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first for uniclomp

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are ergo keyboards a meme?

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Everything is a meme anon. I just find them more comfortable to type on to be honest.

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yes and no. everything is a meme. but also, tented and split keyboards are remarkably easier to type on and are much better for your posture. all the good ones are expensive though.

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why cant i find any cheap braided mini usb cables? cant find shit on ebay or amazon

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i typed 'cheap braided mini usb cables' into both ebay and amazon and got several relevant results
are you a retard, anon?

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I have a Moonlander. Not used to it yet. I've changed the layout a few times to move keys I keep mistyping to places that are easier to remember without stopping to think.

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ive got a dactyl manuform and its comfy. good for using one half for gaming. good for work. Comfortable. Keeps my hands above the desk so im not laying my wrist on the desk.

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behold for i am the king of reddit
typed on my gmmk pro with alpacas and kat milkshake

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sheeeit anon whadja get

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you need to get some switch films for those tangerines, anon

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kat milkshake looks like shit imo but ydy, anon

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wheres ur tax stamp boy?

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i was being sarcastic and just listing off the most reddit board I could think of because of the price of these items over there. the boards are worth almost 90% more than I paid.
it's two space65s and some tangerines from last april, just got here from my friends house. the boards really need a weight they feel kinda cheap when holding them. also look like cell phones. hello moto. for some reason these 68g tangerines feel smoother and tighter than my 62g.

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The only easily reachable thumb keys on the ergodox are the two 2u keys (and maybe the two lower 1u keys if you have larger hands). It's a pretty old board by now so since it was designed there have been several boards that have better thumb clusters.

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The inner keys are too far away to reach without moving your hands or having salad fingers. Also no tenting there.

It's regrettable but not a huge issue for me, I just assign those buttons keys I rarely use. But it could objectively be better, and Moonlander improves the design.

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Personally I'd suggest a dactyl-manuform, but there are lots of other split columnar stagger boards too.

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this cost me like 900 dollars
it's shit btw have to rebuild the whole thing and get my own plate and pcbs made.
I've seen moonlander mentioned a lot. is it good? does it look cool?

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It's okay anon, I spent $1200 on a build.

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It's not worth it to me. My friend sold them to me at under half current value and they were still brand new wrapped in the plastic. rather have the caps.
board actually isn't any good as is with the stock pcv and poly carb plate. feels worse than my leopolds. Gonna rebuild.
What other ergo splits are popular right now?

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get dactylman to make you a dactyl. I don't think he's charging much, especially if you're willing to solder yourself. I think it's like a 150 or something.

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It's better than the ergodox in a number of ways (like being able to angle the thumb cluster down). I'm sure its thumb keys are easier to reach too. Were it up to me I would've kept the 1.5u keys on the side and moved down the pinky column more. With the amount of staggering it has you're still going to be hitting the q and p keys with your ring fingers.

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dactyls can be polished so there's less print lines and they don't look my bad imo
just giving some recs
you could get a kinesis advantage

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>a 80$ keyboard feels worse than a 230$ one
>even after two whole hours spent lubing instead of watching tranny porn
Is this supposed to show how topre is superior? Stop shilling your overpriced rubberdome.

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Geta even better if you have a 3d printer, you can make them for under 70 yuros, under 100 if you want okay parts

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Are metal cases the best choice, or can I simply go with a plastic + steel plate? I'll put foam in it and lube the switches.

Also, is it worth it to design your own PCB? How do I learn it? I want Bloomer rev 3 but change the bottom row, add one pinky column, explode function keys, add more keys to middle columns, change the column stagger. Should I fork Bloomer or will making from ground up be easier?

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you have to go back faggot

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Any suggestions for a really gut split keyboard with nazi german layout? Or generally a shop that ships from europoor?

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hello is this 2012

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Metal cases are mostly for muh premium feels, plastic cases sound a lot better.

Can't tell you anything about PCB stuff though.

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See if Candykeys or mykeyboard.eu has anything in stock

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recommend me a keyboard with a volume knob/wheel, please.

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You can dampen that in most chassis. Though it'll usually still be there to some extent, it's nowhere near as loud and can easily be overlooked unless you're really paying attention.

