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>> No.82506036

What button do you press to speak to Xipapa?

>> No.82506071

Probably the change IMEI button

>> No.82506081

You kid but that's already far better than a PCB antenna, which is the only thing you should expect on cheap shit.

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Is this a decent Bluetooth keyboard for non-gayming stuff?

>> No.82506110

>You can now purchase anything up to €150 without having to worry about declaring taxes
lmao this limit is like $50 in my country
this is why I pay smugglers

>> No.82506340

Chink KVM similar to https://store.level1techs.com/products/14-display-port-kvm-dual-4computer please?

I want to support L1 but this is too much

dont really care about source/output count but ideally dual monitor in/out. 2/3/4 sources

>> No.82506349

jack ma said
>no more aliexpress inside iframes
and the cuck admin of the randomizer didnt want to make it launch a link in a new tab instead of an iframe (something about being unable to get erect or something)

>> No.82506375

It's to discover cool things tardo

>> No.82506376

Any issues getting glock magazine springs and ar 15 trigger assembly's to europe? asking for a friend

>> No.82506385

Is it worth to buy some chink mother board to play around?? Would it explode? They come bundle with cpu and gpu onboard.

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Just ordered this, what am I in for?

>> No.82507723

recommend random shit

>> No.82508211

that exact one?

>> No.82508218

Ideally, yeah. I really like the specs of it

>> No.82508223

going to be hard, it looks ancient
maybe you will have better luck on alibaba

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>> No.82508301

The 1 child policy is so fucking stupid. Instead they should just have slowly sterilized all the ugly and stupid girls until the population was stable, sterilizing the most ugly females first. The 1 child policy fucked over China so fucking bad. If you want ugly 1/10 low IQ girls to breed at the same rate as 10/10 high IQ girls then your civilization will fail, you may as well start importing Africans like the west does, importing the kryptonite of civilization.

>> No.82508326

forgot additional link
giga nigga

>> No.82508458

thanks kings

>> No.82509108

>You can leave feedback for sellers within 30 days in "Orders Awaiting My Feedback".
jesus fuck what a retarded system

>> No.82509229

>with Bluetooth
get both amp and bt receiver separate, some bt receivers have annoying chink voices on them for events, if that is baked into the pcb of your amp youll regret it, if they are separate units you can change at any time (or replace one of the parts if any break)

>> No.82509257

Anyone have a guide to buying fake watches/glasses?

>> No.82509269

>some bt receivers have annoying chink voices on them for events
The Bluetooth dewice is reedy to pair

>> No.82509331

Why do the items we really want always ship slower than the items we impulse buy? Its like this every time god damn it. And why aren't more sellers using aliexpress shipping rather than the shitty options like cainao, yanwen etc

>> No.82509400

whats the chinkshit aliexpress randomizer?

>> No.82509461

they probably didn't do it because plastic surgery is very common in china so a lot of the 10/10 girls actually have shit genes and you'd have to check on their whole life to make sure, a pretty big task given the billion of people that live there. They instead took the easy way out probably hoping the uggo low iq would get naturally filtered out by the fact that you can only have 1 kid so you have to choose well

>> No.82509480

All ordered at same time

>> No.82509606

im getting to low value items tomorrow, but one that i really want
took a week, so it works for me

>> No.82509700

God, I hate jealous hippie-type commies that want to impose their shit onto others. Go fuck a tree.

>> No.82509916 [DELETED] 

>t. trannies
you will never be a woman

>> No.82510051

nice hope it's worth the $20

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What is this a custom mod to cool cpu?

>> No.82510308

cooling fan and heatsink

>> No.82510329

do you have a picture that shows the area between heatsink and CPU so we can see and then tell you?

>> No.82510333

dunk it in mineral oil

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>fan and heatsink
>custom mod

>> No.82510399

>are between CPU and heatsink
>posts image with heatsink still on the CPU
are you retarded?

>> No.82510573

the fuck are you talking about?

>> No.82510600

cooling fan and heatsink

>> No.82510722

what do you need or would be useful to you

>> No.82510812

buy a shotgun faggot

>> No.82510868


>> No.82510902

fuck you motherfucker

>> No.82511053

vapor is not the same as liquid. and yes, NASA uses them on the space stations.

>> No.82511922

hey anons, I want to buy a robo vacuum. idgaf abt botnet. I want it to have a place to dump the dirt, i want to be able to block rooms. thx!

