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>there are cucks here who code for free

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Yes. I make ios apps. Good pay and not much competition from third world countries.

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>there are "people" who only delete posts for free

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Find a bigger loser than yourself and convince them they need your expertise.

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>there are people here who unironically code

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>Are there really people here that not only code for their own profit, including money?
Oh, retards you mean.
There are a lot on this board.

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don't worry, one day you'll find a company who reads your decades of open source contributions as experience and get an entry level job.
It works, but don't working with trannies is pain.

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Occasionally I code for myself.

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>not much competition from third world countries.
>literally one of the biggest markets in third world countries

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>There are people here who respond to bait posts

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Some programmers using Linux don't care about open source. they just want to work for FAAGMAN's saas empire.

bruce3434 is one of them.

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