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No idea. I know that let is block scoped and doesn't get hoisted like normal variables so it's likely related to that but I don't know the specifics.

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When deploying to let's say to Digital Ozean. Let's say you have a docker project running Node, Postgres and Vue. Wtf you do then. throw in the docker right in or... ¿?

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I'm interested in this too. I've done a lot of dev with docker locally but never looked at how you deploy with it.

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if you are going to just have one instance, what's the point of it?

When I wanted to do this, I was researching docker-machine. But then I realised, why the fuck? And just installed node and mongodb myself on the VPS and wrote an rsync script to upload files from my dev machine to the VPS...

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deploying is so underrated in tutorial and docs

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Postgres is cool, right?

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Retard here, hello hello
If I have a node/express api on heroku, can I use a custom subdomain for it without it affecting the rest of that domain?
Like www.anonswebsite.com is unrelated to the app and
anonsapi.anonswebsite.com is the heroku app?
So for example anonsapi.anonswebsite.com/api/users/56 will be an endpoint?

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subdomains are distinct you'll be fine

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yep, but then you'll probably want a host that can help you with that, providing a kubernetes setup or whatever they use nowadays...

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Well first you need Dockerfiles
With Dockerfiles you build an docker image
Then push that image to a docker repository and on droplet pull that image from repository.

You can use docker-compose files to setup networking etc in docker-compose file. Or you can run containers by using docker run command, just allow ports

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Why does JS have to be so weird and confusing ;_;

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literally who cares. why are you spending time worrying about the interaction with the window object

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how can you still access it?

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I think people just use let and const now and not var

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yes, same with google functions. The provider of whatever cloud meme you fell for has the job to tell you how he expects you to deploy.

There are no good tutorials that go further than
>and this is how you make your docker container
because everything that follows is specific for the host.

Cloud Providers are the ultimate jews anyway. It's dirt cheap, if not free, as long as you don't ue it much. But as soon as you have just some moderate load and need a few instances, you would have been cheaper with some shitty VPS.

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>why docker
For me it is because it makes it super easy to build the container on my work machine, then easily upload and run it on my VPS without having to install whatever dependencies to run my program.
I like this part a lot. If it werks on my machine, then it will work on the server as well with basically no configuration.

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i have a git repo on my dedicated server and when i push to the production branch, it has a hook that builds and restarts

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I'm using webpack and deploying to github pages with a github action.

What would be best practice for including the /dist folder that contains the bundle.js only in the deployment branch but not in any of the dev branches? Is this even a thing I want to acheive?

Modify the .gitignore in the action, using an environment flag OR a script to delete the line?

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moment().utc().format(/*look up format docs lazy cunt*/)

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moment is bloaty, pls avoid if possible

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Thanks for your suggestions, I'll look into it. I'll try to avoid adding additional deps though.

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>What would be best practice for including the /dist folder that contains the bundle.js only in the deployment branch but not in any of the dev branches?
I am pretty sure you can force add files with git, even if they are in the .gitignore file

I use gh-pages npm library to push my deployment to github pages. maybe you can get some inspiration about how it is done by looking at their code.

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Is this supposed to be a coomer website?

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I tried to launch a digitalocean app from my Git, but it can't detect an app. I have

What the hell am I missing? Everything ran fine on localhost

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dunno but you've given me a good idea
so thanks :)

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The same commands you use to run the project locally can be used in production. If you are new to deployment, stick with a PaaS like Heroku, AWS Beanstalk, Azure Webapps, etc. They almost all support a docker image option now.

Postgres is by far the best database to use all-around.

Consider your server instance as stateless. Store all data in a database. View the documents on popular database driver packages to figure out how to connect to a database server.

Use Dayjs or momentjs instead to save yourself the headache. The date package in JS (most standard packages actually) sucks.

I forgot to add a screenshot of the homescreen. Still very early-on, and needs more content and community. You guys are all free to join, I even created a general technology space like /g/

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>Is this supposed to be a coomer website?

I can still change the name...

But porn is banned, along with /pol/tard levels of retardation. Everything else is fine. Idgaf.

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based tech icon

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it's the trifecta

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>is this the bread & butter of web dev?

