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if its not plugged in it will conserve the battery by making all of your games run like shit because the battery cant supply enough power to all of those components on its own
good luck homo

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yank out the card, ram and storage. slap it on a mobo and case?

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god i wish dell wasn't so shit

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reposting in case it helps out other poorfags like myself

Since APUs are now the only way most of us poorfags are going to play vidya I'd like to point out that they're nowhere near as bad as people claim that they are. Even the 4MB L3 cache 3400G from a few years ago puts up a really good fight against the GT 1050 dedicated graphics card. Even on stock non-OC'd settings with your standard issue ~$100 2x8GB 16-19-19 3200MHz RAM kit there are times when it really puts the burner under the GT 1050's ass and sometimes it's no match for nvidia sponsored titles but on average it's like ~60% as fast as the GT 1050 and OC'ing + b-die samsung RAM will crank that up to 70% or more depending on silicon lottery.

Despite the 5700G having less CUs they're clocked higher and because of the additional L3 cache it's expected to be pretty close to GT 1050 performance at STOCK settings using cheap 3200MHz RAM.


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eternal reminder to do your research when buying prebuilts so you dont get power limited parts or single channel ram or proprietary hardware or overheating shit

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So i had to camp at my nearest Best Buy today, hoping to get an 3060 ti or 3070. I wasn't lucky enough to get either but got the 3080 ti, as the 3090 was an unjustifiable price. Considering i spent 1300 on the GPU, what would be the best budget processor to compete with it? An i9 i could afford but i will virutally have no money if i get one. How much would i have to spend to make a compatible build with my 3080 Ti?

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cpus are good these days. an 11600k or a 5600x is good enough.
you only "need more" if you're not a gay gamer and make content on your pc.

if you decide on an i9 the 10850k is great. do NOT get the 11900k.
the 5800x is also great if you want to go amd. the 5900x isnt really worth it for gaymers.

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3080 ti costs 1300 retail?

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So which one do you suggest anon? Which one offers better value for the buck?

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16-20-20 maybe

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it was 1199 MSRP, but taxes was 117, round it up to 120 and its 1300 ish.

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If you're that fucking broke, resell it, retard. Your monitor is probably 1080p 60Hz anyway

>> No.82624403

depends on what you will use it for

1-3 difference on secondary timings dont make up for a 400mhz bump with the same CL16 timing when you can run the memclock at 1:1 ratio and the fucking price is maybe 10 bux more

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What exactly is the 'min frequency' of overclocking AMD GPUs and what does it do? I've set mine to 900 MHz just to test it but apparently it still clocks way below 900Mhz when idle?

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I only have 1500 left over, i can still get most of my money back if i sell my current and spare pc that i have, assuming i can get some retarded summerfag kid to buy it off of me. Also i'm using a 165hz 1080p, gonna upgrade to a 2k one since 4k isn't really my sweet spot

So im either gonna decide to get the 10850k or the 5600x, got it, thanks anon

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they're both great cards anon, i'd say get the one your senses want the most

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which one will mine bitcoins

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Getting a 5600x with a MSI MAG B550 TOMAHAWK motherboard, any advice for RAM besides the OP?

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corsair rgb 8 x 4

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>both at MSRP
The 3080 is way cheaper for better performance in a lot of instances

No one cares what retards think

>Even the 4MB L3 cache 3400G from a few years ago puts up a really good fight against the GT 1050 dedicated graphics card.
>it's like ~60% as fast as the GT 1050

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Just about to do this, you jelly?

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wheres your gpu

>> No.82625060

Don't need one, HD Graphics 4000 can run everything I need

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read the reviews before spouting such nonsense, MSI is absolute trash in vram cooling

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For something like a board with only one PCI slot is there something that can be used to run a PCI card over USB instead? Not thunderbolt as its AMD, but I have capture cards I'd still like to use without having to buy external versions.

>> No.82625274

What should I use to stress test my cpu w/new tower cooler?
It's Haswell, so Prime 95 is not recommended iirc.

