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>> No.81382984

Macs are comfy

>> No.81383175

too retarded/nonautistic for linux
too smart/productive for winblows

>> No.81383228

Because they want a computer that does the job. Only teens and autists are interested in making their computer work. For everyone else, it's just a fucking tool.

>> No.81383303

they can afford them

>> No.81383367

unix based so they work good enough
easy to expense and budget because they come out of the box

>> No.81383382

Citation needed on all the prevalent people using Macs

>> No.81383455

But what exactly makes MacOS good?
They even dropped support for 32-bit applications and you have to register an apple account to even get access to an compiler (as far as I know).
Also from the times I've used MacOS I've always had problems with finder crashing and me having to manually pull the plug on the Mac to shut it down.

>> No.81383484

>Also from the times I've used MacOS
How many decades ago?

>> No.81383488

because the tech industry isn't the realm of specialists and enthusiasts anymore. development is a monkey-tier activity, which attracts monkey-tier people that use monkey computers

>> No.81383503

probably company computer jam packed with spy tech and they arent given root

>> No.81383504

>you have to register an apple account to even get access to an compiler
No, you use your Apple ID to download xcode, but clang is by default installed.

>> No.81383596

Company pays for it

>> No.81383597

>maybe there was something wrong with it
Maybe they used a dev beta or something; I'm not even sure if I ever had any first party software crashing in 9 years.

>> No.81383623

>Okay good to know, Is Xcode still as good as the Nextstep ide used to be?
I've never used nextstep, and I've only opened xcode like twice, so the honest answer is I don't know. I like my vimrc and that works well enough for me. The only issue I have is that the default cscope is ancient, so I had to manually install a newer version of that.

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They use Windows.
Loonix and fagOS use are the same.

>> No.81383699

keked at bsd

>> No.81383711

Will we ever get a competent (like linux) open Mach/Darwin based OS?

>> No.81383715

They wont now that Tim killed x86-64 support

>> No.81383748

There was some genuine traction for this in the early 2000s (see the various open distros of Darwin), but it kind of died out as the interest for it was even less than for FreeBSD distros aimed at the PC at the same time.

>> No.81383803

>he doesn't know that pajeets identify as aryan and white

>> No.81383878

because they don't need to convince themselves that using obscure and needlessly complicated software makes them better than other people in order to cope with their low self-esteem

>> No.81383937

I agree, but I also think it's sad that the PC-BSD project grinded to a halt after a while as well. The early 2000s/mid 2000s were kino, there was so much optimism as various *NIX desktop-oriented distros were popping up here,

>> No.81384007

because they’re not gamers and they’re not desktop ricers

>> No.81384774

App store is still double of Playstore revenue, and now with catalyst you can make apps that work for all 3 systems.

>> No.81384806

Because it's the only way to develop for iOS. If Apple machines didn't have a monopoly on iOS development most developers would be using Linux.

>> No.81386393

Unironically it just werx, most mac users don't even know how to use a computer because of how easy to use macs are.

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File: 1.60 MB, 4500x3000, macshills.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

We have this ad every day. Report Apple spam and Apple ads.

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File: 1.95 MB, 2380x3888, 1587503959067.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

New? Picrel >>81386581 is from like 2018. They've been running these ads all the time for years and mods don't give a shit.

>> No.81386647

Is this what autism looks like, /g/ ?

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Not an argument.

>> No.81386674

Neither is

Also, wasted get

>> No.81386675

Kek, why they are so desperate

I never saw this pattern actually, I'm trying to find all patterns they use

The most common is
>used [thing I hate]
>bad thing happened
>so, use [thing i like] instead

Yes, apple shilling is pure autism.

>> No.81386726

Differently than you I'm not hiding my intentions and trying to make "subtle" advertising

>> No.81386734

>I'm just going to fill your shill thread with the usual buttload of screenshots of shilling
Thanks for the free (You)'s and thread bumping :^)

>> No.81386775

>all use
they don't you're just noticing what is standing out for being wrong
when things are right you don't notice it because that's "normal"

>> No.81386779

What do you think the purpose of threads like these are? It's poorly worded bait for a reason.

