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Good. I've been warning retards of this possibility for ages. Nonfree shitware stripped of drm in undocumented ways is legitimately as risky as being a dumb office wagie executing some-doc.pdf.exe

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How the fuck don't you realize your pc is running at max capacity when you're not doing anything?

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I never pirate games because steam already mines bitcoin

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Whoever wrote that malware was stupid. You don't force the miner to run at 100% usage. You make it use something like 1~2% of the cpu so it doesn't raise any red flags. If you have 200k+ uses infected then that's going to add up.

Bonus points if you manage to bury it process that the user thinks is legit. This is why I don't trust any type of crack or pirated executable. I don't care how trust worthy it's supposed to be.

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how stupid do you have to be to think they would make it run at max capacity? Genuine question or do you think ur some godgiven genius here? Lmfao this is just embarrassing

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>The researchers said Crackonosh takes several steps to try to protect itself once it has been installed including disabling Windows Updates and uninstalling security software.

>hurr I'm sticking with Windows 7.
>just turn off updates bro, use LTSC

>Brazil, India and the Philippines are among the worst affected countries, while the U.S. has also seen many cases.
literally in tears right now. /v/toddlers btfo.

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anyone dumb enough to disable updates deserves it

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sure, but there are literal retards on this board that were actively shilling for such practices and I still see retards recommending shit like LTSC that's the absolute BARE minimum of providing active and publicly exposed windows CVE fixes.

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Well duh, how is this news?

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I remember as a winshitter child, windows updates use to come with malware removal updates. I haven't used windows for more than like... a few days for a work specific thing in all of the last 10 years so I don't know if they still do.

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based as fuck

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if you have 200k+ users then you definitely force 100%.

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>inside a vm
enjoy the 0.1 fps

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For all we know even legit games are mining us, you didn't think Activision or even EA would let this kinda thing slip by?

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kek, based, fuck third worlders

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>You didn't actually think you could pirate software and games for free..right? There's always a cost.
I can. I just need to download my pirated software from reputable sources, unlike the retarded gaymers.

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He doesn't know...

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just because a few torrents were infected doesn't mean it's a global issue.

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i mined 10 bucks worth of vertcoin when it was worth a dollar each. traded it for dogecoin.

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>runs pirated games with wine
nothing personal

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Anon, Wine is not a VM that will magically stop this type of malware.

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I hope game devs release these themselves behind closed doors to fuck over pirates.

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if you unironically play any of those games, you're a pleb and deserve getting you computer ass-raped

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malware cant escape wine dummy

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Bases retard

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Kys boomer

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LTSC (Least Shitty Choice) receives security updates dumass, it doesn't receive (((feature))) updates.

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>You didn't actually think you could pirate software and games for free..right? There's always a cost.
Honestly if you think about it its not that bad of an idea for legit software. If you can't pay the subscription you can always sell a portion of your processing power to Adobe.

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They actually do, they don't mine crypto, they mine data

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Based crypto miners taking advantage of gaymers and piratards

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Not that data, the usage data, all the mass software and apps have either social experiments or outright ai training embedded everywhere, all that data has a value and its the kind of data that you can only get when you have a big enough user base. Lets say we go 0 paranoid (which we shouldn't) and assume the only thing they do is A-B testing for the sake of retaining customers, upping the conversion rate in the case of freemium games, or maximizing session time for the sake of putting more ads in your way. Even that kind of data has a value even if its product specific. Companies used to have to pay to do that kind of research on their own products, now its all packaged up in the product itself.

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>open resources manager and check for network activity
>run Wireshark on another device, filter for the IP of the target device and analyze a the IPs its interacting with
>md5sum of the setup, game exe, dlls etc and search on virustotal
>install a free antivirus like Kaspersky cloud or something
>use the windows firewall to restrict access to exes from cracked games
>check the services and processes running at boot regularly
If you can't do that yes by all means stop downloading things off thepiratebay

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you can literally take any virus and mass it through msfvenom with shikataganai and it will be undetectable.

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Kek you're a fucking retard, the virus will cause as much damage as it would do on a bare metal windows install. Wine has access to your full drive with the same rights as the user running wine.

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>distros backport patches to Linux is same as Enterprise Windows updates
Freetard at it again. This is not your ToyOS Distro#98563, if you weren't deluded you would get why they offer extended security updates for those versions. They are the the more important than home users. Btw w10 LTSC gets support until at least 2029 while home edition ends at 2025.
>anything that isn't basically an untouchable piece of winshit device like a medical device or a atm
These are the prime targets for ransomware etc. you dumbfuck, read some news, noone cares about your shitty swiss cheese ToyOS.

