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should remove the sn550 from the recommendations

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In a few years we will be having real good CPUs from AMD and Intel in our PCs, but niggas will still be on their 970s, 1060s and 580s waiting for the GPU shortage to end

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Next round: remove SN550,

Anything else? I added the 11600K as requested from a few threads back, I found it cheaper then the 10400/11400, should we just remove those next? Also the mid-range multicore should be 10850K/5800X.

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Built my first PC and surprisingly it's working but I'm having a few issues

>USBs in mobo ports randomly disconnect (yes I installed the latest chipset/drivers for my mobo)
>front of case headphone jack doesn't work (all the other case things like power switch etc are working as well as the mobo headphone port so I doubt I fucked up any connections), yes I installed audio drivers and did all the usual troubleshooting steps - I'm at a loss with this one
>first reboot after setting my RAM speed to 3200 took very long, idk if this is anything wrong but it spooked me
>CPU idle temps are very high (over 52c) however I think I know the cause for this, one of the stock Intel cooler pins got bent so the CPU cooler only has 3 pin sets properly inserted so maybe its nor connecting with the CPU even though the fan is running. I've ordered a new CPU cooler and will see if installing it helps

Any ideas for fixing some of these.

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1. known AMD bug. try different ports and turn off the USB disconnect/connect sound notification if that doesnt work (it doesnt actually disconnect).
2. double check the cable and make sure you didnt plug in the AC97 instead of the HD AUDIO connector.
3. because it didnt like the timings and was "training" itself to find some that worked. it's normal feature so you dont have to hard reset the CMOS and redo BIOS settings every time you change a RAM setting when OCing for example.
4. normal AMD behaviour because of how the idle volt works, basically it's in "ready mode" in case system calls to increase clock speed suddenly. if you're using stock then an aftermarket cooler will drop it about 10C i reckon.

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>not amd
well ur fucked then
>wouldnt back audio not work
no, because it doesnt detect anything plugged into the front, it wont turn off the back ports. they are separate.

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Next Nvidia gen is moving back to TSMC and Intel Arc will be made at TSMC too, so I'm not sure if even a second factory will push out enough wafers for all 3, considering there are other clients

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>USBs in mobo ports randomly disconnect (yes I installed the latest chipset/drivers for my mobo)
Not sure what this could be about, but I'd first try doing a clean install of windows and if it still not works, get a refund for the motherboard
>front of case headphone jack doesn't work
probably because you either didn't plug in the audio cables for the front header or you connected them incorrectly. They're loose small cables, and I personally have never been able to connect them correctly without consulting the motherboard manual so it's understandable if you got it wrong somehow. The fact that the power/reset button or even hdd activity light are working doesn't indicate you plugged them in correctly, check again.
>first reboot after setting my RAM speed to 3200 took very long, idk if this is anything wrong but it spooked me
memory training, absolutely normal
>CPU idle temps are very high (over 52c) however I think I know the cause for this, one of the stock Intel cooler pins got bent so the CPU cooler only has 3 pin sets properly inserted so maybe its nor connecting with the CPU even though the fan is running. I've ordered a new CPU cooler and will see if installing it helps
hope you didn't order another intel stock cooler, because they're pretty shit even for the price. You can get a hyper212 for like $20 new and if you look for used shit you could find same or better for less and get miles better cooling

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>AMD 3300x
>Crucial 16GB 3200 CL16
>WD SN750 500GB
>Gigabyte 1650 SUPER
>Silverstone FARA H1M Mini Tower
>SeaSonic S12III 550W
Thoughts? About to pull the trigger on these parts in a few weeks.
Mainly play old + low end games and the odd AAA game on low settings at 1440p.
Costs about £450 as I already have the GPU + PSU. Could go under budget by £50 and get a 10105f + B560M or over budget by £50 and get a 3600.

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I have a 6700xt in a mATX case and it's getting a little toasty, my GPU gets to 88°C during gaming, I fear of what's going to happen when ambient temps go higher later this year (it's winter right now). I can put 3 120mm fans or 2 140mm fans, but with 3 12mm fans I can't get one to point directly at the GPU, but maybe more airflow is always better?

what's better, 3 120mm or 2 140mm (with one 140mm pointing directly at the GPU)?
What are the best 140mm fans? Noctua?

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Those GPU's come off very gay. I don't know why but it's a vibe they give off.

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I have no clue what you mean, anon.
No to the SN550, but I guess if you already have it can't fix that. Try to spring for SX8200, Samsung 980, or SN750. Otherwise great 1440P build.

