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Also, fuck you drop, give me an option to filter keycaps by profile. You FINALLY added an MT3 section, but it doesn't do shit if I'm looking for SA, DSA, XDA, etc.

That's the only renders they have on full boards. The kit itself is sculpted SA, only 2 of the kits in the entire group buy are R3 sets.

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honestly rather pay 60 bucks for the chink pbt double shots. in asa.

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How can I contact the faggot over at 40percent.club? His git server is dead and I need some gerbers. There is not a single email address/contact form in the entire blog

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>3.8k sold
people really love throwing money at keycaps

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Most i've personally spent on a single board (including keycaps) is ~$450. Though I've got a set of the SA Laser group buy ordered, it wont be delivered for another 11 months, so if you add that to it then around $600.

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No i didn't have cash saved for cyber truck or those evangelion themes keyboards, or those brass ones.

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K586 Brahma RGB (https://www.redragonzone.com/collections/keyboard/products/k586-brahma-rgb-mechanical-gaming-keyboard-blue-switches )
a good keyboard?

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I mean, objectively across all keyboards in existence, it is "fine". Good for it's price, but it's not a "good" keyboard compared to many of the keyboards posted here.

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If it was fully refurbished plus USB’d, then I woul pay 1K for a beamspring.
Nope. Not the same thing at all.

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SA with international sets run approx $300 for a FS keeb.

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I don't really have a budget
>Location (continent at least)
>Preferred switch type
I had zealio v2 switches in my old keyboard and loved them, so i guess just anything like that would be great. I don't really like the click of most switches.
>Form factor
Either no backlight or white.
>Previous/current keyboards

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Maybe this?


Supports smaller space bar layout, and runs QMK.

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Truly peak sissy bugman tier

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thinking of getting realforce topre, or model f for about the same price I cannot decide.I never tried a model m I think.

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what do you suggest?

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if it's 1800 you're after like for the leopold then i suggest an fl esports 980 (aka K220) which is basically a high-profile drop shift in an abs case, this one however you will have to order out of china off of amazon (this has fedex international shipping for ~$30 which will ensure it takes about a week) or aliexpress (this has ali shipping for free and cainao shipping for ~$30 both of which are around 3 weeks to a month)

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Anything not fucking overpriced garbage that has the same quality of chink shit.
MT3 is alright but most of the shit on drop is uninspired trash that's up charged beyond compare.

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So you want me to purchase shit quality control chink keycaps with a boring aesthetic?

Sick bro, I'll get right on that.

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Think it cause Sp, and GMK only got same fonts, and don't like to make a new font set.

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Keyboard fandom shit in general is for 'consoom product' tier retards. You degenerates sound so faggy when you talk about your colorful switches and their cringe names

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Nigga did you even read my post?
You're buying chink shit with a little polish at the end of the day
There was a time that I looked at the sets on drop and thought I might buy those, now it's all the same generic uninspired shit that sometimes are actually the clone of chink shit with a lil bit of better quality.
I only buy custom caps for shit I build that need it. If you're paying bread for a keyboard the base keycaps better be fucking good.

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...Are you going through some shit, Filco guy?

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that's a lot of guns anon

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Lmao, show me SA profile keycaps that I can buy for cheaper, I'll wait.

I get it perfectly well, you're a moron that's too poor to buy nice things

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You're not helping your case bug boy, just use google.

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>No leds on neon keyboard
do hipsters really

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It's a 3D render anon, it's not an actual picture of a keyboard.

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richfag detected
bonus points for the cute little tokarev hiding in the corner

also has anyone ever had a key that works when you press the switch down without the keycap but when you press it down with the keycap nothing registers? the cap goes all the way down, so i'm lost.

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just go to aliexpress fag.

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They're all dirt cheap garbage with bad QC, limited aesthetics, and many of them claim they're incompatible with north-facing LEDs, which tells me they're not ACTUALLY SA profile since real SA keycaps have no issue with north or south facing LEDs.

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That was the only one I thought was even passingly like a Five-Seven but the texture on the grip is wrong as is the trigger guard.

Five-Seven is my favorite pistol, so I was just surprised I didn't see it if it was there.

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"incompatible with LEDs" only means they're not shinethrough

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This nigga
Go back to plebddit

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why ,beside the cheap switches (which I will replace at some point) what are the problems ?

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your 1% keyboard, sir

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Keycaps are pretty shit, stabilizers are probably underwhelming if not shit, the case it's likely thin and hollow sounding, etc.

It's fine for it's price though, like I said.

