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>Unix workstation
>MacBook Air (2020, M1) un ironically the best laptop out there, fastest processor in a laptop and best battery life (20 hours).

It’s converting many people

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Even Satania is an Apple fag now

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You mean this?

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You mean this thread?

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annual consoomer conditioning conference happened, just leave them alone and observe them from a distance

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Fuck off Linuxtard, apple owns this board now.
You better go back to where you came from. Mods are ours.

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You guys could make good friends with the Brave shills

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It's not shilling. We first clearly declare that we hate apple so you can't say that we're shilling.

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Maybe people are just waking up to the M1 greatness. Told you fuckers back in 2018 than ARM would be based on desktop too.

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I like apple

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Mac is better than loonigs so i dont know why youre surprised

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/g/ unfortunately has fallen to the moula and constant shilling of the inc

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>can't even draw a monitor or table
That wouldn't have to happened with an iPad Pro 2021 (tm) and an Apple Pencil 2nd Gen (tm).

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A bunch of sheep like >>81285745 have been conned into believing a facebook toddler toy with a phone processor is a "Unix workstation" because it gets a better gookbench score than some $500 ultra-low-volt Ryzens.

Also actual shills just spamming the board, not even to sell shit but just to be disruptive and/or circlejerk with other shills.

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Since this board lacks any sort of moderation on advertising threads, they'll just keep spamming any applooo street shitting shilling posts and nobody would do anything.

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Aggressive Applefag shills are part of a cult and all they want to do is insult and dirupt discussion instead of looking at things rationally because they want to feel good about how much money they spend on their Computers. Not everyone who uses apples stuff is autistic, but the ones you see most often in this hellhole of a board are.

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I think there are actual Apple employees or people paid to shill their products here

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What's the point of ARM? It isn't even x86

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Its a guaranteed response from an autistic arch user any time you talk positvely about mac. You encourage it with all the attention you give it.

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>just filter my spam and circlejerking so I can have my hugbox
How about you just fuck off back to Macrumors if you don't like people calling out your autism? Nobody owes you a safe space here.

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Look everyone a javascript skiddie

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I have better things to spend my money on rather than finance Tim Cook's mass gay orgy parties

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Not an argument. Reminder to report Apple spam and advertisement.

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>the catalog is 3 posts
Nice cherry pick. >>81294528 is the catalog today. Reminder to report Apple advertisement.

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0.1 shekels have been deposited into your account

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> Its only a hugbox when you banish all decenting opinion
What exactly do you think a filter does, you dumbfuck tourist?

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