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oh no no no no no no no no

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So basically like a chromebook?

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Surely they can't be this stupid. What the fuck have MS been doing for the past 8 years?

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so that machines with 32GB of memory can know the joys of disk paging.

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brown people cannot do c++ and cannot under any circumstances be allowed to touch the existing win32 shell c++ codebase

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So this is the power of diversity hires.....

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How does brown c++ look like
Do they use C style code or OOP? Im assuming they don't bother with move semantics

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same thing they've been doing the last 28 years - failing to retain any talent that actually knows how microsoft works, and actively discouraging whatever is still left from teaching their colleagues

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*how windows works

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Windows is now a Chromium app

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>How does brown c++ look like
Like this sir.
I believe that some Indian tech schools still use this shitty ass DOS program to teach C/C++ too

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But it's not even the fact that they're using WebView or whatever shit they're trying to push now, it's the fact that it is so unpolished and untested that a fucking completely unrelated shortcut key is showing that behaviour. Almost as if they have copied and pasted the base of it from Edge.

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because we're in a transition phase
eventually the whole OS will be a web service, zero local storage, all cloud, useless without internet access

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yes, because they can't use their old APIs as they literally don't have anyone around who still knows how they work

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imagine having a fucking webbrowser as your statusbar.

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plz no

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They already started that in 1998 https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/United_States_v._Microsoft_Corp.

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Microsoft has never shown itself to be capable of designing a good UI. The answer should be obvious why shit like this happens

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this must be why it uses 2gb ram with nothing open

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i can't even imagine the amount of bloatware and exploits

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This is accurate and Windows wasn't even activated.
t. Took a C course there

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What's the problem in that pic. Different programs can have different shades of gray as backgrounds. It would be boring and monotonous for every window of every program to look the same.

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Just throw in different style context menus to keep things fresh too. And caret browsing.

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>32 billion bytes
>256 billion bits
for viewing a stupid webshit page that has infinite scrolling turned on... bruh

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hold on, just to make sure I'm understanding this right
the entire new Windows UI is being displayed through Edge?

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dear lord.

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Windows 7 was a clusterfuck, it just was a more usable clusterfuck than what we have now.

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Do you not know what a typo is anon? Stop playing stupid.
Even Chromebooks and smartphones have local storage on them, and most fo the world has shitty internet service as is. Even with Starlink the latencies involved are too much to just avoid non-volatile local storage completely.
If we can't avoid volatile storage on a fucking iPhone, the most locked down computer consumers willingly expose themselves to, then how the hell are we going to do it on anything else?
I give your idea another 30 years at the very least, and only because Starlink has shown itself to be viable in the real world.

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>os is a chrome extension

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someone find the taskbar html /css files

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An OS from 2003 has a better UI than that.

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are you using pcc imac?

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i mean, powerpc, a typo

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>no thumbnails in file picker

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Cant wait to instqll my favourite new web os and play all my vidya with a 1 percent performance increase

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>Windows As An Online Service

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This shit happens in Windows 10 too
TF are the pajeets smoking?

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are you guys trolling or something

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is chromium process running for it? maybe it's just separate feature that's not chromium

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So what's the rational behind this? DRM? Does this somehow benefit the end user, or is this some weird pajeet-hack to get UI working?

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That shit will be a desaster of genetically altered ABORTIONS
>>3333 (zoOOOM)

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there is no fucking way the file explorer is a web browser dude

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wtf do you do, bro?

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don't care, not using windows

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On an unrelated note, I'm still using an old version of Windows 10 with pre-Chromium Edge on my Surface, because I have updates disabled, although I briefly reenabled them just to update myTube, and now my Windows 8 games that aren't on the store anymore but I was able to redownload because they were tied to my account from back when I had a Toshiba Encore and have worked on Windows 10 until now, don't work anymore...

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rolling around in money

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Nah they get paralised when they see something foreign suck money away, aka the coorp not running and buisness and having to make sales in a competitive space which is where "more" money usually comes from

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wtf are you talking about, bro?

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use classic mode

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enjoying having a better desktop os then the schizo /g/tards with their meme distros

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t. terminal emulator users
nice try linuxtards, but I'll be staying with Windows 11

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Jannie, clean up the schizo.

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>entire parts of operating system is an electron app

I swear in 10 years they will figure out how to use raytracing for gui widgets

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>but I'll be staying with Windows 11
Is it even officially released yet

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It's far from the same

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oh no no no no holy shit the incoming resource hog oh fuck this is gonna run like fucking shiiiiiit

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looks amazing though

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Now I checked a demo WinUI3 app (XAML controls gallery). It also shows that dialog if I press F7 but it doesn't start msedgewebview2.exe . So I guess things are not so bad. This must be just a feature of modern WinUI.

