like that, he doesn't strike me as someone who managed to manually OC his 1066 ram to 1200mhz. 8x4 is also obviously 4x8GB, because there are no 32GB kits with 4GB modules of DDR4. I'm not even sure if 4GB modules clocked at 3600 exist.

>> No.83341992

Okay. 1197MHz is the clock rate but 3600 is the DDR speed it's doubled; DDR = Double Data Rate. Best use one or the other when describing kits. Usually the DDR number.
Since your current kit is a relatively slow 2400MHz is your motherboard somewhat old? If that's the case it may not be able to run the 3600MHz kit at 3600MHz. This won't be a problem though - you can simply select the highest speed your motherboard/CPU is capable of in the BIOS. If you just happen to have slow RAM on a new platform then the 3600MHz kit should work just fine once you enable XMP.

>> No.83342022

Yeah but there were too many errors there for me to commit to an answer. With the combo of mismatched speeds and odd numbering it's possible he was on some weird workstation platform with 8 slots buying some dodgy cut down kit from Aliexpress. Turns out that wasn't the case but I had to be sure.

>> No.83342036

Any basic/general PC cleaning tips? I bought some compressed air + little brush thingys

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>windows 11 is broken bloatware that doesn't allow customisation or privacy
>mac is overpriced decoration with shit software support
>linux is just generally not functional in any sense
What am I even building a new desktop for?

>> No.83342480

>shmoohle the faggot
>"police brutality"
of fucking course he's ranting about the politics, what a bitch

>> No.83342489

don't let the fans spin If you're not disconnecting them.

>> No.83342602

AU, prices are probably a little high as this is the easymodo pc parts shop. but multiply by .75 to get to US rates.
I only put the list together for a rough idea. the intel page for the 10100 called for 2666 so that's what I added.

I'll probably end up getting the 3770k if I don't end up doing nothing about it.

>> No.83342918

crypto is mooning

>> No.83343114

>I'm the Boss of this Server Room

>> No.83344377

Out of all things to worry about why worry about a new memory standard?
Hardly anyone worries about new CPU generations which would be objectively more problematic.

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Any AMD equivalent of the Asus GT710 fanless and only the heatsink? Having it be fanless is important, I will be using it for my VM host. I also need at least two HDMI ports on it.

>> No.83344684

I wanted to buy 4GB DDR3 RAM module for my old computer. I don't really care about clock speeds and latency, so I was looking for the cheapest possible product. I stumbled upon one that has decent price, but seller says that it' for AMD chipsets only. I thought all of the RAM modules were universal in terms of CPUs? Is AMD-only DDR3 RAM a thing? It's exactly 4GB DDR3-1333 512x4BIT A, 240PIN 1,5V CL9 module.

>> No.83344690

well if it's flexible and soft then it could still work well enough I guess

>> No.83344691

how does it sound at load

>> No.83344692

Either wait until there are tools to debloat and depozz w11 or until gaben makes linux usable

>> No.83344710

b560 allows for RAM OC

>> No.83344742

I've got a desktop with a 5700G and 16GB RAM. I upgraded the RAM to 64GB and got flickering horizontal lines at the right edge of the screen. Issue was fixed by swapping back to 16GB and reproduceable by swapping back to 64GB. RMAed and the new memory came in; same issue, but I've now noticed that it's only when set at 2560x1080, if I drop to 1920x1080 things go fine and they're generally only on the desktop, not in applications. Any idea what this is?
Also the lines are generally only a cm or two wide but here and there one makes it half-way across the screen

>> No.83344755

why did the asus apex series go up 200€ in price since 2017
this is some niggery

>> No.83344783

are you even using the igpu?

>> No.83345440

Dell PCs use some weird proprietary mounting, but I heard some Noctua cooler will fit, U9 iirc

>> No.83345452

Get a better CPU cooler that fits the dimensions.
There's nothing you can really do to improve airflow in Alienware shit other than replacing the case itself.

