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>this is where i hacked Sony

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>the cuck corner

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Those tables look uncomfortable as fuck

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Roast me
Also are speakers necessary if I use heaphones 99.99% of the time?

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Couple bad decisions but it's getting there. Waiting on monitor arm for vertical stacking the monitors and im looking for a banging deal on speakers.

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no i just think it looks cool

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>linus shit tips

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I havent even had speakers on any on my builds for the last 5 years

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Rodman pls go

>> No.81322472

Gotta fill my neet days with something

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This room looks like a prison cell.

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That's why it's based.
Having stuff is cringe.

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> gtarp

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If it works, who cares? I like it.

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Thank you, I really like it as well

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remember to use tinypng before posting fellas

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compresses the image without losing much quality, better for third world anons and phone fags who use their data

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Been a while since I posted. Finally got that Virpil stick and I'm so happy with it I'm going for the throttle next.

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im from 3rd world and i want png...

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It gets very dusty if you put it on the floor. If your PC makes a lot of noise then putting it on the floor wont fix it anyway

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Sit/stand desks are not very nice on cables if you have to lift your tower off the ground to stand.

>> No.81324269

here you go dood

>> No.81324280

My computer isn't even audible when its on.

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I like to feel dem nipples,
also the keyboard is great

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dying lads

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Get out newfag

That's why you put a board under it.

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>food water and a function shelter
You be pretty high up in the military in North Korea.

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>HE calls ME a newfag

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>buy another separate piece of wood to put it on my floor when I have a perfectly good space on top of my desk already
Why take extra steps for a worse solution.

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This is why I hate nu-/g/

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massive german student vibes

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Nice webcam nerd

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if you put it in the floor the desk itself will reflect/absorb some noise

>It gets very dusty
then put it somewhere else, on top of a box, I dunno.

really? every single one of my PCs and other PCs I've used has been noisy. maybe it just doesn't bother you?

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more depressing than OP

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based humble anon

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in the last thread someone called me a weeb and said I live in squalor, were they right, /g/?

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Get it together anon.

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Tell me about your squatting situation. Are you afraid of losing your things when the time finally comes?

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>linus cuck tips
>LGBT lighting
>wood floor and walls

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>framed bogdanoff twins poster
holy fucking based

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I'm the guy with the aeron further up in the thread. they actually are developing a headrest for the embody which looks pretty good.

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I rent, pay $680 for a master bedroom w/ walk-in closet and personal bath

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Thanks, anon. The things you can't see from that photo are a dresser, night-table, and twin size bed.

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Can I please get someone to post a picture of their PC with pic related full screen on the monitor.

Ideally, with a desk + surrounds that look home-office or mature / not kiddie-gamer.


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hes making a shitty website and needs people to act like they support him

>> No.81325350

Not true.

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it doesn't creak if you buy a new one. your clothes rubbing against the material literally makes more noise then the mechanical parts of it shifting with your body weight. maybe if youre a fatty it creaks, idk. I'm 6 feet 170lb and the only noise I hear when shifting my weight in it is the noise of me rubbing against the chair. also, the embody is a much better chair then the aeron all around, trust me on that.

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What makes this feel so empty?

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the super long desk. the part where the tv is would look better as a tv stand.

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the ultimate mindless consoomer drone. i wish i could shoot you in the head while you film yourself playing your video games. faggot. (in minecraft)

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his rape kit

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ultimate s oy cave. holy fuck. you are the living BASEDJAK.

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stay mad, friendo

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I dig those muramasa figures.

>> No.81326138

>Plantation is great rum. I like lava lamps too, not too shabby anon
Thanks anon, the 5 year is hands down my favorite rum, and I've had that lava lamp I think for like 15-20 years. Could you link that lamp there on the left? Also based gamer den, looks pretty cluttered yet organized, like my friends dad's basement. He had like every Simpsons diorama set and a bunch of other figures and stuff all still in the original packaging. One of the comfiest places I've ever been in honestly.

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The flag being the wrong way annoys me immensely.

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It’s where I keep my “tools”

>> No.81326700

manage your cables
where's this

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moving soon so hoping to have a fresh start

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drop those questions

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Thanks anon, here's some more weeb shit.
I appreciate the compliment, I bought that lamp at walmart. I can't be bothered to try going over the filter right now, but just search for "Simple Designs Etagere Organizer Shelf Floor Lamp with Linen Shade" in their website and you'll find it.
Big Bend NP, extreme southwestern TX.
Bet your ass I did, Alamo Drafthouse is one of my favorite places whenever I go into the city.