If you're OCD or some shit it'll probably bug you though.

>t. Owns a 4lbs aluminum brick with keycaps on it

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Gmmk pro

There isn't all that much else. I didn't want to wait for the preorder shipping, so I got a TKL and just have volume up and volume down mapped to a 2nd layer.
Not as ideal as a rotary encoder, but it works fine.

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why don't they put media controls on these keyboards
I want my volume knob, I don't want have to click the fucking icon like some dweeb, I was born a knobbler, I'll die a knobbler

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Is the aluminum worth the extra $10 on keychron boards? Leaning toward plastic since it's a bit thinner.

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The aluminum on Keychron boards is just some metal pieces that slide onto the frame. It doesn't impact sound.

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There are no reasons for the case to be metal

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Sure there are, aesthetic and feel.
You don't care, but that's a different argument.

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so no reasons then

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I used to think they were overblown until my pinky was going numb (not quite emacs pinky since I'd already remapped caps to Esc/Ctrl as you see even normies mention). Switching to a split keyboard helped my posture massively, and a little tenting helped the pinky issue.
What really changed the game was overloading my home row to act as mod keys if held, which you can do in software (kmonad is a lot like what I'm about to suggest) but it's platform independent with QMK. I do still get some numbness working on laptop kbs but that's because I've already damaged the nerve.

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How in the nigger fuck was I supposed to buy this shit if I didn't get any newsletter. Does this company just expect me to fuck around their discord non-stop ?


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I haven't decided yet. Maybe $100 excluding the switches and keycaps (which I already have), but I'm open to spend more if necessary.
>Location (continent at least)
Sweden. I avoid VAT and fees from the overly strict customs system by smuggling things from China through France.
>Preferred switch type
Kailh Box Jade, I've already got ones for plate mounting.
>Form factor
100%, preferably with the numpad on the left side.
>Previous/current keyboards
Leopold FC900. I like the style of it, especially when equipped with Granite keycaps. Mine has brown switches though which was a mistake.

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What's thay keyboard called?

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What's so "smooth" about Gateron Yellows? I mean, my only experience touching mechanical keyboards were with unlubbed black Gaterons. I'm using a membrane keyboard where I need to make some force to activate the mechanism which move the key into the bottom instantly, i don't feel any kind of control in that moment, it's like I don't know, putting your finger in a plastic film, and pushing enough to broke it, and then your finger passes from the "I'm making a little effort trying to break this film" to "my finger passes all the way through the hole and I couldn't control it until it's actually it's all down there through the film". Sorry for my shitty english and shitty explanation but I hope you can get it. Does the lubbed Gateron switches has a better feeling that my membrane keyboard? In which way?

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Could be almost anything, that's the most generic TKL layout possible.

Plain aluminum case, no identifying marks, no special features.

it might have something that identifies it on the bottom plate, but from that picture alone it's basically impossible to say what it is with 100% certainty.

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> my only experience touching mechanical keyboards were with unlubbed black Gaterons.
Then you used a Gateron Yellow with a different spring. Congrats!
It's just very smooth, like pushing a door, but the door has a spring to close itself.
> Does the lubbed Gateron switches has a better feeling that my membrane keyboard?
Yes, definitely. It's not mushy and you get to choose the keyfeel. Some people have several boards to change switches on the go depending on the mood

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>I avoid VAT and fees from the overly strict customs system by smuggling things from China through France.
Tell me your secrets

>> No.80927133

I use a proxy shipping service in France to launder the packages. However, the EU will apparently introduce standardized customs rules by July which will include not letting low value parcels pass by anymore, so it's unclear if this will work in the future.

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>japanese characters


weeaboos out

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It's a Leopold. Isn't it obvious from the looks?

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Not really, you can find any number of near identical-looking boards out there.

pic related, it comes in black, and with the same keycaps, you'd be hard-pressed to tell the difference between the one posted earlier and this one. The only real difference is the 3 lights on the righthand side, and some of the gap sizes.