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>> No.82512445

The cooling only last for 0.1 millisecond when the vapour is gone it’s not cooling anymore. Grizzly provide continuous cooling at max capacity. A laughing stock.

>> No.82512612

I don't really need anything, it's sort of like snack-money to me. Just buy whatever catches your attention. So, recommend me some cool shit.

>> No.82512689

are you implying the fucking vapour disappears from the fucking cooling system?

>> No.82513270

Ali doesn't sell triggers anymore, and mag springs for ar15's are gone too.

>> No.82513573

those specs are all over the fucking place
>current: AC
>configuration: grid-tie
>charging mode: mppt
these are all for inverters
>recommended environment: indoor
>voltage: 5v or less
no fast charging, then
>current rating: 0-0.5A
good luck charging anything with that
>maximum flow rate: 0.5GPM
is this hydropower now?

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So I was shilled this buy a youtuber who offered it with a discount code of 67%

This has to be some rebranded chinkshit, like as in you can find the exact same item down to everything just without the branding.
You don't have that much of a margin to discount almost 70% if it isn't something that already existed and the R&D was already done

>> No.82514446

bought something similar to this: https://www.aliexpress.com/item/32858324829.html
supposedly 1000x, it does 100x. noticed that 50x is fine for electronics stuff, so I guess it could be of help some day. LEDs won't let you see small stuff under low light, but using the LED in my phone was enough to see some stuff

>> No.82515066

superior Chinese engineering

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Are you dumb to think vapour return to liquid form in 0.1 millions second?

>> No.82516755

Why are chinks such retards
>willing to fucking cnc machine and exact copy the good
>skimp out on a feature.

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what is the best tablet I can buy for < $150 if I am only going to be using it for reading .pdfs?
thank u

>> No.82516882

Don't you dare turn that shit on in public transit or I swear to god I'll punch you in the neck

>> No.82516921

>need to go to school if you don't want to work the fields until you're 50 and drop dead
>to get a proper job, need to be near a city
>super expensive real estate, tiny apartments
>maternal leave pays zilch, kid stuff costs an arm and a leg
>no savings
Gee, I wonder why no one's having kids anymore... unless you want to be a person who just pumps out babies and doesn't give a fuck about their quality of life, you're going to have a hard time bringing new souls into this wretched world.

>> No.82517179

a used mipad. samsung or lenovo tablet

>> No.82518208

Any unusual mini-pcs / SBCs / other little compute stuff from China lately? I'm in the mood to buy some SBC to gather dust with.`

>> No.82518478
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seems Ali VAT & declaration for EU is working.
they also combined 3 of my 4 orders which is nice.
for some reason the last update was today but date is the same as the other two, not sure if any fuckery is going on...

have you swapped mobo since then? that or your wiring is different so there's less interference now.

there's several laptops and GPUs with vapour chamber cooling and they work great.

>> No.82519060

what the heck are sponges made of melamine used for?

>> No.82519106

cleaning stuff, you might know them as "magic sponge"

>> No.82519190

i'm not familiar with that term

>> No.82519268
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Not who you responded to, but this is the most well known version of a melamine sponge.

>> No.82519316

i've only heard of "mr clean" in memes, i guess this just isn't a thing in my country

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The keycap testers I bought on AliExpress two weeks ago just got delayed until mid-September.

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chink shits for.. actually a couple weeks ago now:

Stickers to replace the touchpad surfaces on my laptops. Quite nice, the pads feel much better to the touch and of course look new. The colors aren't quite the same but I don't care about that.

Oh and some 0.1F 5V memory capacitors for stereos and such.

Finnbros, any experience receiving stuff after the beginning of July? How does it work?

>> No.82520179

>when you go to buy an item that claims it is 25% off
>and you check Aliprice
>and it actually IS genuinely 25% off
it is sad how rare this joy is

>> No.82520231

Absolutely retarded take. Low birth-rates are not as much of a problem as completely inverting your population pyramid.

A huge portion of their labour force is about to retire and when they do not only will China lose a huge amount of productivity, but the loss will be compounded by all these families having to support the elderly who thus have less resources to have kids and thus compound the problem further.

This fucked Japan really hard in the 1990s and their inversion of the population pyramid was no where near as extreme as chinas.

This is the hilarity of China. They fuck themselves harder than any other nation has ever fucked them (including the Mongols).

