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will coreboot remove the WWAN whitelist on my T520?

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X1 Extreme vs Carbon for something I could use for 5-10 years? I don't need a discrete GPU but non-USB-C charging and socketed RAM on the Extreme should be more repairable/future-proof, right? Main draw on the Carbon for me is it's smaller, 10nm processor and 16:10 screen but am concerned about longevity (upgradeability less so if I opt for 32GB soldered RAM)

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It should have installed it automatically, like you said. Is it disabled in the bios?

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you can coreboot it

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I need a laptop with the best possible battery life that is still upgradable and does not have soldered in components. Is the T480 the best option in that regards? Again, battery life is a priority.

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linux just werks anon, especially *buntu

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Hey so i've lately bought into the meme and got myself a thinkpad t420s. i've noticed the speakers on this sounds very tin-y.

is this just a part of the "business" experience or is there some way i can upgrade them to make them sound better.

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I have seen some people mod the speakers on the x230 with smartphone loudspeakers. sounds much better than the original, and its cheap. but you need to know how to solder

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Is anyone using a ThinkPad with multiple ethernet adapters?

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My actual idea was turning a laptop into a stationary all-ion-one computer in a new case. Thinkpads seem to be well-supported in Linux, robustly built (inside as well) and easy to disassemble, so I'd like to use one.
Though I would of course not waste a perfectly fine specimen for that, rather one that's already a bit damaged or of a later generaiton where they keyboards suck.

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Why not just get an all-in-one ThinkCentre

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Because that wouldn't be a fun building project, and I want to integrate the screen too.

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also makes sense since a laptop consumes less power and more compact

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I checked and it /should/ be enabled, I get "biometric device" in device manager too.

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read an article for that specific model on some linux distro's wiki. touchscreen should work, and screen rotation also works with at least gnome, provided that you have drivers for the accelerometer. again, check that in some wiki.

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I love my Thinkpad x230t!

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I responded in the last thread.

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I considered it, I was going to use a t430s with a thunderbolt dongle to have a dedicated ethernet port for a pfsense VM for development and as a backup/spare for my prod pfsense machine

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some other anon told t44op was good
one with i7 is too pricey
is this good ?
anywhere to get one that isnt some fucking
walletraping scam or untrustworthy crapsite like amazon ?
just want a good laptop again

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it is certified, but I had a colleague who had problems with the frontcam and 4G modem if you need that as well. Not sure if they fixed that already.

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Is that actually a thunderbolt port?! I thought it was just mini displayport

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it depends what config you have, most of the i7 w/o dGPU are thunderbolt, if it's a thunderbolt port it will have the thunderbolt icon over it instead of mini DP

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Looking at a used ThinkPad, seller says it's working fine but shows the following error on boot:
>Error 0188 - Invalid RFID serialization information area

any idea if it's a) serious b) fixable? repair manual just says "replace the system board". Apparently a program called Lenovo Hardware Maintenance Diskette or Hardware Maintenance Utility could possibly fix it but I'm not sure which version is required for this model (it's a ThinkPad 13 Gen 2) and if it's even available online.

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That's strange, I wonder why. You'd think the higher end machine would have the better feature

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Is there a major difference between thinkpads and non-thinkpad business laptops in terms of aftermarket battery selection?

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>pick up yard sale t40
>checked, cleaned, XP installed
>hop into cs 1.6, join random game
>trashmic hurricane squeals
>a child's enraged sobs in blubbering spanish
>somebody afk to vacuum while telemundo is on?

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craigslist, facebook marketplace, other local classifieds...

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Should I get a new X1 Yoga? I'm currently using a T430s that's starting to wear out. I'll be running gnu+linux, of course.

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I'm looking to replace my HP probook for something with a longer battery life. Team Fortress 2 while talking to friends over Element is probably the most resource intensive tasks it will see, and I need to have a battery life of a few hours (probably at least about 4) while doing web browsing. any recommendations?

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Does Coreboot mess with the EC Firmware?
I am asking because i ordered a X230 today and i am planing to do the keyboard mod + coreboot
i know there is skulls, but i prefer to compile coreboot myself

so i will first patch the ec firmware for the keyboard mod
and then extract the blobs and build coreboot

this should work, right anons?

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that's correct

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Isopropyl aclcohol might dissolve some of the adhesives holding your thinkpad together, causing leaks.

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USB-C only is a downgrade, I like it as an option but as only solution I don't like it, especially since these connectors are soldered to the motherboard directly. But with the x or t series you are getting two ports, that should increase the life of the machines. Old connector was way more stable in my opinion.