>> No.83345663

eeeh it depends. when i was building in mine i fit two (2) 360 rads in it on the top and bottom. granted i was doing water cooling at the time. the case was almost built for water cooling stuff and even has certain reservoirs and stuff to fit in that specific case.
i personally had it pulling in the bottom and out the top in mine. its big enough to where you dont really need the front intake in my opinion. just some elementary planning. it was probably the best case i've built in so far.

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>> No.83345804

oh nvm, just check the VisionTech AMD cards, some come with adapters, but you can get Display port to HDMI cables for 10 buckos

>> No.83345861

I was originally just going to throw in an AIO and call it a day, but I'm a little autistic about noise and wouldn't mind doing a custom loop, it's just I've never done one. And it does seem that case is designed for that. So I think I will either go Silentbase 802 AIO or Lian Li O11 custom loop.

>> No.83345896

oh no, the VisionTech cards suck, reading the reviews they looks like a buggy mess

the ATI Firepro looks like a more solid option judging by the reviews

>> No.83345928

Have you actually monitored the temps to see if they're actually running hot? i7 8700 and 1070 are a few years old by now, so the first step would be to just disassemble the coolers on both and clean them and replace the paste.
I'm guessing the gpu is also a blower style so that would explain the loudness.

>> No.83345931

>M.2 SSD'S
What's wrong with those?

>> No.83346231

you usually have to mod the game to get passed the letterbox shit they had back then

>> No.83346288

Where can I find info on ram compatibility with a ryzen 9500x cpu and mobo ROG Strix X570-E?

>> No.83346302

Check mobos sites, there should be a compatibility list.
But like all ram should work at this point even if it's not in the list, unless you're looking at some really fast ram, 5000mhz and such.

>> No.83346304

your mobo vendor should have a QVL on their site

>> No.83346336

Yeah you can use MSI Afterburner.

>> No.83346565

Depends. Tetris? Yeah. Anything 3D? Most likely no.

>> No.83346652

EVGA queue

>> No.83346763

what about non-nvidia gpus

>> No.83346823

I dunno. Plus a queue system is easy to game if you know what you're doing. You have a better chance of buying a GPU at a retail store than online.

>> No.83346997

I have this build in mind for basic tasks, Linux, maybe some old games. What's missing is PSU and monitors. Anyone can suggest a low wattage but decent PSU, and a basic 1080p dual monitor setup?

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fuck me I found a new old stock crt
I'm not even sure if I want it but I can't pass this up can I

>> No.83347124

whats the problem with it exactly?

>> No.83347131

I hear that in the US you have to pretty much camp outside the retail store before they open so you can maybe get the GPU you want

>> No.83347138

Ive bought an HD 4770 for my A8-5500 machine, what am I in for?

>> No.83347238

Here you can just walk in and buy a prebuilt with a new GPU most of the time. Take out the GPU and sell the rest of the parts.

>> No.83347267

Thoughts on this build?
I think I've got everything figured out, except if I should get the white GPU with the white case or go all black.

>> No.83347342

1t brings a big uplift in some appications, but nothing fancy

>> No.83347403

Yeah that's what concerns me too. I know I'll need few watts (not interested in getting a discrete GPU) but I'm not sure if there are quality ones. I'd go got 500 to 550 watts just to be safe.

>> No.83347575

Im not going to be using directx much, I got this card over a nvidea gtx 260 for openGL and better linux support.
I want to play source games like halflife death match, tf2 and maybe CS:GO.
The only directx I will encounter will be civ 6.

>> No.83347956

>There are also a few slightly better 4K monitors in that price range that have come out.
Like what? I've been looking for a while and have checked out that guy's channel as well. If you're referring to the Gigabyte one, it's sold out everywhere can't even find one online.

Anon I've been through the ringer about this monitor situation. It looks like I have to get this one or go for a 48" OLED which I'm not gonna do. Everything else is DP 1.4 instead of HDMI 2.1 so your 4k 120hz is 4:2:2 chroma subsampling. This is honestly the only monitor I could find.

