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does it have thumbnails in file picker?

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>2 months late

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Agggghhhhh I installed and my peepee fell off!!!!! Help help!!!! NooooOoooOooooOoo

>> No.81036147

Does Winblows allow you to just drop a picture from your file manager into your file picker without trying to copy it into the default directory for your filepicker?

>> No.81036158

Just installed fedora 34, I just want dash to panel to work. I hate this layout.

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The use of money is all the advantage there is to having money.

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i'm on pop os just figuring out if it's worth updating yet...

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I-it's not like I can't code, I just want to piss you off by not implementing it!

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Corners are rounded. That's nice, except the desktop is rounded too... And they're rounded too when full windowed...

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Hehehee.. sorry but I will have to remove that feature in the update because I believe no one use it.

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no thanks, dont want it, i have not liked gnome since gnome-1.4 was current

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gnome has been shit since version 3
no one uses desktop linux anymore
wouldn't be surprised if poettering was getting free hrt from microsoft

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>file manager
>file picker
What's the difference retard?

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who needs neofetch now with this beautiful info panel.
>sudo pacman -Rscn neofetch

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Is dwm allowed?

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I'd wish that there was a DE/WM that is an exact copy of GNOME 1.

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congrats, you're a tranny now

>> No.81036818

didn't you read the comments? you can still do it you low IQ.

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Where did you get your icons from?
Looks like early KDE.
Also are you using Idesk or something else?

>> No.81036865

>eats anon's orange
yum yum yum

>> No.81036876

what is that double ^ button

>> No.81037020

Thanks for reminding me not to upgrade until Pop OS releases their vertical workspace extension.

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GNOME with BaBar extension is literally best DE experience in the universe

>> No.81037081

File manager has thumbnails and file picker does not :^)

>> No.81037086

I'm using babar because dash to panel isn't compatible yet. What a fucking pain.

>> No.81037243

the pople from dash to panel are a little bit slow, I remember when GNOME 3.38 released, it took them quite some time.

>> No.81037285

this is just a workaround behaviors because gnome devs can't implement it without setting your cpu on fire stop coping

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>show time and date on the same line
>reflow text in console
You are being retarded now. Fuck your bait and your transexual empowering distro

>> No.81037749

install rox-filer, run it as:

rox --pinboard=PIN

then open the rox file manager and you can navigate to /usr/share/applications and drag & drop icons to the desktop, or make your own in ~/ and drag & drop those onto the desktop, also rightclick and add your own background

spacefm is another file manager that will work too. run it as: spacefm --desktop but adding icons is by adding them to ~/Desktop/

>> No.81037772

oh, almost forgot most the icons come from kde-3.x

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>you installed a third-party widget
Now say it without crying, Bruce.
Is not my problem you don't know how KDE works and why people love it.

>> No.81038211

daily reminder that GNOME is THE Linux DE, polished and reliable, KrashDE, Xfeces and others are toy projects and joke

>> No.81038226

Yes. You've been able to do this since Win95+IE4 upgraded. This is a 24 fucking year old feature.

>> No.81038250

Daily reminder that IBM and Fedora/Gnome troons pushing "official" linux products and corporativism into the FLOSS scene are a cancer to the community

>> No.81038296

Where is gtk-sharp-4.0 ?

>> No.81038318

Xfce's default layout doesn't use dock, its just panel with few launchers, there is regular task manager on topbar, just remove the "dock" bar and move topbar to bottom.

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>> No.81038327

Ignorance is bliss.

>> No.81038363

Bullshit. Over the years people have done commits to fix this but they reject them.

>> No.81038368

GNOME is unironically great.
As usual, /g/ hates it because it works.

>> No.81038374

i really like that background

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What's this GNOME everyone talks about? I just use Ubuntu, great layout, great defaults.

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>> No.81038447

>install dash to panel
>replace nautilus
>disable a few animation settings
>gnome is now good
I absolutely hated it out of the box but now it's probably my first choice. Don't think /g/ has actually tried using it.

>> No.81038454

>>install dash to panel
doesn't work on GNOMER 40

>> No.81038492

Who gives a shit? Use 3.X until it gets support.

>> No.81038498

This. Not surprisingly, it's also the official desktop environment of the GNU project.

>> No.81038504

>dash to panel
you may as well install Xfce

>> No.81038509

Except MacOS can do all those things. GNOME can't even rip off properly

>> No.81038529

Rolls the window up, could probably get rid of it desu because I have bound it to the mousewheel

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You can always blame GNU for GNOME, then.

>> No.81038552

GNOME literally can do all those things. Minimizing doesn't even require extensions.

>> No.81038561

exactly, just press super + h to minimize

>> No.81038724

don't use gnome or anything from GNU until Stallman has been demoted.

>> No.81038735

Yeah that's true. Forgot about them

>> No.81038822

nice, it was annoying
gnome designers are kings and queens

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take it for free anon!

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>> No.81039436

You also don't even need a dock. I keep it around now because I want a clock and a cpu/mem/battery monitor, but before that I bound the super key to xfce4-appfinder and it worked quite well.

>> No.81039453

This is my face after shilling for a goddamn foot every day. I've changed my ways, please forgive me for being such a massive faggot. I'm gonna start using KDE and not track every Qt/KDE bug report and reproduce them on webms that nobody watches. I have no income rn and my husband's girlfriend's black bvll is threatening to put it inside me again. Plz forgive me g
t. Bruce3434 the gnome faggot nigger bbc taker

>> No.81039657

Can install it right now or are you talking about the beta?

>> No.81039766

Nice, I've been waiting for this to come out. I've been running Gnome 3.38 on a computer my parents use to listen to music and podcasts in the kitchen. I look forward to installing it so I can try out the new activities view that everyone has been hyping up. Looks smooth.
It probably won't work very well though because the GNOME/RedHat folks decided that it was a good idea to deprecate actually good touchpad drivers (synaptic) and replace them with something inferior they wrote for no reason. (This is a pattern with them.)

Anyway, once I've had a chance to play with it for 20 minutes or so I'll be switching that computer over to KDE on X. Looking forward to getting away from this awkward-to-use, unmaintainable mess.

Just checked, looks like it's in the Arch repos now.

>> No.81039971

it was in Arch repos since March 25th (gnome-unstable)

>> No.81040995

Another useful tip is disabling animations altogether. It makes GNOME as snappy as any autismwm while still providing all the functionality.

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