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poster. i recently swapped rooms and haven't bothered remodeling it yet. might leave that wallpaper tho

>> No.81327577

Possibly the ugliest carpet I've ever seen.

>> No.81327582

Who are they, and what do they want?

>> No.81327841

thats a pretty big TP roll anon

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Your computer makes noise?

>> No.81328504

even passively cooled computers make noise.
maybe I'm too sensitive to noise, or maybe you guys are deaf or your ears are atrophied or some shit. I bet you listen to music all days long and that's the reason why you can't hear shit. meanwhile,I'm enjoying almost complete silence in my house.

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how the fuck did you know

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After the move and a new desk I've had to make plans for future changes. Eventually I'll get a thinner desktop and make a second level for it.
This is such an awkward room to plan around.

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Great taste overall but I especially love the Shoujo Shuumatsu Ryokou figure.

>> No.81329480

this is so based

>> No.81331454

Is it?

Seems like a normal roll to me

>> No.81331476

That's like twice the size overall.

>> No.81331553

>uses a coaster
Pick one.

>> No.81331578

Advertising or somwthing i guess.

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Where did you buy that chamber pot? Mine broke while emptying it.

>> No.81331664

Ears arent tires anon, they dont wear out if you use them.

>> No.81332237

3 of those points are true though scientifically speaking.

>> No.81333105

they want to crash the market, with no survivors

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>> No.81333174

pretty comfy. Could you share the pape?

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>> No.81333444

V for Vendetta was okay but I don't see why Anonymous ever clung to it.

>> No.81333587

>1 and 4 contradict one another
>2 laziness/cope
>3 pic related
>4 maybe if there were only two races and you had god powers to manipulate nature

>> No.81333642

>still no /bst/ in subject

>> No.81333755

which ones?
1. everybody will be brown eyed and black haired, great diversity
2. there is no such thing as "the one" these are all myths and observable reality disproves the existence of "the one"
3. his babies look nothing like him and a lot of babies are cute, that's why they are babies.
4. racism exists because incompatible races live together even though they shouldn't.

linus the kike, give my kids cancer and i won't be able to donate organs to them because they are mixed race, sebastian


>> No.81333875

1. Recessive genes are a thing and can proliferate throughout generations even though most of my relatives have brown or black hair and brown eyes red hair and blue eyes do occur in some of my relatives.
2. Open up your dating pool to find the one increases the chances you may find someone who may actually want to put up with you which is currently zero.
3. I see you fags drooling over mixed girls constantly be they euriasian black white or whatever
4. Racism is here to stay it will always be here.

>> No.81333966

>bottom text

>> No.81334128

>who's that kid
it's robert deniro's cute mixed race baby that adds to the great genetic diversity for our species.

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Hey /g/

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Nice posters, I think it could use one more row, but the large size posters, 3 of them

>> No.81335953

never breed

>> No.81337765

where'd you get the quake shambler?

>> No.81339003

why do you own 9 laptops?

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>> No.81339118

who's that daki

>> No.81339138

Go look on google images under "Calvin and Hobbes wallpaper" There's a bunch of different space ones

>> No.81339916

What figure display stand/case is that? The one with the clear shelves.

>> No.81341147

spray deoderant in the bathroom instead.

>> No.81341287

It's always been this way Anon.

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i came here for the pictures, not the cringy circlejerking. these threads used to have more interesting pictures before

>> No.81342092

Looks comfy, but... only one KRK?

>> No.81342103

its in the shadow, in the corner

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Beautiful weather outside.

>> No.81342468

same as soft, just drain.

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Sorry for the delay, yes it is Manbat he is one of my favorites, it’s a rancor toy from the 80’s

>> No.81342628

why would anyone do that on a anime website

>> No.81342887

So I have this desk with a gromet hole at each end. And it has room in the rear to conceal a PC, like in this bird's eye text diagram: ───.
The problem is that cables going through the gromet holes in the front have no way of reaching the rear space.
Should I drill two holes in the top corners of the back piece as well more gromet holes at the top for mouse and keyboard??

>> No.81342896

the text diagram didn't work I guess because 4chan removed the ascii characters in my post.

>> No.81342945

Jesus anon this looks like dog shit, with the fucked up chair to the shit all over the floor and the unmade bed, to the north korean flag with a misaligned star

Clean your fucking room

>> No.81343011

yeah man

>> No.81343026

my bad meant to address you, yeah
yeah it is

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nice ones. good job fellas

>> No.81344081

Very based. it looks like that manbat is modeled after the 90s batman series.

>> No.81345338

I enjoy playing ps1 games on my psp. and if you haven't yet, try crisis core, probably the best spinoff ff7 game, and a great story to boot.

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