In terms of pure ecosystem, yes. If just want to use the most well-documented, most well-supported tools in 2021, then this is combo. And without any meaningful paradigm shift in web-development, it will remain like this for a long time.

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I think I'm going to try to use node with express + postgre + react but slowly shift to some common lisp thing and no react for front-end, is this fine?

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>is this fine
No one is gonna stop you

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What’s your goal?

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yes i know it's not an exact goal but AM BEGINNER SORRY

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Learn lisp to become a better programmer. If you read SICP, then you will end up learning a lisp-dialect anyways. So they go hand-in-hand.

If you want to make something, I vouch for sticking with the tools with the best ecosystem. Today that is react / node / postgres.

Servers don't have to be stateless. I am telling you it is better in most cases to make them stateless, and off-load all stateful data to external datastores. This includes chat history logs, and authentication information.

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Node and react have nothing to do with db choice, you either need a schemaless document store or you don’t

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oh ok, I'm coming from flutter and I could just access the state of parent widgets. I was thinking react with hooks would be similar.

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If you want to know why no one answers questions it's because no one says thank you. I take time to do a codepen and answer a question and get no response back.

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thank you anon you are a valuable member of our community and I’m sure everyone appreciates the effort you put in even though they don’t always explicitly say so

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We’re all retards in disguise anon, that’s the joke, no one knows what they’re doing.

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is this a nice stack?, i'm wanna make a realtime chat to my portfolio project:
1) Typescript
2) React
3) NextJS (first time using it)
4)TailwindCSS (first time using it)
5) GraphQL (first time using it)

1) Typescript
2) NodeJS
3) ExpressJS
4) Socket.IO (first time using it)
5) MongoDB (first time using it)

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how much? i don't have much money :(

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What do you recommend I use instead of express to avoid memory leaks and I guess crashes in node 15? Fastify?

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Does anyone know if I can break up long lines in css? I'm embedding a font, and the line is so long it's causing my emacs to freeze and I don't like it.

@font-face {
font-family: "NAME";
src: url(data:font/woff2;base64,d09GM........forever);

Can I split up the src attribute on new lines?

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Now go work in a corporate environment, preferably in one that's maintaining a site that's been around longer than 10 years : ^ )

Then you will see, just how horrific the web can be :)

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how does the HTML name field array thing work?


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College for web development is retarded. Yes, they are filler. However they're useful outside of the scope of web dev.

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>studying CS just for webdev
have you not heard of bootcamps?

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Angular chads I miss you

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>The source Is ok but the target should actually be /root/.config/s and not /root/.config/s/config

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Should a beginner avoid var and use let then? I wasn't aware they were functionally different.

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>Should a beginner avoid var and use let then?
>I wasn't aware they were functionally different
Then you should definitely just be using let/const and not var.

Javascript used to only have var, and then let and const were added because var fucking sucked and did all kinds of weird scoping and hoisting bullshit

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I figured it was something like that, thanks
I had read about the subject and saw most people saying that it doesn't matter but I guess they also say that tabs and spaces are the same thing.

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Has anyoen here ever made a game using html and javascript? how did you make your graphics?

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>View Image is gone from Right Click Menu from Mozilla FireFox
>STILL not fixed
>devs thought no one used it so it was removed because of said reason
>even though a lot of people used it
>forced to use a goddamn app to get it back
>now have to hover mouse lower than usual


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tfw born too soon to fall for the web 2.0 meme and skip the callback hell period and the whole jewQuery era by staying with php and SSR or wordpress

Imagine being a millennial and using XMLHttpRequest and don't even have async / await LOOOOLLL

If you seriously used js for anything more than some drop down ui before ES6, you are a fucking LOSER and made your own life worse just because others told you to do it.
You deserved your own misery and i bet you will take the experimental vaccine too.

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Using var is like declaring a variable globally in C. It is possible and it is good to know that it's a thing, but it is discouraged and you should not do it.

If you want to know what the current best practice is, use a linter, like eslint, that checks your code and gives you warnings whenever you do something stupid.
They also provide docs to explain there, rules. Here the one for no-var:

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what was the language?