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Yeah, pretty much. Holding J and pressing C gets interpreted as Ctrl C. https://beta.docs.qmk.fm/using-qmk/advanced-keycodes/mod_tap
I actually switched from vim to DOOM emacs a couple months ago because of it. Having Alt under my ring finger means it's trivial to M-x whatever-function so no need to memorize all sorts of weird sequences

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Drop ctrl with MT3 caps and kailh box white switches.

Coming from cherry blues, this is the best keyboard I've ever had the pleasure of using. Would very highly rec the switches.

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I like the look better. The raised one looks fat imo and is an extra $50 or some such.

Nice colorset though.

>> No.80929680

Yeah, i'm just not a fan of low profile boards.

>> No.80929800

Weird, I think the same thing every time i see an HHKB or realforce board.

>> No.80929833

yeah drop keyboards just look like shit in general. I don't know why but I've never seen a good looking keyboard made by them.

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They're aluminum chassis without any branding or identifying marks.

They look like any other of a dozen keyboards out there, some of which are retarded $500+ korean bullshit that look fucking IDENTICAL.

It might not be everyone's cup of tea, but they're about the most generic keyboards out there and if you think they ALL look like shit, then you must think that most of the keyboards out there look like shit too.

>> No.80930012

I think its the rounded corners and the aggressive fillet
they're too round which looks ugly
most of the high end keyboards have less curves mostly because its harder to manufacture

>> No.80930070

That's honestly why I bought it, the sharp edges on most of the other offerings are uncomfortable.

>> No.80930093

that doesn't make any sense????
are you resting your hands on the edge of your keyboard???

>> No.80930137

>are you resting your hands on the edge of your keyboard???
occasionally yeah, especially my thumbs.

>> No.80930195

that sounds incredibly uncomfortable.
I have to go out of my way to do that.
most of the time I rest my hands on the keycaps not on the edge of the keyboard
not only that the bezels are really thin, what contortions are you doing to your hand??

>> No.80930239

I prefer resting the edges of my thumbs on the edge of the aluminum instead of on the spacebar since even with stiff springs, thicc PBT is still fairly heavy so the spacebar actuates fairly easily.

>> No.80930242

redpill me on azio

>> No.80930653

it's matias, so that's all of their shit.

>> No.80930666

didn't they have a 60% in a more modern design?

>> No.80930733

A steal considering the MSRP of that board is about 5x that.

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Trying to decide what keyboard to spend my tendie budget on, ideally something like pic related, a nice compact(possibly TKL) retro looking board.
Moon runes for ken-sama points and macro software that works in loonix would be great too.

Also can you get hotswappable MX keys? I like MX reds but want to get the silent ones, but i'd like to experiment with browns/blues as well.

>> No.80930984

That looks pretty neat, but the manufacturers website is down and i can't find out more about it.
Does it have macro support?

>> No.80931014

I didn't expect one shot shift to be such a game changer. WOW

>> No.80931054

yeah lol
it's not super impressive, I just wanted another board to add to my collection and it was nearby. The spacebar is kind of annoying relative to my HHKB and it's overall a lot more scratchy and bind-y. I probably spent like 12 bucks in gas and 6 in tolls, though. The keycaps are ABS so it's slick as Bill Cosby an the stabs rattle like your grandma's car trying to go 60.

>> No.80931144

What caps are those?

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>In the competition, agility is the most important. Speed is the decisive factor. At the critical stage of the game, you just want your keyboard to keep up with your hand, and you don't want the keyboard to limit your APM. PLUM adopts super scan technology, which improves the response speed of the keyboard to a new level. Press a key, the signal will be transmitted to your computer within 0.001 seconds, and get feedback. Players of any type of competitive games need a keyboard whose performance can exceed their limits, because only in this way can they become better and not limited by equipment.


>> No.80933137

anons in this general like the bobas

>> No.80933166
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I'll let you know which I end up preferring once I actually build a board with the U4Ts. In its stock form the bobas are more tactile, but with a linear leaf the bump feels nearly identical to me. Though the bobas have much less wobble, they're smoother, little to no ping, etc.

>> No.80933933

Between browns, yok holy pandas, zealios, and kiwis, boba U4Ts and U4S are the best tactiles in my opinion. Good enough stock, I'm hoping these JWK Rara v2s I got will be better than the U4Ts but I really doubt it.

