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based urbit thread blessed by based moldberg

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>crypto wallet

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yeah no. if you understood it and took the time to read you would understand .

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Fuck off.

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Remind me again how the fuck was this supposed to work? You pay to let galaxy owners give you a planet and let you route traffic through their galaxy?
Wouldn't galaxies become so crowded that they can't sustain any more planets to the point that it isn't worth it to maintain it anymore?

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It's cloud computing with a weird os and a weird cloud with focus on crypto id+currency and rightwing blogspam/social networking

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How is that better than the FEDiverse

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Basically, yes.

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Less trannies and javascript, Thiel might recruit you to become a neuromancer

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It runs programs that they pay people crypto to write

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It's moldbug, he's a Jewish neoreactionary (anti-democracy). He's more incidentally racist/segregationist rather than a supremacist whose core identity is being racist. He writes really long-winded blogs is a Silicon Valley techbro whose friends with Thiel. I've read some of his blogs, they are pretty good.

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The OS in its early phase is, but you can develop anything you want on it, even games.

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There’s already an urbitchan

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you can either be gifted one by a star owner, or buy one off opensea.

If you don't like how a star is running their system you can always migrate to a different star, galaxies are basically like the backbone of the internet, only people with serious hardware that invest their time and money are going to want one. they cost like 5000 Eth, but because they can create and host stars they can profit by running maintained systems.

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>Wouldn't galaxies become so crowded that they can't sustain any more planets to the point that it isn't worth it to maintain it anymore?
no, that's like saying dns can't work because the dns servers will become too crowded. I mean, I guess it's not *impossible*, but there is 1 star for every 65k planets, and it's not like address lookups are particularly frequent or expensive

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>No more tcp-ip
More like application overhead built on top of IP

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>with a new stack designed from the ground up for networked, decentralized, and e2e encrypted computing.
Except you didn't. You built application protocal on top of the existing network stack, then encoded Ip addresses in ethereum block chain, which can be resolved by using urbit monikers.
Its a blockchain DNS.

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>w*jak .*oomer
Not reading any of that shit.

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How the fuck do you think urbit traffic gets to your local machine, huh? Urbit is for retards who like to feel high and mighty. Moldbug knew this and he helped turn the sensation of superiority he gushes into a meme-chain based toy. Dont be such a fucking sheep.

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>Except you didn't
yeah huh

>You built application protocal on top of the existing network stack
no, urbit built:

1. A runtime environment
2. A low level functional language and vm specification
3. A high level functional systems programming language
4. A non-preemptive, deterministic operating system
5. Kernel libraries for networking, timers, version control, terminal, build system, user applications, and secret storage
6. A network of these operating systems with a public key infrastructure for ownership and identity currently on the ethereum blockchain

that's what urbit built on top of the existing network stack

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Don't care, hypercore protocol better.

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I wonder why Yarvin didn't just use existing tools & solutions to create whatever he had in mind, it would have saved him at least a decade.

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>Its UDP, it doesn't deal with TCP-IP
You are actually retarded.

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*suspicious activity
Err, ok

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>hoon is technology

It is? It's just cringey low quality vm language.

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seeth more dorsay

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>I can write pure code to run on people's computers in an os which cannot crash or lose state and updates itself over the air, and send that code over a network with scarce, unwashable addresses which make spam and malicious attacks unprofitable
>these are totally next level technologies
yeah they are you dumb fuck

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Great you reinvented a less powerful docker container and the something awful forum registration fee, tell me how this will revolutionize computing.

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Why do people bother with retarded projects like this let alone create one.

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>that's not going to happen so spam will be pretty much nonexistent
LOL, how do you even report scammers? And you obviously don't know how profitable scams can get. All you need is one retard to pay 1000$. If the barrier to entry is really supposed to be that low as you claim, then there will be plenty of retards. Holding out hope for the day "crowdfunding service on urbit" launches.

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What does white nationalist mean? Literally, he's white and loves his country or is it a meme?
Would him being white and loving his country be a problem?
t. ignorant non-ameritard.

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this, presumably. In other words, he holds obviously true beliefs about the human races and their history, which by modern standards makes you a racist nazi who needs to be banned from tech conferences

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You still need an ISP to use Urbit kek fucking retard

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>hurr durr services costing money is stupid that's why domains and dns routing are free

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>he dosn't know about free domains
you just keep showing your little knowledge on networking topics and your hard devotion to shill this ponzi scam, as always, keep coping rajeesh.

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>another /pol/ tard project
Dropped and filtered.

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> you need to buy blipblops to get more valuable shmooples
> only 20$

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>meme-tech buzzwords
do you just type without thinking about what the words you're using mean?

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>the internet was supposed to be a network of peers where if I want to talk to you or do some computing together I have my computer connect to yours.
Ongoing thread about this: >>81291266
>The reason we ended up with centralized silos instead of decentralization is firstly that decentralized software is much harder to build.
Much cheaper to maintain though. No racks of servers required to host a billion cat videos.
>To overcome this, we layer over all the crap with a new stack designed from the ground up for networked, decentralized, and e2e encrypted computing.
This part I understand. What I don't understand is why you need a whole new virtual machine with its own language and a network of planets, stars and galaxies to do this. How hard could it be to create a new protocol with its own addressing system? With blockchain you wouldn't even need DNS, as the addressing itself could be decentralized. What am I missing here?

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I like a lot of what Justin Murphy does, but there is something deeply unsettling about him. Like Zuck, he feels like some kind of alien entity.

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urbit glows so fucking hard holy shit.

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You have it the wrong way around, TCP is a protocol over IP.

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They are scamming money out of people. The creators aren't stupid enough to believe this is going anywhere.

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At least I got the second part right.

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If there even is an "official" definition, it's a vague definition, but, inferring from context, I would imagine that you are supposed to presume that anyone called a white nationalist is a white dude who wants his country to be all or mostly white (at the expense of a purge of everyone else, which is why you're supposed to hate them). May or may not have any actual strong interest in the people in his country focusing on their own country before all other countries.

This is also the vague definition of white supremacist, although the boogeyman white supremacist might be imagined as having visions of global domination. But the white nationalist boogeyman might also be imagined that way.

Look they're all just buzzwords dude. They don't mean anything other than "A fucking white male I could make lose his job due to his wrongthink about PoC right now" or "white males who have committed the sin of nazism".

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You do.
>obviously true beliefs
I also think you should kill yourself as soon as possible and save us the oxygen, following an internet guy who thinks he's above other people based on some imaginary concepts, you are beyond saving.

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cuck license

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