I guess the final solution comes down to your personal preference, do you want more power or more portability, the X1C makes some compromises for portability and I would only accept them if I benefit from the portability. I would go for the X1E but on the go the 16:10 screen on the X1C is a nice addon to consider.

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HP EliteBook or Lenovo ThinkPad T series?
Build quality and longevity? (I never owned a HP notebook but consider one as my next one, but cant decide between it or a Lenovo, but I would like to switch away from Lenovo, I am not happy with my current T series ThinkPad, m.2 SSD died twice and case broke as well in three years, they are not what they used to be)
I heard that the HPs have shit Linux compatibility?

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I had a 4th gen X1 yoga from work and it was a toaster.

If you are a draw fag it's good but otherwise, there are better options imo. I had to run windows for work so I cannot comment on gnu+linux compatibility.

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based CTL-472

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Does anybody here have any experience with the 11" X-series laptops? I'm looking for something small I can just shove in a bag and not worry about.

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>Poured 91% Isopropyl through the keyboard several times
that's your problem, isoprop is for cleaning, not flushing.
what you should have done was take the keyboard off, clean that with clean water (preferably de-ionised but tap water works fine)
and then clean the motherboard with swabs and isoprop, but don't pour it on like a retard.
also consider not holding drinks over your laptop in future.

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What about for reading? I'm looking for something that I can comfortably read pdfs on when not at a desk.

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How can I make sure a T480 isn't BIOS locked? Sorry, I'm a bit tech iliterate. If I try accesing the BIOS during boot up and no password request shows up I should be fine right?

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Pretty sure you can get it cheaper right now on the official lenovo store.

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I got an x240 I use when I go out of town for work I mostly use it for browsing 4chan and watching porn.

Somewhat cheap ~$100
Can have internal battery and external

Max 8GB of ram
Shit trackpad (I got lucky with mine where it wasn't a model with a glued in one so it was easy to replace)

holding it on the corner where the hard drive is can cause it to lock up forcing you to reboot due to flexing and bad hard drive connection

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>tfw having trouble with gentoo and nvidia on freshly purchased w541

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just buy with windows and check

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Is this a good deal /g/?

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You bought a computer to install Linux on knowing full well it has an Nvidia gpu... Anon serious question, are you fucking retarded?

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Is the HP Envy 14 from 2021 with the 16:10 screen, intel i7 11th gen and intel iris xe a good alternative to the X1 Nano? It's almost $1000 cheaper

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what is the opinion on the thinkpad e495

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Didn't get a good response last thread so I'll ask again: x200t vs. x230t vs. other options. Someone was shitposting about a new Thinkpad that nobody could afford and while looking through Lenovo's website for it I saw that there are X1 Yogas with stylii associated with them. Is nothing past the x230t worth considering? Is nothing past the x230t worth considering if all I give a shit about is a glorified portable Cintiq?

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max out ram and install ssd

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the next generation of this comes out in a month, that's what i'm waiting on

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I've never had issues with nvidia on arch. If anything it was it was easier. I'm just having trouble with gentoo

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If you're fine with Arch, then use Arch. I do. It's 1000x better then Gentoo...

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Anything I should know about the P50? Like specific drivers or bios updates that I should (or should not) install the fix any specific problems?
I'm asking because I've noticed some models will have specific problems that are useful to know ahead of time.
My P50 will arrive in about a week

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The X330 looks really cool for consooming media and just getting school and business work done, but that price is really steep. Should I or get something newer?

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What's the comfiest laptop that can replace my main computer from several years ago? I haven't been able to save any money so I've been stuck with this GT 445m that can't run anything anymore. Got $1.4k bidenbux to spend on a new laptop.

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Worth it bros?

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label your axes you nitwit

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marginally more sovereignty over ur investment
if u want a keyboard it will be $1000+

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I use my T440p with i7 4800mq plugged in most of the time. The only reason I bought the 4800mq was the price. 4702mq was around 120€, 4712mq 130€, 4810mq 130€, 4900mq 140€, 4910mq 150€. 4800mq was most of the time around 120€, but I got mine for 80€. Battery life with the i5 4330m was better. This are prices in germany 2018. I would try to get the 4702mq or 4712mq, they are just usually more expensive.

>> No.81000976

cpus rarley die, I would also take the risk.