>> No.81407374

Is there any reason not to use factories over prototypical OOP in JS? It's generally less code, you don't even have to use the new keyword, it favors composition over inheritance and you don't have to juggle with this.

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Can any chads help me out with a flexbox problem that I've been tearing my hair out with? Unfortunately I can't post a reproducible example due to it being part of a large codebase.

Image 1 of 2.
You can see in this image each item of a div respecting the 100% width.
Yet in the image to follow, once display: flex is enabled, the flex container does not respect the width.

Im relatively new to css so are there any gotchas I might be missing?

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The flex box overflowing slightly but not enough to scroll through each child. Ultimately its width is too large.

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I want them horizontally listed. I'm happy for them to overflow.
The issue is because the flexbox goes beyond the viewport you can't even see the edge of the scrollbar

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it works in the same way as with web applications. you backend has an api and the react native app makes request to the api

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I did 0% in the authentication of the projest, I got cucked into handling the DB part strictly.

I might "check" it, they probably forgot to add expire date and refresh token.

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Then you need to fix your outer containers so they don't overflow the body

>> No.81409511

calling apis is downloading them but making them I don't know either. I would really like to get into making API's so I can make my own app smoother.

it is just shit to work with the broken API's off others that fucking suck or they don't update it.

>> No.81409645

React Native has access to the fetch/xmlhttprequest JavaScript functions so you can use it just like how you use it on web.

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>given the task in bootcamp to create a chat application
>never really learnt front-end, lean more to back-end
>watch some tutorials
>try to set up a div and give it a background color
>f12, div exists, but css doesn't fucking work for some reason
I fucking hate it so much already, this is so underwhelming

>> No.81411339

Tbh CSS is extremely comfy and very easy if you get the hang of it and how classcascading works.
Just dont be a pajeet and pull a >>81410284

>> No.81412321

Just bullshit your way into learning it, give no fucks.

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I want to create a simple web app that let's me enter data and store it in a database. Like an inventory management system.
What's the most lightweight stack that also gives me the option to turn this into an iOS/Android app in the future.
I'm not going to use php btw.

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What's a good front end framework for a beginner? I know the basics of html and javascript doesn't seem that much different from programming in javafx (aside from dom manipulation), so I think I'm ready for a framework. I have limited experience with asp.net, and I'd like something that plays nicely with that.

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C# ASP .NET has this thing were you can make a lightweight database on the fly for testing, you could use an API that saves some sample data to a file even to avoid DB's altogether for the time being and then swap out the file for a DB.

Never used it but Electron for converting HTML/JS pages to an app.

: ^ )

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has anyone made a browser game using html and javascript? if so how did you create the art/graphics?

>> No.81412906

What do you mean "how did you create the art/graphics"? Photoshop, GIMP, etc. or just use a resource online if you're shit at it. Also, what kind of browser game? There are a lot of games out there like Neopets, Kingdom of Loathing, Cookie Clicker, etc. that use HTML/JS but you probably wouldn't be using HTML in a platformer or FPS or something like that. Instead you'd use Canvas or WebGL most likely, if you wanted to use web technologies. There's this engine called Phaser never used it idk how it is. Sometimes people use HTML for the UI then use WebGL/Canvas for the rest of the game.

>> No.81412923

Then use C# ASP .NET Core. Or use Java Spring Boot. Or use NodeJS, or use etc. etc.

>> No.81412965

Not him but I see react as a view library in mvc, models and controllers would be in my backend
Angular is an example of a framework

>> No.81413154

Use supabase and whatever frontend framework you know, turn the website into a PWA and you're done.
There's also a case to be made for flutter if you want to go mobile first.

>> No.81413323

turns out it's missing a comma and that's it. great! super difficult to search for an answer for. asking for help is a weird ritual that seems to auto-resolve issues.

>> No.81413517

step by step

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input.addEventListener('input', updateValue);

function updateValue(e) {
log.textContent = e.target.value;

/g/, how to pass to 'updateValue(param1,param2..)' but also keep the (e) ?