>> No.82520267

xiaomi what anon?

>> No.82520314

It's this one https://www.aliexpress.com/item/32813040401.html

Not sure if I can recommend, it broke almost immediately (altho when I say broke I mean it works perfectly except it won't turn off completely, always runs at a low speed)

It's pretty powerful, but maybe not as powerful as you'd except from the looks of it. Brings joy to a caged penis in any case

>> No.82520331


>> No.82520815

of course it is, are you really this naive and retarded?

>> No.82520874

the one by xiaomi. like any chink product they release a new version every month, so i wouldn't know which offers the best value right now
it has lidar and a pretty good app that allows you to configure everything about it

>> No.82520878
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>> No.82521774

Are there any good chink 1920x1200 monitors that cost below ~250 dead american presidents?

>> No.82521810

what is the ting in op pic releted?

>> No.82521883

granted every dollar denomination has a dead president on it, and the highest available denomation is worth $140.000, you will have $35.000.000 available. that should be enough to buy you any monitor you like

>> No.82521915

USB wifi dongle

>> No.82522082

how long did they last? 'cause i just bought them like two weeks ago

>> No.82522232
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I got pic rel.
Decent so far, I thought chinese stuff was supposed to be awful?

>> No.82522863

That's not an antenna, it's a ground leafspring connector for the external metal case. It's fucking shorted to the ground you imbeciles.

>> No.82522883

Almost a year and a half, I got them at the start of last year. They're brilliant, just it seems I dropped the left one one times too many and now it won't pair. If I don't get a better suggestion I'll buy them again.

>> No.82523182


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>make 2 orders
>a month later get 2 random items I didn't order because aliexpress combined packaging sent me the wrong shit
>tracking tells me these are supposed to be my orders
>seller tells me to wait for my packages, but I doubt they'll arrive because I got something else
>aliexpress "steps in" and doesn't take any side
What should I do now?

>> No.82523241

It's not. It's just close to the ground pour on that side.
It's THT so there'd be traces on the other side where the wifi SoC is.

>> No.82523268

>they probably didn't do it because plastic surgery is very common in china
It wasn't in the 1979 when it was first implemented.

>> No.82523316

Also notice the spacing between ground shielding and signal path of an actual antenna, and the tiny gaps on that "antenna" which would destroy the signal if it was an antenna. They put in the effort to isolate actual antenna from noise, it stands to reason that an onboard antenna would also be isolated.

>> No.82523485

Yes, actually. I upgraded to an mITX with Ryzen from the ATX with FX cpu I had when I bought the mic

>> No.82523672

should it surprise anyone that /g/ is full of tech illiterates who couldn't tell a hot wire from a ground wire?

>> No.82523745

>AC in the 5GHz range works just like DC does
Stop talking about shit your pathetic brain can't comprehend, and kys.

>> No.82524027

No. But I at least thought people would recognize when pointed out that they pulled an assumption out of their ass and it was wrong, not argue increasingly stupid and anti-technology anti-science points. I weren't expecting people to continue to talk out of their ass just to refuse acknowledging that they're talking out of their ass, like some 12 year olds.
>doesn't knows first thing about radio
>doesn't knows first thing about electronics
>can't follow a single-layer ground plane
>makes an utterly retarded point that only in his mind makes a sliver of sense
>calls other people stupid and pathetic
What is this illness called? It's not dunning krueger effect because that only applies to people who know SOME stuff on the subject, not NONE.

>> No.82524262
File: 69 KB, 1294x478, (you).jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

The more you project the dumber you get faggot, now go pick up a fucking book and stop talking your head around shit that is past your IQ level.

>> No.82524768

Allright this has to be bait. Have a (you).

>> No.82524934

Learn how AC works, faggot.

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>> No.82525302

Here's something for $3.39

>> No.82525321


>> No.82527813

The 1st of July deadline has been passed, and chinkshit is now taxed in Europe. You can now purchase anything up to €150 without having to worry about declaring taxes, and extra processing fees.

YO WTF! For real??
If so, time to order a couple of Gundams

>> No.82528099

Anyone have any suggestions for a sling-type bag for around $20?

>> No.82528468
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How stupid would an ultrasonic cleaner purchase be?

>> No.82529566

So before I go out and get a used Ipod, are there any decent chinkshit bluetooth MP3 players? I'm just looking for something that can stream music to my Bluetooth headphones.
Alarm is a plus, capability of accessing Youtube to stream videos is another plus.