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L420 mSATA bro here
I was asking question about mSATA and temps etc a couple of weeks back
The temp was very high, 20 or more degrees C above drives in the normal slots, even at rest it was about 60 C

I ran a test, I bought an mSATA to normal SATA enclosure (Sabrent) and tested it as an external. Wanted to see if the drive itself was faulty or it was just somethign about being in the mSATA slot was to blame.

Connected externally, the temps were fine, totally normal, just like an external SATA SSD or even an internal SATA SSD 40 or less at rest.

So the drive is fine, so I'm keeping it. It must be either
>the nature of mSATA slots in general
>or the nature of mSATA/WWAN combo slots in general
>or my particular mSATA slot, possibly because of damage (thinkpad is 10 years old and gone through accidents, very battle worn)
that is causing the high temps.

Still, it's under 70 in normal use, and it frees up space for two HDDs, so I will keep it and continue to use it. SSDs have insane life anyway these days, so even if it's shortened by a good deal I'll still get value out of it.

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Use an equalizer, raise the mids and lows to your liking.

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I have not lost my virginity

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best tablet for reading manga and shitposting on 4chan?

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The heatsink is probably for the chipset. It's not connected to anythink and to small for stability reasons.

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The R series is not the best, but it's loved by many who use it. If it's a good deal, go for it.

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Stop drinking near your laptop

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Is it normal for my thinkpad to make sparks?

>> No.81001769

perfectly normal, in fact the more sparks the better it is.

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I just want a laptop that can run 4k video playback without dropping or skipping frames on two monitors + the laptop screen. Can anybody recommend something? I don't care too much about vidya, just movies, tv and anime.

>> No.81001826

yeah but im pretty sure they have a deal right now for like 33% off.

>> No.81002225

your local service center wants you to buy a new one.

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Where do I buy good cheap replacement screen for X250?
t. europoor

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Because they are completely technologically illiterate.

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can /tpg/ help me make a decision? i've posted a little bit before to try and gauge what the best option would be, but i think i'm finally going to go ahead and make the purchase. i've finally narrowed down what i want.

i have four options.

1. ipad pro(2021) and a dell 27" U2720Q (mango and 4chan on the ipad screen, animu playing from the ipad to the monitor)
2. gayming laptop and a dell 27" U2720Q (too tired to play games, but the specs would be nice)
3. 2-in-1 laptop and a dell 27" U2720Q (same concept as the ipad, but with windows instead of ios)
4. all of my dosh on a gayming laptop with a 15" 4k oled screen

here's my situation. i'm a poorfag and i'm fucking dying. i don't expect to live to 2023, most likely will die later this year or sometime in 2022. the medication has been working really well lately though so maybe 2023 is a possibility. i expected to die never having upgraded from my 10 year old laptop. getting the stimulus changed the game for me and now i have options.

i've used windows all of my life. currently using windows 7. upgraded to 10 once and then went back to 7 because 10 sucks and everything performs worse with it on my laptop. the idea of switching from a laptop with windows to a tablet is kinda scary, because what if my laptop dies in the next 2 years and i don't have an actual computer anymore? but at the same time, the ipad pro looks great and almost like a computer from all the youtube vids I've seen so maybe it won't be that bad.

meanwhile, my issue with a gaming laptop is... what if the hardware fails before i die and i'm left with nothing? my asus laptop fucking shit the bed so many times. if i didn't have the warranty on it, i'd be shit out of luck. i don't want to waste $200-300 on an extended warranty. apple's cheap monthly payment warranty on an ipad pro makes this easy on me.

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I bought this IBM ThinkPad T43, last of the IBM ThinkPads, for $20. I'm going to take it apart and blow the dust out with some canned air. Anything else I should do? Are the black bars a screen issue or some kind of connection issue?


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My x200t won’t recognize my SSD I got for it. How do I figure out what I did wrong.

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W-why are you dying anon? This post made me too sad to give advice.

>> No.81004555

Had a bad cavity that I couldn't afford to get taken care of which turned into two destroyed molars, and one even had an exposed root. Every now and then it would flare up for weeks at a time and I would be forced to take shitloads of Aleve, Motrin, Tylenol and Aspirin. Years of this put me into chronic kidney failure. I finally managed to get the two molars extracted, but the damage is done.

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Cancer? Sorry to hear that. Do you have any hunch on how you got it? Like bad habits you had? Smoke? Live next to a nuclear plant? Lots of charred meats? I'd like to try to do everything practically possible to avoid it.

Anyway, if one of your dying wishes is a big monitor, why have a laptop at all? Buy or build a desktop and get that 27" monitor?

