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>Order from eBay a week ago
>Seller rating 100%
>They still haven't shipped
How much longer do I have to wait

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>7 row keyboards
This is stupid. There are many useless keys that can be hidden and used with fn.

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>7 row keyboards are stupid, use fn instead

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Agreed, 7 row keyboards are stupid.

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I hate when sellers do this shit, whenever i sell anything i send it same day. Its complete bullshit tho its like
>if i knew youd take this long to ship i wouldn't have bought from you
ebay should have some sorta punishment in place for these cases

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thoughts on T15/T14 series?

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>use fn instead of 7 row keyboards

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The absolute state of /tpg/...

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don't bother with the intel version. just get the amd one.

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Yup, WAN: https://support.lenovo.com/us/en/videos/pd022687-wireless-wan-removal-movie-thinkpad-x220

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That's what you get for giving a shock to your system.

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I need advice.

I already have a X220 with 8GB RAM, 300GB HDD but it's too slow for my tasks. I found an offer for another ThinkPad:

1000GB HDD
Quatro 2000M
~190 USD

I could get 4GB RAM from my X200, sell my old thinkpad and add few bucks and get the W520 with combined 12GB of RAM. Anybody owns that thinkpad and can give me a quick rundown on it's performace?

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Instead of using a wan card, you can plug a msata storage there.

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Which BIOS should I flash my x220, 1.43?

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Is tripcode kill?

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I had a guy send me an angry message that I didn't ship his item USPS the day after his purchase. he bought it on a Saturday at 8PM. he still left a bad review lol

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I've never left a good review. Excellent service gets neutrals, everyone else gets negatives. What are you going to do, refuse to sell to me? That's against the rules. :^)

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Is it worth getting one of these?

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Jesus christ, getting basic functionality from your hardware is a nightmare in linux.

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it works out of the box in ubuntu

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I'm looking to buy an x200 or x220, but here in europe I can only find versions with ISO keyboards, is it possible to switch the keyboard out for an ANSI usa keyboard, or is it incompatible?
Is using keyboard stickers on an x200 a sacrilege?

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will it have specter and meltdown mitigations? Should I even worry about that?

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it does

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Im a complete outsider to thinkpad upgrading but have always wondered, do you guys use actual graphic cards or ones built in with processors?

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get a w530 instead, it runs cooler and has better battery. you can replace the keyboard with a mod

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>is it possible to switch the keyboard out for an ANSI usa keyboard
>Is using keyboard stickers ... sacrilege?
not really

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I don't really care for the keyboard but I found a W530 for 390USD. The only problem is that it has a 1366x768 resolution. It that really possible. Seems kinda low with 15,9" display

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Onboard CPU graphics or soldered GPUs, mostly. ThinkPads didn't make much use of the MXM socket, unlike Dell and HP.

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Yes, it will. Just don't let your operating system load the latest microcode at boot, disable mitigations and you'll be good.

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thanks. I'm a brainlet, should I coreboot?

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If you have something you can use as an SPI flasher and absolutely want free firmware, sure. If you just want to remove the wireless card whitelist, use 1866MHz memory, run macOS or get additional options, just flash the modified BIOS.

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Anyone put a i7-940XM in a ThinkPad W510? I got one from China off eBay and the system does not post with it at all. Could it be a BIOS lock? Stock chip is back in it for now.

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rec me a good, full sized keyboard laptop, 17 inch minimum, I really need it for statistics and charts.

4-5k range, looking at Dell Precision 7730, should I pull the trigger bros?

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Precision, P series thinkpads, they all work fine

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My t440p has an internet connection dropping problem, I see a lot of people expeirnce this.. My other laptops internet work fine but my 440p drops its connection every hour or less..

Anyone run into this before?

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Buy new keyboard - they are very easy to replace. Look up videos online.

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Yes, the T400, T500, W500, and T400s-T430s all support 3 cell ultrabay batteries, they aren't all that good, and they are by default drained first so they often have tons of cycles on them.

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This does not have that it have a cd drive

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are you sure? must be a funky glitch with windows, there isn't an internal battery on the t400.

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is there a single laptop or thinkpad made within the last 5 years that doesn't have a crappy flat keyboard? Something like the t60 keyboard where the keys are kind of sloped out.

