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>Read the sticky: >>76759434

>GNU/Linux questions >>>/g/fglt

>Windows questions >>>/g/fwt

>PC building? >>>/g/pcbg

>Programming questions >>>/g/dpt

>Good, cheap, laptops >>>/g/tpg

>Cheap electronics >>>/g/csg

>Server questions >>>/g/hsg

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i just want to watch youtube without ads, but also want to keep my subscriptions. tried ublock and it used to work perfectly but now ads are popping up fucking constantly

any extensions worth trying?

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Any recommendations for a router?

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I need a USB-C to USB regular cable, am I fine to go for an amazon basics one or are there other brands that are better? Most of the stuff on there seems too cheaply made

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My machine has a HDD and a SSD and I want to dual boot Windows and Linux. Which drive(s) should I install them to?

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>laptop fan is loud
>can't use zoom because mic is close to computer fan
What should I do if I can't make my fan quieter?

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Make sure it's ublock ~origin~. Purge cache and update filters. If that doesn't work for you, switch to another browser besides chrome. Google doesn't want you interfering with their revenue stream, and they control the underlying software.


Anker is the most reliable. A bit pricy when not on sale, but they last.

The SSD.

Blow out the vents with a can of duster in short bursts from a few inches a way. If that doesn't work, get a cheap lav mic.

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>The SSD.
Thanks, is there anything else I should know before I do this? I'd like to be able to use the HDD on both OSs.

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Install windows first, leaving enough space for linux later. Format the HDD to NTFS, and install the NTFS package in linux if it cant write to it by default.

Yes. Being closer to your face makes a big difference in how much background noise they pick up, especially vs a laptop feed.


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I bought two cheap used monitors but I have a laptop and only 1 vga and 1 hdmi entry. How can I use both monitors as 2 different screens? I know splitters can't do the trick.

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Ok, what the fuck I found an old USB drive of mine recently, but turns out that for some reason it is read only, I already made a backup of the files and tried to format it but Windows doesnt want to...
I tried to change it with the registry keys and with diskpart.exe but nothing works.
After checking the attributes of the drive this is what I got:

Current Read-only state: yes
Read-only: no

Any ideas /g/?

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does having my own VPN server on my VPS that only I can access add any privacy layers or anonymity?

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Then you would have to shell out of an ACTIVE hdmi to vga adapter.

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Thanks man, guess I will just toss it, it got stuck in RAW since windows did manage to delete everything but couldnt format it.

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which laptop cpu is better?
>amd ryzen 5 3600U
>intel i5 1035G1

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I just realised that I have a problem with the inputs. For some reason both the vga and hdmi are too close to each other, so the vga cable overlaps the hdmi like pic related.

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dumb question and im not sure if this is the right place to ask, but I need ideas for projects to put on a resume
I have been going to college in CS for about 3 years and I feel like I dont have enough experience
so I need some projects to put on a resume, as I feel like getting a job will be extra hard once corona is over
or if theres any other tips for "experience building"
thank you!

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Are there any comprehensive backup methods for Android, without root? I want the full system image that Titanium Backup or TWRP offers, but without having to root my device...

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For figure 2.4, How does the printf on line 8 perform its role in the program?

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I actually got it thanks

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Don't use the same drive, Windows screws your dual partition every major update.
Install one on each drive. I'd recommend Windows on SSD since Win10 is usually slower than Linux.

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Can I safely remove these highlighted?

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Alright I'll do that. Any sites you recommend downloading 4k torrents from?

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you can delete the entire C:\AMD folder

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That's your prerogative, but that's roughly why you're not going to find much. Nobody likes constantly seeding 40 gig rips to people who hit and run, and the alternative is letting the torrent go DOA. So only the most popular shit gets ripped, and usually at meme bitrates because most people don't know jack.

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excuse me it's my thirst for knowledge

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as long as my name goes on the paper

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I would love to give back in some way or another but I don't have the resources to have a computer on with a VPN on all the time. I'm in college so I only have my laptop that is constantly use to disconnect and connect from my schools wifi. I don't have a responsible way to seed torrents without getting my dorm building in trouble.