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RIP those RTX 3070s

>> No.83163901

Rate/Hate my new rig

>Corsair iCUE 220T RGB Airflow [Black]
>Ryzen 7 5800x Zen 3
>8GB EVGA 3070 XC3 Black
>16GB DDR4 3200mhz
>Corsair Hydro H100x - 240mm Liquid Cooler
>Corsair RM650x 80 gold plus
>1TB WD Blue SN550, 2400MB/s Read, 1950MB/s Write, 410K IOPS
>4TB Seagate ST4000DM004 BarraCuda, 5400rpm, 256GB Cache

HDD is for storing all my TV shows and Films only

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what do you goys do with your unused parts? I have a spare mobo, case and a PSU lying around. dont want to sell it. should I build a cheaper second PC? what would you use another PC for if you had one

>> No.83163935

emulation machine

>> No.83163938

I just give my old systems to family members for like $100

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looks nice, I'd dump the HDD/SSDs and the B450 and buy a B550/X570 with a pcie 4.0 M.2 ssd if I were you (sabrent/wd black) for future proofing

gigabyte B550M DS3H has pcie 4 and was 100 bucks on amazon

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Working on upgrading my build, would like input as i'm a bit of a newfag with building

>MSI MAG Z590 Torpedo
>Intel i5-10600K
>Meshify 2 Compact

I'm going to have to upgrade my CPU due to compatibility (current CPU: i5-9400F) so I was wondering if it's worth spending a bit more on the MSI X570S Torpedo MAX and switching to a Ryzen CPU or should I just stick with intel.
GPU is a 2060 btw.

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>current CPU: i5-9400F
Throw a 9900K in the mobo you currently have and wait til next gen or the one after that to buy a whole new board.

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any difference between these two besides the color ? Why is one ever so slightly cheaper is one an older revised model.



also adding on to this anon, something with good airflow as the 400A would be nice.

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Unless you are running a small business you dony need a 850W PSU

>> No.83164174

Around $650, I can get parts and cases cheaper than most so I can be a bit flexible too
I'll look into it, thanks for the advice

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Consider getting a B450 or B550 and a Ryzen 5 5600k, should be in the range you want

>> No.83164201

SN550 should not be removed.

>I added the 11600K
The 10400/F is the only i5 that should be listed considering current pricing

>the mid-range multicore should be 10850K/5800X.
Considering power consumption, it should not.

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I have a few mismatched drives. 1TB nvme, 250g SATA ssd and a 1 TB mechanical. Can I raid 0 the SSDs together and get a 1250mb drive?

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When I tried to play fallout 4 years ago it kept shutting off my computer, while my friend with his "gaming" laptop suffered no problems whatsoever. After searching for a fix I was told that either my computer over heated or it pulled too much power both possible. So now I have been "futureproofing"/compensating for both issues by getting a beefy fan and psu. But im willing to lower it to a 750 if you think 850 psu is too much because I've been going back and forth on it all day to be honest.

Also adding on to this anon, something with good airflow as the 400A would be nice.

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I'm 3% jewish anon, what's your excuse?

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Is the Intellimouse Pro any good for gaming? I like the minimalist look, and the ergonomics seem nice for gorilla hands like mine, but I’m gonna miss the DPI button I have on my chinkshit mouse

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How is this build? Anything you would change?

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Still using my 970 but I'm getting whatever I can get my hands on by october - either a 3080 or a 3080ti - both in stock right now but hoping for the price to dip a bit more in the next 2 months. Then again it can go back up again...

>> No.83164924

Probably will, but wouldn't you have to remove the plastic coverings on the front?

>> No.83164959

Doesn't that case has great temps in its default config already?

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Its finally finished. I finished my dream setup. Thousands of dollars, multiple monitors, high end hardware, very comfy workspace. Everything is perfectly optimized, debloated and overclocked. There's nothing left to do but... start using it.

...on the other hand maybe if I tweaked the settings a bit more I can eek out %.005 better performance, yeah I think I'm gonna do that.

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Yes, but that's with my current GPU (1060). I'm afraid things can drastically change after I replace it with 3080ti which runs much hotter, especially the memory, so I'm looking for a way to improve the GPU cooling.

>> No.83165406

whoops replied to wrong post

>> No.83165517

>psu mounted the wrong way
are you trolling?

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>pcie BT
fucking why?
>or only combos
pretty much, since there's no point making fucking pcie BT only cards when they cost less than $5 for a BT wifi combo since they're used in every laptop device and pcie expansion card.
>can i disable wifi part

but the real question is why the fuck dont you just buy a $5-10 bluetooth dongle if you only want BT?