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because it benefits managers' careers, that's all.
you can hire low-cost know-nothing NPCs who will reinvent the wheel for the 28219281289th time by writing some garbage RESTful software and if they feel euphoric they could use neo4j and graphql for maximum hype.
just give them 6-figures salaries and suddenly you have the ultimate reprogrammable NPCs, you can make them do everything and they will like it, they will even boast on the internet about their high salaries for playing lego with libs.
webdevs truly are a fascinating specie

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Making web pages.

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>I mean, some parts of XP, like User account management, were made in HTML as well. Pretty sure even 98 had serving like that.
To be fair Microsoft was shoving HTML engines in the OS and every application component since Windows 98, perhaps earlier. And let's not forget the .hta files where you had gui scripts made in HTML + VBS. Too bad that trident was always a shitty web ending.

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I think it has something to do with people not adopting standards like NeWS from Sun, Apple's alternative years later being proprietary, and nobody really doing anything in terms of UI development since. Specifically I mean the tools.

Making efficient graphical programs is already a nightmare, but making one that's cross platform and works? Have fun.

It's easy to see how people would simply merge the tools of the web, simple markup language and the languages used to style it, for desktop applications. And if you look at the "good" proprietary solutions they've been doing this already forever with XML, postscript, and other formats. With good WYSIWYG tools on top.

Obviously when this is the case you need something local to render that markup, thus everything bundles an engine with it. It's kind of unfortunate that Mozilla's PRISM didn't take off. We'd be in the same situation but with a slightly less resource intensive engine. Instead everything is bundled chromium. And all graphics are raster rather than vector or some other kind of composite, which is also unfortunate. Although that part seems to be changing.

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What are you doing? This is /g/, we can't have logical assumptions and rational explanations backed by facts and independent unbiased research. Only hyperbole will do.

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rofling on my fucking basement floor

the absolute state of winfags
>tpm2 botnet
>forced to activate secureboot
>still shill how this version of windows will save the world and how retarded any other os users are
All of this to run everything using fucking javascript embedded browsers
this just seems like windows 8 round 2, Microsoft really never breaks the good version, bad version cycles.

>> No.82342942

No doubt there's a lot of overlap between their XAML and HTML projects. It makes a lot of sense to merge these.

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we are long overdue for gnu+windows
fuck the ganges shitting brown hordes

>> No.82343052

Good news please.

>> No.82343115

This is the main reason why I am using MS Windows. It would be just like any GNU/Linux distribution if they would break all compatibility. I hope this will never happen.

>> No.82343191

>the underlying OS is still shit piled on shit piled on shit piled on turds piled on dung piled on NT
This. Say what you say about pajeets but this is the real problem with Windows. Even if you gathered the best programmers (and truth is Microsoft has some great programmers, like TypeScript, VSCode, etc) you are still building on the absolute shitfest knows as the NT kernel. Dave Cutler is an insane UNIX hater who made everything different just for being anti-UNIX and this is why Windows NT is so shit.

>> No.82343223

>defending iexplore
I can tell you haven't used Windows 98 where when you were setting a JPG as a desktop wallpaper from inside IE it started an embedded IE in the Desktop (M$ called it active desktop) which slowed the computer to a crawl and then it bluescreened.

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miss me yet?

>> No.82343282

>missing windows 98
Don't be retarded anon. It was terrible. Embedding IE, ActiveX and other bloat to the base OS was a terrible idea. Windows 95 was the purest expression of Windows.

>> No.82343337

Because it allows companies to get away with hiring a single team of web shitters for doing everything.

>> No.82343339

If with 'better' you actually mean 'worse', then yes. I agree.

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What do you dislike about NT? It seems like a really good kernel all things considered. Highly portable, lots of features, and it's not just theoretically good but time and industry tested. It's impressive to me to see it not just compete - but excel, without major changes regularly.

>> No.82343463

Or have you considered they are standardizing accessibility features across their products? fucking mongs

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this used to be named 'internet'
this is my guessing

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Wow this has many "kernels"

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>It would be just like any GNU/Linux distribution if they would break all compatibility
So fast, clean, secure, and functional?

