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>PowerPC is back

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AmigaXfer made it to hax0rnews: https://news.ycombinator.com/item?id=27021469

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I would rather switch to PowerPC than ARM.

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Don't we all?

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PPC ISA still has a 30% IPC advantage over x86 at equal density, x86 has a 20% IPC advantage over ARM at equal density, so yeah, for the same density and close to the same size die just using a PPC ISA instead of ARM ISA, you are looking at a massive advantage on everything but power draw and heat.

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old hardware

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>believing that there are no backdoors in the old hardware

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Shove the old hardware on your ass, so theirs backdoor is filtered to your backdoor

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get talos 2

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lol wat
post sources

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$13 Allwinner D1 Development RISC-V board (looks like Raspberry Pi) out this month. Runs Linux.


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That'll be interesting to play with.

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the future is now

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I was hoping for something like this to come out. 1 core doesn't seem like much though.

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Congrats man!

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Ok, 13 dollar Allwinner D1 Development RISC-V board. Who wants it? And yes, I'm giving it away. Remember, share, share, share. And trolls, dont get blocked.

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everyone's been looking for this from rpi but looks like they're too busy making useless modules and now they're gonna get BTFO'd if that's real

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rude :/

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Maybe when the standards are all finished we'll see some nicer shit but I doubt it's going to progress beyond SBCs and maybe Pine64-esque shit for a long while, if ever, unfortunately. Maybe some day we'll get an mITX board.

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Here you go, I’d say it will be out before fall.


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I agree, everyone wants Raspberry Pi to release a RISC-V, and personally I think that is exactly what the Raspberry Pi V will be. That Pico you maligned is a game changing microcontroller, however more importantly, Raspberry Pi designed the RP2040 in house, I’d be very surprised if they didn’t have a RISC-V design they were working on.

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Yeah, went over 10k views over the time it was in the front page.
Getting this much reach is nice. I plan to try sending my next project there for exposure, too, once it is done.
That's the mystery asm I post once in a while.
Use open stack supported FPGAs instead. Accept the limitations in clock speed and density, in exchange for actual control over your hardware.
As long as you run non-bloated software, it should be plenty fast anyway.
Beware the V extension is not up to the draft, but an older, incompatible, version. So, long term, it'll become very unsupported. Of course, it'll still be usable w/o V, and there are no comparable chips in the market even without V. There's literally no SoC capable cheap RV64G chips out there other than this one, once it is actually out there. And it's gonna be cheap at $12, so I'm grabbing one regardless of V support.
This is for power users, developers and enthusiasts, not the general public.
From a developer pov, it'll be dramatically faster than using a cheap FPGA, and dramatically cheaper than getting the ~1k boards from sifive.

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>SoC capable
Meant SBC-capable SoC.

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Uhhh CHECKED. 2021 is the year of RISC-V

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You’re describing humanity in general to be honest. Many people buy a Pi because they see “cheap computer” and have poor impulse control, or they are a Windows user who wants to branch out, try this “Linux fad” and want a safe platform with full hardware support.

There are people tho that buy and intend to use it for some project, and do.

I bought 2 Raspberry Pi 3 A+ models last week, to use in my Amiga 500 utilising the PiStorm project.

I have 1 Raspberry Pi 4 8 GB as a “workstation” and another as a server hosting a .onion and IRC, and yet another being set up to host Element.

Admittedly I have two Pi Zeros that are doing nothing, but I think one can be used as a PiHole, I just haven’t gotten around to confirming that.

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Strangely it uses a non-free DSP it is hard to get any information about. Why?

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Speak up, we can’t understand you with that dick in your mouth.

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There's an Amiga room and I'm there. Feel free to poke me.

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Will AIUI not have V extension. But otherwise, dual-core (although same clocks, but possibly higher performance per clock) and higher specs overall.
>A bit more proper
Depends on what you're looking for. If you want to run it as a desktop, Its 8GB RAM will be very welcome.
But if you want to learn risc-v asm, develop your own OS or otherwise fuck around with baremetal, the $13 chinese thing will more than suffice, and be a huge step up from the Kendrite K210.