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yeah my t440p also having random wifi drops (but its rare enough to not bother me too much)

i'd say xps but make sure you understand what you're buying (there are qc issues, most common ones are wobly trackpad and speaker distortion on high volume). trackpad is diy fixable but sound is not

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can someone ID this hp lappy? I'm assuming it's an elitebook but it didn't have any name on it.
you shouldnt

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has anyone re-celled thinkpad batteries? I wanna re-cell an 81+ 6 cell battery with some 3600mAh cells to give me ~80Wh of capacity for my t430s

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IMO you really shouldn't. There are videos of people playing on old T430s and even T420s and performance is about what you would expect from a 10+ year old laptop. It can play CSGO on low settings and minecraft with optifine on low settings but not much beyond that. If you want gaming get a desktop or if you're a poorfag get a ga(y)ming laptop.

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My thinkpad carbon (6th gen, i5) just arrived, would it run faster if I installed windows 8.1 on it instead of windows 10 which it has now?

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There's not w8 drivers anyway so no

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You shouldn't, but if you're going to do so anyway you're going to want to familiarize yourself with your options for GPU-equipped models and which Quadro chips equate to which GeForce chips.

And even then, this is probably the worst way to go about sourcing gaymen hardware, Thinkpads with GPUs are meant more for the development/creation side of graphics wizardry, not the real time playing side.

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Is there any models out there that will run something like Android Studio decently? The most I'd pay is $600 but at that point I feel like I could just find a new laptop for that price that will do fine.

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They either don't work at all, or only some makes/models work. Someone said you could do it so I got a 128gb one that wouldn't work, and I got called a faggot when I asked for help in the general

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His bf beat you to the punch

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Is it safe to buy shit off of ebay? I'm kinda worried about buying a laptop and then having to return it because of a single dead pixel or some kind of hardware issue that's hard to reproduce without using it intensively

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dead pixels resolve themselves 100% of the time. i hate people like you who waste people's money and time returning expensive items because you can't wait a couple months for it to go away.

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>installing a new touchpad cover
it's just going to get glossed over and gross looking again in short order. put a sticker over it, you can buy the ones they make for t520s and t420s and just cut them to fit.
if you insist on replacing it though, it's not tough at all once you get the palmrest off.

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t. ebay garbage seller

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offtopic but
>that fireplace
you are one cozy motherfucker, ain't you

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sell me presicly 1 (one) of those.
how much would you do for your shittiest working one?

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very nice

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OLED screens (what they put in phones) are much easier to manufacture in small sizes and therefore much cheaper than the big ones that you would put into a laptop. If you really want OLED in a laptop you can get them, just expect to pay a pretty penny. Not sure about availability in thinkpads tho, usually businesses don't care about the screens very much.

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its the fact that it had dirt on the keyboards so idk if they'll even work lol

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just ordered my first thinkpads

T400, P8600, 2x2GB, WXGA+ LED
T400, P8700, 2x2GB, WXGA LED
T61, T9300, 3GB, Intel Board, 14" XGA

what am i in for?

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Old hardware that serves no purpose in 2021 other than nostalgia.

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I have that same CPU on my X200, and with a lightweight Linux distro, it'll handle web browsing and streaming just fine.

>> No.81051139

if it's that bad i can still donate it to the local activity centre as DMX controller and Music Player but i'm quite optimistic
it's an upgrade from her previous machine spec-wise and she never complained

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Out of curiosity, how long did it take to load that image in irfanview.

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i'll just fuck him too.
i'm a fag.

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What laptop would you get your girlfriend if you had one?

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i'm a tranny and i have an x260.
if they're autismo just get them an x series thinkpad :)
if they dont care about tech it's either cheap acer trash or a macbook.

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Why have this much cognitive dissonance? Is it not just easier to call her a woman?

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My retard cat just pissed on the left corner of my T60, right where the top left hinge is.
It left a 1x1 cm drop on the top left corner.
The heatsink vent (both side and rear ports) smell like piss.
It seems to have dripped outside the case, the keyboard is unaffected. It dripped down and the top left rubber foot was in a tiny (5x5cm) pool of piss.
Now I'm afraid to turn on my PIsspad.
Should I turn it on first or full dissassembly.