I don't think Cutler was ever the problem with NT. The problem is Microsoft's mismanagement and shitty corporate culture. The high level user mode pieces of the NT versions of Windows have always been horrible, especially their UI shells and compatibility subsystems. And for the devs who do want to write good code and maybe attempt to replace the bullshit, MS selfishly hides and refuses to document low level components like the Native API. You WILL use Sweaty Balls Ballmer's registry infested metrosexual desktop shell, and you WILL like it. That's the Winshit philosophy.

There are other operating systems that aren't UNIX-like and some of them are really good, like OpenVMS which Cutler worked on while he was with DEC. NT was supposed to be a VMS clone but it didn't work out for the reasons listed above.

It's slow, poorly documented (at least publicly), and doesn't do any single thing particularly well. The kernel itself isn't terrible but it's never going to really shine unless competent devs are allowed to have free reign over the development process.

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ok spambot

>> No.82343517

Unlikely seeing as they're making iPadOS

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>windows ui becomes a web browser
>windows ui is streamed form the cloud
>windows ui is entirely voice asistant based

>> No.82343946

you know it's a free update right? retard

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is in win10 too

>> No.82344052

>So fast, clean, secure, and functional?
Desktop GNU/Linux is more secure than MS Windows because nobody writes malware for it since it has no users. Linux OS advantage over Windows is that it can be highly customized so unnecessary components can be disabled and it is free. This is why it is good for servers and embedded systems. Take a look at this: https://www.cvedetails.com/vulnerability-list/vendor_id-33/product_id-47/Linux-Linux-Kernel.html, https://www.whitesourcesoftware.com/resources/blog/top-10-linux-kernel-vulnerabilities/ . And this is only about the kernel. Do you still think that GNU/Linux is so secure?

It is so painful waste of time if I need to get closed source or older software to work under GNU/Linux. MS Windows does not have this problem because they care about backward compatibility. This is very important for desktop users but freetards will never understand that. Windows 10 is fast on my 10 year old laptop. It is messy but at least it has stable API. GNU/Linux is also messy.

>> No.82344055

Lazy pajeets.

>> No.82344073

>This, UI design/programming in non JS programming languages is complete dogshit.
Implying that JS isn't dogshit, enough to develop several languages to transpile to JS to barely scape from it.

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a different PRISM took off

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So fucking fake. Now delete this.

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>I have to imagine a public NT would be magnitudes more popular since it's not yet-another iteration on Unix.
This pretty much hits the nail on the head in regards to this whole issue. XNU isn't all that interesting and lacks drivers for most hardware and you'd end up having to port Linux/BSD software over to make it useful anyways. NT is kind of it's own thing these days and would be far more interesting to study in depth.

>Desktop GNU/Linux is more secure than MS Windows because nobody writes malware for it since it has no users
Do you know what Azure is? It's the cloud infrastructure that Microsoft actually makes their money off of. Half of it runs on Linux. Same goes for Oracle and AWS. 80% of smartphones run Linux with Android on top. And now with Chromebooks around 10% of laptops use Linux too.

>but muh server OS
>muh desktop use
The desktop environment makes up a small percentage of the programs of any given Linux install and the vast majority of software responsible for system security is NOT tied to a graphical environment.

Go back to /v/

>> No.82344344

>MS selfishly hides and refuses to document low level components like the Native API.
The Native API is what USER32, GDI32 and NTDLL expose directly, you know.

>It's poorly documented (at least publicly)
Windows Internals is a thing, you know.
I wrote Win32 and driver code, and the API docs on MSDN are decent, too. Everything you can reasonably need is on it too, I don't see what other undocumented things you would need.

>> No.82344347

Can someone confirm fake or not? Screenshot this thread while doing it

>> No.82344351

and people call linux desktop environments shit. god, even foot is better than this.

>> No.82344352

About as locked down too
That's hilarious. Windows was the only OS with a supper easy to use UI toolkit and they did this shit instead.

>> No.82344369

Fucking around. That time should have been spent building an OS from the ground up. This hodgepodge is just gonna get worse

>> No.82344376

>no users
enlighten me, how many linux users are there, considering there's no easy way to count the number of people who installed a free operating system with no telemetry.

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>> No.82344410

because one codebase can support any platform with a web browser

>> No.82344480

It's real but it's not what OP thinks it is. The UI toolkit Microsoft uses offers that same feature and it's likely how Edge has it, not the other way around.

>> No.82344537

>muh vulnerabilities list
>hurr durr smaller number better
How many times do you retard fucks need to be told? Linux appears to have more vulnerabilities because people actually find and fix them. Fewer eyes on closed source codebases make them less secure.

>> No.82344560

>you will use Registry
Do you have any idea what you're even talking about ?