>> No.81413746

I don't believe you can. Can you store the value you want to pass in the target element as an attribute or something similar? Try console.log-ing e.target

>> No.81414219

A better way of forming this would be to have an update function that doesn't depend on the event.
input.addEventListener('input', event => updayeValue(e.target.value, 'a', 'b'));

function updayeValue(value, p1, p2) {
log.textContent = value;
// etc

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Redpill me on fastify
Or anything else to use instead of express

>> No.81414264

oops, should be event.target.value, and I misspelled update in two places

>> No.81414951

I’m new to backend is why I’m asking
I watched some horror video and the man said express causes memory leaks from its inability to handle async so now I’m scared
Every node tutorial they use express so I’m trying to learn about alternatives

>> No.81414999

well, there is nestjs, which gives you a framework that works on top of express/fastify...

I am just wondering if one could do it without nestjs.

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Thanks frens

>> No.81415418

Angular is good actually

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You're going to be thankful you have some mathematical insight if you ever decide to branch out from web dev.

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>> No.81417096

shit, now I feel like a brainlet for not being able to make my calc to go 1.1111e+34 or even think about it

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>> No.81417150

because i just wanted to quickly upload it for you guys, and to host stuff you just have to drag and drop a zip with the build folder inside, so it took me 5 seconds

>> No.81417340

Do you guys think it's worth purchasing a small amount of ads for my site? (<$100)
I just want users, I'm not selling anything

>> No.81417842

it's still a WIP, but basically it's a massive OSSU/Odin Project competitor/alternative. It'll probably be ready by the end of the month. I'm making a complete Computer Science curriculum like OSSU's https://github.com/ossu/computer-science with specialization paths (backend webdev, frontend webdev, gamedev, cybersecurity, 3D graphics, audio, etc.)
I'll post some progress to wdg.one soon

>> No.81418447

depends on what you want to do really and where you want to purchase those ads. $100 will not get you anywhere on Google for example.

>> No.81418590


>> No.81419114

I just want users
It's either Google ads, or Bing Ads but I've heard Bing has a lot of fraud involved

>> No.81419185

yes shilling on reddit gets you a lot of clicks but you have to do it the right way and always check with the mods of the subreddit you are targeting and ask them about it or read the subs rules. you have to shill by making it look like you aren't if that makes sense.
getting deep into the FB Ad manager works as well but you gonna spend a long time trying to figure out the people who are going to click on your ad and all this testing will cost you more than $100 and its honestly a waste if you don't have a ROI.

>> No.81419210

depends what "flash style" means. if you mean you want something to look like pic related, sure. if you mean some arcane functionality, no.

>> No.81419244

my god. is this the absolute state of web design in 2021? what is going on in this post. are you a boomer or 12? I can't tell

>> No.81419260

25 and a graphic designer/ audio producer. I did web design when it was all html on Angel Fire or Geocities before everyone locked html out of their services unless you pay.

>> No.81419303

the problem is your entire focus is on "services" and "wordpress" and "themes" etc. Nobody prevents you from using HTML and HTML is not behind a pay wall lol.
From what you have described this seems like a really simple website. You don't need a bloated wordpress website for this or any "subscription fees for CSS".
Just get a VPS and self host it. It costs $3.50 to buy a webserver and 99 cent for a domain.
Like what I am saying is get into the absolute basics of doing it yourself. You will save yourself so many headaches and its faster and easier than having to deal with all those websites and services you have been using.

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>> No.81419359

I will look into this, thank you.

>> No.81419383

if you're a graphic designer plain HTML and a good (free) CSS framework should be 20x easier than that mess. Or even better, a static site generator. look into hugo, it's easy even if you've never touched a line of code in your life. Then look into hosting your hugo site with netlify or Github Pages 100% free. honestly there are so, so many options, from wix to squarespace to google my business to just plain html+css, that are better than the nightmare you described

>> No.81419461

>graphic designer/ audio producer
how much do you make? do you struggle to pay your bills etc? I've always wondered if the average artist really is a miserable Starbucks barista or if it's a lie that wageslaves tell themselves to cope

>> No.81419624

What's the fastest way to relearn for someone who hasn't touched web dev in 6 months? I used to write fullstack with MEAN.

