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you don't need more

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Unironically enough at this size, it's not made for reading.

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>last thread got deleted

how is this not tech you alabama hot pocket eating retards?

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we won Arch chads
and GNOME can suck a big fat one

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because it wasn't Apple related

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>get Deck
>emulate Switch games
>online even, with RyujiNX LDN
>and then post on /g/ with comfort

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does this mean an update to steam big picture mode

>> No.82551162

Its a 7 inch screen. Why waste battery on trying to drive more resolution?

>> No.82551164

No shit.
>uses less ram than Gnome
>uses less resources than Gnome
>Has Game-Mode, which disables compositing and minimizes resources while gaming
>Most customizable than Gnome
>Has built in GPU control and switching
>Isn't developed by people that hate linux

>muh iPad Interface
>needs 9gigs of ram on idle
>needs compositing just to run software
>forcing Wayland, which is shit for gaming

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And? It doesn't have AI upscaling so you're not gonna have 1080p on 15W unless you want shit graphics like Switch games.

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too based

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I unironically think that in a few years, steam decks. will outnumber regular Linux PCs by a wide margin

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Anything that makes Gnome seethe is good in my book. Why the change from Debian to Arch though? I haven't tried Arch since the early 2010's, how is it these days, do the official repos offer enough to get it done or do you still need to venture into the AUR and check every week if the dependencies are still the same before updating it?

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Debian is made to be "stable" ie, it doesn't really support newer hardware or linux kernels that most modern games uses. Debian is still awesome, but if you want the latest graphic drivers with the most recent kernel support, you'd need something that updates more frequently. Pure Arch is based for that.

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I still prefer xfce but definitely KDE > Gnome any day.

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No, there are back grip buttons which can sub for the 4 face buttons. Steam controller is the greatest controller ever created and I'm happy it's features are on this.

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They have control over hardware, so they can make sure drivers are correct.
Fast forwarding packages is significantly more difficult than holding packages back.
Stability matters significantly less for desktop or console.

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Alright, which of you memelords at Steam did this?

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Only thing I'm left wondering is whether it runs on x86 or ARM based microarch

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they have their own runtime for games, retard
even windows has many editions, if windows was open it would have "distros" too because nobody would use MSs retarded interface

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Ight makes sense. ARM would probably be better power-consumption wise but getting good compatibility with x86 games would have been a hard nut to crack. Would still be kek if someone other than Apple beats Microsoft to good x86 compat layer on ARM.

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so I can install even windows on it and use as normie laptop with bluetooth keyboard and external monitor?

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I mean, have you used modern Gnome? Its shit dude.
>Change theme, wayland breaks
>Change theme, all plugins crash
>Use 4k screen, gnome crashes
>Open Browser, Ram at 105% usage
>Python 3 slows down apps
>CSS 3 slows down apps
>Integrated Microsoft Typescript
>Integrated RUST, breaks apps
>Use X, apps have giant boarders
>Forced to use Wayland, graphics studder
>muh 'Apple iPad interface'
>muh 'Apple Expose clone'

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Eh I liked the vertical workspaces

>> No.82551609

Yeah, you can hook it up to a monitor and peripherals and use it like a little NUC.

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>Yes, xfce is great for working, but not for gaming.
Hmm, maybe. I have not had any issues with gaming on xfce so far but I only played a few games on Linux to begin with. Is this for performance reasons?

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Yea but also windows memes aside I think this might be a great win for increasing Linux desktop market share if it sells well.

>> No.82551656

If if works for you, be happy. Xfce is just known for screen tearing. If they fixed that, it would be the optimal replacement for the entire Gnome community in general. But KDE has the most "gaming" features compared to all the other DE's.

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Oh right, that explains it. I don't care about screen tearing and am more put off by the input lag any VSync solution adds on. I don't even notice screen tearing anymore.

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Sure but it's not the same as having one cohesive, actually designed view like gnome's used to be. Parachute comes pretty close though, it's a matter of integration (krunner btfos gnome's search bar) and I believe they will make it eventually

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Holy fuck.

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werks on my machine

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Are we making a comeback 16:10 bros?

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The device is large enough to have the preferred way of using it be resting it in your lap. At that distance 1280x800 is fine.

>> No.82551891

win11 ready machine?

>> No.82551965

Good. Just give me 120Hz and I'm sold.

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>The portable cleveland steamer can be taken with you into the shitter. It will provide you some jack pleasure if you're in the toilet.