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the only thing really explicitly wrong with it is that you'll be getting outemu hotswap sockets which are only compatible with other outemu switches without filing down the switch legs, if you were going to switch to other outemu switches (outemu switches are by and large fine if you like cherry clones and a couple of stand-outs like Boba U4s) there's no real issue with it

redragon's beautiful for its price but you have to be aware that if it's hotswap you'll be stuck with outemu switches

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Once you're done playing with your weeb keebs, join the topre gang

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Let's not kid ourselves. They're expensive rubber domes. They're good, but they're still rubber domes at the end of the day.

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I bet you don't even own a split
Stupid sheep fag really trying to play this game when the majority of us already spent bread on a keyboard.
Post your reddit tier keyboard so we can laugh at you.

>> No.81319319

lmao, you're embarrassing yourself

If you spent bread only our keyboard and then decked it out with $20 chink keycaps, you deserve all the ridicule you get.

>> No.81319359


Fuck off faggot

>> No.81319537

>Spending that much on a prebuilt with shit keycaps

>> No.81319697

The point is, you can't just say buy a keyboard with the keycaps you want when these aftermarket keycap sets only exist in this format and usually for a decent chunk of $$.

That doesn't make them "bad" it just makes them limited production and if you want decent QC on it, you have to pay up a decent amount of $$$.

Also, the Tatooine ones are officially licensed which is likely one contributing factor to their cost.

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So what you're basically saying is if you want anything besides chink-tier QC, or generic-looking keycaps you're a "bugman"?

Good keycaps cost money, yes there are some good fairly simple aesthetic ones in the ~$50-80 range. But it's not absurd to pay $100-150 for a specific aesthetic and don't want low quality Chinese keycaps with misaligned legends or similar "minor" defects.

I seriously don't understand the issue, limited production items like special keycaps sets are going to cost a decent bit of money, there is nothing wrong with paying for that if it's exactly what you want. The aesthetic is personal taste. If I like, and I want to pay for good quality, what's the issue?

Often you can't find Chinese clones of these keycap sets unless they're something that was particularly sought after in the community.

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Is this a good keyboard? Asking for a person who used it while sober.

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Gun/10, my dude. Well done. Nice composition.

>> No.81320446

>Force Control
rapist keyboard

>> No.81320447

Nice caps. What are those? Uniprofile something or others? The font looks nice and modern while using classic centred design.

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This looks suspiciously similar to my Rosewill RK-9000 keyboard. I wonder if Filco was the equipment manufacturer.

Either way I'm pretty happy with mine, keycaps are ABS so obviously getting a little bit of that polish, but aside from that it's held up pretty well.

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What does /g/ think about el cheapo boards like sharkoon pure writer.
I type a lot and am used to slim rubber domes. Although I like my current keyboard, the left ctrl key ghosts from time to time while gaming.
I don't want to buy an expensive board just to realize I may not be into mechanical.

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I want Silo switches but actually MX compatible.

>> No.81320640

most low-profile switches suck, or are meh at best.

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anyone here bought the gmmk pro yet? how long did it take for you to get it?

>> No.81321160

anything 100 percent or more without them being small as fuck keys or all bunched together extremely close.

>> No.81321172

why do boomers seethe whenever someone uses a different layout than them? is their inferiority complex?

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>ordered a black GMMK Pro in January
>still in flex batch but will get mine much sooner than White Ice cucks
Feels good to be a contrarian and pick the less popular option.

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i am never going to use scroll lock, pause, insert, and probably never use page-up or page-down

i could not care less that these are gone on compact layouts or lower percent layouts because i do not use them and anything that has them as a default can be rebound

>> No.81321402

my nigga

>> No.81321419

Truth be told I'm more of an Estinien man but Aymeric is an excellent choice too as the honorary Azure Dragoon

>> No.81321428

where's F13-F24? seems like a lackluster keyboard to me

>> No.81321517

It's called the G keys but fucking Cope since you use some shitty small 60 percent flimsy keyboard I bet LMAO.

>> No.81321572

>G keys
WOAH! Watch out! WE HAVE A GAMER OVER HERE! G for GAMER! Hardcore gamer! Watch out!

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>> No.81321659

If I catch you running by the benches on balmung I'll give you a /wave!

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keychron is up to 100 dollers, for example, but most sites here were 200 euro plus. that's what i meant

yeah, the tax thing is trash

>> No.81322245

So, is it a big problem when typing for extended periods of time if a keyboard is high? Most of the mks I'm looking at seem to be tall and I'm not sure how comfortable that would be

>> No.81322296

oh what keycaps are you running for that beamspring sound?

