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you're holding a hammer and looking around the room for things to ham
rethink your position

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Just learn algos and data structs in C. You’ll pick up the rest.

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An operating system

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>Can get you a heads up in computer engineering
How so?

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Projecting much?

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I'm trans btw

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id software doom game wad files pack and unpack

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Sometimes there’s a library you find in C you have to extend or make a wrapper for. Learning C is useful for that. Doesnt happen a lot, but it has come in handy to know some C.

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>All I know is hello world, enum, swap
Start implementing data structures. Making your own linked list implementation is a typical starter project for learning C. After that you can try out queues or stacks. Basically just do stuff that forces you to use more language features that you haven't used yet.

The hazing I had to go through in college for my very first exposure to the language was implementing my own version of malloc and free, so that's another thing to look into.

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Op asked for the first few steps with C. HolyC with TempleOS Sprites is the best way to learn to code. Because instead of programming boring phone books or ASCII images, you can start visually with sprites and handling is child's play in templeos.

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I don't care about what language are you talking about, you are being pretty childish

What makes you think someone has to care about your opinion before doing something? You are the projecting snowflake here

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Without a goal you won't go anywhere and'll be stuck with tutorials. Start small projects, automate shit you do daily. It's what >>81858962 said.

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Don't you constantly shit up threads about people learning Python

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He just asked why C can get you ahead in computer engineering, calm down dude

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You still need to grind through the basics somewhat, otherwise you’ll encounter bugs and won’t understand how to fix them/introduce new ones.

But a motivating factor, yes do fun things. (Do both).

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What doth that mean

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Here it is the retard I mentioned

Hi anon, C is still widely used, and even if it weren't, you aren't entitled to an explanation. Nobody cares about what do you think

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Hello God

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Uh ok. I had to work on some network code last week in C with Python for an actual paid job. It’s ok to learn some C. Not everyone does webdev stuff with “frameworks”. There’s lots of legacy code out there that will not be updated any time soon. Or you have to modify some existing C code to get something done.

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Stop spamming your copypasta you nigger, you're just detracting from actual conversations.

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install gentoo

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try try try as hard as you want to pretend that C is relevant with your little cherrypicking while there's a billion web dev jobs per day in a trillion dollar web industry. but you've stopped reading already because I said web because your little circlejerk taught you it's a no-no word, despite the web industry literally being your entire world. it's ok, you can keep posting anime girls and memes and stay on welfare, I'm sure that will turn out good after 40 years, maybe you'll get 15 minutes of fame on slashdot for your super obscure hello world pointer "art" before you die, that's totally comparable to having enough money to retire at 30. yeah, I'm so fucking jealous of your shitty C timesink "art programs", I have nothing like that at all except for the multiple companies I boss everyone around including the owners of the company because I know everything about it. Yep when I'm in a meeting telling everyone what to do secretly inside I'm crying, I could have thrown all this away to make C programs and join some IRC circlejerk and pretend to be an anime girl, I'm so fucking jealous

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piss off
dont you got little lemmings to boss around right now?

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Literally saw this exact same post yesterday, you're under 18 or unemployed, I'm a WebDev (PHP/JS), C is still in common use.

Please just commit self-death for everyone's sake.

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/g/ gets so mad about truthposting about C because they think it is their little hipster religion, it's too old/shitty/dead for anyone to know about it and they think they are bulletproof. You need someone like me to pretend to hate because I keep you from the other C shits who are carbon copies of you outside of extremely slight differences like they pretend to read a different 60 year old book or pretend to be a different anime girl. When you talk to them on your circlejerk IRC all you are trying to do is gatekeep them because you don't want to look in the mirror. You need me to obsess post and pretend that you are fighting an internet C war because it is slightly better than looking in the mirror at other C idiots. You literally define your entire existence by what smarmy cunt slightly different C info you repeat, so you need me. Suck my cock like you know you need to C shits.

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Wrong again pajeet. You see, something something something words words words on a screen, aahhhh got you now fuck off C NPCs

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You need us my friend, without our negative attention you would be depressed. By being hated is the only way you can make yourself relevant

Its really easy to see how much of your "obsessed" and "rent free" talk is projection

The level of how far from truth you are going, only shows how desperate you are for attention

Don't be like this anon, its harmful to you

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Why are you seething that hard anon? You are fantasizing people code only for jobs and that C jobs are rare when they are very common

You seething at being ignored only proves my point about you being an attention seeker

>Words, arranged into sentences, that are posted on some fuckin' internet site, that I can pretend people looked at, that I am receiving social validation for, fucking words on a fucking screen, or something.
That's not only projection, as you are doing this for that reason, but intellectualization (pretending things doesn't matter by minimizing their idea, like "its just molecules", while its botulinum toxin killing you)

I'm not sure if this is multiple copypastas, even if it is, my point is the same

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>rusttranny only going mad because someone not using rust
We use modified https://github.com/MarlinFirmware/Marlin so I use C/C++
At work, I suggest switching to rust, but there are no good libraries and rust does not support avr
I use managed languages outside of work
unfortunately rustaceans do not write useful code, but only shitty tui for existing software

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t. filtered by C

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Read Algorithmic Thinking by Daniel Zingaro side by side with Effective C by Robert Seacord.

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This board is full of fucking brainlets without any actual skill to contribute. Programming is a means to and end. Learn DSP, controls. Anything that gives you the capacity to understand what needs to be implemented not just how to implement it.

If you are good enough you can trade your ability to implement for what to implement with a more competent engineer.

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No one makes any money in web dev. Quit lying. I can hire a competent web dev for 50k easy.

Trying getting a competent kernel developer who also understands DSP and maybe some more esoteric shit like FPGA.

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Computer Systems a Programmer's Perspective

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I made 400k in salary last year.

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speedrun projecteuler.net

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Simply knowing C and the standard lib isn't enough to do anything interesting honestly. You're probably going to need to learn how to create and build multi-file C programs that link to OS-specific multimedia libraries(SDL/X11/Win32) if you want to start building more complex programs in C. In order to do this you will likely need to learn a build system like cmake or make, which is a tall order in and of itself.

Read the compiler documentation and learn the flags. If you're on linux read the man-pages. Because C is an ancient fossil you will have to get comfortable reading boomer documentation which usually lacks code examples/tests in their docs.

Honestly, a total newbie should not be starting with C because its barely standardized. Sure its has a standard lib and a stable ABI but apart from that there is nothing. There's no standard project layout in C, no modules, there's like 100 different build systems it just fucking sucks man.

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kek but true

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