>You have Stockholm syndrome.
Have you ever opened MSDN or did Win32 things ?
I went from literal UMFD brainlet to writing a driver in a week solely by relying on MSDN docs.

>> No.82344586

yep, nothing like naming your project to integrate the web with desktops after a massive clandestine internet surveillance operation

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>there's no easy way
Everyone can easily get this from User-Agent string which is sent inside HTTP header.

>Same goes for Oracle and AWS. 80% of smartphones run Linux with Android
Why you repeat facts which everyone knows here? I wrote *DESKTOP* GNU/Linux in that sentence. Next time read more carefully before replying.

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It's had thumbnails in the file picker for the 8 years I've been using it.

>> No.82344912

>be in middle school
>don't cut dick off
>Googicroappsoft account banned
>all electronics are purely on the cloud
>this means I'm completely banned from technology
>going outside has been illegal for 15 years
>go crazy from forced isolation
>attempt commit suicide
>brain chip notices and blocks all electrical signals from my brain
>sounds the attempted tax-evasion alarm
>be sentenced to 2500 years maximum security for my horrendous crime
>they give me enough of the reverse aging drug to live for 2500 years

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the absolute state of windows

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>I wrote *DESKTOP* GNU/Linux in that sentence. Next time read more carefully before replying.
There is no significant difference in the security or base OS functionality between desktop and headless Linux. Next time read more carefully before replying, faggot.

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same in win 10 21H1

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Literally the same shit as 20 years ago

>> No.82345217

That's because this isn't an Edge feature, it's in all windows "apps". Discord tranny OP is retarded

>> No.82345258

Memories... why must you return?

>> No.82345308

Because for all its faults, the web stack is the first successful sandboxed, easy-to-use cross-hardware app distribution network and runtime that has ever existed. Because of this, the web stack is now eating everything else in the software space.

>> No.82345416

This is exactly what came to my mind when reading the OP.

>> No.82345454

Why doesn't microshaft build a new OS from the ground up instead of all this pajeetery

>> No.82345457

So you can get JS running everywhere. The exploits...
I guess I gonna be forced out of Wangblows.

>> No.82345488

Backwards compatability. That's all that matters to Microsoft.

>> No.82345498

you stupid fucking shills, do you honestly think anyone is going to buy this as a flex? here's your fucking five cents, you piece of shit

>> No.82345538
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This is why.

>> No.82345598

'schizo' yet still using windows
install xubuntu and move on with your life

>> No.82345635

input latency on w10 is fucking dogshit

>> No.82345636 [DELETED] 
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It's real

>> No.82345637

>most BSD and Linux users are also in that unknown category
If you will take a careful look at plots in GlobalStats you will see that most of "unknown" are Windows users (compare Windows users and "unknown"). Idk why that happens.
>everyone i know spoofs their useragent.
Normies don't.

>> No.82345854

Gibs me those 2hus fo free

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You have to be on a coolaid fried chicken diet to be niggerlicous enough to believe this. Any UWP/WinUI interface will show a caret browsing pop-up in response to F7, it's a native UI not anything chrome/edge based. I know 99% of this board are Winbabies and I guess they're stupid enough to believe anything even if it's easily disprovable with a few clicks of a mouse and keyboard.

>> No.82346041

In the desktop, yeah.
Vidya is the same as win7 etc.

>> No.82346402

i was aware that normies don't.. most of my friends don't even use windows. hence why it reincorces my beleif that most spoofed users are BSD or Linux

>> No.82346521

Turns out /g/ is retarded, as usual.

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MacOS was true SOUL

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>> No.82347146

Although I agree with the broader concern, couldn't that example just be the other way around? If the user turns on caret browsing for the OS, the OS can tell the browser that it's on, so then the browser can turn it on for itself. That doesn't mean anything is coming from the browser, it would just be a feature that's common to both the OS and the browser.

>> No.82347159

>people are ignoring these posts
/g/ is dead, and we killed it.

>> No.82347219


>> No.82347564

JS is a fantastic language. The only people who hate on it have no idea what it's truly capable of. There are some real flaws with the ecosystem - node modules etc - but the language itself was brilliantly designed and is only getting better. Stay mad.

>> No.82347759

Anyone know how to make the 3d xp screensaver work on modern devices?

>> No.82347864

imma gonna need that wallpaper sir

>> No.82347991

>implying GNU/Linux users don't fake their user agent
my user agent says windows and I didn't even touch it, just because I use a based browser with sane defaults from my distro
those numbers are unreliable

>> No.82348015


>> No.82348142

>my work computers are still this old

>> No.82348302

>Vidya is the same as win7 etc.