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>Beagle-V vs sipeed sbc
$150 vs $13.
Beagle-V will have some advantages, but it will definitely not be worth 11x

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>>81439764 >>81449470

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Must also be affordable, i.e. no more than 300USD

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I'm trying to repaste my PBG4 and can't get the old thermal compound off even after 20 minutes of scrubbing with 91% isopropyl. The die is mostly clean but I'd prefer to do it right. Any suggestions while this thing is open?

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Try /diy/, maybe /ohm/ there can help.

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Fedora and Debian support x86 and ARM first and foremost, with secondary support for POWER, MIPS and IBM mainframes (and soon RISC-V).
Anything else is obsolete garbage or nostalgic larping.

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China doesn't make Power boards

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get one of those little spoons that come with ice cream and gently pick it off

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scrub it with an old brush
pls be gentle

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Try acetone, mail polish remover.

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Irish Sailing Association

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>after 20 minutes of scrubbing with 91% isopropyl.
Gently rub a cotton swab damped with ipp alcohol around the edges of the die and DO NOT USE ACETONE like that other faggot suggested

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Nah, Acetone works fine, I use it all the time. This anon is a sissy.

>use rubbing alcohol again even though that hasn’t worked

What a stupid faggot.

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1.67GHz PowerBook G4. Second to last model I believe, since it's not the high res version. The RAM is maxed out at 2GB and for storage it uses a 120GB mSATA SSD. It currently runs OSX 10.4

Don't worry, I'm not retarded so I'm not going to use acetone to clean electronics. I ended up scrubbing the die off as best as I could and just applied fresh AS5 and the temps are fine.

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Google it, acetone is fine for stubborn thermal paste. At worst you’ll remove the print on the die, but that’s only if you go nuts. Acetone is fine.

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Acetone dissolves plastics, so for that reason alone I'm not putting that anywhere near a PCB or any of the packaged components on it. Especially not on a machine I care about that hasn't been in production for 15 years.

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Cry all you want, homo. I'm not fucking up my PCB with acetone.

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How about Viper?
If you look closely it seems rather close to 6502, with wider registers.

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New submission running for those of you who want to render your FPGA design into ASIC:

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BeagleV should be coming sometime this year with a dual-core @ 1Ghz with 4GB and 8GB versions.

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wish I knew enough to submit anything to one of these, the competition seems pretty weak, and it would be cool to have my own custom chip just for vanity reasons

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I was thinking about it recently, about how I missed the first run.
And I'm gonna miss the second run, because if you don't have a design ready right now, it's simply not happening realistically.
This shit ain't easy, for someone who hasn't done it before. So the rush would be, with a working design for FPGA on hand, to go through the necessary steps to port it to the fabrication process rules (and learn to do that, while doing so...)

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Commodore Users Europe event. Online. No registration.
All things Commodore. i.e. Amiga users also welcome.

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No PCIe slot at all? Damn @ deliberately capped.
BeagleV isn't gonna be worth it for $150 or whatever... relative to $13 Allwinner D1 boards.
It's just too expensive for something that's not ready (no V extension) and will be worthless in a year, when there'll be a variety of cheaper and better chips and boards with ratified spec V.

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You’re probably right but I’m gonna buy both the BeagleV and the D1… I’m rich bitch.

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It’s discontinued :-( I would, but what comes next will be vastly better. That ITX board they are releasing looks good.

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Yeah, I meant the new one. I just don't remember the name.

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Considering that the 6809 has twice the number of transistors, I wouldn't hold your breath.

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Based Amiga bro

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Think rather of the even greater number of LEDs!

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The most well-known is probably the DEC PRISM. On a similar topic, check out the planned “Tarantula” extension to Alpha if you want to question what those mad lads were thinking.

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So this onions boy finally got something cool, an 80s 68010 AT&T “Unix PC”


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He doesn’t even boot Unix on the fucking Unix workstation, he tards out of the DOS card (OMG DOS!) this beauty of workstation is lost on him, he lacks the mental fortitude to use Unix. Triggering the fuck out of me.