>> No.82529705

recommend me a 50-80W stereo amp

>> No.82529794

I don't want to buy a $200+ phone, I just want a cheap fucking MP3 player.
Not a hard concept.

>> No.82529797
File: 218 KB, 1000x1000, 1622311465892.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Well if your willing to make a small project out of it there is these amp boards based on a TDA7498E chipset which can actually do 60W+ at 8 ohms

You need a good 36v power supply tho
The fan only comes on when it gets warm enough

>> No.82529909

a cheap phone you retard
literally the second result searching smartphone and it's 50-75 eur.
f you want jewtube, I don't think you'll find anything below that.
If you don't want youtube, you can get one for 25.

>> No.82530503

maybe he doesn't want a botnet in his pocket just something to play his music? retard!

>> No.82530565


ive been doing some looking this thing looks cool

also just about anything on this store looks good but prices are more

>> No.82530597

that one looks retarded and chinky
i recommend you ask >>>/g/pmpg

>> No.82530684

>want some fake Dr. Martens
>find a guy on ebay selling 'genuine doc martens' cheap
>buy them via paypal
>when they arrive and are counterfeit, contest through paypal
>"s-seller said they are genuine and they aren't!!"
>free fake docs

This is going to work right? Or am I retarded?

>> No.82530721

I the store was all Fiio, I sent some other. Fiio one there looks good too

>> No.82530740

>Kind of scummy
Yeah, I was thinking that at first, but this particular chink made the conscious decision to try and take advantage of people by claiming that they're genuine, vs the millions of other chinks who label the same fake shoes as generic. Thus, I feel justified.

>> No.82530804

you are correct. I've done this a few times actually with USBs.

I buy obviously fake 100+GB usbs for cheap end up being 8/16GB usbs that I get for free after proving they're fake.

>> No.82531014

anybody know of a cheap night vision or thermal camera. I want something I can hook up via usb or bluetooth to a phone or pc/laptop

>> No.82531553

Unless you live in one of the EU counties that's still charging fees for imports.

>> No.82531663
File: 69 KB, 249x446, 1620661409600.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>post office says package got delivered but got jack shit
>seller tells me to open dispute with post office acknowledging they fucked up as proof to get my refund
>post office dgaf
I'm fucked right? Do you get banned if you chargeback with Paypal? It was only 1$ so I don't really care but still sucks.

>> No.82531672

I think the miners are only really selling cards in massive bundles on chinese sites, you're not gonna find cheap individual cards on Aliexpress or Ebay.

>> No.82531883

anything that can access youtube has the potential and computing power to be botnet.
whether it has a gsm module or not is irrelevant.
If he doesn't want botnet, he should buy a dumb player.

>> No.82532020

cheapest thermal cameras are around 150 and they're standalone.
cheapest thermal camera that can be connected to a phone I think is that Flir model that has usb and goes at the bottom of your phone, it's about 200.
An IR thermometer is 10 bucks but you have to scan your house to find the cold spot, the farther you are the bigger the reading zone. Probably impractical but worth considering.

>> No.82532049

instead of just sitting there watching your phone

>> No.82532150

the flir attachment takes up the usb-c port on the phone in order to work

>> No.82532246
File: 636 KB, 421x1244, 0JNwNflx09.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

what about these, they seem to have decent reviews. even some pictures showing them working.

>> No.82532597

Why do I keep knowingly buying barely functional chinkshit?

>> No.82532926

You should post a question asking if the product comes your bear

>> No.82533342

Hm, they've dropped in price from what I recall, iirc they're very low res but for 29 buckaroos they might not be a bad solution.

>> No.82533374

>foreskin corrector ring
uh, how would i even know if something is wrong with my foreskin?

>> No.82533473
File: 165 KB, 1620x1080, c16a7a39e55f.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Bought one of these for 20 bucks. And then I spent another 80 bucks on half a dozen of the other models so I can build a little diorama with the extra parts.

These things are cute as fuck. A little small at only 7cm tall, but that just adds to the cuteness for me. I hope they release more female ones with different armor and heads, I'll probably wind up buying them all.

>> No.82533501

Knockoff sexy transformers?

>> No.82533508

How's the plastic quality?

>> No.82533511

can someone recomennd a good set of small screwdrivers for phones, joysticks and other small electronics

i just wanted to open up my Switch joycons but i need some silly shaped small screwdriver to open it.