>> No.82348306

something about saving dev time

>> No.82348598

i'd pay $1millionUSD to read an honest 1k page audit/dump of the past 10 years of fuckery in microsoft top to bottom

>> No.82348652

Makes it stupid easy to support multiple platforms

>> No.82348783

Webshits want to make GUIs but can't be bothered to learn something other JS and CSS

>> No.82348791
File: 1.92 MB, 382x308, 1625002977343.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.82348798

me too. the story is very interesting

>> No.82348842

>shitfest knows as the NT kernel
so then how does linux differ from it?

>> No.82348922

Fuck, my start menu is unusable on W10 now. Why can't they code?

>> No.82348941

does this mean we can use css to customize the entire interface?

>> No.82348981


>> No.82349051

then don't install w11?
Why the fuck people feel the need to install the latest windows version even before it's officially available?

>> No.82349057

oh hey i recognize this tranny

>> No.82349063

They did it twice, Windows 95 and Windows 2000.
7 gets an honorary mention as being good, but ever since XP the UI inconsistencies have been piling up.

>> No.82349109

All the other UI options suck even more than webshit.

>> No.82349110

This simply cannot be real. Please sirs, do the needful and verify, because this CANNOT be real

>> No.82349117
File: 59 KB, 1133x370, file.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Today on made up shit by /g/

>> No.82349185
File: 1.29 MB, 2103x462, WTF.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I had to try it out myself. It locked out my entire taskbar, I have to restart now. I can't fucking believe this shit.

>> No.82349299

This. I love an opportunity to shit on Windows but come on, it took 2 seconds of googling to find that this is the real reason, not the UI running in a browser…

This board is full of retards

>> No.82349608

>1920 X 1440
what resolution is that?

>> No.82349671
File: 6 KB, 100x100, photo.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

this comment deserves all the ratings it is getting

>> No.82349680

no one is stopping you retard

>> No.82349688

What i believe matters most is that the kernel doesnt become NT shit.

>> No.82349720

If a hacker finds a vulnerability on Edge, he could completely control a Windows computer without the user having ever used Edge.

>> No.82349725

>TF are the pajeets smoking?

Cow shit.

>> No.82349762

Aero Glass was pretty nice.

>> No.82349805

Is this real? Or was it just launched to surrender someone's bitcoin mines? Stupid as shit . Don't call me shitzo. Yes this real protection agency harmed you. How's Jake and the other half? Fu

>> No.82350016
File: 512 KB, 3839x2054, Screenshot (184).jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.82350197

Aside from the address bar showing a weird thick black border when selected and the search bar loading search history with a delay instead of when it's selected, nothing really.

>> No.82350620
File: 2.74 MB, 2048x1536, Picture-2 (1).png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

A common resolution for mid-range to higher end 19" and 21" CRTs back in the day.

>> No.82350636

Apple perfected high PPI while leaving low PPI unreadable.

>> No.82350675

So that's why it's so shit

>> No.82350678

So in general I don't really hate using frameworks like Electron for cross platform UI development. But there are two cases where it really pisses me off:
>When you're not doing cross platform development
>When you're a massive multinational making serious bank
This seems to be a rare case When it's both of those.

>> No.82350696
File: 158 KB, 828x572, a.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

bruh not even the window buttons are higher dpi
this is windows 95 tier hidpi (yes, 95 had dpi scaling)

>> No.82350702



>> No.82351015

i use windows and generally like windows but what the fuck is this?

>> No.82351060

sorry your zoomer brain cant process more than 3 different colors on screen at the same time

>> No.82351071
File: 1.31 MB, 1440x900, Screenshot 2021-07-02 at 13.22.15.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

this, monterey is an unreadable mess on a MacBook Air display

>> No.82351239
File: 721 KB, 3840x2400, compressed.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Learn to use yandex images, cunt.

>> No.82351427

You're telling me i can copy-paste random themes i find on random shady websites for the vb.net shitware i code but you can't figure out how to place a button ?

>> No.82351466
File: 116 KB, 2048x2048, Chromium_Material_Icon.svg.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.82351473

my sides

>> No.82351868
File: 2.46 MB, 3840x4752, win10lmao.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

This is what happens when your CEO is a literal pajeet

>> No.82352154

yes. it's on its last legs

>> No.82352155

based polack with chomikbox

>> No.82352684

I'm the who made the wallpaper. That jpg shit is cancer.


>> No.82353419

people online are usually sheep or shitposters

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