>> No.80934267

>Budget: probably like 50-ish to 80-ish dollars; kinda fluid and might move up to 100 or so
>Location (continent at least): US
>Preferred switch type: Linear switches
>Layout: ANSI
>Form factor: 100
>Backlight: None preferably
>Previous/current keyboards: Currently using some generic Dell Membrane KB [CN-OT347F]

kinda tempted into looking at Mech Keyboards, really

>> No.80934732

it's not drop branded, so it's not a "drop" made keyboard.

>> No.80934899

enjoy your cheap floating key design with a thin alu plate.

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File: 3.78 MB, 4928x3264, 1518222643936.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.80935577

fox and the fucking grapes

>> No.80935730

I've got some old and used ABS caps to sell you then :^)

>> No.80935736

If I like the colorway I might actually take you up on that.

>> No.80935769

Was half joking really, have an original SA retro set but unfortunately a number of the stems got assfucked by old box stems.

>> No.80935786
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Shame, that, I love SA keycaps and the beige-y IBM color scheme. /dev/tty is one of my favorite keycap sets.

>> No.80935825

Yea that would make sense (not my pic though).

>> No.80936115

>Budget: $60
>Location (continent at least): Melbourne, VIC Australia
>Preferred switch type: Linear
>Layout: Ansi
>Form factor: 80-100%
>Backlight: Just some backlight. None is okay too (looking for a more vintage/thinkpad aesthetics)
>Previous/current keyboards: Never used any mechanicals, I'm using a laptop.

I'm going with linear switch because I read that it is the simplest ones so I'm going safe.

>> No.80936741

What's a good 100% board for 150USD? Preferably something I can upgrade later if I want to go full autism.

>> No.80936958

Get a Leopold keyboard. It's easily desolderable if you want to upgrade :)

>> No.80937050

Which one are you using? I want to try this out.

>> No.80937161

It's a Chinese company/manufacturer making them and the keyboards do have a plastic case. The RGB in them (if you choose it) isn't complex, and hotswap is just a different PCB/socket design. Keyboards are really not that expensive to produce if you're not doing limited-runs or group-buys, or purposefully using expensive materials like CNC milled aluminum and features like gasket mounts or LED displays.

There really isn't any catch on a Keychron.

>> No.80937195

You're probably thinking of KBParadise boards that use Matias switches.

>> No.80937223

You should try MX Keys.

>> No.80937415
File: 32 KB, 501x501, thinkpadkeyboard.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Does something like pic related exist but mechanized? I want a comfy hand rest, trackpoint and touchpad with mouse buttons.

>> No.80937453
File: 372 KB, 600x400, 1585976385690.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Yes, actually, Tex Shinobi. Nearly $200, you save ~$80 if you buy a DIY kit instead of a preassembled version. It lists hotswap PCB as an option but doesn't actually let you select it, so if you want one you'll have to live with soldering in switches if they don't have a type you're fine with.

>> No.80937490

>Tex Shinobi
kek, even the mouse buttons are just normal keys

>> No.80937662

>Ultimate Hacking Keyboard
That looks kinda tempting though.

>> No.80937741
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I'm confused by this layout, how is it iso with that tiny enter button?

>> No.80938141


>> No.80938159

Very good. A chink equivalent is $20 more and there's practically no difference between a used and a new board

>> No.80938277

>there's practically no difference between a used and a new board

t. has never had the displeasure of using dirty worn out Alps

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Where were you when Glorious Nippon once again BTFO every other keyboard manufacturer?

>> No.80938980

Who was the autist design so fixated on making it symmetrical? The 6 and the 7 are so unnecessary and so is the tab...

>> No.80938992


>> No.80939496

i legit can't install these plate mounted cherry stabs. am i fucking retarded?

>> No.80939508
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>Who was the autist design so fixated on making it symmetrical?
The TRON project.

>> No.80940048

hate topre
love me niz
simple as

>> No.80940070

Flip them

>> No.80940986

USB-C doesn't break easily unless you yank on that shit like a mong.

>> No.80941005

DSA feels so weird, not sure If I like it

>> No.80941308

USB-C is shit and obviously only designed for charging phones.