Definitely not option 1, fuck iPads, fuck all iShit, it's all awful.
I would say forget option 4 as well, if you're already on a 17" laptop screen, and want to enoy an even bigger screen, then buying anew laptop with a 15" screen doesnt make sense.
Option 3? Again, what do you need the tablet shit for? My opinion but I think tablets are mad gay a and a fucking meme. I had one, it was all the downsides of a real computer, none of the upsides. And all the downsides of a phone, none of the upsides. Both of those...combined. So I say fuck option 3 too.

Basically, ether option 3, or replace the laptop part of that option with a desktop.

Oh wait, is it because youre ill and in bed a lot? I can understand the laptop part then, can't use a desktop in bed. In that case, yeah option 2.

Don't feel too bad about dying early. This world is going to hell, you may very well be avoiding some very very harsh times, nightmare stuff, scifi dystopia shit.

>> No.81004568

>Basically, ether option 3, or replace the laptop part of that option with a desktop.
*option 2

>> No.81004778

>Are the black bars a screen issue or some kind of connection issue?
Found some relevant information in the wiki, some of the pictures linked show the black bars. I'll let you guys know if I get it sorted out.

>> No.81004803

Lenovo, HP and Dell suck ass for the most part and muh business experience is largely a meme

>> No.81004805

>rainy walks with the dog
That one actually sounds nice.

>> No.81005170

I wish I knew of a good laptop.

>> No.81005732

Fuck, that sucks!
When did you get your molars extracted?
Chronic inflammation in your mouth can really fuck shit up, sad to hear it was the meds killing your kidney...
Fingers crossed your remaining days will be good but who knows, next thing you know you'll get a new kidney!

>> No.81005826

But the people I met irl don't know, I do not look like a nerd and I don't want to.

>> No.81005907

"gaming" laptops generally suck, if you actually want to do gaming buy a desktop and then have a laptop for it's namesake, i.e. being usable on top of your lap for non heavyweight purposes. Thinkpads are very cheap and ideal for this, but if you don't like thinkpads, won't buy thinkpads and don't want to talk about thinkpads you don't belong in this thread
Do as you wish, buy apple or dismiss recommendations until you're convinced that we won't help you, apple are terrible and simply image/status-focused, If you part with your money so easily I implore you to do so as in fact you'll help raise apple's revenue and in turn make me personally incrementally richer due to stock price earnings valuations

>> No.81006148

I've owned several Lenovos and Dells. The Dells have served me better desu. I currently own a T480. It can get pretty toasty (8550u), it randomly decides to start lagging (not because of throttling) and the trackpad is shit. I also find the nipple to be shit. Otherwise it's fine.
My previous Lenovo, the hinges broke the plastic they were screwed on from normal and infrequent use.
I've repaired hundreds of laptops. They're mostly ass. The nicest inside were unironically older macs but they're harder to work on than the average windows laptop.
I also hate using laptops. I hope I eventually won't have to anymore. They're compromise in physical form, and are mostly built to break, especially newer ones.

>> No.81006173

I also want to add that a lot of business laptops have shit screens and speakers, because they're unimportant for muh spreadsheets

>> No.81006287

The display and speaker thing is so true, but I actually don't care about the speaker, but the display, why does a MacBook has a so much better screen, even the entry level ones. I want a bright screen to read it in a bright environment. But I saw the gen7 EliteBook's are available with 400nit displays and I think that this is a decent brightness.

>> No.81006618

ebay, unless you want it pre-librebooted then retrofreedom ships from the uk which shouldn't be as bad as from burgerland

>> No.81006936

>I can't leave the house [...] and not look like a nerd
The issue isn't the laptop, anon.

>> No.81007055

>"gaming" laptops generally suck, if you actually want to do gaming buy a desktop and then have a laptop for it's namesake, i.e. being usable on top of your lap for non heavyweight purposes.

The thing about gaming laptops is that they're essentially just the consumer market equivalent of a mobile workstation. They're laptops only in the sense of having their portable form factor, which admittedly is a selling point for that class of device as a tradeoff for lacking the expandability of a proper, more powerful yet far more cumbersome to transport full size desktop with relevant accessories.

It's more a product for people who do LAN parties and have come to the realization that they hate actually trucking a full desktop rig to an event and back when a fat laptop would have adequate enough hardware to shit out enough frames to be competitive for the day. At least, in theory.