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Is there a more-reliable/more in-depth tool to monitor your system resource usage than Task Manager? My CPU/GPU have been running about ~10 degrees hotter than normal for the past week despite setting more aggressive fan-curves, undervolting the GPU and the ambient temps getting cooler. Window's Defender isn't picking up any malware, and Task Manager isn't showing any abnormal load but still everything is running consistently 10+ degrees hotter than what it had been running the past two weeks (since I updated my build).

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Welcome to the botnet.

>> No.83348099

Is the Noctua NH-D15s the same as the normal D15 minus a fan?
Does the NH-D15 have the same heatsink as the D14 just with different fans?

>> No.83348122

Alright scratch the first question, they answer it on their site.

>> No.83348161

whats the quietest AIO i can get? im building a pc into a really thin draw and i need to mount it flat. Normally id just get a d15 and be done with it, but in this scenario i have zero idea. pump vibration is going to be a huge issue due to where its being built as well.

>> No.83348357

I'm using the stock wraith whatever on my 5600x until my cooler arrives in like a week. I probably should turn off PBO and run everything stock right or will it handle it automatically?

>> No.83348617

gpuz and CPUID HW monitor

>> No.83348639

I'm using the stock cooler with a 5600X. No reason to use more since mostly I'm just gaming. Even when decompressing repacks I don't notice excessive noise

>> No.83348988

I have a fan from a cooler I don't use. All fans can be voltage regulated right? I can just plug it in on the case fan slot and it will work.

>> No.83349089

>All fans can be voltage regulated right?
In theory. It will need a 3rd pin (tach/sense) for accurate regulation. If the cooler was made in the past decade, and wasn't $5 chinkshit, then it should be capable of being voltage controlled.

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What's the "best" desktop CPU?

>> No.83349204

i5 2500K

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>> No.83349364

Trolling is not allowed, anon.

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>> No.83349449

Question: I do a lot of work with analog video and need a graphics card with an S-Video output, I'm thinking a GTX 285. From what I can understand using a second Nvidia GPU lets you use the other one for more video outputs (something about physx IDK). Hypothetically could a 1060 or even a 1080ti pair with a GTX 285 and have the same or similar performance but with DVI-I and S-video outputs?

>> No.83349458
File: 74 KB, 500x500, cooler_master_r4_l2r_20ar_r1_sickleflow_120mm_red_led_1132168.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

This is about as "tasteful" as LED fans can get.
The smoked/tinted frame and blades tame the LEDs.

In order of tackyness
Black frame LED fans < RGB fans set to one color < clear frame LEDs < RGB fans set to unicorn puke mode.

>> No.83349469

you will own nothing

>> No.83349490

Dollar weak. Crypto strong. Ask inside for details.

>> No.83349492

Also for 4:3 anime like this gentleman here >>83339497

>> No.83349503

Windows has the ability to redirect the framebuffer from one GPU to be displayed on another.
Aside from starting a game on one display and moving the window to the other display I'm not sure if any direct way to do this

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This is what I have so far
~$2300 budget
High fps/quality gaming and large photo files editing
What do

>> No.83349931

hello all retard here, anyone able to recommend me a good, low-heat producing GPU and CPU for running most games at mid graphicson a budget? The highest end games I play are things like Red Dead 2 and Destiny.

>> No.83349973

I will cope with the 3060

>> No.83350097

Thoughts on the Corsair 7000d airflow? Also how much money does water cooling add to a build?

>> No.83350181

Test it with the other ports instead of hdmi. Update drivers. Consider whether anything happened when this started.

It's fine either way, but for one week you don't really need PBO anyway.

>> No.83350229

Does anyone make a 2500w PSU? Im running out of options here.

>> No.83350236

Are 120mm radiator AIOs worth it?