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All of them need to be repeatedly punched in the face

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Today's highlight (imho):
It would be a bit late to join that one now. But trust me, it'll be cool to have been to RISC-V relatively early, in a few years.
A SoC is long in the works. I have some peripherals but no CPU. Yeah, it's gonna take a while.
Thanks. Ultimately, I was too lazy to check their site.
How was I even identified there? (somehow correctly). The link is far from Amiga specific.
That's a cool machine indeed. 68010 is very underrated. The original 68000 is basically a buggy 68010. Everybody should have used the latter instead!
Sure, I would boot it unlike this dude. But UNIX is overrated... I'd try writing some baremetal code for the workstation :P

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I can tell you from your posts bro

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Was there any CHRP-compliant hardware other than fucking Macs?

>> No.81478712

>It would be a bit late to join that one now.
The 6502 is alive, 200 millions are made every year and entrusted with high reliability tasks such as pacemakers, where life time guarantee takes on a different meaning.
Also the fans remain strong, though there are a few obituaries going over in forum.6502.org sadly. The 6502 is a very clean design and one of the very few that never used prefix codes.

>But UNIX is overrated..
How about something more autistic such as 9front, SerenityOS or ToaruOS? That would be good.

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>The 6502 is alive, 200 millions are made every year and entrusted with high reliability tasks such as pacemakers, where life time guarantee takes on a different meaning.
Does anyone have a source for this that isn't manufacturer marketing/web pages that haven't been updated in 20+ years? It seems kind of silly to choose such an outdated and arcane architecture with relatively limited expertise/supply like this for any new product.

>> No.81479585

>and entrusted with high reliability tasks such as pacemakers, where life time guarantee takes on a different meaning.
Madness. I'd want a radiation-resistant and formally proven simple RISC architecture running a formally proven software stack.

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>How about something more autistic
Yes, autism is underrated.
>such as 9front, SerenityOS or ToaruOS? That would be good.
Yes. Genode would be very cool. Considering the main genode guy (feske) atari st / falcon background, it's a wonder it isn't working on m68k yet.

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Yes and no. Core logic would probably work but anything using sound or graphics wouldn’t unless you implemented them in ttl or programmed logic. Also the gameboy is really an odd mix of both 8080 and z80 instructions, I think it lacks the x and registers or something similar.

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Got these two. Wat do?
I have no experience with these things, just bought them on a whim for $80 a piece because i thought they were NEAT.

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BSD? Isn't that the playstation OS?

>> No.81484929

I know it will probably suck in terms of performance, but I really want to see RISC-V succeed. I also don't have any spare cash, so something for <$20 sounds really good

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>I know it will probably suck in terms of performance
1GHz single core and not much ram (64MB? 256?). RV64GC + older than currentdraft V. Not Zen3 performance, clearly.
But still, a major upgrade from the microcontrollers or using softcores (typically topping under 100MHz) on cheap FPGAs.
>I really want to see RISC-V succeed
Me too. Consider >>81467094
>something for <$20 sounds really good
Yeah, no buying remorse when it's that cheap. The ~$150 BeagleV will no doubt be faster (2 cores, same clock, probably higher IPC, way more ram), but no V extension (old V better than no V!) and will lose value much faster.
I imagine next year there'll be a shitload of sbc-friendly SoCs with much higher performance, better peripherals and ratified V extension. BeagleV at $150 will then feel like a horrible purchase.

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"V extension" is not very searchable term. Could you link something about it?

>> No.81485310

Expect that not to work well for a long time, and once it does, will require newer boards with ratified V anyway.
I'd be hopeful for speccy, atari 800, C64, dosbox, BBC, maybe some CP/M z80 thing and such, instead.
Perhaps Apple Mac.
Atari ST and OCS Amiga would already be pushing it, and also need someone to write a 68k jit in order to have CPU to spare to emulate the rest of the chipsets.

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>he’s one of these people
A straight white man with an IQ over 50 who doesn't ruin semi-rare mainboards with acetone? Yes. Yes I am.

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Playing Elite was such a mind-blowing experience in 84

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Gib sub $50 Allweener RISC-V board now!

>> No.81490206

Again, you must lack basic motor function control. It's entirely possible to only use the acetone on the processor die and not the even touch the PCB. I guess it isn't for you because you're a smooth brain?

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Do you know why it's illegal most places to smoke near a gas pump? 99% of the time nothing will happen, but the other 1% of edge cases are disastrous. You seem not to understand the simple concept of risk versus reward.

>> No.81490613

Doubtful >>81490418 has ever held a soldering iron.
What's impressive is that somebody managed to convince them they needed to take their graphics card apart.

