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>> No.80501361

>"b-but anon bluteeth is better and it doesn't take muh space :^(((((((((("

>> No.80501381

As opposed to a top jack where literally anything can fall in at any time because gravity? You're a retard. And put your phibe in your pocket upside down like a normal human if headphones on the bottom strains your intellect.

>> No.80501400

Who the fuck puts their phone in the pocket bottom first? I wanna be able to slide it out and turn it on without rotating it first.

>> No.80501419

>he doesn't do a sick 540 degree twirl every time he pulls out and puts away his phone
look at this fucking pleb

>> No.80501440

sorry to break it to you but you decide how your phone goes in your pocket lmao

>> No.80501496

>t. fat-fingered American for whom turning a phone in his hand is a strenuous chore

>> No.80501508

i'd rather use dongle that jack on the wrong side of phone

>> No.80502559

headphone jacks are terrible on phones

>> No.80502628

Why did CTIA and OMTP both need to exist?
There is absolutely fuck all reason to introduce a competing standard other than to fuck with the consumer.

>> No.80502681

the patrician way would obviously be to use an external DAC for maximum flexibility and repairability
now if only there was some kind of universal serial bus interface for connecting arbitrary digital peripherals...

>> No.80502792

The only thing that should in the bottom is a huge nigger cock in your ass. The headphone jack belongs on the top of the phone, it was only moved to the bottom because phone manufacturers are literally out of ideas, and they can only remove features, increase the number of pixels, are make things worse in some other ways.

>> No.80502932

>still uses wires in 2021.
Why not use LAN ports on phones at this point ?

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>mfw my roomate puts his phone top up in his pocket and always has this awkward fiddle motion every time he takes out his phone
Why would you not put it in your pocket bottom up? I don't fucking get it. Drives me a bit insane how people have this mindset. Like you somehow think your phone doesn't like being upside down?

>> No.80502997

>People who believe wired audio is deprecated are literally retarded.
Idiots do not realize that you can't remove the DAC or amp(usually in a single audio codec chip) inside the phone without removing the speakers too. A jack costs like 30 cents at most to put there. You lose nothing by having a jack. Why someone would like to have less options is beyond me, it's not like wired and wireless audio support are mutually exclusive.

>> No.80503060

> You lose nothing by having a jack.

You lose the structural integrity of the case, in other words the long term water resistance, but why would you care since you never go outside and have probably not even washed your hands in a week

>> No.80503124

can't understand this
bluetooth is shit

>> No.80503205

my S5 is probably more water resistant than your phone and it has a headphone jack

>> No.80503208

I mean business phones have two ports to receive PoE and pass the data VLAN through to the computer.

>> No.80503220

i would vote this man for president, add in 2.5mm and/or 4.4mm and i will die in his glory

>> No.80503362

ikr ?
we can also use cables to send stuff between phones, like fucking gameboys

>> No.80503495

there should be something like these cases which have the extra battery on the back but instead have it with a DAC
does that exist?

>> No.80503559

>the year is 2080
>skull implanted cellphones are now mandatory because a few ne'erdowells weren't carrying one with them for proper tracking at all times
>comes with the 2020 Jack Act compliant headphone jack in center of forehead
t-thanks anon.

>> No.80503596

>listening to music from a shitty phone

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Add easily replaceable batteries and this world will enter a new golden era of electronics.

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Awww that's cute. When you grow up you'll be able to afford your own place and have loudspeakers like an adult. Portable is for ANC headphones and bluetooth, good luck though!

>> No.80504039

>just wear your speakers outside bro
bluetooth buds are inconvenient as fuck on top of sounding like shit and being uncomfortable
no idea what people find in dealing with shit battery life and pairing issues when you can just plug a cable in and enjoy a superior experience
also iems offer near perfect isolation so why would i need anc or whatever

>> No.80504075

>having a full size physical keyboard was invented by reddit

Have sex

t. only tried bluetooth 2.0 earbuds that came for free in a McDonalds Happy Meal, enjoy your cables snagging on everything

>> No.80504119

>he doesn't know about short cables
bluetooth users are truly brainlets

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>yfw the phone case PACKAGED WITH THE PHONE doesn't permit full insertion of the headphone plug

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>phone case packaged with the phone
And they see nothing wrong with this.