>> No.83350313

Not enough unfortunately.
Nice try, i told you niggers youre not getting it back. Send more dogs i dare you.

>> No.83350332

I think a 2500W PSU will trip the average breaker.

>> No.83350438

just run a pair in parallel

>> No.83350474

Hook it up on the kitchen breaker.

>> No.83350483

Will this work?

>> No.83350597
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win7 is compatible with everything except asrock b550 mobos

>> No.83350614
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U3014 just arrived. This is nice. Crazy bigger than my 24" 1200p. Bought one without a stand but the one from my E248WFP snapped right into place.

>> No.83350663

You'll just have to take his word for it since it depends on what they're being hooked up to, but you didn't say, and my dogs are busy transporting equipment to Malta right now so I can't send them.

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>> No.83350722

Are there any 3070 brands I should stay away from? What about specific cards?

>> No.83350763

at the moment? the 5950x unless you're running superpi 24/7

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try looking on aliexpress

>> No.83350822

in theory yes but new psus have a lot of load balancing circuitry that might not play well with being ran in parallel without mods. could always go the server route since they nearly always have multiple 24 pin 12v inputs.

>> No.83350846

thanks but I'm not waiting half a year to get a 100$ case

>> No.83350903

then I may give aliexpress a go. thanks, anon

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>everyone mines crypto and buys overpriced cards in bulk
>you can barely buy anything with it
>people claim it's the currency of the future
>drops in value 30% after one tweet
>even when ethereum goes pos, people will mine other crypto that you still can barely buy anything with

>> No.83350981

>>you can barely buy anything with it
That's what exchanges are for

>> No.83351069

It's not
You mine coin
You put it in an exchange
Exchange allows you to sell coin for an amount based on what retards are willing to pay for it
You now have real currency to buy things.
The thing to understand is that most miners don't give a single shit about "currency of the future" crap that permeates crypto culture.
They see a monetary opportunity and nothing more.

The only real way to not make money at this point is to be insanely greedy.

>> No.83351101

>>>/biz/ and stay there

>> No.83351172

No offense anon but that wasn't a good buy

>> No.83351184

>missing the point that hard
you dumb poor niggers should really go back

>> No.83351303

How is the experience gaming at 1080p on a 1440p display? I plan to get a 1440p monitor and when the prices go down a rtx 3070 or something but I don't want to push too hard my dying r9 390. Should I just wait and buy the monitor and the gpu together?

>> No.83351367

>$600 MSRP 3060ti
is there any reason to believe the 4060 will be priced lower?

>> No.83351458

Crazy to look back and think how a twitter bot alerted me to a MRSP 3070 back in December. At the the time I was thinking of buying a 1660ti as a holdover until the market normalized. Now even a 1660s costs more than what I payed for my 3070.

>> No.83351611

Can I run Windows 8.1 on a 5700G?

>> No.83351632

6700 xt worth it for $800? Upgrading from a 1660 Super.

>> No.83351636

if you can sell you 1660 super for $300-400 then sure.

>> No.83351653

~80% performance bump. only you can say whether that was worth the money or not.

>> No.83351661


>> No.83351662

planning on building a smaller desktop for ease of moving it around. are there any recs on decent matx/itx x570 mobos?

as for the rest, still gonna keep my 1080ti, but thinking of an upgrade to either 5800 or 5900x. mostly going to be used for anime and shitposting, but i play doom eternal and cyberpunk every now and again, and gta6 whenever it finally comes out.

>> No.83351667

2 of the 3 fans are starting to fail and I am too smooth brained to attempt replacing them so I'm just hoping it lasts until I upgrade. I am also getting some weird freezes that might be gpu related but I'm not sure
Oh well I might just wait until I get a new gpu, I already drop the resolution down to 75% in some games to not stress too much the gpu

>> No.83351668

people are retards

>> No.83351708

my current threadripper is going to be repurposed as a server with all the 8tb hdds ive hoarded.
5600x is interesting, but im considering at least 8c/16t because i dont plan on upgrading that aspect for 5 years like my current build.

i guess if im considering the 5600x i might as well go 11600k then.