>> No.80941360

you're a biased moron with likely little to no real experience using USB-C on a keyboard long term.

IE. you're talking out of your ass.

>> No.80941432

Why do you defend such a brittle connector so hard?

>> No.80941451
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im building my own board and the keys with the stabs seem to get stuck when i press them down, with the keycap.
its a split board and one half is working perfectly fine, its not the switches, keycaps or stabs. what did i fuck up?

>> No.80941456

I've never had a Mini USB connector break, but it happens to both USB Micro and USB-C.

>> No.80941472

Hmm? USB-C is actually pretty good. I have an old micro-USB phone and the only USB-C I have is on my keyboard. I like how snugly it fits and the fact that you don't have to rotate the connector through multiple imaginary dimensions.

>> No.80941477

It 100% happens with mini USB too, it's just thicker and can take slightly more torque, though it can also more easily damage the port on the device that way.

USB-C is far from "brittle", maybe you're buying shit cables or something, but I've never had a port fail over 3-4 years of regular (daily) use.

>> No.80941502
File: 76 KB, 1003x1070, 1587912495076.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Because nothing fucking uses mini-USB
It's depreciated and doesn't support anything past USB 2.0

Pretty much everything will be USB-C going forward.

>> No.80941504

I'm not, I'm just saying that's the only experience I have with USB-C. The 'imaginary dimension' reference is to USB-A which looks symmetrical on the outside but is not.

>> No.80941525

>Pretty much everything will be USB-C going forward.
And that's a horrible thing since it's far more brittle than anything but Micro USB. The thicker cables that are needed for anything above USB 2.0 are gonna put a lot of stress on that tiny connector.

>> No.80941536

actual crackhead

>> No.80941537

It's pure fantasy that it's brittle though

If you're pulling straight out, and pushing straight in, it's MORE reliable.

Again, if you're some asshole who just yanks on cables, MAYBE that's true, but I'm not a cunt that yanks on my cables, so i can't speak to that.

>> No.80941547

Most USB flash drives are kinda heavy and will pull on the thin little port on their own. The same with several of the USB cables on the back of my machine.

>> No.80941597

>Most USB flash drives
most USB flash drives are USB-A.

>> No.80941673

I've had Type C connectors wear out but never Type A. And it's pretty clear from simple visual inspection that Type C is far less robust than Type A.

>> No.80941675

>it's weaker because it's smaller

is that REALLY your only defense here?

>> No.80941686

>I've had Type C connectors wear out but never Type A
And what devices were they? A keyboard that stays stationary and plugged in almost 24/7 for months on end? Or something like a phone that you're plugging in potentially multiple times per day?

>> No.80941731

>And what devices were they?
Only phones because those are basically the only things that use USB C. It's a waste since you won't use anything above USB 2.0 on those anyway.
>A keyboard that stays stationary and plugged in almost 24/7 for months on end?
Type C would work fine for connecting to the keyboard itself if it had strain relief either in the form of that screw standard or the traditional kind where it's plugged into the bottom of the keyboard and then goes through some channels, but most type C keyboards seem to have it connect straight to the side of the board with no strain relief whatsoever. It's gonna wear out just from the effects of gravity. But it's a problem if Type C replaces Type A on the actual computer side of things as well.
>Or something like a phone that you're plugging in potentially multiple times per day?
I've had Type A USB drives which are often disconnected for far longer and they have never failed. I don't think unplugging is a very big factor, it's the strain caused by gravity itself, or even just tiny nudges on the keyboard for example.

>> No.80941751

that's what coolboi cables are for.

Coils are strain relief. >>80929630

>> No.80941779

>it's clear
maybe to your autistic mind, not to everyone else.


fuck off chud, welcome to 2020+. Get over it.

>> No.80941796

what is this, some canadian slang?

>> No.80941868

Silents switches sound like absolutely shit, what's the fucking point? They sound scratchy as fuck it's unnerving.

>> No.80941944


>> No.80942024

no it's called "underage reddit touristnigger is acting like one"

>> No.80942141

The v1 is actually a very good keyboard and $75 cheaper if you don't mind laser-etched ABS keycaps and a fixed/non-hotswappable PCB. All the modules are built for the v2 but are still compatible with the v1 keyboard.

