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he was definitely the most homosexual

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He was a mathematician who specialized in "computers" before they were even a thing. By virtue he is the best 'computer scientist'

>> No.82780056

No, Terry Davis was.

>> No.82780065

Von Neumann was better.

>> No.82780067 [DELETED] 

he is manlier than the average Sillicon Valley baseddev

>> No.82780248

What's it like having a 145+ IQ?

>> No.82780283

he basically created the field

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I bet he wouldn't have been gay today with the abundance of bussy.

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yep the original Rust developer

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Big papa Claude Shannon

>> No.82781153

have you seen some of these trannies?

>> No.82781217

we seem to have a very sensitive jannie on the loose

>> No.82781238

No. He's been elevated because he was a degenerate - as modern Western society has been doing for a decade or two now.

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Based and zusepilled. Fuck anglos for pretending he wasn't a great figure in computing.

>> No.82781463

you are only saying this because he was gay and you relate to him.

>> No.82781471

>He was a mathematician who specialized in "computers" before they were even a thing
Computers existed, fren. Mechanical computers and the theory of computing itself did not require electrical solid state machines to do computation.

>> No.82781663

I'm going to start saying all faggots in history are trans.
Ada Lovelace was trans too.

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>Nobody cares about Zuse because he's neither anglo, nor gay, nor did he help win a war.
yep, literally this. he was constantly mentioned when I was little an something about computer ran on the TV along with nixdorf.
Then around 10 years ago all the normie millenials who went to uni to study comp sci all began talking about Turing and other anglo fags I never heard about before. Most didn't even know who Zuse was when I brought him up.

>> No.82781720

Yes and it was because he was gay.
2nd best was Ada Lovelace

>> No.82781728

sounds equally possible that he was suicided for all I care, Zuse tried to keep his head out of all this type kind of g-man shit Turning was in, he failed doing that actually but lucked his way out of some dangerous situations none the less. Solid family man with solid legacy and contributions.

>> No.82781765

addendum: I ironically only knew about Turing because he was mentioned by Zuse in his biography.

>> No.82781838

Computing existed before computers

>> No.82781863

People sat around building machines to do very exact mathematical functions without actually knowing what those functions were or why.

>> No.82782494

Most good computer scientists are either trans or gay, i bet Alan Turing would be Ada Turing if he lived to 2021. The best computer scientist ? Lynn Connway

>> No.82782681 [DELETED] 

the beast and the only one real
he solve CS and complete close it

>> No.82782695

the best and the only one real CS he was
he solve CS and complete close it

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>When his body was discovered, an apple lay half-eaten beside his bed
>Apple Inc. logo is literally an apple with a bite taken out of it
wtf were they thinking?

>> No.82784133

>invented the Turing machine to dab on David Hilbert
Yeah I'm thinking he's based

>> No.82784528

Not even upper half

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