>> No.81490687

Meant for >>81490331

>> No.81490732

Not sure what that is to do with branch predictors.
Maybe you mean the article fucked up their test? Scroll further and you'll see they wrote their tests in asm (the only way that makes sense).

>> No.81490893

>if (debug)s are generally going to be harmless.
Yeah, although generally you'd use ifdefs vs hardcoding a debug value.
>kind of a strange way to motivate the problem
Sure; Real code is typically a clusterfuck full of branches. Branch prediction is important for performance in practice.
Modeling their behavior does require the sort of contrived fuckery used in the article.

>> No.81491200

I find it amusing that you don't have the balls to reply to my posts directly instead of taking passive-aggressive swipes at them like a 40 year old childless woman on twitter.

>graphics card
You probably don't know what day of the week it is either.

>> No.81491248

kek, triggered.

>> No.81491249

Oh, look an argument on the internet
how amusing...

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You've spent half the thread trying to mock me for refusing to use acetone on delicate electronics. You wouldn't drop this issue after I told you no the first time. You're an asshurt boomer faggot who thinks he knows better. You know nothing and you need to shut the fuck up.

>> No.81491337

I'm gonna blow your mind retard... you can take the proc OUT OF THE LOGIC BOARD! You reference King Terry, yet he would never be afraid to use acetone, you're a little onions boy bitch.

>> No.81491355

That's not even me, stupid. Multiple people think you're a retard.

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>you can take the proc OUT OF THE LOGIC BOARD!
Tech illiterate toddler is trying to flex but doesn't understand what a BGA package is and why this isn't feasible, especially for something as minor a thermal compound replacement.

A billion people shit the street. Appeals to consensus are worthless and you're still retarded.

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Finished reading that.
RISC-V Vector extension makes ARM's look comical. Nevermind x86 trash.
>>81485068 >>81485099

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>atari st

>> No.81493322

>amobarbital + vodka

>> No.81493569

I miss the Atari Amiga wars

>> No.81493602

There's not much of a war.
The good engineers atari had... left, to work on the Amiga.
The ST is poorly put together, both hardware and software.

>> No.81493806

>beautiful 7 levels of interrupts
>vectored, with nesting and masking
>leaves many of them unwired
Sasuga atari-st.

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Looks like they just left IPL0 pulled high.

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>> No.81494195

This is cool, but I thought the point of alternative ISAs was to escape Intel's Management Engine.
You buy one of these and how on earth can you be sure there's not Chinese Communist Party Management Engine on that?

>> No.81494239

>but I thought the point of alternative ISAs was to escape Intel's Management Engine.
That's where the problem in your thinking lies.
Refer to >>81449560

>> No.81494335

>Not worrying about the Chinese Communist Party Management Engine
Eat more rice, ricenigger, China won't rule the world

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The pain.

>> No.81495802

You can still use Cubase on that thing tho

>> No.81497762

Do any of you gents have old PPC, MIPS, or SPARC hardware that you want to use older OSes like OSX, IRIX, or Solaris on but have tried to shoehorn newer opensource software on? I've done Gentoo on my old Powerbook G4 a year or two ago and it truly was dreadful compared to OSX 10.4 with Adobe CS2, MS Office 2008, and Final Cut Studio. I've been able to get Tigerbrew up and running, but the last GCC recipe was of 6. After installing it, I want to do a few better and grabbed GCC 11, but ran into issues with isl, so I've grabbed the latest of that, and ran into issues with libtool. How far back do you go so you can get MEME 0.231 running on hardware they've intentionally stopped supporting over a decade ago? Do you ever have to shut if off and wait a few days before you try again? I aint even mad right now btw. This is what I live for.

>> No.81498434

IBM solved the problem of resource utilization in a cluster by allowing all of the servers in the datacenter to share unused resources with servers that really need it.

I guess you could call it a kind of datacenter-level pre-emptable resources.
This one's for memory

What do you think about this approach?

>> No.81498440

So is this shit unhackable

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Sadly no. All I know is what I screenshotted from the video.
ARM is not that old (ARMv8 is recent, and v9 very recent, tba next year).
Note RISC-V's V extension definitely is very good.
See >>81490582

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