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I don't know what the political situation is but this should have bipartisan support. It's something of an environmental issue as well due to all of the needless waste generated by unrepairable devices.

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Cuts into profits, won't happen.

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lmao, no, it will be quickly squashed by lobbyists. Just the fact that it was introduced is a progress though.

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How is "right-to-repair" being violated? Are police coming into your house and preventing you to repair your phone?
Or are you simply buying devices you lack skill and equipment to repair?

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>right to repair
You WILL own nothing.
You WILL repair nothing.
You WILL know nothing.
You WILL see nothing.
You WILL criticize nothing.
You WILL have no rights.
You WILL live the american dream.

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If I make videos of proprietary schematics and reverse engineering, I'll get DMCA claims or other threats, whose dismissal will result in cops getting me.
Right to repair means these inane copyrights are lifted as well as the user-hostile design. Nobody here lacks skill - I could fix 95% of technology of 10 years or older with one (1) chisel-tip soldering iron and two sized philips screwdrivers. The fact that you think repairjobs take "skill and specialised equipment" is a testament to your being corpo-programmed.

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Sorry, you are right.


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If you can't repair your expensive products you will become poor, poorfag

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Neither. They'll block it because lobbyists pay them, and most democrats will do the same for the same reason.

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Aasp apple here at geeksquad. I work with apple doing iphone repairs and I hate it. Not only does apple wear the pants in the relationship, but they even beat you for wearing anything. They are trying everything get people to buy new stuff instead of trying to fix the old.

Apple will just on a wim change critical procedures on repair.
You send a box paper stick that has an order number? You have to pay for the box
Apple themselves take too long to verify the part they themselves received. Blames you and makes YOU pay for them taking too long to receive back parts.
Apple support number for help during repair? You work in a super busy retail environment? Too bad. "chat only"
Trying to create a repair for like a simple display replacement or battery replacement? "Apple has selected this iphone for screening.' Your phone just won the unlucky lotto. I have to mail the iphone directly to apple or they have to go to apple. Screening happens all the time 1 in a 500 for in warranty phones.

Also when my store first starting doing apple repairs apple forced us to buy a calibration machine that cost like $16,000 (pic related). Calibration must be run on all display replacements. Only can calibrate one phone at a time AND it takes 15 minutes to calibrate a phone. Noticed that when calibration fails its always immediately within the first 30 seconds. Another red flag is before calibration the iphone works fine with 0 touch issues. Apple is using samsung displays so i don't think they actually need to be calibrated.

I told my coworkers that I suspected that this machine is all smoke and mirrors since it says immediately if you messed up. All it does is tell apple servers that this display is now paired to this device. They said I was paranoid. Sure enough 8 months later Apple said "DON'T USE THE MACHINE THAT YOU JUST PURCHASED." Now iphone can be calibrated with just a imac with a lighting cable. Now takes 4 minutes. What a time saver!

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Does this actually stop companies from putting DRM to prevent repair?

>> No.82134742

Same. Also bring back sd card expansion.
Seeing a new phone with both of these is like seeing a unicorn.

>> No.82134907

Surprised there haven't been any contrarians itt arguing against it.

>> No.82134948

>buy yourself into a garden
>the garden didn't change over past 20 years
>blame the company and not yourself for the consequences
do iToddlers really? If anyone actually cared, Apple would've went bankrupt overnight

>> No.82134951

>The text of the Fair Repair Act has yet to be released

>> No.82135020

You can buy phones at an upfront cost. Also see >>82134059

>> No.82135021

thank fucking god finally

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>thinking only apple does this

>> No.82135179

The rights of the poor are meaningless.

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