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>This is not your ToyOS Distro#98563

Ok retard. Best of luck with your ATM OS. It's clear you have no clue what professional software development is.

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>professional software development
>loo-nix and its trannyware
>professional software development

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Still using windows 7, how do I detect these programs?

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Use task manager or another resource monitoring application which will log or otherwise let you view history of the usage for CPU and GPU. Also run thorough antivirus scan. Shut down any software you run that uses internet/network and then closely monitor any network usage, look for connections to any odd sources

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wireshark seperate device virustotal

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Based and redpilled MorenoChads.

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Normies are too fucking retarded to open Task Manager performance tab once in a while

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>once in a while
I’ve always wanted some kind of small nice looking monitor just for some kind of resource / performance monitoring.

>> No.82247733

They could've added the widget for the taskbar like that instead of that dumb forced weather thing from the last Win 10 update

>> No.82247753

>happens even after a clean install
I seriously doubt some scriptkiddies cryptominer is written competently enough to survive a clean reinstall.

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Have you tried actually answering a question? It’s not really that hard to download a version of a game thats got some malware.

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>You didn't actually think you could pirate software and games for free..right?
i get my pirated games from trusted sources, communist pedophile.

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This, the games listed are normie tier trash that people download off the first link on google
If you get a clean scene release from a private tracker you won't get this shit
>inb4 people dont understand what any of this means and start telling me about viruses from repacks or some shit

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Private trackers are just a pain to deal with.

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>a communist wants you to engage in capitalism

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To be fair the only one i ever tried was a music one, the issue was not enough people were downloading the stuff i had downloaded (or i wasnt being used to seed to them) so i basically couldnt get my ratio up at all. I don’t really pirate games much anymore and public stuff is fine for anime/tv/movies, if i did maybe id look around for a private tracker thats decent.

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Yeah, fuck america

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You have way more control over what the malware can access though. On the wikipedia page it literally says that malware written for windows is not likely to work in wine.

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Show me the Doom Eternal and Satisfactory of the early 2000's. I'll wait.

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Use malwearebytes

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gaming on pc is cringe boomer shit. all the cool kids play on mobile now.

>> No.82248996

thats windows defender. it scans your drives constantly when idle.

>> No.82249469

bros how do i check if i have this?

>> No.82249950

Still needs wine to run unless someone is binding nix payloads to win exes. Can't escape wines' pseudo sandbox with links to home etc disabled.

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>shit trackers and shit releases being filled with viruses
nothing new, it only attacks the newfags.
also it's funny seeing the "piracy is stealing" mutt talk.

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I'm calling it now. Within the next 5 years this will be common practice for f2p games.

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i'd rather have some thirdie mine crypto on my pc than give a single cent to g*ming companies

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Communism is just the same as capitalism: Collaboration
In both cases, it is (with the exception of the few elites) completely involuntary.

Max Stirner was right: to be truly libertarian, you must not advocate liberty for other people. You must identify and advocate your own will, acting on it rather than aquiesce to ideological, propagandistic, or forceful assertions of anothers "right".
Never give up self-interest to the superior might of oligarchs or to "moral panics" driven by the hysteria of the crowd, and never yield to their corrupted laws.

Do not become (what Stallman has astutely called) a "victim-collaborator", acting as both warden and captive in a prison of your own making. The wilderness, both offline and on it, remains outside their grasp, so long as you make the slightest effort to leave.
But dont become afraid of being labeled a "hypocrite"–insufficiently atomized and individualistic–and hence powerless.
A foolish consistency is the hobgoblin of small minds.

No living thing is an island, entire of itself.
all life (even asexual) exists to replicate itself. To any mammal, life necessarily entails mother and father, children, and mate.
So dont be afraid of fighting to replicate the existence and ensure the survival of the itself (Heidegger's Dasein) that you are: your kind.
You are alive, so excel in that which life does.

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absolutely retarded

>> No.82253785

which scan did you do?
i ran panda up to kaspersky and the results for the same folders were different.
amazing that the panda antivirus was once rated as the best one.

>> No.82254506

>NBA 2K19, Grand Theft Auto V, Far Cry 5, The Sims 4 and Jurassic World Evolution
Based for filtering shit taste plebs

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