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>How do people even deal with this slow-ass package manager?
by living rent free in your head

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they had plan to rewrite it in C but I don't know if they made any progress

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will that even help? i dont doubt that python is part of the reason for the bad performance, but compared to other package manager portage needs to do far more calculations.

checking the useflags, dependency, useflag on dependency, package masking, compiler optimizations etc etc. being rewritten in c wont reduce the amount of calculations.

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If they have some big dumb loop at one point (which might happen because of all the calculations like you said), making it in C should save a lot of time.

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its a bit slow but a none issue for me or at least i feel like so because i use a minimal settup.

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Portage uses only one core ATM. Rewriting it in C will have a negligible performance impact compared to making it multithreaded.

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the blatant samefagging is hilarious

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can't they make it multithreaded in python? cant you like "import multithread" or smth

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>reproducible builds
>on a source-based distribution
What a retard.

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It's explained in this thread: https://forums.gentoo.org/viewtopic-t-866779-start-0.html

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