>> No.81051909

blast the cat piss out with human piss. at least human piss won't give you brain-eating parasites.

>> No.81051987

Meant for you:>>81051970

I'm not trolling, I'm the current owner of a literal Pisspad.

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>have your cat put down.
I love my retard cat. No way.

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what's the best possible ssd for a laptop? i hear pcie and pcie nvme and nvme and m.2 nvme and some don't even state which one it is, just "ssd"

what should i be looking for?

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Google's so pozzed that I have to look through 20 different websites to get a clear answer.

>> No.81052286

Google it yourself, retard. It's nothing but advertising brands with no actual information unless you want to sift through an entire article.

>> No.81052307

>unless you want to sift through an entire article.
??? isnt that what you want to do? Get information about different technologies? Watch a fucking YT video about it then. I'm sure Linus Tech Tips got you covered you mentally ill zoomer.

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>full disassembly
I’ve done this for less
I think you should do it too

>> No.81052342

Not him but... You have to phrase your queries precisely with any search engine. The better the query the better the results.
In your case I would query:
>{model name} hardware maintenance manual filetype:pdf
This gets you the actual hardware maintenance manual which has all the data you need.

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Yeah I guess I have no choice. Dissassembling my Pisspad now.

>> No.81052420

"She" hasn't posted anything since the Texas ice storm :(
I start to worry about tripkunk

>> No.81052421

Cats are great pets, they just need to be kept outdoors. People who keep them indoors are just asking for problems.

>> No.81052543

Isn't she British though? How would that make a difference?

>> No.81052624

What? No she's near Austin Texas. What makes you think she's british? She has a pretty clear US / Texan accent

>> No.81052645

He looks like Paki Chan.

>> No.81052765

I don't think so considering minifree is UK based and she runs this website https://transit.org.uk/

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You're getting Leah mixed up with Tripcode.

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what is the best possible CPU upgrade I can do for my T440p?

>> No.81053409

what's the most future proof / up-to-date thinkpad for someone who likes good computers and also wants something i can keep upgrading for many years to come?

>> No.81053881

retard, watch any of his videos when he speaks. He's American. I think San Antonio, TX.

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Not long bought a x240 to replace my Macbook. Is there a way to lessen the action on the mousepad left/right click or make it more sensitive. The amount you have to depress it is too much.
Thanks, chaps.

>> No.81054478

he got the X240 so he deserves it

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Thanks mate, I've been doing that, my gripe with it is when trying to select a section of text, like pic related. It can be hit or miss.

Hey, you cheeky bugger!

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>Finally flash the controller
I should have the gear to flash the controller, I thought the calibration could be done by the OS but it makes sense to flash since the battery reports capacity too, do you know where I can find the flash? does the discord have it?

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I think I messed up with my keyboard. If the blue thing fell down it's over?

>> No.81055098

Who's that? They're pretty cute.

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how does /tpg/ deal with oxygen deterioration? plastics and the hardware slowly getting weaker and weaker until it crumbles.

>> No.81055188

Trip is just a femboy

>> No.81055287

For a different thinkpad battery pack but i think it should be the same process.
If you're worried you can store/seal your thinkpad within an inert gas like nitrogen. that way your thinkpad won't come into contact with the oxygen in the atmosphere and subsequently deteriorate.
>If the blue thing fell down it's over?

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Pisspad anon here.
I cleaned up the T60 from pee. It's running smooth.
Thanks for your advice anon, took a few hours but worth it.

I'm trying to restore this old T60. Now i ran into a problem. The old HDD is shot, it's a 2.5 SATA HDD that was probably stock with the T60.
Now I pulled a 2.5 drive from a newer thinkpad and it won't recognize it. On further inspection it's got four extra pins on the side. I tried switching AHCI to Compatibility mode in the BIOS but no luck.
Anyone know how to get this HDD working?

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Opinions on the L14 Gen 1 AMD? In particular, the version I'm looking at has a Ryzen 5 Pro 4650U, 8GB of RAM, and a FHD display 250 nits. Is there any significance difference with the T14 in terms of build quality? Specwise it doesn't appear to be much different, and I'll be using it mainly at home. Worth it? Or should I put up the exstra money for the T14?