>are you
no, you are, retard. it makes no fucking difference and might actually even be better for that case cus of the limited exhaust in the top. dumbass.

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>"it can actually be better"
>"limited exhaust"
>sucking dust and heat from GPU and CPU into the psu
shut the fuck up you dumb nigger

>> No.83165654 [DELETED] 

anyway, I think I'm not going to do it. Front of the case clearly isn't made for the additional fans and my diy will probably going to look ugly as fuck and again, I didn't find any proof that it will change anything

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>no argument
classic you

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anyone do the ol amazon switcheroo with computer components?
do they even check if it's the same serial or model on return?

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Not gonna change until at least 2023.

>> No.83166274

Thinking of replacing my 2600x with a 5600x but I heard Switch/360/PS3 emulation might need an even stronger CPU so should I go the extra mile for a 5800x/5900x instead?

>> No.83166763

psu has a serial on box

>> No.83166987

That's a really good build anon.

>> No.83167002

Those are only "stronger" in the sense that they have more cores. If the emulators you want to use can utilize >6 cores then they will perform better but you should check first. Otherwise the money would be better spent elsewhere.

>> No.83167024

Just use a B550 board, PCIe 4 doesn't really matter now, it might in the future. Gigabyte doesn't always make shitty products, they even have good PSUs, but the trend from here is that they're shit so save yourself the hassle and go EVGA or seasonic or something.

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>> No.83167058

Haha, don't worry, it's just there as a placeholder for whatever cheap 1tb ssd I find in stock.


>> No.83167175

my gpu runs at 50-55 celsius idle
should i be worried? i have a nzxt h500 and i only use the two shitty air fans that came with it

>> No.83167211

970 is a GPU from 2014, "in a few years" means at least 2023. if you can't come up with extra $500 for your hobby over the course of NINE YEARS then you are an insane person and muh GPU shortage is the least of your worries.

just stop drinking alcohol or eating out or whatever other inefficient gay shit you do with your money and buy a GPU. fucking tired of this whining.

>> No.83167240

If it starts throttling at full load then maybe

>> No.83167285

Idle temps are only relevant in the context of fan speed. 55C idle with the fans running at 10% (or off altogether)? Perfectly normal. 55C idle with the fans at full whack? You have a problem.

>> No.83167345


i can vouch for it being shit. last month i was building 2 PCs with it. one with 11600k and one with 11400f. the 11600k was idling at 45-50c with around 25 ambient and instantly crashing with stock boosts when i run cinebench or anything similar. thought it might have been a faulty unit so i put the other one on it and it was the same shit. tried reseating, even different kind of paste, same shit no matter what i did. got a noctua nh-d15 and now it idles at 30 and overlocks without any problems.
the 11400f is idling at around 40 with it but it's good enough since i don't overclock or run anything heavy on that box.
if i ever have to buy another CPU cooler after nh-d15 i am never falling for the sub $50 meme.

>> No.83167349

Update a day later, you were right, somehow I managed to plug in the HD AUDIO cable wrong, fixed it and its working now

>> No.83167379

About 400mh/s or $40 a day bruh

>> No.83167382

I want a Ryzen APU to build a HTPC. The 5600G is $260 on Amazon right now. Good buy? Considering how fucked everything is right now, it seems like a decent deal. Even a 3400G is $305.

>> No.83167406

Quite overpowered for a basic HTPC. Would be good if you also wanted to run some older games and emulators though.

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File: 489 KB, 2500x2500, cooler_master_rr_212s_20pk_r1_hyper_212_black_edition_1462237.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Can I replace my stock cooler with this while the motherboard is still mounted in the case? I really don't want to have to unplug and unscrew everything

>> No.83167433

Maybe. If the motherboard tray cutout is large enough. The 212 has a notoriously awful mounting mechanism though - it's hard to use in the best of circumstances so it might take you a while.

>> No.83167509

Damn, maybe I should have done more research and ordered an easy to mount cooler. Really not looking forward to more fiddling after spending all day building and troubleshooting this PC yesterday.

>> No.83167526

I'm sure you'll manage. It'll just take longer is all. Don't get frustrated, don't force it, and if worst comes to worst you can always pull the board. Now that the rest of the PC is assembled, refitting the motherboard will be relatively quick.

>> No.83167620

New coolers generally come preapplied with TIM. Noctua coolers have it preapplied and also include a tube of NT-H2 TIM.