>> No.81386811

See >>81386779
You keep getting fired up over bait, which only incentivises more bait.

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>What's the point of advertising products?
I don't know anon, it's a total mystery why a company would ever do that.

>blah blah more evasion
I'm not going to believe you. So either tell me what your business model is or don't bother replying.

>> No.81386858

we can tell you had a "job" because your grammar is shit
being a part of bureaucracy isn't equal to having merit

>> No.81386868

>The point of going against shill threads is to not let them advertise their things to retards
By bumping so the thread stays up longer? Have you thought this through?

>> No.81386877

how the fuck can linux be safe on servers if it's filled with god knows what?

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>Linux isn't safe on employee machines.
mfw every company I've worked for so far uses Ubuntu for devs and OSX for the drawfags.

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Ah so you DO get paid per uptime.

>> No.81386886

Sage exists, and its better than passively letting them shit the board

>> No.81386891

>how the fuck can linux be safe on servers if it's filled with god knows wh
works for 95% of the internets servers and billion dollar companies. interesting that its not good for you
in most companies dev make up a tiny majority of the work force. you simply can't give joe blow in accounting a ubuntu machine and hope he doesn't screw up. you have to lock their machines down.

>> No.81386896 [DELETED] 

Here's the real solution to OP.
Slice this nigger's throat open.

>> No.81386905

>Sage exists,
Yeah, but you didn't use it faggot.
>and its better than passively letting them shit the board
Report and hide thread.

It looks more and more like these rabid "reee stop shilling" posts is just a patsy tbqh. I bet you're OP, aren't you?

>> No.81386910

you are spamming and scanning this board for "Apple" threads you perceive to be "paid shill threads". You need serious professional help. Its been going on for ages now.

>> No.81386920
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>doxxing a mod because he likes the wrong brand of computers

>> No.81386936
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I'm not a retard to let they do what they want
You can say anything, I won't change my opinion, I have been dealing with baiters and shills for a long time

I wish, but I don't live in america

>> No.81386950

No but I'd get a laptop

>> No.81386951

This, lmfao, only proves the guy point

>> No.81386952

Sometimes people just post copypasta because they like to annoy people. Not everyone that posts something you don't like is an astroturf, you know.

>> No.81386975

>How is the exact same thread asking why rich/famous people use macs that gets posted regularly for 8 years NOT a paid Apple campaign?
Do you also believe that RMS unironically post interjections here as well?

>> No.81386983

see >>81386896

>> No.81387010

yes its funny how people like you make compilations of it and get so triggered that they develop acual paranoia cause they don't ike the technology choices of hundred millions of people around the world. really must be funny to be this autistic. i can't even imagine.

>> No.81387011
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Reminder to report Apple spam and Apple ads.

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I don't care about how you feel, you can hide behind that you much you want

I will take you seriously no matter what you said, you have to be over 18 to use 4chan.

But just to make you jealous, I can be sincere enough to say that I'm angry, as Im not a anxiety-driven fag to be afraid of other people think

Doesn't matter your intention, you are advertising, and you will be treated like the retard you are or are pretending to be regardless what you say

>> No.81387045

>Uh ok, report it? It's in the sticky, brand wars are not allowed.
Are you literally 12?

>> No.81387048

>It's in the sticky, brand wars are not allowed.
so why can't people talk about apple then without YOU starting a brand war by pretending its just shills. do you think Apple makes 90 billion dollars revenue per quarter cause nobody buys their products? millions of people use Apple Products and this is a technology board. Just ignore the threads. Filter them if you can't handle it mentally and HAVE to sperg out for no reason.

>> No.81387051

What the fuck is so difficult about windows? They even added the appstore for niggers who think installing shit by clicking is difficult.

>> No.81387073

>What the fuck is so difficult about windows?
This is stockholm syndrome

>> No.81387079
File: 1.70 MB, 1053x8494, Screenshot_20210214_g_Technology_Searching_for_posts_that_contain_macos_is_the_final_redpill_.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>b-but Apple makes so much money and so many people use them and and
Guys this TOTALLY isn't a shill thread, I promise this is how your fellow consumers talk.

