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Sneed's feed store

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how the fuck do i "alt-tab" between two open windows of the same program in mac os?

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I ordered my mba m1. I'll actually try it out then maybe I'll tell you later.

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Never used it.

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Would've been using it since years ago if Visual Studio for Mac OS was as good as it is for Windows.

>> No.81490107

Four finger swipe.
You could also assign to a corner ("hot corner") and drag the mouse cursor there.
Or you can use the dedicated button on the F-key row.

>> No.81490157

what regex do I put in my filters to block macOS and mac os, case insensitive?

>> No.81490160

daily driver since 2014 - used linux distros for 5+ years before that daily as a developer

it's THE os if you want the most stable unix experience and be super productive

>> No.81490171

no, if i have two chrome windows open, i cant cmd-tab between them

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Why does quicktime support so few formats? IINA is good but it's buggy

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I've used it only a tiny bit and I didn't like it very much, but that was probably mostly because it was new
It doesn't really matter anyway since it doesn't have the tools I need

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Not a fan. I used it for a while on an actual Apple laptop and then later on a hackintosh because I needed Xcode for work. iToddlers love to shit on the Linux desktop experience but the asinine window manager that comes with it can't even tile, some applications don't full screen properly, and the red close button usually keeps the program running but sometimes kills it entirely. there's zero consistency to the user interface. for development, the third party package manager called Homebrew is a slow, clunky hacked together piece of shit. The actual base system is a weird mix of BSD, GNU, and Apple's in-house crap which they actively hide from the user in the file manager, which is fucking infuriating. To add insult to injury, the base system is also less POSIX compliant than Linux or BSD despite having official certifications.

FagOS is a bad joke and there's nothing you can do with it that you can't do with Ubuntu and WINE. Xcode? Worthless unless you want to develop for Apple's trash ecosystem. Apple's Logic Poop audio production suite and Final Crap video editing shartware? Also useless. Professionals don't actually use this shit.

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I unironically love this system for how extremely neat it is under the hood and I wish you could legally run it on non-apple hardware.
It's not even like I'm a poorfag that can't afford Macbook or whatever, they're just generally not powerful enough for the kind of work I do.

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Been using it today for some safari testing and I fucking hated how fucking bad it was, not even the mouse wheel scrolling is respected from other OSes, I'd rather use wandows than touch a mac again.

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its gay

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It sucks to use

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Just how Apple describes it.

OS X combines a proven UNIX® foundation with the easy-to-use Mac interface.

It's really great, this is why so many programmers and creative persons use it.

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I don't consume drugs

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Stop being such a drama queen, you queer fuck.

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it just seems like the same wheel scrolling to me across the board. all of them have the same mechanism in the center of mouses. all have the two finger gestures on laptops. what's the issue?

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I can't use it because it has no hardware support

It has no games and I don't use adobe products, so theres no point in it for me over Windows 10 or Linux anyways

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AI-assisted big data.

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never used it, don't care

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it is pretty strange how the guys who cry about sjws and faggots all the time need a safe space themselves.

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Love it. Beauty, power, and in a simple but intuitive package.

These the iToddlers BTFO posters people talk about? mačOŠ won’t be ignored.

>> No.81490705

I think he means how it goes in the other direction. When you move the up it scrolls down, as it would if uoh were interactively the page physically

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>tim COCK blows you
uh huh...

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you can change that in the settings? hmm

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>scrolling up actually moves the content down and viceversa
The scrolling is literally reversed from what windows and linux do.
But that's not the only thing, you can't select multiple words with ctrl+arrow, can't ctrl+shift+v in terminal, close button doesn't closes the application, double click on the application bar changes size instead of maximizing, maximizing changes virtual desktop and puts it on F11 state, have to input CLI command to view hidden files, 3GB used with only safari and vscode open, slow as fuck for everything (that's why they put nvme ssds on macs), set up default keyboard on setup literally changes to something else when on desktop having to change it again, takes literally a hard minute to sync with the ntp server, developer options hidden on safari by default, safari doesn't support lookbehind regexes (which was the issue I had to solve).
Do I continue?

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hot garbage

>> No.81490809

>the red close button usually keeps the program running
wintoddler spotted

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Like only you know what kind of hardware you need for your programming, but if you're just a regular shitter you're probably okay.

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I feel the same about the windowing system. It feels very clunky. I see people deal with it by full screening. The animation to switch between full screen windows is so damn long though.

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>Gucci Garbage
For some things. M1's are cheaper than some Intel equivalents though. Even ARM machines like the Surface Pro X (or was at least.. price might've dropped now).

>> No.81491037

you were running on an old computer then.

>> No.81491071

It’s the best Unix experience by a long shot. Can’t afford the hardware though so I’m stuck with arch.

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For the most part its been just as buggy as anything else, but for a little while the whole integrated ecosystem that they were selling actually WORKED and didn't fuck up literally everyday and that was kinda nice. Since 2019 iCloud has been almost completely unusable for me.