>> No.81008171

Have an X220, replaced the screen with an ips screen a while back, but the 1080p mod sounds too good right about now. Should I just do it in my X220 or should I find an X230 to fit with everything? Not sure if the CPU or GPU between these two got much better from one gen to another and looking at various spec websites it seems like it wasn't that amazing of a jump for the CPU, just the GPU.

>> No.81008392

Is it a bad idea to buy a refurbished ThinkPad off of the Lenovo factory outlet? >>80998563

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Anyone have experience with the ThinkVision monitors? I spotted an L171 ( https://www.cnet.com/products/lenovo-thinkvision-l171-lcd-monitor-17-9417ab1/ ) at my local thriftstore and mitebcool for my old ibm I thought, but then again, I dunno if I need more old junk around...

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>> No.81010645

more info, the HP has the i7 and a USB-C port which is nice. Razer has a chroma keyboard which doesnt matter but kinda cool. I bet I'd need to replace the battery to make this thing good, I can't even describe how shit it is. I need to use it plugged in or it dies immediately.

>> No.81010772

look up 800513-001 for new battery. 30 USD max

>> No.81010876

How can I know if it's going to be any better ? I think this computer is quite new as is, maybe it just sucks by default

>> No.81011045

what the fuck
> Current estimate of battery life based on all observed drains since OS install
Since OS install 4:23:25 (full charge) - 4:23:25 (design capacity) -

>> No.81011074

all my estimates are the same, idk why. I ran the powershell command and opened the html as normal

>> No.81011186

I tried the energy report instead.

for my CPU it says. Average Utilization (%) 15.42. still says my battery is at full cap

>> No.81011201

Hey where did you get that webcam shutter thing?

>> No.81011910

the mSATA slot is much closer to heat generating components with much less ventilation/free air

>> No.81012153

>Schenker tech &XMG
Both are german and work very Well, I wish you the best anon!
(btw which country do you live in?)

>> No.81012157

my notebook is a vostro 3450. basically anything would be a nice upgrade

>> No.81012181

Which Model is that anon?

>> No.81012191

pls respond

>> No.81012207

it literally says under the screen

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>> No.81012327

sorry i'm retarded

>> No.81012473

>never had an old, chunky ThinkPad
>only T460s and T480s
What am I missing out on, really? I was always aiming for something with a recent CPU and being rather portable, hence the choice of models I own. Ok, sure it would be nice to talk "haha look we both have thiccpads, great taste in laptops" with some people. What else?

>> No.81013110

You know, I had a thinkpad t440p, various mods, still slow AF for modern development.

Now I have a Legion 5 Ryzen 5 4600, 64GB RAM, 2TB nvme Samsung + 512 gb that came with it, FHD panel, 140hz, nvidia Geforce 1650.

Zero. Regrets.

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I had an x61t once upon a time and that was alright. I just want to be able to doodle stupid memes on a whim. The x200t shares a locking mechanism with the x61t, which I know is pretty sturdy compared to the x230t's which I've heard is fucking dogshit. I just don't know if I want marginally more performance for marginally more money. I also had an x200s once upon another time and know it got really good battery life once upon a time, and the x200t and x200s share specs so the tablet must be alright too. It's not a primary consideration, but being able to squeeze 5 or 6 hours out of one battery cycle in certain situations would be a nice side benefit.

>> No.81013923
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what will happen if I buy a refurbished thinkpad from lenovo

>> No.81014169

Are there any laptops under 1,200 that aren't necessarily for gaming, but can play games without overheating? I don't want a gaming laptop, I just want a general use laptop that can potentially play games without destroying itself if I ever get the urge to play something 10+ hours a day for a week straight.

>> No.81014197

Really sad for you anon, keep your spirits up. Chronic kidney disease is manageable but as you probably know it can get real bad real fast. Don't skip your dialysis appointments, and if you last long enough you might qualify for a transplant.

As for your question what I would go for is :
Windows laptop with something like GTX 1050 GPU, 1080p screen. Or you can buy an "old" ThinkPad P51.
Monitor. That one you picked is fine.
Regular iPad for manga, anime, and mobile shit. They're like $300.

All of those combined would fall within your stimmy check.

t. medical doctor

>> No.81014274

You will probably overpay but have a warranty.

>> No.81014330

for the price that is really not bad, install a non-meme distro and you'll be set

>> No.81014386

Has anyone ITT had bad experiences with the lenovo outlet?

>> No.81014507

Yeah, just poking fun. Artix is fine, just most of the people who use it don't have a good reason for switching the init system.