>> No.81420995

>page 10
wdg is dead. It's over bros

>> No.81421121

an entire profession that keeps itself on the job by inventing frameworks nested into frameworks to stay relevant is dead yes

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I miss flash sometimes bros

>> No.81421272

Bro I miss flash every day of my life.

Fuck adobe.

>> No.81421357

nothing you have ever said or done indicates that you are competent. good riddance.

>> No.81421823

>Kendo framework is overwriting the CSS and going higher isn't an option
!important was put into CSS for a reason, you just don't use it because someone on the internet told you not to. This also goes for abstract classes, singletons and boxing

>> No.81421942

Are you on the spectrum?

>> No.81422006

I learned both backend and frontend at literally the same time. God gave us two hands, two ears, and two brain halves for a reason. My mom also gave me two thinkpads for a reason so I can dual-wield and choose BOTH paths in the roadmap.

>> No.81422943

is there a name for a sort of curved line that you manipulate by just dragging parts of the line to edit the curved but you don't have any points on the line you just "shape" it by manipulating it direct. I understand there are likely implicit points under the hood being created maybe but is there a name for that type of vector line manipulation?

>> No.81423014

I have been mingling around with VueJS mostly and made some smaller things with it.

I wanted to have a look at the latest Angular now and was wondering if one is expected to use design frameworks/libraries (like vuetify, primeVue) for Angular and if so which ones can you recommend?

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Bezier curve?

>> No.81423262

well it it could be bezier or cubic under the hood, it's more the mode of manipulation that im interested in, so there's no control points visible you just grab parts of the line the shape it producing natural looking curves in a more freehand way

>> No.81423271

Retard making his first website here.
How do I make sure I can still "access" a link to a subdomain without first uploading to the server?

This works locally as well as via the website
<a href="./second.html">
Second Page

But how would you do this with a subdomain besides the following?
<a href="https://second.example.com">
Second Subdomain

>> No.81423402

Is there any reason to do this over just pointing straight to the file?

>> No.81423404

Angular Material.

>> No.81423453

Do you have an example of what you mean? For example, some stabilizers in drawing apps work by comparing your current position with the previous one(s) to simulate dragging the pen/brush behind the actual cursor position, so it becomes smoother and more fluid.
This lists a few examples but this is more for drawing, I’m guessing it’s not what you mean

>> No.81423473



>> No.81423531

Possible with WebSockets.

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Any new/jr Australian devops engineers here? My Bong friend is recommending I get a few AWS certs, since he got them and almost immediately got hired in a junior role (previously NEET).
I'm unsure whether he just got super lucky or if the market is similar over here.

From looking at the devops subr*ddit, it seems everyone there thinks you can only get into devops after working as a software engineer for like a decade since it's "super hard". Which completely contradicts everything my friend says.

>> No.81423755

>don't take anything someone you don't know personally tells you on the internet for granted
That's fair, but we've been friends for nearly 5 years at this point, so I'm pretty sure I can trust him.
>what certs did he get?
Certified Cloud Practitioner and Certified Developer. Currently getting paid to also study for the Certified sysops dev and later the Certified Devops Engineer alongside doing his job. He's also got a bachelor's degree, but it's in biology or something.
>did he know someone that knows somebody who got him a job
Nope, he just applied pretty much everywhere he could.

>> No.81423790

yeah all this cloud shit is in high demand everywhere. if thats for you you can look into it. certified cloud practicioner isnt a hard cert to get. certified developer is probably harder. what i'd do is search the aussie job boards for jobs that require those certs to see if its in demand. if you aren't unsure yo ucan always email companies and ask them about those certs. what do yo uahve to lose? use a fake email and fake name to get that info.

>> No.81423799

Maybe spline or polynomial interpolation is what you mean? Like an elastic ruler

>> No.81424021

>AWS certs,
I have heard good things about it in Europe to get entry level jobs. But this is just heresy.
Cloud shit is in demand, and the certs seems to not be shit, so if you can get them cheap I would do it.
I will get a Kubernetes certificate, but that's because I used it a lot and want to solidify my knowledge.

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i thought that react hooks are just a meme, but after rewriting the last few classes i had left, i have about 400 lines of code less now and it is easier to reuse and expand code.