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This unironically will help Linux a *lot*

>> No.82552008

>Factorio on the go
This will be dangerous for my free time.

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>For Deck, we're vastly improving Proton's game compatibility and support for anti-cheat solutions by working directly with the vendors
its a win-win situation

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cant read it buddy

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all the Gnome posters that has spammed /g/ about "The Default Linux DE" and the "default on all popular distro" are now on suicide watch since this shit will probably be the most selled Linux Desktop device of all time.

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That's 215 ppi, that's higher perceived resolution that a 2K 24 inch monitor, by a lot.

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holy shit, dont tell me i can jailbreak the mobile console and emulate games

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How much are they paying you to promote this fud?

>> No.82552487

>Also where is the faggot from last thread who said you could get a ryzen r7 mini pc for 400 link it.
There are none, especially not right now. Some OEM prebuilts with the Renoir and Cezanne APUs are $600~ with a top binned chip, and those still won't have the IGP performance to match this Van Gogh APU.

>> No.82552525

wait wayland can actually run games? i was under the impression that linux games had to be running in x.

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Hopefully this means Tim Epic isn't going to act like a kike.

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>about 90%
wow thats a lot do they work all as well as one windows? Wouldn't proton allow windows maleware to run on linux?

>> No.82552717

Gnomes BTFO

>> No.82552722

>I play at 4k
Not on an undepowered mobile device with desktop games you won't. It's low resolution because retards won't understand why their AAA games run at 2 fps when it defaults to 4k.

>> No.82552729

Oh wow, the managed to make KDE not look like a steaming pile of shit like it always does.

>> No.82552747

That's literally default KDE.

>> No.82552810

Dunno about that one, Valve has a history of not giving a fuck like back when some basedfag pulled his shitty games from steam because they didn't shill for BLM and shit.

>> No.82552860

Stop lyeing faggot.

>> No.82552882

people keep saying it'll be able to run windows but they haven't mentioned unlocked UEFI and it's a custom SoC so I doubt amd will provide driver support.

>> No.82552893

why would you want to run windows on this thing?

>> No.82552899

You dumbfuck, that's Breeze Dark. The only thing they changed is the fucking wallpaper.

>> No.82552920

Just buy a switch pro controller and hook it up or something. It's officially supported and has a superior gyro.

>> No.82552943

Well, I can tell you from trying it over KDE and GNOME that it runs like shit. It has a weird fucking frameskipping that's not present on X11 even if the framerates are really high. I've lurked around and it does seem like there are problems on Wayland with it in general.

>> No.82552944

Same reason this site hates anything even remotely "reddit"
because it's different, and different is bad.

>> No.82552949

its an APU so it'll likely use the APU drivers

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>> No.82552958

>no track pads.
you're missing the point

>> No.82552975

no. that's the default wallpaper.

>> No.82552996

there's no jail anon, it's just a normal pc with an AMD processor.

>> No.82553001

It is? Well shit, I thought they changed to something blue/green/yellowish

>> No.82553003

Anything more is niggerlicious

>> No.82553009

it's just an AMD APU, it'd be like installing windows on a laptop.

>> No.82553043

It looks like it's an underclocked 3400G.
I wonder if you can install any OS at it.

>> No.82553075

The Van Gogh APU will be used in other devices which means mainstream Windows driver releases will support it fully. Same deal on the linux side.

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>> No.82553107

>alabama hot pocket eating retards
How do I get this creative at insulting people? Help me, anon.

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KDE Khads rise up!

>> No.82553175

This wtf

>> No.82553180

Lmaoooo fucken based

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>formerly specs

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I don't even care about videogames but pretty impressed by this.
Impressed by the fact that a company is finally doing the obvious: creating a handheld console that is really just a pc. Everything here makes so much sense its amazing it hasnt been done before. The fact that they opted out of the modern trend of high resolution retardation is also commendable, a 720p screen is perfect for that size. Fucking based Valve.

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>> No.82553232

>improves linux ecosystem
>runs arch/kde as default
>unlocked UEFI
>Not from a sketchy chink company or kikestarter scam
Fucking based

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>> No.82553297

KDE has always been #2 to GNOME in the Linux ecosystem; maybe now it will finally get the recognition it deserves

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Is this the portable cleaveland steamer?
Will it provide jack pleasure when I'm on the toilet?

>> No.82553437

That's the issue. They updated the game not too long ago, and it does have some problems on wayland. I remember the game running fine years ago too, but these days it's a requirement I add -nojoy to it to run it.