>> No.81014658


Sites like this prove that a caddy like you're looking for existed. I think they might just be very hard to find now.

>> No.81015533
File: 485 KB, 1080x1172, Marisa.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Models supporting this accessory
>with the grommet obliterated
>T40, T40p, T41, T41p, T42, T42p, T43, T43p
then just search for the FRU in that wiki
just get plank of wood/plastic over the bath and put your thinkpad on that. A dry town next to you so you don't use the thinkpad with wet dripping hands.
>What am I missing out on, really?
classic keyboard.
>What else?
it's about value really</wbr>

>> No.81016349
File: 987 KB, 636x900, 1615558023111.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I want to buy a new Thinkpad netbook without Windows. Is this possible?

>> No.81017635
File: 1.53 MB, 460x594, 1545948803109.webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Why would I pay
because you have no other choice with only certain exceptions

>> No.81017662

I haven't used windows since xp bud

>> No.81017791

as business monitors these are quite sharp. text is very readable. just don't expect wild colors from them, that's not what they were made for.
besides, I think the one you found there is a CCFL backlight, which sucks big time on a display so old. and VGA only is kinda shitty today as well.
if you really want a good business monitor that will last you a while, look into the Eizo Flexscan series on eBay. I'm sporting two of them and they've been serving me well for 3 years by now

>> No.81017875

>Eizo Flexscan
I know eizo makes some of the best color accurate monitors but honestly i could never justify their premium prices unless you were a professional.
90% of people would be perfectly happy with a dell ultrasharp which is cheaper, especially outside of the US.
your best bet would be a private seller.
it's time to move on

>> No.81018005

>classic keyboard.
I see, thanks anon.

>> No.81018537

Thinking of selling 4 yr old gaming pc (intel/nvidia) and replacing with a chinkpad. Have a T14 for work and it's very nice but can't drive my 4k monitor with the integrated graphics. What is a good choice for desktop replacement?

>> No.81019072

Both T14 variants support 4k though. up to 5k60 on the AMD model an 4k60 on Intel

>> No.81019122

Oh yeah I meant to say without thunderbolt. Monitor doesn't have usbc. Time to sell monitor too for 4:3??

>> No.81019364

check the Legion 5. Is thinkpad-ish and has dedicated nvidia GPU

>> No.81019471

I bought a DP-type-C adapter for mine. Works great

>> No.81020872

None info whatsoever. I think the guy who sold to me didn't even turn on because he said just the mobo and case, without hdd and ram. I opened and found 2gb of ram and no hdd. Besides that, it was a good condition. He was selling laptops in bulk and I spotted this T61 in the wild and bought.

>> No.81021192
File: 45 KB, 386x457, preto.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

i'm seriously thinking in burn my ultralow student savings and buying an e480 with an i7 and a 2gb radeon rx 5XX.
any reason why i shouldn't?

>> No.81021223
File: 35 KB, 640x640, 83.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

What do y'all niggas think of this?
I'm looking for something with more grunt than my Celeron shitbook

>> No.81021276

I think he means that most refurbished sellers ship their machines with Windows.

>> No.81021278

Build quality? HP. Longevity? HP.

The elitebooks feel marginally higher quality than ThinkPads. Nicer speakers for sure.

>> No.81021294

i use an old vostro with an i5 2410m and a broken keyboard. if i would spent some money on it to make it work properly, it would cost me more than 1/3 of the price of the e480. but i would still have an i5 2410m.

>> No.81021346

Unironically a streaming stick and a laptop. Stutter is not caused by failure to throw enough money at a problem IMO it's hard to get stutter free on a multipurpose multimomitor computer while multitasking.

>> No.81021460

You were right anon. After looking at some tutorials taking out the keyboard and palm rest seems easypeasy. I've heard some people say I don't need to tape over the pins of the keyboard since the short circuit will take care of itself. You think it's fine to not bother with it?

>> No.81022218

I bought an official Lenovo sleeve for my T480s a few weeks ago. It's a bit big for it but other than that it has good padding and the handle on the top is handy if you want to bother to find another bag to put it into

>> No.81022269

Don't want to find another bag I meant

>> No.81023023

I bought a refurnished X1 carbon and it's the worst laptop ever. The F keys aren't real keys and the casing around the screen broke and snapped with minimal use.

>> No.81023185

you should have gotten an X230

>> No.81023200

Also try to find a better wifi card, intel centrino or advance will be just fine

>> No.81023352

What's your obsession with old laptops? Why not get something new? Serious question.