I just sometimes struggle with what exactly i should put into dependency arrays of hooks and if and when to use useCallback and React.memo.
I have no clue what disadvantages memo would have, so i just put it on every component.

>> No.81425044

iirc it had something to do with security vulnerabilities popping off way too many times, that and apple being a dick about it I guess

>> No.81425167
File: 107 KB, 1280x720, iksfxv786la51.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

If I had a web page with many clickable buttons that each hid a <p> tag with data I wanted to extract onto a plaintext file, what would be the best tool/language to accomplish that?

>> No.81425378

Legit curious, what's your use case? What kind of website is it?
Am making a 4chan clone with react entirely because I can and because I have no idea what the fuck to do with it. My usage of the internet is entirely limited to 4chan.

>> No.81425483

if i want to archive a 4chan general thread is json good enough or should i learn some database like mysql?

>> No.81425567
File: 89 KB, 500x487, theWholeTruth.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I love this meme, but I love it even more cause I have this proto-ancestor in my folder

>> No.81425699

Could you be more specific?

>> No.81425823

In React, how can I make a page that comes from a Function re-render based on a boolean flag?

I'm trying to make my navigation with links re-render based on user authentication and I can't get it.

>> No.81425837

why is mongodb getting shit on here by postgre shills?

>> No.81425838

json is a complete trash format for database ops and it's a curse that web adopted it.

using an actual db. isn't that hard for it.

>> No.81425871


>> No.81425916

I use HashMaps not postgre

>> No.81426059

both have their uses 2bh, but if you look it from a Node perspective, SQL is kind of a headache to make work while NoSQL is pure bliss.

>> No.81426118

Imagine not working with simple structures. Couldn't be me.

>> No.81426618

Mathematicians can store n-dimensional information into SQL databases, same with machine learning data from neural networks. What you have is not a complex structure, but no structure at all which makes it hard.

>> No.81426673

webpages cant remotely load content if cors doesn't allow it, servers can

>> No.81426688

thanks. So the server needs to request the xml and then let my js script access it?

>> No.81427838

Do companies really care about whether you finished your degree or not? I never got to finish mine, will i be judged for it? In the EU, by the way.

>> No.81427912

I always lie and say I have an uni title, it's a lie.... I'm also unemployed lulz

>> No.81428398

ask the job offers in your are anon

>> No.81428591

It is mostly react for "web dev companies" and bigger companies with web dev positions. Web Studios however are framework agnostic, they just want JS + some animation library and any frontend framework (vue/react/angular). I think I want to work at a web studio/agency and I think I'll lean towards Vue because it's easier to pick up. But then I miss out on positions requiring react and react native (I know they're different) but Vue doesn't seem to have a mature mobile dev solution.
I have to make a choice soon, the pragmatic answer is React but I feel like I'll be able to pick Vue up easily and therefore get into a lot more depth. Any inputs?

>> No.81428691

I can't give you input anon, sorry, maybe someone more experienced in here can

>> No.81428907
File: 9 KB, 150x137, 1592666406034.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

A shitty browsergame where you draw on a canvas and stuff.
It just has like 30 react components, so that wasn't too much hassle for me to rewrite some.
i couldn't solve it till now, so i will just re-arrange the components with CSS, so i don't have to change the order of the elements in the DOM, which is possible in my case
I looked at it with trial & error and removed React.memo from some components and check render time in the Profiler, and it increased from 0.2 ms for some minor render, to 2+ ms.
I will keep React.memo everywhere.
It just keeps the props in memory, right?
So as long as the components don't have ridiculous huge stuff in the props, i should be ok.

>> No.81429273
File: 97 KB, 1024x944, 1615.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

After 5 years as a front end dev i can safely say this: "modern web development is a fuck".

>> No.81429353

redpill a wannabee junior who is """"""full stack""""" on front end, I mostly like back end but it is hard as shit. Also is Vue ok?