>> No.81056315

Pretty sure its the new thinkpad edge. Expect poorer build quality all around. If it works for you though and you dont drop it go nuts.

>> No.81056413

Forgot to mention I'd pick the AMD version not the Intel one. Any downsides for software development?

>> No.81056525

I have around 1000 euro. What's the best thing I can get?

>> No.81056591

So I picked up an old thinkpad today and took a look under the hood. I have to say it seems to be of a good quality.
Redpill me on libreboot and coreboot please.

>> No.81056698

Can the Left FN and Control keys be swapped on the T60 in the bios?

>> No.81056899

why are all the new thinkpads dropping the microsd slot?

>> No.81056959

Physical media of all kinds is dying

>> No.81057401

>got an x200 for around $120 last year
>thought it was already kinda overpriced but that's what I get for being late to the party
>x200 now goes for $200 and even the less powerful x200t is not $120-$170
holy fuck I never thought it would get this bad.

>> No.81057422

*is now $120-170

>> No.81057560

It was the best cheap thinkpad for quite a while

>> No.81057637

I've had pretty good experiences with ebay sellers. Just check that they have lots of good feedback and you'll be fine.

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>> No.81058357

It's not really a critical necessity on a laptop of all devices, and on the off chance the world might come to an end unless you can read a file off a microsd card then there's a shitzillion ways to connect a card reader.

>> No.81058469

those 4 pins don't do anything, they're for programming the firmware at the factory, is the new HDD DOA? is it compatible anyway? what drives are you using?

>> No.81059254

newer thinkpads don't support old docks. the best you could do would be creating a dock yourself that physically fits the laptop and holds the usb c dock in place, with a cable just long enough to plug in while docked.

>> No.81059255

Good to know. Thanks anon.

>> No.81059363

The new drive works in an external USB enclosure. It's a SATA HDD drive.
I can neither recognize it in the BIOS or booting into Ubuntu.
It did get dropped at one point (which is how the original drive got damaged, but it occasionally recognizes that drive), so I'm starting to think it's the connector to the motherboard. I may have to get one of those DVD SATA enclosures, or replace the MOBO.
Thanks for the help anon!

>> No.81059395

I want to fall for the thinkpad meme but I'm not sure which one I should go for. I want to be able to use it to compile c++ projects and run emacs on it.

>> No.81059639

That's Trip-kun he makes comfy ThinkPad videos. >-< I want a Trip-kun bf


>> No.81059938

I think therez a bios mod for that.
theres the gdc beast, it hooks up through expresscard and adapts it to a full sized pci-e connector for gpus and shit. I used that for the longest time with my t530 and a gtx970. you can use it with shit other than graphics cards too.

>> No.81061534

i hate using my ThinkPad. battery lasts like 15 minutes and the trackpad is shit

a replacement battery costs more than the fucking thing too.

>> No.81061653

What are the last generation to work with old docks? I fucking hate USB-C docks and would rather buy an old Thinkpad just to use the old docks. Also I need a similar laptop to the P14s in term of form factor also the more performance the better. Any suggestions?

>> No.81061722

Kiddo stepped on the screen of my t440s. Can someone recommend a screen and place to buy it? Would like to upgrade to 1080p IPS.

>> No.81061749

what model anon? if you get your money out of it then its worth it.

>> No.81062346

one of the AUOB140HAN01 models.
>What are the last generation to work with old docks?
what dock?
>E/L series
personally i woundn't spend anything on either of them but if i was forced i guess the L480.
TV Tuner
NVME adaptor (https://thinkmods.store/collections/all-mods/products/expresscard-to-nvme-adapter)</wbr></wbr>

>> No.81062438

i guess i'll go with the E. i couldn't find batteries for the L, and a screen upgrade is not possible(at least i couldn't find no FHD display that could fit).

>> No.81062807

T14 vs T14s vs P14s?


>> No.81063362

Did Trapcode really die during the winter storm in Texas?

>> No.81063447


>> No.81063878

HP EliteBooks any good? I like the aluminum build looks better than the plastic stuff.

>> No.81065148

are the trackpoint buttons supposed to be spongy?

>> No.81065190

expect* retard

>> No.81066608

a bird just wrapped a scarf around my thinkpad. what the fuck?