>> No.83351753
File: 81 KB, 1155x789, 61RkrGAMhzL._AC_SL1155_.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Any similar cooler to the Big Shuriken 3?
Im hopefully looking for a fan on top for an itx build

>> No.83351766

you don't really have to worry about heat if you have a decent cooler, case and some fans

>> No.83351892

Is it possible that I'm getting a bottleneck with ampere card at 4K if I use haswell i7 CPU?

>> No.83351913

yeah, the "cpu doesnt matter at 4K" meme just aint true.

>> No.83351956

*also NieR Automata, my 4790 would stutter in the Resistance Camp. Moving to a 3900X fixed that. (moved to the 3950x later)

>> No.83351961
File: 143 KB, 1530x858, Screenshot_5.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I know toms shillware is shit but here he actually lists the games.

>> No.83352004

Haswell i7 is overkill for many games, but some it struggles in. I never felt deprived on my 4790 and I can't say the 3950x is an earth-shattering improvement, but it did clean up those stutters.

>> No.83352027

Yeah, I'm having some stutters for sure, but that's not the reason to ever prioritize getting a new CPU over GPU ever.
That's why CPU first fags are retared

>> No.83352316

extra premium boards are made for overclockers and enthusiasts

>> No.83352512

crucial ballistix 3600mhz cl16

>> No.83352653


>> No.83352681

I have no idea what the fuck is happening with the chip shortage, are cpu prices fine or fucked

>> No.83352732

What's so premium about them?

>> No.83352864

My build has pump noise from the AIO. It's top mounted with the tubes towards the front of the case. I heard tilting the case can fix the noise but i don't know in which direction. Common sense tells me to tilt it towards the front where the tubes are so the air get's stuck the furthest away from the tubes. Is that correct?

>> No.83353007
File: 358 KB, 366x413, image0.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

any recs for a quiet, fully modular ~650w PSU?
i tried looking through the tier lists but everything that's rated highly is either out of production or at least no longer available in NA, and all the reviews on reasonably priced stuff is full of horror stories

is fanless a meme?

>> No.83353298

Just get a PSU with enough energy efficiency and power that the fan doesn't spin at your load. I have a seasonic PX-750 and the fan is, in fact, not spinning. Note that it's not just about wattage, and reviews will show where the fan actually starts up.

>> No.83353462

One of the few cases where a better better cpu actually matters (e.g your blender work, etc)
If it's your job/side gig I'd say do it so you can work faster
If it's just a hobby then prob unnecessary because a slightly longer render isn't costing you money or anything

>> No.83353469

I'd just sell it and get something with some better bones unless you're a third-worlder.


>> No.83353545

*that one seems to have a molex to 6 pin included. The PSU should be enough to run a 1050 Ti.

Sell your 660s for $50, grab that for $130 and look for a 750 ti/750/1050/1050 ti.
A 750 Ti annihilates an RX 250.

>> No.83353548

photoshop has cuda acceleration iirc

>> No.83353613

at least some of those sff's have i5's I know so you could probably throw a sandy bridge i5 in there as an upgrade

>> No.83353663

how good is core i3 10100F + rx 6600 xt for playing gaymes

>> No.83353697
File: 88 KB, 600x600, 1631034442651.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

As someone who went Ryzen for their first rig, Intel is just confusing to me. How come some Core CPUs use LGA 1151, and others use LGA 1155, and others still use LGA 1150? Do Intel users just replace their entire motherboard every upgrade cycle?

>> No.83353735

apple used intel for so long, the overlap is probably significant

>> No.83353748

ah, thanks. any good recommended motherboards around $100-$120? my only requirement is an M.2 slot

>> No.83353750

Where were you when I bought the Ripjaws 2 weeks ago. Do those extra 200 MHz make that much difference? I guess I could try OCing them.

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