>> No.80504266

>there should be something like these cases which have the extra battery on the back but instead have it with a DAC
>does that exist?
i just got a fiio q3 and i would LOVE a phone case that holds that dac/amp. I have a note 10+ so theres definitely enough real estate on the back to make it work even if bulky. better than strapping rubber bands to my phone at work lmao

>> No.80504564

>Also driving a pair of tiny speakers is not the same as driving some 300+ dollar headphones
there are lenty of IEMs in the 500-$1k range that don't need a lot to drive, hell theres plenty of over ear headphones with only like 32ohms in that range as well so easy to drive.

instead of forcing this wireless bullshit on everyone whats the fucking problem with making dedicated audiophile phones with maybe an actual amp in there, basically a PMP/DAP with a phone antenna, most them run android already anyway.

>> No.80504583

usbC is ok, problem is phones have only one

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I would unironically buy this if it actually existed and costed less than $800.

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Let me guess, you "need" more.

>> No.80504614

>he needs background noise to exercise

>> No.80504645

>12V cigarlighter
funny thing to mention a shitty nonstandard port used nowhere else but cars (which got replaced by a universal one) to defend companies like Apple who have built half of their infrastructure around shitty nonstandard ports.

>> No.80504670

Not him but why would I use my phone as a music player instead of an actual music player which has vastly superior audio hardware, is much smaller/lighter, easier to operate thanks to physical buttons, isn't interrupted by notifications and doesn't drain my phone's battery?
Phone is basically last resort.

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Honestly? Fuck phones. Imagine a small USB connector (like the ones for wireless mice) with a nanoSIM slot you can just plug into a laptop.

>> No.80504689

You're aware there are laptops with sim card slots, right.

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>> No.80504740

I am, I just never used one.

>> No.80504767

Too much government

>> No.80504783

Because i dont wanna spend an additional few hundred dollars(youre looking at 500+ for a pmp with a decent amp if you use more than IEMs) or carry more devices? I dont give a shit about sleekness, give me back what smartphones used to be instead of forcing a portable dac/amp + pmp market

>> No.80505047

The "standard" bluetooth audio is SBC. You venture into vendor lock-ins the moment you want something better. Meanwhile 3.5 was a standard before bluetooth audio even existed.

>> No.80505146

So everyone need to pay a markup for high quality audio that they will never use, only because YOU don't want to spend money on appropriate gear, is that right ?
Why do you dumbasses want audio quality to rely on phone hardware ?
IF you want hq audio, just buy high end speakers/headphones, with all the high end hardware required bundled inside

>> No.80505247

Ohm is not a unit of headphone sensitivity. It would drive a sensitive IEM with a 300 Ohm adapter easily.

>> No.80505277

Also, speaking with all of you dumb cunts had me forget about a very important thing:
every phone w/o jack has only moved to usb-c/lightning audio, so you fucking bigots can still use your wires without whining the fuck out.

To the next fucker whining about simultaneous charging/wired audio:
just neck yourself with your fucking headphones

>> No.80505302

Not all phones support passive dongles and active dongles drain battery, you're also killing the port that charges your phone twice as quickly.

>> No.80505325

Also viper/jamesdsp doesn't work with usb dacs.

>> No.80505378

as I said, just kys

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buy this fuckhead.

sony dac

>> No.80505611

What is this?

>> No.80505615

no idea. the v60 is focused on audio with the quad dac so that's why i mentioned it.
all phones are generally pretty good though. much better than computers.

>> No.80506734

>collects lint
no it doesn't
what kind of third world clothes are you wearing that produce so much lint?