>> No.81322343

Why are all the good looking keycaps on Drop only for SA?

>> No.81322344

ABS or PBT matter much you think or is it mostly just a function of the switches and case

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>slider over spring = good
>rubber dome = bad
>buckling spring = obsolete
>RGB LEDs = needed
>colored keycaps = art
>custom cables

>> No.81322380

Wow, look at all that shit I didn't say coupled with a onions wojak and a Know Your Meme filename.

>> No.81322437

Serious question.

Why do you guys buy regular mechanical keyboards instead of ergonomic mechanical keyboards?

The default body position on a regular keyboard is asymmetrical and retarded and you could take the opportunity to buy a proper one with all that money. This is our work tool and that many hours on it will take it's toll on your tendons and posture.

>> No.81322439


Ah shit I just noticed the lack of prtscreen on the Keychron, I use that shit quite often actually. I wonder how the sound is on the epomaker.

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because whenever I see "ergonomic" anything I literally do not see how it could be comfortable for your hands, seriously look at this shit lmao

>> No.81322543

non-issue if you rebind a key in sharpkeys, they actually give you a little card in the box telling you to do so since they don't have their own software. i don't have my keychron anymore or else i'd do a sound test with it but i do have an epomaker with box whites i can share

>> No.81322574

You can't see how something actually designed around human hands could be more comfortable than something designed around the mechanical limitations of typewriters a century ago?

>> No.81322581

Ah ok ty. Now I actually have to make a decision which is the hard part for me. Why did you go from Keychron to epomaker?

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picked one up after seeing PBT keycaps in what looked like SA profile were an option along with wanting to try gateron yellows, and it was still a bluetooth keyboard so i'd still be able to flip around between devices if i needed to. my takeaways from it were that i liked the keychron's sound better, i like the keychron having a slider for bluetooth and wired better, i very much like gateron yellows and i usually loathe linear switches, and after two 96% boards i much prefer the 1800 layout for arrow keys that aren't cramped. ended up kinda regretting that i gave the keychron away instead of giving away the epomaker but i was still in the honeymoon phase of a new purchase and kept the one i'd end up liking less

note that the epomaker is not a bad keyboard by any stretch of the imagination, it's very good if you get a right-handed numpad and not the left-handed one with a jankier main keyboard layout and has niceties out of the box like lubed stabilizers and the aforementioned PBT keycaps, but once it's fixed up and has better keycaps i like the sound profile of the keychron k4 better

currently rocking an flesports k220 because the drop shift was 2expensive4me and didn't come in high profile, and the leopold fc980m was a nice keyboard but way too basic for the modern elite gaymer, such as myself, and i don't feel like a soldering project right now

>> No.81322903

Ah yeah I would prefer 1800 over 96 desu. How is the k220? think it would sound any good with navies?

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>implying any of you faggots who sperg over keycaps will use a keyboard/cap set long enough to reach EOL on the fucking things in the first place.
>Caring about QC when you can often keep the item and get your money back if Chang tries to chink you and fails

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Reporting in

>> No.81323041

does this keyboard feel as cheap and shitty as a normal ergodox ez? Honeslty just gave me a chink plastic vibe

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Haven't used a row stagger board for around 7 years now (not counting using other people's boards).

>> No.81323134

I'm not really keen on modifying keyboards honestly and just look for a stock experience. I'll pass but keep it in mind.

>> No.81323200

they are. i own 2. they even take the same daughterboard controller

>> No.81323418

If I'm not mistaken both filco and rosewill used the same manufacturer: costar.

>> No.81323437

>The Tiger Lily, created by bpiphany, is a replacement controller that turns your Filco Majestouch full size or Rosewill RK-9000 mechanical keyboard into a fully programmable keyboard.


>> No.81323674

i wish NIZ keyboards didn't look so chinese though :/

>> No.81323713

ty vm anon, Think I have it narrowed down now.

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We got another one, 1800lads.

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$1700+ on this

>> No.81323859

Ergonomic mechanical keyboard ftw

What's the thing in the middle?

>> No.81323923

pretty schway anon what the hell keyboard is that

>> No.81324006

Austin R2 with 68g Boba U4s, brass plate, and GMK Oblivion
tho a lot of the money was spent on extra like plates, PCBs, foam, carrying case and switches
The actual keyboard itself was only $900 that I had to get from a scalper since I missed the group buy.
Compared to an HHKB with silenced topres and Hi-Pro keycaps this is much quieter and feels better to type on imo.

>> No.81324014


>> No.81324031

Caps are double shot. No wear observerd so far.

