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is loliSnatcher not shit yet?

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Is there a way to have infinite scroll for rule34?

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looks like the heavy lifting is done serverside and not some api

>> No.82113413

I know there are browser scripts for other boorus so you can probably start looking there. Have you even tried checking sleazyfork?

>> No.82113621

Of course and none of the scripts work.

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What's the best way to mirror a website? I want to archive light novels.

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why does this thread exist?
kill yourselves

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>scrape twitter accounts
>always end up with tons of crud like reaction images and pictures of their dog and shit
>can't exclude this shit from hydrus so it all gets added

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train a neural network to detect reaction images?

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i have other shit happening in my life bro i dont have time for this

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mostly porn but some of those faggots dont have seperate art accounts so it goes
>20 retarded meme images
>1 drawing of krystal fox being railed

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what the fuck happened to Bing? it used to be the best when searching for porn specially the video search feature. now it sucks monkey balls.

>> No.82117022

wget -m example.com
m is the mirror flag for wget

>> No.82117210

i've noticed that.
can they not say it without the 'U' (like trying to roll R's is a pain in the arse for english speakers) or do they just not know?

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How do you specify files to be imported into the file repository of a hydrus server?


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not japanese but i suspect it would simply sound gay as fuck to them if they said foreign words as foreign people say them. like how if you were talking to somebody in english about paris and they kept pronouncing it PAREEE instead of anlgocizing it. we know perfectly well how it should be pronounced, it simply sounds gay as fuck to us so we don't do it

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What's the point of Hydrus?

>> No.82117754

organizing and crawling media

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>1560000 twitter scrapes
Holy shit get a life

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feels good man

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feels are temporary

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jerking one helps calm my mind if it's thinking too much for sleep

>> No.82119513

Where to find onlyfans leaks?

>> No.82120091

life is temporary

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>why does this thread exist
It actually talks about useful technology without shills and with fewer elitists than other threads while still having competent users.
Most of the tech people talk about is either general use, such as gallery-dl, uberzug, scripting advice, and more. The people here also discuss other related topics such as general archival, image viewers, file organization, etc.
Honestly this is the best technology focused thread on /g/ because the people here actually want to discuss and find solutions to actual problems.

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doubt it

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Anyone got a good guide, software or something to fill the white parts with the exact color transition as the rest of the image?

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All the versions on cgpeers have some alarmists saying its a virus and I'm too much of a tech illiterate pussy.

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Not that anon, but the photoshop cracks used to be very simple and direct, just a dll file with a single tweak. They're probably still well-known and you may be able to download the software legally and just follow a guide to crack it, if that would ease your paranoia. I still have an old copy of CS5 that I use or I'd help.

>> No.82122681

same for duckduckgo

>> No.82123123

Is there any script to track tags on exhentai? I would like to know when a gallery from my fav artists is uploaded.

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I'm making this now. Gimme a name

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>Happypanda regularly fails metadata matching
>LANraragi requires every folder to be archived

Is there a good system out there for large hentai doujin/manga collections?

>> No.82123371

What are you guys talking about (not going to mass quote)?

I used bing yesterday to find my specific niche of fetish porn, it did not seem any different?
I know about the tank man thing that they quickly reversed after getting caught, but did something else happen?

>> No.82124182

If you're using gallery-dl you could filter them based on like/retweet count

>> No.82124364

Well this is new.

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>The Wayback Machine has not archived that URL.


>The only real downside – aside from the prerequisite of an Adobe account


>It would appear Adobe has grown tired of maintaining a bunch of activation servers to keep users on the right side of legal, and has simply caved, instead releasing it free of charge.

>Sign into Adobe, locate and download CS2.</wbr></wbr>

>> No.82124441

>What he means is that even though it is free
no, i'm saying it's not free
just because it has no drm doesn't give you a license to use it
this is why drm exists, otherwise people will assume they're allowed to use it

what i'm saying is that using this copy without a license is literally the same as downloading it from some torrent site with a crack or keygen

personally i don't care if you pirate cs2, all i have a problem with is tricking people who may not agree with piracy into downloading this, thinking it's free when it's not

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if I can use it without registering/activating (& obv paying) because I can't - as in there's literally no mechanism for me to do so then it's free.

Personally I think you're splitting hairs by getting on the the "ARRR, Ye Landlubbers!" pedestal.

If there's no way for me to tell adobe to shutup and take muh money but I can still use the software how am I pirating it?

fair enough - obviously I had a connection/sever issue,

>> No.82124834

I literally just go to 1337x and download whatever file seems the best. I've been pirating Photoshop since I was 12, never had a problem in all my years of doing it.

>> No.82124850

I use Dupeguru for duplicate pics

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I just tried using this on windows 7, but it required I install 3 windows updates I was missing. I really hate restarting, but I figured, fine, may as well close fucking everything and do it now.

Restarted. Launched the program. Now it says I am missing 2 windows updates it requires.

The literal wording it uses is "Your system is missing runtime components required by DiscordChatExporter. Would you like to download and install them?" Does this not imply doing them all at once, then only requiring a single restart? This is completely bullshit. I actually hit "no" to the restart prompt after it installed the first one, then the entire program closed on me, so I thought it had done all 3 at once. But clearly not.

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>> No.82125192

Never mind. I guess I was being trolled. Upon restarting, both of the windows updates from my pic are still required, so somehow, if you don't restart after each one, it doesn't count at all.

To me this simply could not be working as intended.

>> No.82125701

More importantly
>height: 145 cm
>weight: roughly 40 kg

>> No.82125704

I ended up googling the updates themselves (KB3063858, KB3154518), and for both installers directly from the microsoft website it says "this update is not applicable to your computer". But this program is apparently supported on windows 7. So no idea what to do here.

>> No.82126034

hello everybody, seems like the place to ask.

i'm using various insta substitutes for following instas, especially for stories. the download buttons have all stopped working now, in brave, edge and firefox. i've tried messing around with javascript options but to no avail. any ideas? i can still open in new tab and download, however it loses unique filenames.

also, anyone got a recent work around for instas immediate redirect to login? all the old ones no longer work. reason why i'm using insta substitutes in the first place.

>> No.82126130

Draenei porn.
Books from chats that have a library.
Memes from an ancient meme chat.

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Just turn down the AC poors

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wintoddlers btfo

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