>> No.82625278

prime 95

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I don't think I was vauge. I have PCI capture cards, I want to use them with a 2nd smaller PC that only has one PCI slot which is taken. I know there are like external GPU's, but I haven't ever seen anything thats just USB for external PCI slots.

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bros i just want a 3080
life is suffering

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yes and cdda

>> No.82625655

Been playing around with overclocking my GPU and I notice youtube stuttering which didn't happen before. Could it be because of the oc?

>> No.82625668

Might just be too much browser cache. Clear it + history/cookies, restart PC, and see if that does anything.

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i need a usb switch anons so i can switch keyboard and mouse between two rigs
the issue i have with the ones i’ve found is the inputs are on the front and the outputs are on the back. i don’t want wires visible so i’m trying to find one where both inputs and outputs are on the back, and the switch button is on the front. can’t find one however. anyone have a lead?

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>monitor has wavey static going across

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ML240 isn't that good of an AIO.

>> No.82625794

why not just buy a fucking LED strip instead

RGB is for faggots

>> No.82625864

>put CPU, GPU and RAM rgb based on their respective component's temperatures
>the rest put to white
Wow that was hard.

>> No.82625867

>what's the T stand for?

>> No.82625869

Sounds like you're the child here honestly

>> No.82625880

I don't get it, what do they have to do with anything?

>> No.82625889

sounds like you're projecting.

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you know there are other places on the internet to be a faggot on and where you don't get judged because of your garbage taste and preferences? Go there and don't come back.

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>no u
just go back to whatever internet shithole you came from and don't talk to me ever again.

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no you didn't, fuck off

>> No.82626138

10700f vs 10700k
If I don't want to overclock (instead just want to maximize cooling for better turbo) is there any reason to get the K? Does the lower base clock speed of the F really matter when it can just turbo up anyway?

>> No.82626187

RGB is good because you can play in the dark with a small amount of ambient light

Having the ceiling lights on at night is unnatural
Having just a screen on with a desk lamp is ok but the lamp is too much of a spotlight
Screen + PC lights is peak comfy

>> No.82626194

It's not just the base clock.
>4.8ghz max single core
>4.6ghz max all cores
>5.1ghz max single core
>5ghz all core
If you plan to run with all power limits disabled and MCE enabled, the k-SKU will still perform a bit better, but it's probably not worth the extra price. You'll have to get a board with good VRM for either of them though, otherwise you'll have power issues and throttle due to that.

>> No.82626232

Yeah, I noticed the higher turbo speed for the K. What clued you in about the VRM requirement? I wouldn't have known that.

>> No.82626252

I'm also trying to learn more about hardware and what all of these specs and numbers mean. The last time I built a PC was about 10 years ago and looking back I was so retarded, I had fans facing the wrong direction for fuck's sake, I want to know exactly what I am doing this time.

>> No.82626272

lol sounds like I've made you mad, cry about it

>> No.82626281

well generally the k skew also affects turboing. when its unlocked you can take it to the moon until you burn your house down.
the f kind of gimps it and limits any turboing pretty much.

the only f cpu thats probably worth getting is the 11400f because you're pairing that with a midrange gpu anyway.

>> No.82626314

ok mr psychology phd

>> No.82626330

holy fucking shit all those crooked tubes

>> No.82626335

I wouldn't want it to be rainbow puke like that. I'd most likely set all the lights to one color, looks much cleaner that way.

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I found a cheap case (corsair 275r), but I intend to use a 3080ti for 3D rendering. Will it overheat my PC? Should I look for a better case?
Note: all the expensive cases I see recommended have those gay neon lights that I definitely don't want.