>> No.81324076

My mechanical keyboard cost $30 and feels literally no different to more expensive keyboards I've used. What's with the autism?

>> No.81324152
File: 637 KB, 4608x3464, HHKB Work Setup.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Thats not true at all lol.
but whatever helps you COPE
once you go topre you never go back to MX trash

>> No.81324250

Mine's a KBD19X, more of a budget option but still a lot of money for a keyboard.
I did also consider the TX-CP but the 19X was easier to get my hands on at the time.

>> No.81324319

where the fuck do i buy one at lmao

>> No.81324322

it's all preference
there's people that like 10$ 20 year old keyboards over what /mkg/ considers god tier

>> No.81324395

You mean delrin anon? Beats me, been quite a while since his last post.

>> No.81324475

I have a Truly Ergonomic and a lot of my switches have started to not work all the time. I guess I need to replace all the switches? It seems like a good time to change from browns to clears, but I don't know what's involved in all that. I'm not new to soldering, but I'm also not great at it.

>> No.81324615

Yeah you're not going to be doing any soldering without one. And a *good* one in the ~$20 range is basically a requirement since cheap solder suckers like ones that come in ~$20-$30 kits are horrid and can fuck up a project.

>> No.81324695

Yeah that anon.
Wish he came back, I'd actually try out his keycaps.

>> No.81324713

i miss the days when mito owned black and cyan.

>> No.81324765

i spent 0.2btc on a keyboard from newegg years ago if that counts

>> No.81324815

cant seem to find the FL K220 on Amazon. The FL Esports webpage directs to some german aliexpress page lol

>> No.81324825

For whatever reason FL Esports calls it the K220 and sales pages call it the FL980.

>> No.81324832

request a refund for the amount of btc u purchased it for lol

>> No.81325034

I've been putting off buying one for probably a year now hoping I'll be able to find somebody local that has some form of Topre board I can try, but it's just not happening, especially with the pandemic and no meetups happening. I think I have to just buy and either return or sell if I hate it.

>> No.81325129

too late for return period so I guess at this point it's like 8000 dollars kek

>> No.81325605

what are some good keyboard keys?

>> No.81325638

is the beige sold out everywhere?

>> No.81325663
File: 1.60 MB, 3468x2601, 20210425_174308_HDR_(1).jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Behold, my horrible soldering job on a model m2

>> No.81325667

On Amazon at least, KPRepublic doesn't have it but FL Esports directly on Ali does

>> No.81325677

nvm think i found it. https://www.aliexpress.com/item/1005002454697343.html?spm=a2g0o.productlist.0.0.265f540aUvQqGB&algo_pvid=eb0e0552-1478-4e22-858e-b40b52f5fb48&algo_expid=eb0e0552-1478-4e22-858e-b40b52f5fb48-3&btsid=0bb0623616194008639508590ed84a&ws_ab_test=searchweb0_0,searchweb201602_,searchweb201603_

def gonna pick one up considering my leopold has been delayed 5 months in a row

>> No.81325867

what are the best custom keys?

>> No.81326096

Yea it is, and I can print out a dactyl for you if you want. Just send me an email at dactylman at protonmail.com. I'd also be willing to sell that board in particular (without the MT3 caps).

>> No.81326179

Honestly I struggle to notice much difference between all metal cases like on a Redragon and the high-end luxury boards you have to get into a group buy for. It's still a metal or plastic box that you screw a PCB and plate into at the end of the day.

>> No.81326267
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Depends what you mean by "best"

signature plastics Sp does SA profile (and other) keycaps in the USA and are pretty high quality

GMK does Cherry profile (also called GMK profile) keycaps in Germany and are pretty high quality

Some companies like drop pay Chinese keycap makers to do MT3 profile with good quality control (compared to generic Chinese keycap sets anyway).

If you want something custom but similar or identical profile to your current keycaps, GMK is your best bet.

If you want more classic style sculpted keycaps like you'd see on an old beamspring keyboard, then SA profile or MT3 profile is what you're after.

If you want something uniform profile look for XDA, DSA, or KAM.

>> No.81326447

What's the best option for a wireless board with mx red or similar switches?
I'm eyeing the Logitech G915 because Linus used it but if these a cheaper one I wouldn't notice

>> No.81326582
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>> No.81326763

Not sure, they're both the same thing and they're the same seller. Float a question to the seller and ask about it, I would default to the $99 one because I paid $108 for mine on Amazon.