>> No.82553439

>kwin suddenly started seeing a lot of activity around a year ago after being a fucking mess for ages
>a lot of focus on gaming performance, multi monitor support and even handling hotplugging gpus
Really makes you think...

>> No.82553454

It's called Steam Dick. You've seen how big and fat that thing is? It will dominate switches.

>> No.82553477

Hmm, I'll have to check that out. Last time I played was like 2 months ago. If I don't fall asleep I might play a round or two and report back.

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I wonder how much tardproofing they're going to do with this thing, since most of the people who are going to buy it are probably Windows gaymers with very limited knowledge of computers.

>> No.82553720

>item not available in your country
im a fucking cheapskate and the one time i want to consume product i get this ffs

>> No.82553775



>> No.82553788

>valve reviving the UMPC scene
I'm actually very excited for this

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I'm taking that with a full tub of salt, there's no way.

>> No.82553841

I seriously don't get mobile gaming.
Like do you retards actually ride on a bus or go to the beach to play video games?

>> No.82553866

You gotta pay the bills somehow after being laid off...

>> No.82553910

Hello gnome fag. That's stock fucking KDE.

>> No.82553912

>Zen 2 + RDNA 2
They should get into the arm train.

>> No.82554015

It's been done 3 times so far this year. There's ones from previous years too. They've all been from china and suspect quality though

>> No.82554112

>Change theme, wayland breaks
>Change theme, all plugins crash
>Use 4k screen, gnome crashes
>Open Browser, Ram at 105% usage
>Python 3 slows down apps
>CSS 3 slows down apps
>Integrated Microsoft Typescript
>Integrated RUST, breaks apps
What the fuck are you talking about? None of these are true

>Use X, apps have giant boarders
No, it's Wayland that doesn't allow removing CSD. But the borders are the same size

>Forced to use Wayland, graphics studder

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> no track pads
> no grip buttons
How am I supposed to activate gyro ONLY when I’m aiming? This “console” has touch activated sticks for that. Plus, I fucking hate stick camera.

>> No.82554198

That’s what I’m doing already.
Just got the thumb stick cover, since original coating is pretty much gone.

>> No.82554241

>What the fuck are you talking about? None of these are true
They were for me when I used gnome and when GTK updates came.

>> No.82554267

>RAM at 105% usage

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nobody asked the real questions yet
A- is it using valve-funded KWinFeet now powered by wlroots? is gamescope only used nested-ly?
B- will it use the immutable architecture similar to fedora silverblue that they were experimenting with?

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>> No.82554992

even if the 64gb model doesn't have a slot i'm hoping the 256gb isn't soldered

I'm guessing they are making the cheaper model closer to cost since all the other specs are the same

I don't mind playing retro games from a micro sd card but triple A's will suck at that speed

>> No.82555058

Sony's still hesitating enabling m.2 storage on their vacuumstation so I wonder how Valve managed it
it'd be great if it could be upgraded later on though.

>> No.82555071

In the IGN FAQ, they said that none of it is upgradable.

>> No.82555096

You can sandbox, and Linux users generally don't run everything as admin so the threat level is lower.

>> No.82555160

>exclusive virtual keyboard theme

>> No.82555161

the NVME could still be soldered to the mainboard, we won't really be able to confirm it until someone does a teardown

>> No.82555179

break off the chips and put on your own

>> No.82555180

Why does Valve want to support gaming on Linux? I'm not complaining, but what's the point for them?

>> No.82555195
File: 2.98 MB, 300x225, 1359435977259.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

ture, imagine trying to play Deus Ex: GOTY on this device

>> No.82555198

gabe is a neckbeard

>> No.82555204

because they can't ship windows, and windows isn't geared to be used on a switch-like console or a console in general anyway, and it saves a lot of OS development time to just use Linux
they did this years ago with SteamOS which is a version of Linux, seems like they're making a new version of SteamOS

>> No.82555219

Linux is free to install and ship, and Valve probably still has concerns about Microsoft going walled garden

>> No.82555235

anybody got a pic of microsoft hq right now?

>> No.82555269

They already invest in KDE

>> No.82555318

are you on windows right now? winkey + . (period, like ur mom)

>> No.82555323

Trying to force linux makes sense, for the good of the world.
It will make everyone more free and it will improve linux.
And honesly, with microsoft being as shit as they are, with all the tracking and the datamining, probably worse than red star os, it would be nice to have a viable alternative.