>> No.82626396

you can just remove the tempered glass for better airflow

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Spending $5 more to get 3600CL18 is certainly fine. To get a latency reduction at CL16, you've got to spend $90 instead of $70. It's only $20, but it's also pretty much irrelevant to performance

Apparently the truth is that you need whole house surge protection along with smaller surge protectors

>integrated graphics
Don't get me wrong, I agree. PC has a huge catalog of games that can be played on iGP. You can play older stuff like Alien Isolation at 1080p 60FPS no problem

Used 1070 for $350


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And also FC:ND is CPU limited in this config AFAIK

>> No.82626790

Only idiots would waste money changing a perfectly good air cooler like the NH-D15 for some RGBshit AIO

>> No.82626797

I follow pricing and it's usually $20 or more to get 3600CL16 over 3200CL16

>> No.82626811

don't talk to me you disgusting negroid abortion

>> No.82626827

"Grrrr rdb is for dumb kids!!!"
I bet you still live with your parents....

>> No.82626839

>seething about LEDs
hey guys, I prefer if you seethe about CPU/GPU brands

>> No.82626857

herr derr tell me more about your PHD

>> No.82626891

So basically idiots.
Sorry, the RGB does not in fact make your ram go faster

>> No.82626922

Haha you have a PHD and your on tech a forum angry about light's.
So I wasnt to far off with the mid 20s small penis remark?
I can turn my RGB 9ff when I get board of it
You will always be an ugly autistic loser

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hello i'm looking for a "future proof" pc that will last me for about 5-7 years without major upgrades.

budget is 1800$

i'll be gaming and doing some rendering. gaming in 1080p and going for 1440p in the near future.

i was thinking on investing heavy on the cpu (5950x) and a 3070, 16gb 3200ghz 16t.

any suggestions? i'm fairly clueless

>> No.82626982

you didn't get permission to talk, sit quietly

>> No.82627000

I'm the Sheriff, so I'm always permitted to talk.

>> No.82627073

oh no no no no

>> No.82627218

If you would elaborate, what do you mean the right display? I’ve got an hdmi cable going out to a monitor that I know works, I use it all the time. I was going to try the displayports but I haven’t gotten the chance.

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>> No.82627279

>leftover 3080 ti's and 3090's in bb stores
even normal people realize these two cards are way too overpriced. meanwhile I'm still here waiting for amd to restock their 6800xt's

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I'm sure that AMD will make enough of them to show up on the steam survey someday, anon

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Meant >>82627278 for >>82627214

>> No.82627326

What's the best 3060 Ti?

>> No.82627402

The case got water on it. I don't live in a shithole

>> No.82627503

Meant >>82627278 for >>82627073

>> No.82627777

most of the time is fine but even if it's the same model, tertiary timings can be different, and if you're really unlucky you can get completely different die.

bit OP mobo, and if you're not getting HDDs why not the compact case?
and make sure ram is dual rank for best performance.

>> No.82627909

I got a 3080 Ti today at BB, so now I want to start planning my build. I want it to be a Mini ITX and I'm going to liquid cool it with hard tubing this time. What would be a cool case for a small liquid-cooled build?

>> No.82627981

ssupd meshlicious is a very nice looking case which is optimized for water cooling
u also cant go wrong with cooler master nr200, very underrated case
formd t1 is also a good one for water cooling, but watch out its on the pricier side

>> No.82628063

what card do you have now

>> No.82628070


>> No.82628072

but he's right, if you think less people answer just because they bought X or Y company you're a fucking retard.

>> No.82628117

Is it worth investing in gpu watercooling? My blower fan is loud as shit

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>sample size
>there is no sample size

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I can get 6900xt for a okayish price but I'm kinda scared since I never had AMD GPU

>> No.82628302

6900XT is the worst card of the generation, it offers nothing over the 6800XT

>> No.82628305

>check they regional "ebay"
>people are literally admitting they are selling for more than they payed
are you shitting me
6800xt unironically costs the same here

>> No.82628389 [DELETED] 

Basedjak posters wish they were that cute

>> No.82628402 [DELETED] 
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>> though.png

>> No.82628418 [DELETED] 
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>> No.82628489

You sure your BIOS is recent enough to post with whatever CPU you got?