>> No.80942184
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what kinda fucking gorilla is slamming his keyboard into the wall or anything else that would put a USB-C port in danger, or is he like, twisting the cable as he pulls it out or puts it in to deliberately stress-test it

>> No.80942186

Which are the main differences between Black gaterons and Yellow gaterons? Yellow are more lighter? I don't understand why yellow are more popular than blacks.

>> No.80942187

lmao, i'm probably older than you retard.

>> No.80942286

that's even worse you absolute mongoloid degenerate bitch, shut the fuck up and never open your downie mouth here again.

>> No.80942288
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Yeah i'll be sure to get right on that.

>> No.80942299
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ok sprout

>> No.80942331
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>he saved fucking shrek reaction gifs hoping to fit in

>> No.80942406

There's nothing wrong with change. It's just bad when everything is pidgeonholed into a tiny connector obviously primarily designed for charging phones.

>> No.80942425

welcome your USB-C overlords because this is the closest USB has come to having an actual connection standard that everyone can agree on

>> No.80942426
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>> No.80942441

The prevailing situation was better because there was a variety of connectors for various purposes depending on how thin your shit was.

>> No.80942473

you and i both know cost was a bigger factor in determining which connector they went with and nobody liked having to play russian roulette with usb cables, usb-c is leaps and bounds more useful as a connector because it actually is on everything and your cable will work. the bigger hurdle with usb-c is there's basically no QC for them and a metric fuck-ton of brands, even english speaking ones, try to dodge QC for inane profit margins on cables at gas-station and dollar stores (~$10 for a fucking plastic sheathed cable?)

>> No.80942830

>an actual connection standard that everyone can agree on
Everyone had already agreed on Type A for most purposes and it was great.
USB-B was great for what it was used for, primarily external hard drives. There were cables that had Type-A on both ends that could be used as well, but I haven't seen any harddrives that did this. What could have been done was to phase out Type B and use Type A on both ends.
>Again, i'd much rather have a single termination that just works.
The problem here is that that leads to that single termination being reduced to thinnest piece of shit possible in order to fit thinner and thinner phones with little regard being given to real computers.
It's not very useful if everything has to be giga deluxe to not wear out just from the effects of gravity or the occasional nudge to the equipment it's connected to.

>> No.80942915
File: 34 KB, 450x509, all this shit.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

what the fuck are all these switches

are all the linears the same other than actuation force? what the fuck is the difference between an L4 67g and an L5 67g

>> No.80943201

>to thinnest piece of shit possible in order to fit thinner and thinner phones with little regard being given to real computers
again, this is pure fantasy in your mind that small = weak

What kind of cunt are you? you don't fucking shove that shit in and rip on it left and right with a fuck ton of force.
>Bbb-b-but USB-A would survive l-l-l-longer!!!
Who gives a fuck? Don't treat your stuff like shit and it's not a fucking problem.

Not to mention, USB-A gets fucked all the time, you've obviously never had someone drop something on a USB stick while it's plugged in or dropped a laptop with a USB stick plugged in.

It's not exactly hard to destroy a USB-A port or cable.

>> No.80943214

>if everything has to be giga deluxe to not wear out
seriously, what are you doing with your usb-c connectors that they're wearing out, gravity is not destroying these things. stop gorillafisting your electronics, this is a non-issue for people that aren't overly concerned with the theoretical (not actual) durability of their ports and connectors on consumer electronics

in summary, have sex

>> No.80943302

>What kind of cunt are you? you don't fucking shove that shit in and rip on it left and right with a fuck ton of force.
It's gonna wear out just from the weight of the cables. Plugging and unplugging is not a factor.
>USB-A gets fucked all the time, you've obviously never had someone drop something on a USB stick while it's plugged in or dropped a laptop with a USB stick plugged in.
Never had that happen, but is Type C gonna hold up better in those situations?

>> No.80943504

>It's gonna wear out just from the weight of the cables
The 3 years I've been using a USB-C keyboard says otherwise kiddo.
Your imagination is lying to you. Maybe if you had some actual experience you wouldn't look like a fucking retard.