>> No.81429437

Vue is fine. The modern front end is madness in a sense that there are dozens of different frameworks and libs for the same purpose and all of them will be abandonware in 3 years. Seriously, the amount of shit you need to learn to stay on the edge is insane. Babel, node+npm, typescript, gulp, grunt, webpack, redux, mobx, react class-based, react functional, angular, vue + vuex, sass, less, dart, ember, coffescript, zustand, immer, moment, date-fns, svelte, graphql, nosql are but some of the shit you have to fucking know. Notice how so many of them fill the exact same purpose? You better get ready to always learning new shit. Backend is far more stable, most backend tech is more than a decade old.

>> No.81429653

Dick + balls

>> No.81430217

Digital ocean but really depends on your needs

>> No.81430438

Web dev = ultra gay low IQ afraid of pointers

>> No.81430496
File: 1.81 MB, 3024x4032, 1619900589213.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Absolute state of web developer

>> No.81430681

>he doesn't know about WebAssembly

>> No.81430725
File: 19 KB, 275x183, 1615908282537.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

point at him and laugh!

>> No.81431352

>Should I bother with writing Rust (actix-web) microservices?
No not unless you're already hitting limits with higher level langs in those microservices.
I find it's much easier to write them in go, and only when shit is really hitting the fan, shifting those specific components to rust.

>> No.81431419

why the fuck did you separate date-fns, moment, or sass as if they're tools you have to spend weeks learning? then there's other shit that you literally will never have to care about or touch unless you've been tasked with scaffolding a project manually like babel or webpack
like wtf is up with some of you whiny bitches who try your hardest to portray front end as exceedingly complex and then list off a bunch of optional shit that takes 3 seconds to learn

there are so many genuine problems with front end, why the fuck you dweebs ALWAYS go for the bad "there's too much stuff!" take is beyond me

>> No.81431449

>popular === good

>> No.81431523

>jQuery respects that paradigm
you've 100% clearly never worked in a large codebase that used it then. it is the antithesis of separation, almost to the same degree as css-in-js libraries. you write your animations in JS, you CRUD elements in it, you attach behaviors in ways that are a pain in the balls to debug. the useful stuff it provides are better done with vanilla js or smaller bespoke libraries.

>> No.81431556

with jQuery you can keep them separate, with modern frameworks you can't

>> No.81431754

>New thread:

>> No.81433620

> jquery
> clean code
> mac
> retarded keyboard
> glasses
> that fucking mouse

>> No.81433633

I wrote them just for fun to learn Rust, it was pretty easy I find.

>> No.81433671
File: 314 KB, 552x534, 1614890593072.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

what are some good project ideas for someone who wants to get hired? A ticketing system? An online store? I just want to get hired...

also what is a good backend langauge that pairs well with web dev? I'm only fluent in Node.js. I was thinking about Go but it's so ass compared to JS... everything is very rigid and the compiler errors 24/7 while I'm typing and it hurts me. I also don't like the function names and it doesn't have ANY function programming like map, filter, or reduce...

>> No.81434509

Go isn't ass; don't say that. I love Go. It's designed to be retarded easy, seriously, google it.
Javascript is plenty capable of landing you a job. Learn React. It's hot shit still and won't die anytime soon (until flutter for web makes non-shit websites that look like fliers made in mspaint, seriously I do both and flutter for web is leagues better than react when it comes to managing state but it's still shit currently. It's like react+chakra if chakra had 1000 more components than it does)
Learn React though and you'll get a job with that node knowledge. Don't bother diving into other languages yet. The trick is to slowly expand. Become a master of node+react then add some other stuff in there. Django/python or laravel/php, or both. Go jobs regularly go for 180k here which is nuts in this area. Everything else maxes at 150k but not Go. I've been stacking on experience with different jobs using different languages for the last 3 years and now I am the ultimate employable person. I can work on anything.
Find a recruiter with 1099. It's easy to 1099 at a fortune 100 company and that shit is amazing on your resume. I go into an interview and they are like "What was a difficult problem you worked on?" and I'm all like "When I worked for COMCAST I had trouble optimizing a 100 line query that handles billions of dollars worth of transactions yearly, but after some careful thought utilizing my past experience and conversations with some other experienced team members I was able to bring the query down to 1.3 seconds which greatly improved the user experience"
It's so free.

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