>> No.81326985
File: 2.44 MB, 2355x1766, IMG_20210116_153603.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.81327138

how many times have you actually used that flashlight lol. fucking retarded

>> No.81327207

Do you have any recommendations for a decent keycap set for a C1 that's similar in appearance? Pardon me if that's ignorant. This is my first mechanical keyboard.

>> No.81327244
File: 2.02 MB, 3709x2473, preshinedpbt.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>getting colorful PBT with consistent quality is difficult
And getting textured ABS that won't shine is impossible

>> No.81327395


This one is off the fucking chain! Cheers!

>> No.81327549

Thanks but why do I get the feeling that it's too light and moving the knob will move the pad?

>> No.81328386

if you just want a wireless get a keychron
if you want a wireless topre specifically then i guess so

>> No.81328433
File: 1003 KB, 2391x1793, IMG_2021-04-26-02-41-34-217.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

keyboards naturally end up in a pile after about a month the you gotta separate em again it's weird

>> No.81328446

Dumb question: can one use mattias or alps switches in a hotswap board no problem? (other than needing to find alps keycaps)

>> No.81328462


>> No.81328474

You need more keyboards.

>> No.81328532

Why would you buy keyboards you will not use?

>> No.81328552

why buy keyboards?
you could have bought literally a fucking car and just used 1 GOOD keyboard instead of buying all those fucking junk lmfao

>> No.81328568

I like keyboards I just do keyboards all day for years now.
it's not like those are stock boards and it's only half

>> No.81328706
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>> No.81329016

Where do you got that key caps from?

>> No.81329207

They're two completely different feels, with the model F feeling almost like a linear when you compare it to a topre's tactility. Both have a nice sound, with the model F being more fun and topre if you don't want to drive your coworkers insane. Though with the model f you can always use it as a self defense weapon when they do accost you.
Like click switches? Model F. Like quiet switches? Topre. Neither is necessarily better and both are equally as enjoyable in different ways.
The best thing to do is to get both. Price of model F only goes up with time, topre you can buy any time you want. I'd get the model f (whether the old AT or Ellipse's repro) right now over the topre because you might not be able to get them easily down the line. Worst case scenario you don't like it, just sell it for the same exact price you bought it for.

>> No.81329950

holy shit the fabled tik tok switches

>> No.81330544
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>she doesn't know

>> No.81331317

What are some high-tier full-fize mechanical keyboards with a sound wheel? An important factor for me. Even better if it has an optional wireless mode, so I could use it both wired and wireless.
I was thinking Logitech G915 at first, but after looking at it I reconsidered. Are there better alternatives that tick all those boxes?
Buying my first mechanical keyboard also.

>> No.81331786

Will aftermarket keycaps / stabilizers work with the Filco Stingray?

pls respond

>> No.81332256

I'm in the market for a mechanical keyboard and a friend recommended me a Glorious GMMK with Brown Switches as an entry-level keyboard since I'm not looking to get too into it. Any other recommendations?

Around $100. $150 at most.
>Location (continent at least)
>Preferred switch type
>Form factor
None or any.

>> No.81332348

Flex absorbs force, when typing a more flexible board should have less energy being turned into noise.

Less flex means less area to dissipate the force, and a louder sound.

Differences depends on the exact board in question however

>> No.81332375

I can't be fucked to re-learn keyboards

>> No.81332612

So I can't use regular costar stabilizers (for aftermarket keycaps)?

>> No.81332840

Its all personal preference

>> No.81332887
File: 124 KB, 795x294, something-like-this.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Unlimited as long as quality matches
>Preferred switch type
ANSI/ISO doesn't matter but should be available with localisation
>Form factor
TKL with embedded numpad, pic related
Solid color, adjustable intensity

The numpad is a must, other fn keys would be nice, a trackpoint would win the jackpot, but I'm keeping my hopes low there. I know you can emulate function keys through software, but I'm changing computers and systems frequently, so the keyboard should just send proper codes on its own. I can solder the thing together myself if it comes as a kit only.

>> No.81332960

It doesn't
Comes with a wooden block to hold it down

>> No.81333547
File: 1.44 MB, 1733x974, ghu3f8dtu.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I would be glad if they start making keyboards with numpad on the left side

>> No.81333571

candykeys.com ?
i think they're based in germany.

>> No.81333575
File: 276 KB, 1176x910, 1590321120530.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

They exist if you're willing to pay up for a group buy

>> No.81333625

I just want a tank with hotswaps,qmk.I kinda feel ripped if didn't have rgb, since rgb is cheap as fuck.

>> No.81333792

Topre silent 45g

>> No.81335078

Those don't exist
They only do stupid shit like math stuff
You're better off using KDE connect if you're on Linux

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