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Bump out of curiosity.

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I say just buy dell. I don't think you can rely on system76 too much

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This part seems incredibly based. Thinking I'll go with them for my next laptop whenever I end up needing one

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Don't get a Dell. Heating issues are so bad on Dells. I own both an XPS 13 9300 and a new latitude from work specifically - while they are excellent machines machine wise their fan systems are just obnoxious to deal with. Also new ones seem to have extremely weak processors.

If you don't care too much about battery I would look into powerhouse laptops like Acer Predator or something but those looked too gamery for me so I had to return. Only laptop I haven't looked into is the M1 Macbooks but I would never watn to use that horid UI

I too am looking for a new laptop to replace my XPS before I go to college in a year but I have had no luck finding one that isn't riddled with some cons. Why is there no perfect laptop out there

Typical retarded consumer. They run PopOS on their machines. It's literaly Ubuntu with a few added features - Don't expect to use extrenal monitors of different resolutions above 1080p on PopOS by the way - and expect horrible bluetooth issues

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They have a good rep in general even though they're expensive. Custom firmware, good support, stable software, all that -- about as "legit" as preinstalled Linux machines come.

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nice bait.
Sounds like par for the course virtue signaling unless you mean like condemned the idea of open source software but that seems antithetical to their narrative.

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I would install something other than popOS. Thanks for the heads up on multimonitor issues. I am relatively new to linux as a desktop daily driver, though I know my way around the shell. Are there any distros where multi montior is better supported? I would expect Ubuntu would because it's so popular

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Take this anons advice, avoid NVIDIA GPU in Linux. Fuck NVIDIA, they clearly don't want anything to do with Linux, so fuck them.

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>Is merely having the GPU present at all a source of instability for the system
Yes, especially if you want to use the libre drivers. However it's not that bad on proprietary drivers imo, sure, sometimes you get a scuffed image when coming out of suspension but I don't think I had a major GPU related fuckup on my desktop in a few months now. And I have Nvidia, which supposedly is extremely shit on Linux.

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Price is definitely a factor but supporting companies that support right to repair seems like money better spent than donating to a politician.
Word thanks for the advice.
Seems like these are the only two options without graphics cards. They have Intel Iris XE integrated:

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How am I retarded for wanting open source boot and EC firmware? Also the distro means jack shit in this. I'd probably just install arch anyway.

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System76 is good, but from an open source pov pine64 are better

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>Don't expect to use extrenal monitors of different resolutions above 1080p on PopOS by the way - and expect horrible bluetooth issues
What. They have support for both, don't they?
I use Pop and I am fairly happy with it. Only problem is that Wayland is unstable.

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If OP is asking for advice on /g/ for buying a laptop it might not be wise to recommend and ARM cpu

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>Never ever get a gpu in a linux laptop
Why? I have a Quadro T2000 on my work laptop and I do not have any issues. I use PopOS.

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Of course, in fact pines own page would tell him not to, nevertheless, the pinebook pro is honestly amazing for what it is and i look forward to seeing what pine64 has in store for the future of the platform. Hopefully their next motherboard is the same drop in solution.

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absolute scam for rich /g/fags who won't take advantage of the open source firmware anyway

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Poor build quality, and not even fully de-spooked/de-spookable. An old thinkpad is better for the same value prop.

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Key Word: Work Laptop
Also Key Word: PopOS

Pop is one of the few distros which makes GPU drivers out of the box supported - Also I'm assuming you always have it plugged in. GPU's are a nightmare for battery - especially when you only use them 5% of the time for casual gaming

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On an ideapad from 2012, I can disable the dGPU in bios entirely. And that is (firmware wise, hw is ok) a piece of shit, the dGPU is fucky and doesn't work properly with standard drivers. I'd hope system76 can do that too, but you can always shoot them an email.

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just buy a mac man.

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Avoid at all cost. Don't say I did not warn you.

This company sells overpriced product, especially their laptops, they might as well call themselves apple. Their Gazelle laptop are trash, the outside appearance looks very cheap and the inside? even worst.

The laptop broke down within a year, something melted inside what looks like honey which made the "m.2 ssd stop working." I pulled out the m.2 ssd clean it up a bit with alcohol and managed to get it to working again on another computer.

Their company and products are not very known so looking for youtube how-to disassemble their laptop are near impossible. (Trying to figured out what went wrong and I need to fully disassemble to i can look at all the angles of the mobo.) I've owned hp laptop as a bday gift in 2003 and even though hp are known for heat problems mine still work to this day only limitation is the 1gb ram, so i do know how to take good care of laptop.

Contacting system76 support are useless because the person who responded back seems like he doesn’t know what the hell he or she are talking about. When asked to provide a how-to disassemble video the person took more than a week to respond and when they did they showed me a video on how to remove the back panel of the laptop which is NOT how to disassemble it and everybody knows how to do that c'mon.

.....to be continued..

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I know that's bait but,
FUCK APPLE and their dog shit keyboards

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it's not,
it's the only viable arm laptop on the market, also it is unix

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......continuation from previous post.