>> No.83167755

I'd happily buy a 3070 if it was easily available for msrp, but I refuse to support kosher practices

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Does anyone here work with Adobe After Effects of Premiere? I'm trying to build some PCs for a group of film students, but the company I work for won't gib money for GPUs at current prices. So I thought I would get some i7-10700k 's and buy GPUs later.

Here's what I came up with:
Gigabyte B460M DS3H v2
i7-10700k 3.8GHz w/ Arctic Freezer 34 eSports Duo cooler
32GB (2x16) G-skill 3000MHz RAM

Is it possible to do some work in After Effects and Premiere with this combo? And if not, what GPU is good for some basic work with these programs?

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Fugg guys.
Any tips for cable managment?
Lian li Lancool mesh 2 case btw

>> No.83167941

Shit brand GTX 1650s (when they appear in stock) are going for more than 250 euros in my country. How fucked am I bros and what are some good alternatives? Even the used market isn't any better, they sell for the same prices as retail basically if not a bit less. Im a Yuropoor if it wasn't obvious.

>> No.83168004

>the fact that you could just recoup a third to half of the cost through mining
at least half a year of 24/7 mining If shitcoins don't crash
You're too late with that idea, way too fucking late

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Yeah that's the safe route. Your other alternatives are to find the same type of pins (which may take even longer than an RMA if you have to order them from China) or to install an aftermarket heatsink. The B550 chipset only puts out something like 5W so something like pic rel should do the trick. With a good thermal tape and next day delivery you could have it up and running in 24 hours. Personally I would contact MSI and see if they'll send you a new clip (NDD of course). If not then RMA.

>> No.83168097

>springloaded push pins, one of which is irreparably broken
contact them for a replacement.
>You can also see the square part having one of its corners snapped off.
what, everything on there is a "square part" , be more specific...
>hope I dont have to wait long. Amazon says replacement is free if I send it back within 30 days.
dont rma the whole fucknig board thru amazon then, contact MSI directly and have them ship you the erplacements. you can just zip.tie the fucker temporarily if you remove the other plastic pin til you get the replacement parts.

>> No.83168112

MSI doesn't offer replacement pins

>> No.83168119

so the thermal pad. just scrape off the tiny part and put it back where it should be.

well shit. that's just as stupid as HP not selling the fucking drive sleds for their Mini 1Liter computers... god i hate companies sometimes.

>> No.83168135

I am successfully emulating the wiiU and switch with a i7 6700 CPU and a 1050ti

>> No.83168240

Yeah they just want to give you free money anon, totally buy one

>> No.83168314

Can I get anything for selling all the 5.25 bay covers, rubber grommets for water cooling or cables, all the PCIE covers, HDD cages that have built in fan mounts, dust filters.

Basically all the random knick-knack parts in a computer case that i dont need anymore

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Is this a good model number?
WD was doing sketchy shit and I can never remember which codes to avoid.

>> No.83168464

i5 10400 or 11400?

>> No.83168468

WD has mostly un-fucked their product stack.
WD Red = SMR
WD Red Plus = CMR
WD Red Pro = CMR


>> No.83168506

>Says the man picking an Intel pajeet cpu

>> No.83168537

>So SMR bad, CMR good?
For NAS/RAID use, yes.
If it's going to be a pack mule for movies and photos then it doesn't matter. In that case there's no reason to buy a NAS drive though.

>and the one I posted is a "plus" one which means CMR?

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Where do I go about getting my hands on this windowless Fractal Design Torrent case in the US? I would like one please. It is literally everything I want in a case. Is it just not released yet, because I see either it's classified as entirely sold out or the page for it on Amazon/Newegg just 404's.

>> No.83168543

Shit RAM
Shit case
potentially Shit SSD

>> No.83168558

I have discovered that a sound card in 2k + 21 is not a meme

I changed my mobo yesterday, and using the mobo audio is noticeably tinnier and worse through my Philips Fidelio X1s. In games.

Astounded honestly. I've thought this sound card was boomer snake oil for 4 years.

>> No.83168590 [DELETED] 

I hope so. I have no interest at all in the windowed variant. High airflow with moderately quiet fans and 180mm/200mm fans are something I've been looking for in a case for a long time now that Silverstone pretty much offers no stock of their fortress FT-02 case.

>> No.83168648

Oh so the desktop ones are just the 10th gen?

>> No.83168677


>> No.83168791

Yeah well I was within a budget and it fit in my budget and was better than what I used to have, why should I autistically obsess over a part that has a smaller overall effect compared to the others?