>> No.82533626

i'd feel like a shill if i mentioned "ifixit", but to make up for it i'll say it's at least a good name to begin searching for similar kits

>> No.82533976

>>I hope I can find someone to replace the entire cable on my X5, it's my only option.
Just do it yourself, man.

>> No.82533977

>it's good, I have that one but green. It is somewhat small so it depends on what you want to do with it.
Huh really? I will use it for my glasses tops. Just saw this in the rec queue and got curious

>> No.82534361

what is the FOTM /csg/ approved smartphone at the moment? my xiaomi pocophone just died on me.

>> No.82534743

unless your glasses are very intricate youll be better off with a brush and soapy water.
I use mine to clean injectors and small carbs that fit in there, it can clean a watch with metal strap and jewelery better than a brush, but for glasses it's a bit wasted. For anything with dirty tight holes it's a godsend
keep in mind that even if it is not heated it will get a bit warm while in use.

>> No.82535330

Check >>>/g/spg
They're were chink friendly last I checked.

>> No.82536658

this, just the act of putting in pictures gives you higher chances, the ali intern is not going to actually do a deep investigation

>> No.82536674

unless you are a chink with a micro dick, they are all small
though even western ones were too tight for me, but at least they make those 20cm

>> No.82538297
File: 41 KB, 567x548, earphones with hooks.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Any recommendations for earphones with volume control, preferably with hooks? I own KZ ZS10 Pros and they bark so fucking loud that I'm gonna rupture my eardrums.

>> No.82538828


>> No.82539308

so lower the volume even more, retard

>> No.82539912

no, he needs to stop being a retard and stop using stepped volume control

>> No.82540094
File: 16 KB, 54x51, 1625677719156.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Never buy a non-Hitachi magic wand, just don't do it.

>> No.82540200
File: 2.48 MB, 1440x1080, 1588823214723.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.82540254

Bro, if I had a rooted android I wouldn't have this issue; however, I'm currently using a fucking locked bootloader chink Huawei that doesn't allow me to root. So, tell me, how do I not use stepped volume control?

>> No.82540422

If you're buying components, doesn't it make more sense to buy a lot of them from first world retailers where they give discounts for 10+ duplicate items?

Lots of stores start charging shipping costs after a couple of items. Earlier today I literally just bought 2 items separately from the same seller because it would've cost an extra dollar to ship them together, crazy world we live in. Also bear in mind that you can only have 100 items in your cart, and it's a real hassle to remove shit.

As for recommendations, it's just whoever is cheapest for that part. If the item listings are the same, it's almost certainly the same piece just being sold through different third parties.

>> No.82540451

do you have a comparisson between this and the japanese ones ?
you know the jp ones have a "normal girl" + trap and looked a bit more clean

>> No.82540496

Polynians? They're almost twice as tall, and while I do like the body sculpts, I'm really bored by the heads. I don't like pretty much any of the mecha musume stuff coming out of Japan these days, it's all very generic anime figma heads stuck on slightly robotic bodies.

>> No.82540814

>Sex will be mandatory.
Finally, /g/ can get laid.

>> No.82541031

u no deserver laugh

u only laugh at absurdities

>> No.82541562


>> No.82542009
File: 224 KB, 800x800, 1618752883528.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Is this shit worth it for the VR porn?

>> No.82542634
File: 235 KB, 1003x807, here.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

right there

>> No.82542962
File: 4 KB, 475x51, 2021-07-14_215922.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Also how the fuck is gearbest now raping on shipping price

what happened to free chink shipping?

>> No.82542978

>what happened to free chink shipping?
works on my country

>> No.82543538

I wouldn't even know where to look for a genuine one

>> No.82543977

but is vr porn actually good?
I want to make sure I'm not falling for a gimmick that gets old in hours

>> No.82544184

I got bored of it pretty quickly but I know others really enjoy it. You can usually find those things pretty cheap at walmart or something too

>> No.82544316
File: 822 KB, 2048x1536, 20210715.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Chink bricks arrived

>> No.82545062

Is this a good deal or should I buy these parts individually instead?

>> No.82545333


>> No.82545785

>order 2 of the same item separately because you get free shipping if you do
>lol we cancelled both of them for no reason!
Fucking chinks. I've ordered just one now, and after they post it I'll buy another.

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