>> No.81066925

Sounds like a good deal plus you can coreboot it.

>> No.81067105

Check your %PATH%s son.

>> No.81067196

If you're wanting to use a 5 year out-of-date, buggy build of coreboot, then it would be beneficial. Otherwise you should use coreboot.

>> No.81067236

It's an open source BIOS replacement that removes the Intel and Lenovo spyware.

>> No.81067249

Is a t440p i5-4210M with 8GB ram and 500gb hdd with backlight a good deal in good condition for £250

>> No.81067465

I don't mind the learning experience and have some SBCs lying around already, so I just need those clamps. Can you get those in any electronics store?

>> No.81067534

true. do you know if I can update to 8RAM?
how's x230i generally speaking? is it worth for less than 200euros?

>> No.81067543

thinkpad something i
into the trash it goes

>> No.81067566

You'll need either a Pomona 5250 or 5252 clip depending on whether the BIOS has an 8-pin or 16-pin SPI.

>> No.81067701

yes, those have two dim slots but if yours comes with 4gb of ram it may have one stick or two 2gb sticks. Thing is, if it is 2gb sticks and you want to upgrade to 8 then now you have to purchase 1 8gb or 2 4gb sticks which can be another 20 to 40 USD for example. I think you can do better somewhere like ebay A quick search brought up an x230 (not the i) with an i5, 8gb of ram and an SSD for about the same price.

>> No.81067720

anon can you look at >>81064808

>> No.81067751

got it, thanks
got it. my problem is that ebay ships to europe with a lot of expenses + possible extra expenses at the boarder. i used to buy from UK (on ebay) but now even UK is a no go.

>> No.81067898

considering it's Greece you might not have access to such good deals as the UK so it might be as good of a deal as you will find. The i3 is not too bad but it may be a good idea to look for forums for your area or maybe buy it off of someone in another country in the schengen area if that'll make shipping cheaper. If that x230i is coming from a private seller and looks in good condition and you absolutely need a cheap laptop I'd go for it. I too come from a country with expensive electronics and would happily put up with an i3 third gen to get through college.

>> No.81067948

okay. I've also found an X240 with i5 4RAM 500HDD. i don't mind the HDD, but I'd like to upgrade to 8RAM. 240euros. what do you think about that? I want to use it as backup laptop, maybe try experimenting on it, try writing drivers or other low-level without worrying about ruining my system.
I wish I could buy from uk. it has some sweet deals indeed.

>> No.81068192

I have Thinkpad X1 Extreme gen1 and I was wondering if i can replace my screen matrix to glossy one. On the internet I did not find any valid information. What do you think?

>> No.81068234

considering the 20 euro difference that sounds good going from an i3 to an i5. If it's for tinkering then at that point it depends on how much power you want. I'd go with the x240 but I've never used one from that gen so I'd like to see what others have to say about it

>> No.81069560

>Is there any significance difference with the T14 in terms of build quality?
That is one of the most significant differences; better materials and construction with the T14, but the L14 has been an improved departure from previous T-series models.

The other one is the L14 has two DIMMs whereas the T14 has one and one soldered RAM stick and one DIMM. So you can max the T14 at 48 but the L14 at 64.

If 48GB of RAM isn't enough for you I can't help you. Considering I've been hunky-dory with 16GB for years I doubt I'll be hurting for more than 48GB anytime before I end up buying another laptop anyway.

Otherwise it's pretty much slightly worse in most categories:
>Battery life

>> No.81069720

well first thing is did you save the image correctly?
have you tried manually attaching the image?
try messing with the options in the ncurses menu a bit more, i remember it took me about 12 flashes to get the image to display correctly.

>> No.81069803

I'm currently replacing the TN display in my T440. I'm installing a FHD IPS and when the laptop is wide 1800 open with the new screen inside and plugged BUT NOT secured by any of the four screws, the screen works fine. But as soon as I tight even one screw, the display starts to change brightnes randomly by small amount. I've noticed, that it is very prone to being even slightly bent.
Also, the bottom part of the display - the one masked with black tape and with the port gets ridiculously hot.
Any solutions?