Because those are what I used to have and there's barely anything better for a decent price in my country, funny guy. I simply don't care enough about RAM shit and went for the basics, the fact that it drives you so nuts to nitpick it is very funny to me.

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he's a retard, probably an EVGA fan too, ignore

>> No.83168950

What are some fun hobbies? Should I get into console gaming?

>> No.83168952


>> No.83168967

>The current state of american engineering

>> No.83168996

So I guess the 5600G it is then

>> No.83169027

Gainward is the subsidiary of Palit

>> No.83169121

you must not even know how to read it

>> No.83169160

>You just betrayed
Learn English before replying retard

>> No.83169185

>FPV drone racing
I'd rather just buy a switch

>> No.83169204

you know you triggered the ultimate btfo when the loser resorts to being a grammar nazi on an image board. Enjoy your below spec performance and gaymer rgb aesthetics

>> No.83169273
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Fire extinguisher sold separately.

>> No.83169275

Fuck off, I'm not buying your scalped card

>> No.83169276

>Still using fans in 2021

>> No.83169331

hello, corsair 100r retard here
I was about to buy Fractal Define R5 as a better case to put a lot of HDDs in. People praise it for being quite silenced, but I've done a quick search and there are some complaints about HDD vibrations causing buzzing. Should I buy or no buy it? I don't want to be glueing sponges/foam to the case like I do with 100R to alleviate the noise.

>> No.83169339

Evo =/= Evo Plus

>> No.83169380

I'm still using my corsair 400r from 2014 when it was already outdated for a build with a 5800x and 3080ti. Should I change it? I heard it being referred to as vintage today.

>> No.83169451

Camp at microcenter or best buy

>> No.83169508

AM4 has about as much future as LGA1200
the vcache refresh will probably be expensive as shit

>> No.83169528

jewish holocaust engine

>> No.83169572

I am a filthy individual who creates a lot of dust since I don't ever shower. How do I keep my PC from getting filled up with me?

I will not shower.

>> No.83169594

Install filters that you regularly change.

>> No.83169657

isn't 3080 ti basically a 5-10% increase in power against 3080 and at like 60-80% more dollaroos?

>> No.83169688


>> No.83169712

Look at the rest of the specs dummy
ti has substantially more shader cores, rt cores, tensor cores, and larger memory bandwidth

>> No.83169740

PCPartPicker Part List: https://pcpartpicker.com/list/YnBKz7

>CPU: AMD Ryzen 5 5600X 3.7 GHz 6-Core Processor ($272.99 @ Amazon)
>CPU Cooler: Cooler Master Hyper 212 RGB Black Edition 57.3 CFM CPU Cooler ($40.99 @ Amazon)
>Motherboard: Asus TUF GAMING X570-PLUS (WI-FI) ATX AM4 Motherboard ($195.99 @ Newegg)
>Memory: G.Skill Ripjaws V Series 32 GB (2 x 16 GB) DDR4-3200 CL16 Memory ($132.00 @ Amazon)
>Storage: Samsung 970 Evo Plus 1 TB M.2-2280 NVME Solid State Drive ($141.41 @ Amazon)
>Case: Phanteks Enthoo Pro ATX Full Tower Case ($119.99 @ Amazon)
>Power Supply: Corsair RM (2019) 650 W 80+ Gold Certified Fully Modular ATX Power Supply ($96.67 @ Amazon)

Total: $1000.04 USD ($1250.85 CAD for my cancuck self)

Updating from my mid 2012 build. This is without a GPU. I plan on Using my GTX 670 with it until I can find a 3070/Ti, or maybe a 3080. I will be using it for gaming and future IT shit. School wants us to have 64 GB of ram for VM's but some say you can skirt by on 32 for the first year. Case has lots of drive slots for my data hoarding.

>> No.83169778

Yes, get a console. Play that for the next few years then go back to pc when shits normal. As someone who regularly jumps back and forth from pc to console its the best way to deal with crappy or stagnate generations on either platform

>> No.83169815

yes, but don't be a retard buying piss5 or xbox, just emulate SNES,GBA,PS1,2,3 whatever games for free.

>> No.83169816

Also a shit ton more power for that 10 percent.
Unless you live in Alaska your room is gonna Get hotter then a Turkish prison...

>> No.83169831

If you need more ram then you also need more cores.
Get the 5900x and call it a day

>> No.83169836

Camped out overnight at my local Microcenter for my card a few months ago - that was before some of them started doing their bullshit lottery though, so idk if it would still work now

>> No.83169838
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>calling 3080ti a turkish prison

>> No.83169946

I've never had good experience with good USB Bluetooth dongles, plus they usually have antennas.

