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>be computer hacker, famous worldwide for SciHub and its massive popularity
>use Apple devices
DO iToddlers REALLY?

>> No.81638235

>believing Apple's marketing
A false sense of security is worse than no security.

>> No.81638468

This better not result in sci-hub getting shut down. That shit is fucking important for research.

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>Taci dracu în pula mea, tu nu înțelegi cum se simte sa folosești un telefon măr, esti sărac.Au început păianjeni sa scoată pânză in craniul meu. Nu ști cum e să urmăresti o companie ca o oaie nebuna, sunt platit zilnic sa fac reclame Măr. Nu ști cum e sa folosești un layout UNIX pentru copii de 3 ani, nu ști cum e sa topească masa de la temperatura sistemului.
Am vândut un rinichi și sufletul meu pentru compania asta sa îmi dea produse de calitate. Voi fani "Leenucks" sunteti obsedați de mine. Sunteți Indieni si săraci.

>> No.81639621

>safari history and bookmarks is accessible
>safari history and icloud tabs are not

>> No.81640471

Yes Apple is the devil.
Get me the fuck outta here.
>t. still running early 2010s apple hardware

>> No.81641224

you thought wrong

>> No.81641254

Do you really expect Apple to fight a subpoena? There are many reasons to hate Apple, this isn't one of them. This is a reason to hate the government.

>> No.81641754

works on my machine

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your argument is worthless because apple stores an absurd amount of information on you that is completely unnecessary.

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>good products

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>Cat owner
You don't say.

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Bazat si rosu pastilat.

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>>apple user
>you dont say
fixed that for you, tourist

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Νο wonder society goes to hell when people have views like this.

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You're most likely trolling, but pic related in case you arent

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Android + privacy respecting ROM like calyxOS or LineageOS is the way to go

>> No.81642574

I'll probably get the next Pixel when it comes out - it will probably have good support for LineageOS.

Do you know if you can go back to the stock ROM if it turns out I DO need something that doesn't run on LineageOS?
Will unlocking the bootloader once permanently taint the device, so that apps can tell?

>> No.81642581

>thinking megacorp ever cares about you

>> No.81642791

>lineage os
Lineage has less security than googled roms, meaning not only can google abuse these vulnerabilities but so can every other man with a computer

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>here's your pajeetOS security bro

>> No.81643191

Mind elaborating a bit on what security vulnerabilities you're referring to, are these from the latest version? Also if you could please post sources for this information I'd really appreciate that. I wasn't aware of any serious security issues and if they really are that bad then I'll reconsider recommending it

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why would you ever think that

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