>> No.80944617
File: 757 KB, 2836x1300, IMG_20210312_170429.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Sure, plenty.

>> No.80944620
File: 617 KB, 1537x701, 1586349068280.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Oh goody, expensive AND ugly, just what I wanted.

>> No.80944678

it cute

>> No.80944682

Looks similar to this autist/ADHD/dumdum keyboard

>> No.80944757

Here is their blurb about it
>In 1994 today’s vast array of keycap color options was a pipe dream. At the time, keyboard manufacturer Cherry Corp was an industry leader when it came to reproducing colors. To showcase their capabilities, they created two sample keyboards—but little did they know how important they’d become. Meaning “handmade” in German, Handarbeit is a faithful recreation of the colors from the now-iconic piece. Jumping from purple to red, yellow, and blue across a single row, the keycap set comprises bold primary colors that have become legendary in the collector community. Sculpted in tall SA profile, SA Handarbeit is made of doubleshot ABS plastic for a long-lasting construction and comfortable feel.

>> No.80945074

Nice! Do you build and sell them?

>> No.80945132

Yep, have a couple up for sale right now if you want :^)

>> No.80945200
File: 1.07 MB, 2822x1462, IMG_20210216_042850.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Have ads up on the usual keyboard forums for them, I'm sure you'd find them if you search for 'dactyl' in each. And nah, not in burgerland.

>> No.80945288

he's canadian :^)

>> No.80945420

I am only able to find US sellers (or at least people listing them in $).

>> No.80945479
File: 943 KB, 2774x1552, bobagums.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I have everything listed in USD since most people use that anyway. If you're really interested then send me an email to dactylman at protonmail.com.

>> No.80945996
File: 55 KB, 882x355, index.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Can anyone identify the style of these keycaps because they suck, and I hate them.

>> No.80946075

Just looked OEM up and you could be right; I'm going from an old dell keyboard and those keycaps really held your fingers in place, Apart from that though I really love the feel of the Gateron Browns.

>> No.80946132
File: 1.68 MB, 3286x2432, IMG_20210326_145850.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

So I've been using this mouse for about a week and I love it. At first it was difficult to control the ball but now it's easier to make very subtle movements.

the rest for you hand is pretty nice too, the cushioning on the palm is comfortable. buttons are great. i do wish the rubber on the mouse had a bit more friction, it's just flat rubber on the bottom. but as i get more used to it i really dont need to apply as much pressure and i dont find it sliding usually.

>> No.80946303

what keyboard is this?

>> No.80946317

leopold fc660c

>> No.80947365
File: 2.82 MB, 4032x2450, 1BF66A94-DB05-4169-A25F-E7F9B4A04CE6.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

My new pcb is stuck in limbo with Dhl. Just got the new caps in and felt like seeing them in action. Threw it on another board.

Yes I know there are a million problems with this, but I still thought it looked cool.

>> No.80947442

Could someone tell me how topre 55g compares to mx blacks? I'm looking for something that's in between of gat yellows and cherry blacks.

>> No.80948305

Page 9 bump

>> No.80948983



>> No.80949007

I bought a Redragon with browns for a customer build and it's actually quite nice.

>> No.80949026


>> No.80949112

i have a ultrasanic for delubing. i dont mind doing it but am i gonna have to fuck with leaves? im not even confident i could take out and put back in a mx leaf let alone whatever fancy complex shit alps uses

>> No.80949121

Chyros has a few vids on cleaning out alps switches, might as well give them a watch m8.

>> No.80949357

If you're able to tell me where you can get it I'm all ears.

>> No.80949952

the only good corsair board worth getting is the old K95 RGB with 18 macro keys

>> No.80949986

nah, the new K100 is decent, at least it uses a standard size bottom row finally.

>> No.80950134

There's a thread on DT about it

>> No.80950213

What would workman look like if it were optimized for column stagger instead of ortholinear?

>> No.80952125

Are Unicomps still shit quality or did they finally fix their tools?

>> No.80952284

Their latest SSK is in all new tooling with new dyesub tooling and the legends look super super crisp.

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