After going back and forth asking them how to properly fully disassemble the laptop the person replied that they cannot do it. That i'll have to send the laptop to them and it would cost money to repair it. Are you serious?? a company that claims to be able to produce their own product cannot do something simple? What the hell is proprietary about this cheap looking laptop.

I got my hopes up when i heard they do an opensource bios update on their machines but then I found out my laptop is not included, i can do it manually but i may end up BRICKING the laptop according to their website. Basically its like saying FU we got your money we don't care what happens after that, sounds very much like how apple treat their customer.

After all is said and done I feel cheated paying overpriced laptop. I have nothing but regret. I should've went LENOVO. or any other brand that is known to be solid.

So let me recap about why this company is terrible:
- Overpriced $800 laptop that looks and feels as though its worth $200, it really looks like cheap plastic, look up "System76 gazelle laptop"
- Warranty is one year but their product broke in 10-11 months.
- Terrible customer support with employee not knowing what the hell they’re talking about.

So go ahead buy their product, dont say i didnt warn you!!!

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While PopOS isn't great, the laptop is one of the few with a open-source bootloader and firmware + actual technical documentation on almost everything on your laptop from the manufacturer themselves.
> They run PopOS on their machines.
You literally just admitted to having a Dell XPS 13, I am also pretty sure that piece of shit only comes in either Windows or Ubuntu if you're lucky. What the fucking laptop comes with is irrelevant.

>> No.80995739

I convinced my boss to get me an almost topped up Lemur Pro with 24gb of RAM. It's been pretty good so far.
I've only had issues with the headphone jack not being detected automatically, but aside from that i really like it.

Really light and fast, and great battery life if you don't max out brightness. In our small company i have the fastest build times for our C# backend and our Next.js frontend, plus also quickest start and stop of our Docker setup running 3 Elastic search nodes, Kibana, Postgres, Rabbit MQ plus our dotnet app. It actually starts the docker-compose fast enough that it never even bothered, when I saw how long that took in my co-workers Macbook i was taken aback.

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>Their company and products are not very known so looking for youtube how-to disassemble their laptop are near impossible
Can't really talk about the rest of the support tho, but the manual has a pretty good breakdown except replacing the screen.

The tech-docs didn't exist at the time when my laptop broke, plus I have the old version of their gazelle so that manual didn't help at all.

After doing a little bit of homework I figured out the gazelle laptop they sold me is actually a CLEVO laptop rebranded as THEIR laptop. But compared to the clevo laptop mine didn't have a graphics card only the cpu so it only have the heatsink on the right (see attach image), but this is where it gets INTERESTING, compared to the clevo laptop the cpu heatsink they sold to me only came with one heat pipe!!!!

I managed to track down the part number for this clevo laptop and im upgrading to cheap heatsink they sold me with a $30 aliexpress clevo 2 heatpipe cpu heatsink.

Oh and by the way I also managed to disassemble to laptop due to my own resourcefulness no thanks to system76 who left me in the dust. The m.2 doesn't work but the sata does, so i can still use the laptop.

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Build like thinkpads

>> No.80997766

They need trackpoints

>> No.80997921

What components are likely to die on a motherboard?

>> No.80998042

Could be literally anything
It used to be capacitors that was the main culprit but where past the era of bad capacitors.
But it could be anything from integrated circuits like mosfets or controllers, solder defects can show up from thermal cycling, SMD capacitors could go short circuit, resistors and coils can fail and be intermittent (ask asus about this)
A motherboard is literally the most complex part in your PC in terms of part count and the amount of assembly required. They are the most likely thing to die.

>> No.80998072

How would a schematic help?

>> No.80998161

>They condemned Stallman.
They are WA based so that makes sense.

>> No.80998171

Semantics can tell you what is critical for the function of a device, what is the correct voltages for a given point on a circuit and what part or value something is.
They are pretty much required to work on modern electronics since they are so complex nowadays.

>> No.80998182

Have you never updated a BIOS?

>> No.80998336

+1 exploit has been added to your account

>> No.80999203

You weren't explaining shit you retard. You just told him it's bad because it comes with popos. That has fucking nothing to do with the firmware.

>> No.81000307

Get yourself a Surface Laptop Go, the mid tier one. Suit ypgradability, but you can get Loonix on their really easily.

>> No.81001211

Pine's laptops look good and the community is amazing but it's just not powerful enough for some tasks that I wanna do. I guess I will wait for the release of RK3588.

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> Typical retarded consumer. They run PopOS on their machines. It's literaly Ubuntu with a few added features - Don't expect to use extrenal monitors of different resolutions above 1080p on PopOS by the way - and expect horrible bluetooth issues

What in the fuck does that have to do with their firmware, you fucking retard?

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yeah true, im just trying to find a beefy laptop i can buy in the near future, preferably amd everything cuz fuck intel and nvidia

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> Doesn't understand you can change the Distro

You must be 18+ to post here

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I run PopOS with multiple 4K monitors and have never had a single issue. Stop talking out of your ass

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its just a corebooted overpriced pc
save yourself 2000 bucks by corebooting your own shit nigga

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