>> No.81023654
File: 31 KB, 636x544, Apple_Dongles.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

They're not just old laptops, they're business laptops, which means they're more durable and serviceable than consumer laptops (and have extra ports). It's a lot easier to replace the hard drive and do upgrades on a $200 Thinkpad than a $200 Netbook

>> No.81023664

I was thinking the same thing.

>> No.81023685

new designs are SHIT
same with smartphones

>> No.81023699

Somewhere between admiring buisness class industrial design and wanting good support for their obscure linux distros. Personally I'd rather have something that lasts 15 years than something that is thin and light, but both schools of thought are valid.

>> No.81023701

You can't upgrade the motherboard which means they'll be obsolete regardless after a few years. Why is the ability to upgrade that important? Just max out the RAM and whichever SSD of the next laptop you get and you're golden.

>> No.81023821

Could you elaborate?

>> No.81023951

Not him but it's a matter of serviceability for me. It's not that thinkpads are indestructable as much as component parts can be easily replaced and they are easy to upgrade. Parts that would be integrated for the sake of cheapness, such as eathernet/charge ports and parts of the bezel/chassis are made to be replaced if the computer breaks. Very much built to a standard of quality rather than engineered down to the lowest price possible. This isn't unique to thinkpads, it's just a trend over time with many consumer electronic computers and phones. Thinkpads are just a good example.

>> No.81023989

thin and fragile, floppy bendy crap
no hot swappable batteries, have to open the damn thing up and carefully pull out and lift out a semi-solid goo pouch that could fuckin explode and blow your hands and face off
soldered ram
soldered cpu
soldered ssd
shitty little iddly piddly up and down cursor keys
macshit style touchpad with NO BUTTONS. Why would I want to downgrade from 5 buttons to 0 buttons? also it's just a plain fuckin touchpad that feels shit, too horribly smooth, no nice texture tlike old thinkpads
screens focus on edge to edge memes at the expense of solidity
focus on thinnness also mean hinge strength is compromised
focus on thinness also prevents the inclusion of optical drives - some people still want them
focus on thinness forces you to have on (if you're lucky, 2) nvme or m2 type drives, so no possibilities of putting some chunky boy 2.5" HDDs in there for cheap bulk storage

every single aspect of modern laptops compromises functionality and durability for aesthetic bullshit

>> No.81024165
File: 546 KB, 1411x1125, hp2.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>macshit style touchpad with NO BUTTONS
This. Why the fuck is this a thing? Why is the battery internal? Why did they suddenly decide to solder the RAM in when it was perfect the way it was? Does a gaming laptop really need to be so thin that it overheats and burns up after a year of use?

>> No.81025148

I have a T420
>FHD Mod
>Ivy Bridge Quad Core

All the bells and whistles, I never use it over my pretty base model T480. It's not even worth to sell it at this point. I'm probably going to buy one of those new M1 macs later this year.

>Am I becoming an adult?

>> No.81025183
File: 438 KB, 662x864, 68621684_p0_master1200.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Anyone manage to glue the threaded inserts that the screws for the hinges screw into back into the lid without having them pop back out immediately? If yes, how?

>> No.81025212
File: 27 KB, 500x375, 1612812818969.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I need suggestions for a laptop with gaming capabilities.

Likely ones they have at best buy or office depot. Like I want one today to just get it over with.

Money isn't really an issue.

Brands to avoid?
Specs that are worth the money?

Anything helps.

>> No.81025268

Aside from the collector appeal that ThinkPads of a certain vintage have accumulated (there's a particularly iconic model from the IBM era with this nifty as hell full sized "butterfly" keyboard that collapses into a smaller form factor, for example), there's a particular sweetspot of stuff from the 2010s that intersects good build quality, ease of field-serviceability, and (up until recently) a rather low price tag thanks to the economics of laptop leasing, and while the underlying silicon may be getting long in the tooth there hasn't exactly been titanic shifts in processor design that I'm aware of other than the ray tracing revolution going on in the GPU sector, so for a decent chunk of use cases a ThinkPad can provide enough computational power to still get shit done, provided you do your research and don't just buy the first cheapass thing you see on eBay.

>> No.81025292

Honestly guys I'm really not too impressed with my X1 Carbon my work gave it. It fucking runs like a dog whenever heavy graphics processing is involved. I'm not even talking about OpenGL shit or video games, I'm talking websites that have a shit ton of JS animations and all that jazz.

Like come on now a Laptop should not struggle to load a web page.