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worse because half of them are running garbage gamer ware (iCue, RGB shit). I'm hovering around 4.0 on idle. Desktop Linux with a GUI isn't much better, unless it's xfce or something.

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What is your actual honest opion on Brave

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>doesn't properly support its use for custom built computers
Why the fuck would they? Stop being a wanker.

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Oozes transsexual energy

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slowly becoming good, which means its going to get Pozzed soon

also, resource hungry if you dont clean cache and shit

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I never used it

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extremely comfy
patricians choice

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>Parroting a myth

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Dolphin, Nemo

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Right, it's just a massive coincidence that this exact same thread has been done countless times.

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I'll let you know if I ever have a reason to actually use MacOS. Lived nearly 40 years on this earth and Windows + Linux fulfill literally all my compute needs while not locking me into a single hardware vendor.

>> No.81492573

If you are a cal artist or other fruity multimedia type.
>Not a hipsters choice as well.

>> No.81492575

i work in it servicedesk and laugh my ass off every time some fagbook looser calls inn for some assistance, they always secretly know that i am not going to help them as they have no enterprise support so they always try to avoid telling me that its a shitbook tm for the 10 first minutes until i start pushing them to get on remote session. last one had some issues with launching apps in citrix bla bla, anyway i checked what type of a machine he has assigned from work and this nigga has a lenovo threadripper p620 with the following specs:
>AMD Ryzen™ Threadripper™ PRO 3955WX Processor (3.90 GHz, up to 4.30 GHz Max Boost, 16 Cores, 32 Threads, 64 MB Cache)
>32 GB DDR4 3200MHz RDIMM ECC (2 x 16 GB)
>NVIDIA® Quadro® RTX™ 4000 8GB
>1 TB M.2 Gen 3 PCIe SSD, OPAL
i asked him why he simply doesnt use his work machine as it works fine?
>"Pfff... who wants to go back to the STONE AGE and user those LOL"
Fuckign boomers i swear

>> No.81493072 [DELETED] 

It's Apple. What do you expect? The fucking 10 ton gorilla of desktop and phone computing. It isn't a giant stretch if people talk about it on a tech board.

>> No.81493134

Could achieve the same in a fraction of what they use

>> No.81493203

I would give it a chance if it wasn't exclusive to overpriced, access-restricted computers.
Sure, I could build a Hackintosh, but I would prefer spending the time making my own firewall with HardenedBSD.

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The worst offender of ram usage in linux is gnome which idles at 1gb of ram.

>> No.81493704

Bought a Macbook Pro M1 (8GB) a few months ago, and I'm going to sell it. Why?
1. Tiny screen. I knew that before buying it of course but actually trying to live with such a small screen for a while is a big downgrade to lifestyle and productivity.
2. No games. Really a disastrously bad gaming situation.
3. Lies about performance. While in general performance was good, there were frequent instances of lag / slowness. For example, opening Pages. While "okay" in general the fact is I get instantaneous with my PC with almost no instances of lag / slowness.

My view is, if it cost $600 it would be very compelling. But for over 2x the price I expected more. Ultimately I'm spoiled by the PC so take it with a grain of salt.

>> No.81493852

Alt+tabbing between two application windows that are in different spaces is actually a problem. But I wrote an Applescript for it and set it to `.

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I wish Gil would do something about these dumb error codes

>> No.81494339

if macOS was open source or even just ran on other hardware without fuckery it would be my daily driver. i prefer it even to Loonix but the apple hardware really isnt for me

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anything other than the 2016-2018 models are good

>> No.81494984

Meant for artsy hipsters, musicians, graphic designer types

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The biggest heap of currynigger shit every to be shat in Silicon Valley.

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Slave scream,
He thinks he knows what he wants.
Slave screams,
Thinks he has something to say.

>> No.81495181

Slave screams,
he hears but doesn't want to listen
Slave screams,
he's being beat into SUBMISSSSSSSIONNNNNN

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well, the os (pre catalina/big sir) is nice on some points but the (post-2012/13) hardware is crap

so if someone would give me an copy of mojave with all the telemetry and gatekeeping shit removed and what is usable on modern x86_64 pc without any hacks i would try using it

>> No.81497411

>7. It has no viruses
is this really true

>> No.81497584

It’s okay

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macos is the final redpill

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I can slap the top left corner of my screen to switch between windows and gnome gets out of your way with minimal clutter.

I find myself trying to gnome window switch all the time while using windows for work.

>> No.81497728

OS X is provably less secure than Linux


The only mitigation to that on OS X is a patch fixing the hole.

On Linux you can contain root, essentially making root not root making tricks like that useless. Selinux likely would stop that from working due to a label mismatch as well.

No. Viruses exist for every os.

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I have to use it at work and I hate it. I can't stand the way it forces shit down my throat. It's literally a castrated BSD with heaps and heaps of shit packed onto it. I get the appeal from a tech illiterate consoomer's perspective, it does indeed just work. But that's about it. Being forcefed a pre-manufactured piece of shit is the literal opposite of 'think different' and anyone in 'tech' that defends this steaming pile of horseshit should do the needful and fucking drown themselves

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