>> No.80506749

skip the shrink, I can diagnose you right here and now with autism

>> No.80507169

htc one m8 literally had everything on ports available
also 3.5mm jack at the bottom

>> No.80507246

This is what im talking about you need yo spend like 500-1k+ on a pmp for the amp to be built in, though its less cumbersome than with a phone

>> No.80507353

I just got used to handling it that way

>> No.80507396

I don't need a headphone jack because I don't use headphones.

>> No.80507424

No headphone jack, no deal.
Have lived by this and will continue to do so.

>> No.80507597

>shit that's not even the real bottleneck in bluetooth headphones

>> No.80507626

apple shill detected

>> No.80507647

i'd buy it

>> No.80507678

>hand strap
i miss it

>> No.80507747

>What am I missing?
Anon's autism

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If there were TWS with that didn't hiss, drop connection and were tuned exactly to my liking I would be using them but alas. Got Qudelix 5k because that's pretty much the most reliable way to get system-wide parametric EQ. Before that I was using Viper, but it had some issues. Until the short cable arrives I'm stuck with this contraption.

>> No.80507912

between OTG adapters and USB-C thumbdrives i don't really see the point. it would make phones significantly thicker too.

>> No.80507933

I can put my phone in my pocket top down or bottom down and rotate it upright instantly as I pull it out. Makes no difference. I prefer the jack on top so my fingers aren't touching the end of the wire as I use the phone.

>> No.80507973


You have your fingers on either side of the phone and lift it. It is in your palm with your finger ready to be unlocked.

I didn't realize anyone thought it was possible to put it in bottom up. It seems awful.

>> No.80507992


What country do you live in where a phone comes with a case included? ive never seen that before working in the wireless industry.

>> No.80508830

Not that guy, but I've gotten a case for my Redmi Note 4 (which I ordered from Chyna), and the G8X (which I bought here in Krautland)

>> No.80509002

Anon, I had one until recently. Audio was decent, not gonna lie - stock was nice, root+jamesdsp bumped it up a notch.
Battery was a blessing, esp. on A9 (Around 15-16hours of watchin 1080p video offline, ~9h of jewtube on cellular, ~7h of ps1/psp emulation with a DS4 connected).
Also those airtriggers were something I didn't know I need - a true blessing if You use flashlight a lot + can trigger tasker too.
Just dont cheap out and do Yourself a favor and get the 512/1tb version. Chink versions tended to have issues.
As for future proofing - if You get the 512/1tb global version (look for Republic of Gamers written on the back, not Tencent), You should be set for the next few years - just get a spare back glass and a battery for later down the line to save Yourself some hassle if You really plan to use it for few years Anon.
Also - if You're from US, and want VoLTE, You'll need to root and enable it.
TL;DR Yes, its a great phone.

>> No.80509060

That's not a Samsa Clip+ with Rockbox

>> No.80509070

But it could be.

>> No.80509610

Why can't they just put three gold-plated contact points on the phone somewhere, and an adapter to 3.5mm attaches with magnets? Then real estate inside the phone is saved, and the phone itself can be sealed against water inrtrusion.

>> No.80509670

just call them earbuds dude, no need to try to class them up

>> No.80509674

i suppose but you could just leave the adapter on the end of the keyboard cable in that case.

>> No.80509765

yeah but I mean in situations where you're someplace with keyboards that you might want to use spontaneously. If you bring your own then you can just make your own and use a C-to-C cable

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>there are people ITT so stupid that they have to exercise mental gymnastics on putting a phone into the fucking pocket the right way
If you have phone with buttons, do you hold it on the screen end of the phone? No, because the keys are upside down and they're even fucking printed the right way.
Your phone has the microphone on the bottom and the speaker on the top, the way the phone is supposed to be held.

>> No.80510027

Also, the camera is positioned in a way that your hands would not block the lens if you take pictures with the phone held vertically.

>> No.80510055

Fuck that, all ports should be on the top.

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This is the right answer.
Could implement a plethora of attachments this way... from jack to xlr, and even add sensors and triggers the same way.
Also phones need 2 usb ports.
This needs to happen.

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