>> No.81025415

Personally I would have taped or whatever the pins to be safe, but as you say I don’t think I’ve seen anyone brick anything from not doing it. I don’t know enough about circuitry to say though

>> No.81025513

Are /csg/-tier power bricks from Aliexpress good enough? Are there any trusted chink brands that are go-tos here, or is it well worth it soending twice as much on an original=

>> No.81025558

You don't want a new as is made sometime in the past 5 years new laptop, just a new as in mint condition one, right? Watch some youtube videos, get an older thinkpad, most people recommend a T420 or T430 but I'm partial to older and cheaper Edge models with AMD processors myself. You'll get comparable to modern performance at half the cost. That's the Thinkpad way.

>> No.81025567

What >>81023761 said, plus it makes replacing failed parts easier. We're also talking about machines that cost $150-$300 used, it's not like we're paying a premium.

>> No.81025640

Get something with a decent heatsink, and look up benchmarks on the CPU and GPU. I have a notebook with a discrete GPU that does okay on games, but it gets hot to the touch (which can't be good for the battery).

>> No.81025747

16GB of RAM
Look for a GTX and not an MX GPU. MX are better than Intel Integrated graphics, but GTX are a lot more powerful than MX.
CPU isn't that important

>> No.81026589

anything you want but don't forget to confirm power supply is plugged

>> No.81027510
File: 106 KB, 937x937, 1587843080993.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

This is an incredibly niche piece of advice, but if you recently Hackintoshed your Thinkpad, and you specifically want to control the fan through macos, then install VirtualSMC, YogaSMC, and grab the SSDT-ECRW.aml file from Sniki's t440s hackintosh guide.
Like I said, it's niche but, on the off chance that someone is as autistic as me about manually controlling thinkpad fans and searching the /g/ archive as a list ditch attempt to find information, then here you go.

>> No.81027608

I slide it into a dedicated "bay" in my backpack, never been a fan of sleeves.

>> No.81027834

same as the other anon, my backpack just has a built in sleeve

>> No.81027912
File: 162 KB, 1300x1082, dont hit on me silly boys.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.81027946

pretty much sold on wanting to get one of the T4xxS models... any thoughts on which is the best value now and where to buy? looking at pulling the trigger on a t470s at around 300-400 bucks...

>> No.81028400
File: 28 KB, 704x400, 1588206225157.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

thanks. What matters more for ssd speed I guess is having SLC or TLC cells as opposed to a DRAM cache

>> No.81028740

Not a lot, 32bit uefi makes running Linux awkward.

>> No.81028763

When taping the pins of the x220 keyboard for x230, do you tape the pins and cover it all the way to the back of the first layer, second layer or none at all? I've been struggling for hours and it wouldn't even turn on. Sometimes when I plug in the battery the thinkpad would turn on by itself without pressing the power button and the only thing that works is the trackpoint.

>> No.81029822
File: 1.21 MB, 500x211, 633543666781372416.gif.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Do yourself a favor and get a macbook m1 they are cheap and will last for at least 3 years before needing an upgrade

>> No.81029927
File: 7 KB, 250x249, f60.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Are thinkpads really as shitty as my friends say they are. My girlfriend says they look ugly and is egging me on to get a macbook but idk if the $1500 price tag is worth it

>> No.81030187

i want to buy the SAME auction kekekek
seems like a gewd machine imo

>> No.81030203

The fact that the form over fuction asthetic doesn't appeal to normies is part of the reason /g/ likes them. Do what you want, but even in terms of "good" looking laptops macbooks are crummy hardware.

>> No.81030224

Normies think shiny and thin = good. Don't pay them any mind.
Modern Thinkpads are pretty bad though, get a mobile workstation* from Dell, or splurge on a System76 lappy if you're a lintard.

*note: they aren't actually workstations

>> No.81030431

I'm a bit on a budget. Are those going to be the same price as a Thinkpad, or any other business laptop, with a discrete gpu these days? Either way I'm not sure I want one.

>> No.81030477
File: 223 KB, 800x600, 9130_ThinkPad.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

The webcam on my t480s suddenly stopped working. device cannot be found in Zoom or Cheese. weirdly I was using a Firefox video chat extension today and the webcam alert light came on but no picture.

any ideas what's wrong? I'm running Ubuntu 20.04

>> No.81030726

>get a macbook m1 they are cheap and will last for at least 3 years before needing an upgrade
My Thinkpads last way longer than that.

>> No.81031069


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