>> No.82628498


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>Actually got a 3070 Ti at MSRP after sitting in line for 8 hours at a Best Buy

>> No.82628998

Best mobo + CPU cooler to pair with AMD 5600x?
Looking at B550-E and idk for the cooler. I Don't want to spend a bunch just on a cooler but I would like low temps because my room can get really fucking hot in summer.
Right now I have an Arctic Freezer Cooler 13 on an i7-4790k and it's fucking SHIT

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Thanks anon that was the plan
Let me be more clear
I plan to plug 2 shitty case fans in cha_fan 1 and 2 and then use h_amp with y splitter for the 2 new fans (that would be noctua NF-A12x25 PWM)

Am i doing it right?

>> No.82629447
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Am I good to bite the bullet on this now?
Need to do it soon before the mobo goes back to out-of-stock
Pairing it with a 1080p 144hz / RTX 2060

>> No.82629501

Well the 5950x is a lot more expensive than the 5600x and 5600x performs a decent amount better on 1080p than the 3600

>> No.82629577

>falling for the windows 7 meme

either grab a pirated iso of LTSC or

>install windows 10
>install classic shell
>download win10 debloater from https://github.com/Sycnex/Windows10Debloater
>uninstall all microsoft shit and disable all telemetry

it's criminal how much garbage microshit puts in their OS. LTSC (and even windows server 2019) is so much better than any consumer version of win10 it's insane. without all the trash wangblows 10 could have been an actually well regarded OS

>> No.82629599

Do i have to do anything before unplugging the 1030 and plugging the 3080 ti? The drivers should work right?

>> No.82629733

AM5 when?

>> No.82629734

don't forget to give a contant a good lick or it won't work because it's new.

>> No.82630044
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>> No.82630201

For that kind of capacity build a NAS.

>> No.82630388

I can smell the virginity from this pic

>> No.82630404

that's exactly what I was thinking

>> No.82630414


Gigabtye PSUs are fire hazards, pick another brand.

>> No.82630441

Anything you want, really. Unless you're playing at 4k or at retarded settings, pretty much every game should be well over 100fps average.

>> No.82630451

Looking submissive and breedable anon. Don't let these losers get you down.

>> No.82630932

>should I go for 650w gold or 750w bronze?
750w gold.

>> No.82631088

This just happened to me too. I assume something melted in my PSU. No sparks or whatever for me but it was inconsistent with starting the PC up before and now it just doesn't at all. 2 year old Corsair TX750M btw.

>> No.82631163

Just get it, amd cards are fine

>> No.82631177

You are aware every manufacturer has an expected defect rate? You were just unlucky

>> No.82631223

So my computer is located aw bit far from the desk and I can't move it anywhere closer. For cable management this is a bit annoying as I have my mouse, keyboard and mic all hanging 1m to get to my pc and the cables go above my bed and make it annoying to move the monitor closer to me (if I want to watch a movie in bed for example).

Is getting a USB hub a good idea? Can I connect my mouse, keyboard and mic all there? Should I get a powered one?

>> No.82631378

meshlicious can fit a 280mm, but that's going to be borderline for a 3080 ti + cpu.
nr200 can fit 2x240, but that requires some ingenuity or even modding. same thing with ncase m1.

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Retards, my gf took that pic

>> No.82631786

Just saw someone claim the reason for the 5000s ridiculous temperatures under heavy load was because they were forcing it to do something it wasn't made for, i.e actual work and that they were just for gaming. That's amazing, an almost complete reversal of the cope over zen 1 and 2.

>> No.82631959

nobody ever said this lol

>> No.82631967

>nobody ever said this lol
have you never been in /g/ in any capacity

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built my brothers pc in december (5600x build) and the thing was idling at 80 degrees (and has been for the last 7 months) thanks to corsairs iCUE LGBT software that was pushing the vcore.

then i found out that wallpaper engine has been hammering the SSD by constantly reading the wallpaper from drive instead of keeping it in RAM.

why is normie software so fucking terrible?

>> No.82631985

i remember everyone saying rocket lake would be shit and alder lake would be the real jump

>> No.82631990

you'd have to be a retard to use either of those programs, so it doesn't matter

>> No.82631996

Help a newb out, do I have to actually do anything in the bios do benefit from 3600cl16 in a ryzen system?

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