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fpbp and /thread

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Become a trans. Why not. You'll get so many offers.

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unfathomably based, retard OP on suicide watch.

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>aaaah I hate math
>why didn't school teach me how2code?
dude the people who actually did more math than you and then learned how to apply it are doing the jobs you thought you would be promised just by getting a degree. Get the fuck over yourself.
>muh math
You can write pagerank if you understand stochastic matrices. You can implement GNN architecture if you understand graph theory and differential geometry. You can implement novel graphics (ie not just muh triangle count) if you know differential geometry.

CS is literally the part of engineering that's tied to pure math rather than physics like the rest of traditional engineering. Why the fuck didn't you take advantage and do something fucking cool instead of bitching on /g/ about how much of a fucking uncreative failure you are?

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I'm almost there. Getting degrees in CS and Math, what projects should I put on my github? I have some cool websites I have made as a group, a compiler, odds and ins programs for algorithms class (dynamic programming, map coloring, etc.), and data structures.
I've made a few basic things like Snake in Kotlin (meme language that was pushed by Google a while ago) but that's really about it. I want to make a neural network but I can't think of anything easy to get my feet wet

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fuck, i just watched my life flash before my eyes while reading this, i wanna just give up life now. This shit is one of my deepest fears

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