>> No.83169958


>> No.83169964

Just save them until a need arises, not ever giving away anything for free or close to free. Shit sometimes appreciates in value.

>> No.83170080

Bought a 6600XT on release for 400$, sold it yesterday for 580$. Now I bought a 3060ti for 580$ + 20$ shipping. I guess I got a 3060ti for msrp after all, just took a few weeks. Now I'm just wondering if I should upgrade my Ryzen 5 3600 to a Ryzen 7 5800X before they raise prices on them following the price increase in chip manufacturing.

>> No.83170130

Best mid tower case around $150 currently?

>> No.83170232

Meshify 2 or 5000D Airflow

>> No.83170380

Aib models will all pull well over 350, closer to 400+. That's just the card alone. Your system will be pulling 6-700watts from the wall, with higher spikes. Thats 2 thrids of a space heater...

>> No.83170388

If you where going to buy a pre-built gaming PC right now (like of newegg), what would you buy?
>price range
$2500 - with $500 wiggle room, would like to stay under 3500
I know buying pre-built is anathema here, but I am kinda brain fucked, I have severe anxiety issues over building it myself (in the physical adding of the parts to the tower) and with all the covid bullshit it's easier for me to just shell out the extra cash.
Was looking at cobra venom
But i'd like to add my old hard drives to it in a raid setup, but not sure how feasible that is with a prebuilt, ontop of the retarded anxiety issues of doing it myself.
What pre-built gaming PC would you atm with a budget of $2500-3500?

>> No.83170437

Just stop being an autist and build it yourself

>> No.83170459

It seems the usual recommendations are Meshify 2, 5000D Airflow, Lancool II Mesh and P500A
Also the Pure Base 500DX but I hate the look of that one
It's pretty hard to decide though

>> No.83170566

Just wait for the 5900X to fall in price, but $500 is already a really great price for it on Amazon right now. 5800X is a great at $330.

>> No.83170576

All the other SSDs I looked at that had 2TB capacity were easily like $250 or more, even budget ones so I was really surprised to find one for less than $200.
Since I'm using it as a second drive I think I'll go ahead and get it. The 980 is fine as a primary drive right? I know it's DRAMless but most people say it's still fast without it.

>> No.83170800

I'm talking about the price increase for silicone in general, pretty much all fabs have announced a 10-20% increase in price, not availability issues and scalper prices.

>> No.83170801

any mistake you make is an opportunity to learn

>> No.83170938

funny, I just bought one for ~750 euros today.

>> No.83170945

I recommend that you build it yourself.

>> No.83170992
File: 7 KB, 195x200, I don't know wtf is going on.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>get the idea of checking my frequencies on my memory sticks
>your mobo has automatically set them way fucking lower than they are actually certified for and have to manually set them to the freq they are supposed to run at

>> No.83170994

AMD Chad's rise up

>> No.83171123


>> No.83171181

Oh boy, I'd love to pay same inflated price because of duty fees, wait a few monthsnfor shipping and not even have an easy way to rma

>> No.83171227
File: 107 KB, 1200x900, 1457b0673d9669365fb008d5a6e3dea2-1200x900.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I want more smol video cards

>> No.83171256

Is there much point in getting a B550 board over a B450 board (especially at £60 more)?
I'm using a 1650 Super and an SN 750 drive, both of which I believe use PCIE 3.0 so I'm guessing I won't see the benefits of PCIE 4.0?

>> No.83171287

I found a used RTX 3090 Suprim where the owner says that after installing the driver the resoultion cannot be set higher than 800x600. It's a scam right?

>> No.83171361

>AMD Ryzen 7 5800X 8-Core/16-Thread 7nm ZEN 3 Processor + ASUS ROG Strix GeForce RTX 3070 Ti OC Edition
>$1,728.00 CAD
Should I?

>> No.83171377
File: 127 KB, 1746x987, node804.jpe.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Is there any ATX sized case similar to the Node 804?

I want this bigboi-block look, with the stupid amount of storage space, and lots of good sticker area. My mobo is ATX tho, so the 804 won't work, and yes I am utilizing all of my pcie slots.

>> No.83171523

Corsair 540? Maybe the CM HAF Stacker? Pretty old cases so they might lack some more modern QoL features like dust filters.

>> No.83171542
File: 96 KB, 637x572, hwinfo.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

giddy up

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