>> No.81070008

also some thinkpads have hardware whitelists (no 3rd party batteries on the x230 for example) that coreboot removes, although that specific thing can also be removed with 1vyrain that doesnt need external flashing

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Sell it and get a m1 macbook air 256/8 only $1000

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Regarding an IBM thinkpad R50e
Can I replace the 40gig PATA disk with a new one? If so, what are the best options in terms of performance?
Can I replace the 1.2gig DDR ram? If so, what are my best options?
Can I replace the screen (preferably easily)?


>> No.81070235

What's the point of a macbook or a thinkpad if you aren't using it for work or school?

>> No.81070236
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im not familiar with that model particularly but I remember seeing a video where someone upgraded the disk on one like that one with a flash card adapter like picrel
>Can I replace the 1.2gig DDR ram? If so, what are my best options?
according to the lenovo website: supports up to two 1GB SDRAM SO DIMMs at 266hz

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>on qemu the image works perfectly
just double check the image is ok
pic related
>how do I manually attach it?
$ ./build/cbfstool build/coreboot.rom add -f /path/to/image.jpg -n bootsplash.jpg -t raw
$ ./build/cbfstool build/coreboot.rom print

change the path and names obviously
if that doesn't work go back and make sure all the relevent options are ticked (hi res bootsplash, show graphcal bootsplash etc.)
I also ran into an issue where .jpeg images would not display properly but .jpg images would work for some reason even tho the coreboot wiki says both are supported.
>Can I replace the 40gig PATA disk with a new one?
>If so, what are the best options in terms of performance?

>> No.81070299
File: 184 KB, 483x470, 1614002251721.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Holy shit dude, leave some pussy for us too

>> No.81070521
File: 194 KB, 750x1081, 1600489125311.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Awesome, guys. Thanks.
>sure again although i woun't bother since good panels (flexview) for this gen are quite expensive
Found some screens from $70. The R50e screen has three thin lines of burned pixels :C Anyway, thanks.

>> No.81070705

There's a T420 on eBay for 250$. SSD, 4gb ram and core i5.
This is a computer that is 10 years old, how much more time will it last? I don't mean specwise, I mean the motherboard dying of old age or something like that.
Is it a good deal?

>> No.81070737

>dying of age
top of the kek to you laddie. motherboards don't die of old age, they die from hamfisted hambeasts.

>> No.81070823

motherboards die of moisture exposure, not much else. if you drop half a glass of water on it, it will die. nobody can tell you how much the motherboard will last, it's specific to each case. they generally last long, which is why thinkpads are popular and change many hands.

>> No.81070826

It's not like it was used nonstop those past 10 years.
But for what it's worth I've had a T420 for the past 4 years, and so far it's the AC adapter that's crapping out due to wire fraying while the 420 itself is still going strong.

>> No.81070950

is 250 dollars a good price? I got an L450 for the same with 8gb fifth gen i5 and 120 SSD, but the seller sent me 4gb instead and didn't have stock for an exchange so he refunded me.
I liked that the L450 was newer.

>> No.81071064
File: 62 KB, 1080x1350, ju__jingyii-20210409-0002.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

It will last another 10 years

>> No.81071071

i think your biggest concern would be the state of the battery. the motherboard could outlive you lmao

>> No.81071131

Eh, you're probably overpaying a bit on the T, I think I got mine for a hundred less with equivalent specs, but lolPreCovidPricing and all that.

Consider that you're probably going to end up splurging on RAM, a new battery of some sort, and maybe something to improve the anemic drive capacity situation going on with the advertised model, and factor that into your budget.

>> No.81071143

Bless her for making libreboot

>> No.81071217

Libreboot's website updated a week ago actually, the guy said he's working on a bit new release scheduled for the end of April.

>> No.81071446

I also found an x250 with better specs for 270. The 12.5 inch screen is a concern though. Is it big enough for coding, studying, etc?

>> No.81071455

>people should be using coreboot regardless

>> No.81071525

because you shouldn't be trusting a third party to build your ROM, not to mention it's 5 years out of date filled with bugs and I'd wager money that there will be no new update this year because most of the team quit and leah is not exactly a responsible individual that I'd place any level of trust in

>> No.81071552

>don't contain any panel disassembly.
but it's right here in the hmm you linked?

>> No.81071602


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