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Install Gentoo.

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windows is tenfold worse than any mac, if you're on a mac just stick with it. in not install Debian

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i tried linux but it's too confusing, i just want to shitpost without being spyed on

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Apple is spying on you. And it will just get worse and worse.

What do?
1 - register to vote.
2 - VOTE !!!
3 - goto 1.

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the truth is that EVERYTHING is spying on you one way or another. Your ISP, your phone, probably your OS if it's proprietary. Any program on your OS that can connect to the internet, like your browser. If you want to be completely private and secure the only real way is to go live by yourself in a cabin in the woods with no internet. Of course no one's gonna do that, so what you actually have to do is decide how much privacy are you willing to give up for convenience, and vice versa.

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Do you guys even know Snowden happened? The glowies are spying on you no matter what neckbeard loonux OS cope you employ

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what also matters is your security threat? who are you trying to keep your data away from? friends and family? big corporations? the gov? you can stop everything up to about the second one. but even then, other things you do are under their rule

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Yes, it's true.
Don't be lazy, switch to GNU/Linux. There are beginner-friendly options, do your own research and also visit >>>/g/fglt/
For your phone, either use a degoogled Android, or a Pinephone.

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>should I switch to windows?
ms spies on you, but they at least they're honest and tell you what data they take
apple literally lies and spies on you while lying about not spying on you
the amount of data apple spies off your itoys is insane, and what they do with it is even more terrifying since they refuse to even admit its going on

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google is the same way
they tell you exactly what data they take in exchange for free services
applel spies on you, lies about it, then charges you 500% extra for the privilege of being spied on

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post feet
install pop os

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>at least they're honest

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disregarding the other ways you're spied on, MacOS and Windows both spy on you so you can forget about them.

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Vote to do what? NSA will continue to exist regardless of who's in office.

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>using spyware is okay as long as it's "honest"
Wanna Noa cool fact?
You're retarded.

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you can install windows 10 and a spyware disabler like WPD

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fuck off back to your containment board normie

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she daddydiddler not coal burner

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Microsoft is just as bad as Google in tracking peoeplee

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Just use Linux or BSD and stop arguing about which corporation rapes you harder

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Seconding this

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>i am a normie from r9k
does not compute

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linux mint is the simplest linux

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Is everyone this cute on /r9k/??

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Alright I lost interest there thought it was someone with a cock

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Out of MY board dirty r/r9k poster

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