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>> No.82292627

usually either RHEL or Debian.

>> No.82292637

Why do you retards care what the most popular thing is?
The most popular software is full screen chrome on the second most recent Windows release. Popularity in software is almost inversely related to utility and correctness.

>> No.82292658

Oh I fell for the bait didn't I

>> No.82292669

Mac OS

>> No.82292709

if you work for an M$ shop, Windows >> stock Ubuntu VM. Otherwise iOS


>> No.82292751

arch with dwm

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I have no idea, but I use Manjaro with the MATE DE, even while at work

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>> No.82295010

what DE do people respect?

>> No.82295122

centos got anally fisted by Red hat

>> No.82295230

What happened here? I thought it was on CentOS' side.

>> No.82295246

Ubuntu GNOME.

>> No.82295292


Fedora ofc

>> No.82295467


OpenSUSE is great, heard about NixOS tried it idk wierd but decent dont see anything impressing

>> No.82295647

Redfat is pozzed now

>> No.82295683

isn't Ubuntu a piece of shit for the amazon spyware controversy

>> No.82295717

Use GNOME if you want people to think you're normal.
KDE is also acceptable, but don't push it with the ricing.
Xfce, MATE, LXDE, etc. might get you weird looks, but if you do it right you'll be ok.

>> No.82295758

only pozzed men have jobs and families

>> No.82295798

Always has been

>> No.82295882

Unriced ubuntu.

>> No.82296715

that was forever ago.

>> No.82296787

probably in this order
>centos gnome
>ubuntu unity (dying)
>ubuntu gnome
>ubuntu xfce
>debian gnome
I have seen a few devs on gentoo when I was working in defence and yes I'm talking about workstation

>> No.82297059

Yet again, apple fags prove they cannot read

>> No.82297130

Kinda depends on who your host is
If you're on AWS, you're probably using AWS linux
If you're on Rackspace, they give you options, but the free one used to be CentOS so that's why my cheap ass company used
Honestly, these days you should be able to do everything in a docker container and your host distro no longer matters
On my personal machines, I use Arch
>install gentoo
I've been compiling the kernel for my Pinebook Pro on a Rock64 for more than 19 hours now and it's still not done
I'm pretty sure I would need a small fleet of build machines to use gentoo
I'm going to let it finish this one time just to see how fucking long it actually takes, but after this I'm moving my builds to a AWS Graviton2 to see how that goes

>> No.82297330

Ubuntu, CentOS, openSUSE, SUSE, RHEL, Fedora
Gnome. Actually. No. In most cases it is just bash via ssh

>> No.82297377

op is an insecure faggot lmao
>maybe if I get a real married man distro I will finally get pussy!

>> No.82297453

Imagine giving a Fuck what random people think of you, let alone your fucking UI.

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As I said in >>82296448
I'll say it again:
>There is no one specific "employed man distro" or DE. That's retarded.

OP your question will sort itself out. I wouldn't be surprised if this post is a byproduct of the also retarded "employed people use distro X" threads, which, if actually convinced OP, is very fucking sad.

>> No.82297695

its a trick used by small children to make things not work anymore

>> No.82297866

is it bash history expansion?

>> No.82297900

ubuntu MATE at work, and manjaro with KDE and i3 at home

>> No.82298056

I once worked in a government office where almost all machines ran Ubuntu, but that's been a long time, still on Gnome2.

>> No.82298085

It's a classic fork bomb
Learn to read

>> No.82298262

Software used in government offices is the exact opposite of what you should be using.

>> No.82298289

I don't see anybody using Linux. It's more of a hobby os then it is a tool for the professional realm. Maybe on servers.

>> No.82298316

In worka prob debian with xfce, but for personal usage distro with Rolling release is a must

>> No.82298399

>Software used in government offices is the exact opposite of what you should be using.
Not every government office is CIA-NSA Corp. HQ
Anon is probably talking about local government, which usually has very little to do with glowing federal agencies.

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why use this over regular Mint based on Ubuntu? genuinely asking anon

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macOS is the final redpill.

If you want a professional Unix environment that Just Works, you need macOS.

Nobody in the real world gives a shit about your riced loonix DE. People have actual work to do. Be glad there's someone actually making the money for your NEETbux.

>runs stable for years without a restart needed
>has millions of programs available written for it
>these programs all work
>has a well organized appstore
>is more secure than loonix or windows
>gets used by chads and other smart people


>> No.82298589

stale pasta
all trannies use macOS retard

>> No.82298657

because you need the latest gcc version for your fizzbuzz projects and ricing

>> No.82298978

NASA uses RHEL and Ubuntu.
Custom in house DE for RHEL boxes, the Ubuntus that aren't headless are whatever DE the dev wants.

>> No.82299199

I use Macs for work. Lots of Unix shit is a pain in the ass to do after recent updates started locking everything down.

>> No.82299237

i make 200k+ but have no family, i use debian and dwm

>> No.82299555

I had a math professor that used Arch

>> No.82299597


Sucky and fucky all day long. You like?

>> No.82299693

Full screen Chrome on the latest Windows release

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There's only 1 answer

>> No.82301269

You said 5 people use it, yet name at least 7 types of different people that use it. Check mate iToddler.

>> No.82301461

>most used in a professional setting
ubuntu, but that's only because most professionals don't know shit about linux and/or just went with the most popular noob-friendly one

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