>> No.81387086


>> No.81387088

>installing shit by clicking is difficult
it unironically is though. installing on linux or macos via commandline is so much easier.

>open browser
>find some awful ass website
>click through the bloated webdesign
>download a shady proprietary binary
>.exe asks for admin rights for no reason
>"oh well im sure its safe"
>click throught the installation process
>try to find the launcher
>create a shortcut to the launcher on the desktop cause the program didnt do it for you

>> No.81387101
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Doesn't matter, I will take you seriously anyway
If you wouldn't want me to do that, you wouldn't say that's a bait

I don't need irony, I'm don't feel ashamed of taking things seriously, didn't I already explained that I am not like you?

And think about it in whatever way you want, I'm still using anime pictures

Yes, anime, I can use this word instead of mongolian power plant drawings

>> No.81387159

Can you please take a screenshot of your folder of anti-apple-shill pictures? How big is it?

>> No.81387182
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Doesn't matter, still taking you seriously anyway
Your intentions are irrelevant, if you are pretending to be a retard, you are a retard to me and will be treated properly

From me you don't want anything?

If you guys were confident, you wouldn't be having to explain to him that you are

You summer faggots are transparent like glass

>> No.81387187

Don't care OP, if it makes neets, trannies and freetards on /g/ seethe; I'm ok with it.

>> No.81387197

>You summer faggots are transparent like glass
You're trying too hard to fit in, newfag.

>> No.81387241

Who are seething now?

Beautiful screenshot of a good post

t. delusional

>> No.81387260

Why didn't you post an anime face this time?

>> No.81387342

>literally seem to believe that Apple copypasta is made by the same guy.
What? No one said that at any point, of course you guys have a team. After all, /g/ is spammed with Apple ads at all times, this couldn't be a one-man operation.

>> No.81387344

>has 52 images of autistic Apple posting compilations on his hard drive
>refuses to believe that this could be anything but an organized attack with paid actors

>> No.81387361

I don't understand the relationship between those 2 things. Yes anon, I believe advertisement is made by advertisers. How quaint, I know.

>> No.81387366

Im talking about normies retard. I use linux myself but for normie shit there is no fucking difference between windows and mac. Do you think you average macfag knows what the fuck brew is? Lmao.

>> No.81387372
File: 118 KB, 748x489, apu-laugh-.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>I don't understand the relationship between those 2 things
of course you don't

>> No.81387382

anti-apple advertisement is made by microsoft shills
prove me wrong
>protip: you can't, because you're a microsoft shill

>> No.81387384

I am not that guy, although I would like save those images

This is obviously paid shilling, if isn't paid its massive company induced counterspeech, which I already proved it happened to other board

>> No.81387399

>anti-apple advertisement is made by microsoft shills
The plot thickens

>> No.81387420
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not the other animenigger but I just find it amusing how there is always sperging out when apple is mentioned.some android/windows subreddit might be more up his alley if he can't handle seeing a discussion in your safespace imho.

>> No.81387495

I never see you sperging out against brave spam though. why is that?

>> No.81387520

Are you joking? Brave spam was reported and denounced all the time, and mods actually did something about it. If you don't "see" it, you're not looking.

>> No.81387544

I don't know if any company that doesn't depend on college drop outs or liberal arts majors that use mac's.
Windows group policy is the end all. Be all

>> No.81387702


autism is a retardation and one that we workes very hard to breed out of existence. The based germans didn't gas these brain cripples hard enough

>> No.81387748

Can someone explain the Linux is superior for devs meme? What does it give you that's so amazing over Windows? This is a serious question because I want to know what I'm missing. I worked on a legacy C++ app that took 60-90 minutes to compile due to its size in Windows and the only cool thing I saw after moving to Linux was the SO files cut down greatly on compile time. Other than that I didn't see any huge difference and in fact it sucked dick not having Visual Studio.

>> No.81387809
File: 1.30 MB, 882x984, 1611783168667.webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.81387819

Linux is superior for any kind of hosting, deployment, and automation. It's superior for devs because it's easier to develop on a platform closer to what you're using, and all the tooling is written by and for developers.

Visual Studio is god tier, but it's a bitch to set up and it doesn't work well outside of a full MS stack.

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