>> No.82555330

what nigger
i'm complaining about this undeletable bullshit in kde

>> No.82555331
File: 113 KB, 522x707, konqi_biz.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Tyson Tan is a gift to mankind.
Another step to Konqi supremacy!

>> No.82555337

but being in linux means it's deletable
i'm not sure kde even normally ships with an emoji picker

>> No.82555371

t. never seen a handheld before

>> No.82555373

Worry not. Apparently, one of the devs for KWin (Roman) was employed by Valve.

Dunno, if they still are, though.

>> No.82555399

I might be remembering incorrectly, but isn't Roman working on KWinFT at the moment?

>> No.82555440

>cheap ass display
What on earth are they thinking.

>> No.82555476

>Microsoft going walled garden
the TPM controversy is basically confirmation that it's at least the direction they're moving in, possibly due to pressure from netflix and the like.

>> No.82555479

cuz steam are for niggas and trannies

>> No.82555532

Nope, you are correct. I don't know if Roman still contributes to OG KWin as well. KWinFT seems focused on Wayland and it doesn't have X11 development as a priority.
KWin would still get stuff backported/recreated from forks. Look at KWin-lowlatency, it's possibly obsolete with Vlad's recent developments to KWin.

>> No.82555534
File: 430 KB, 1920x1080, ss_c6cc2c52d84d7e1fae067ac3b6fabbf6845fda3d.1920x1080.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

So now I can play Venture Seas on the go? Sweet sailing mobila futa dick with big tits. Now I can fap to huge futa cock while commuting to work. Thanks gaben.

>> No.82555545

Fuck me. Did KDE just get real support ?
My god they might even fix the krashes now ?

>> No.82555623

How is the steam deck going to handle updates to the OS?

>> No.82555640

Are they gonna make the custom arch steam OS distro freely available to install on your own hardware? If so thank god, I can't wait to drop win 10 and never have to interact with win 11 on my own machines

>> No.82555690

Rape porn turns me off, anon. Unless the guy is the one getting raped by girls and futas

>> No.82555702

KDE is in a nice place right now, when it comes to stability. I just hope the migration to Qt6 doesn't through stability in the bin. Hope they learned from the KDE3 -> KDE4 migration...

>> No.82555716

would be interested to see if this means anticheat will work on linux? dont think so

>> No.82555744

They promised multiplayer working on the handheld in the valve team interview so I'd expect them to start telling the anticheat Devs to sort their shit

>> No.82555788

I've ran into compatible problems in the past, but it has been a while since I've tested a distro after having win machine setup for a few years now

>> No.82555807

this is EXACTLY what i was looking for, a handheld size pc with its own integrated monitor. Steam things they may have hit it big in the gaming market, but its a huge boom for me wanting to develop coding projects on the side and take it with me to places i cant get internet.

fucking hell yeah.

>> No.82555822

Give Linux a spin on a VM. Dual-boot if you want to run Linux on bare metal. Get comfy lad.

>> No.82555833
File: 2.65 MB, 3500x2333, dddd.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

linux has no gam...

>> No.82555846
File: 2.65 MB, 320x240, 1623945702276.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.82555847

False, the switch can do 720 in portable but very few games other than indie trash runs at that resolution

>> No.82555849

what is the resolution in docked mode

>> No.82555854

>Are ya winning, son?

>> No.82555934

Proton has nothing to do with Gnome or Ubuntu retard. It's just a gaming enhanced fork of wine with a ton of fixes.

>> No.82555945

Nothing about Proton or Steam was targeting any distro or desktop retard. That's not how software on Linux works.
Steam was packaged for deb-based distros officially but it doesn't mean every single Valve project and component was sepcifically designed around Ubuntu and GNOME and won't workon anything else.

Why am I even replying to this bait?..

>> No.82555975

The real question is what is steamOS interface, is it foss and how can we leech the good software from valve and replace GNOME/xfeces/KDE altogether

>> No.82555999

I worked at a startup that shipped consumer devices that ran arch. It also had KDE but it wasn't user accessible unless you were in a maintenance mode.

Honestly, it's a great choice. We maintained our own repository mirror. I personally implemented an A/B boot strategy based on Android's implementation, and it worked pretty great. If you rm -rf /'d, just reboot, and the other system install will chroot and copy over pacman + dependencies, and run an install script.

The frontend will be part of the steam binary, no way it's open source

>> No.82556040

>>The frontend will be part of the steam binary, no way it's open source
isn't that... electron?

>> No.82556052

we'll see, i think proton is open source

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