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>> No.80430481

I think ill start flipping computers from kiijiji too

>> No.80430506

Yeah lol, people are either insane lowballers (unironically offering 20$ for something listed at 140$) or they go out of their way to buy completely overpriced stuff. Same thing for sellers.

>> No.80430510

Got my A+ and went to work at a cell phone repair shop. Some boomer brought in his phone that got "wet". Opened it up smelled like human shit. fucker dropped it in the toilet with shit in it

>> No.80430721

Another story:
> find destkop on side of road
> old and shitty but has dGPU and decent case
> add the shittiest hard drive possible
> install win10
> sell for $120 to some kid who convinced his dad to drive an hour each way
> kid was absolutely delighted, leaves me my first rating (5 star)

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no idea, my fren

>> No.80431171

you guys are just like the indian call center scammers

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>late 90s
>woman wants to play games
>buys a $2000 computer with all kinds of shit in it
>including a analogue and supervideo recording pci card
>gpu still wont play the one game she wants
>she returns it on warranty saying its broken
>test it out before reselling at cost
>plays the game perfectly fine
>moved the comp into my office and got addicted to the game
>she comes in about 2 months later and i forget
>game is running on the computer
>she goes fucking autistic nuts like a woman-child does when they dont understand things because it's clearly the same computer

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Keep in mind these are Canadian dollars. Also shipping rates are horrible and anything from burgerland gets raped by import charges.

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