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then you're not likely going to get good torrents, you get get what scraps are available on public trackers.

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This actually isn't a bad idea, Thanks :)

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it's a gay quiz

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Sometimes I try to post here on mobile data while driving to work but it turns out it's range banned, but other days it works just fine. Can anyone explained

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is there a way i can get a list of all my installed packages, run it through a scanner, and it outputs any CVE details for each package?

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I just set up my router today but the LAN ports aren't working for some reason. I've checked and they fit properly, my modem also has 1 LAN ports and it works fine. What's going on? The LED on the router doesn't even light up and I can't find anything weird in the router's settings. The same cable also works with my modem's LAN port so it can't be that. Please help.

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I just dropped my new HDD in its unopened packaging. I opened the box and the HDD seems to be wrapped in a conforming air-filled tubing that seems pretty secure. How fucked am I?

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bros I need my ssd repaired but can't find shit online, every fucking place just mentions data recovery. Are there no fucking SSD repair labs anywhere?

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You can do it through adb (adb backup) but it might not work for everything. You don't get to have your cake and eat it too.

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What's the best tool to back up multiple drives to a separate one?

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not him but what determines it changing?

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How do you keep things organised? I have one big ass 4chan folder with like 10000 pictures, sorted by date and I just have to recall when I saved a particular one whenever I need it. And that's just that one folder, my computer is a fucking mess.

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Bought an vape from and it doesn't ship with batteries, It says that it works with a 18650 battery.
I have loads of these https://secondlifestorage.com/index.php?threads/lg-lgabf1l1865-cell-specifications.1774/
Would it work if I used these instead of the 18650, they seem to pretty much the same. My electronics knowledge is very small so I'm asking here.

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I want to connect to my home server remotely. I also want to get a VPN for torrenting. Should I get a VPN with dedicated IP, or one without and a Dynamic DNS?

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The screen on my laptop got separated from the cover somehow, and now it can't close without bending the cover and there's exposed wire. ANyone have an estimate of how much it would cost to get the screen cover replaced at the shop?

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What SD card type can the orange pi read, SDHC, SDXC, anyone know?

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I have two old mobo's laying around with CPU's inside, and want to make one into a full PC with low to mid gaming capability.

One mobo has an i7-2600k and the other has an i5-4690k. Around which combo should I pick to build a PC and what's the best graphics card I should get for it?

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My apologies. He said that wasn't the correct one.

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Is there a site that has display profiles for specific monitors? I got a LG 4K monitor and it looks like straight ass.

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90% of the time it only gets damaged when it's spinning, since it was turned off when shipping, it's most likely fine

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Anyone able to explain how communities work on matrix/element? I want to be able to group rooms I'm in together with friends, but have them all still be private.

Is that possible or will adding the room to a community I make allow people I don't know to join?

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I bought a figure the other day and while I was looking at the reviews I noticed that one person posted a picture with it inside his computer, and the computer seemed to be powered on. Is this a huge fire hazard or is it actually plausible for the computer to be so well cooled that you can safely do this?

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should be safe, depends on where you put it in the case. either way it's not great for airflow, so prolly leave it if you care deeply about that sort of thing.

>> No.80440642

You really overestimate how hot computers get. A specific component will reach maybe 100C in a bad day. The ambient temperature inside the case will be a fraction of that with even the most basic cooling. I don't know what kind of materials the figure is built off but it's safe to assume you need a few exponentials of that number to have it combust.

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What are some reasons you wouldn't run a mixed WiFi environment (2.4GHz & 5GHz) in a production setting if your equipment already supports it? You have greater compatibility, no interference between the two frequencies and devices that support both can automatically switch over if one has an issue.

>> No.80440986

Thank you.
>hashchecks will invalidate your image.
what did you mean by that though?
It won't work?

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Altering the ISO in anyway will change this, and it will not match the original/confirmed/clean/verified version of the program.

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"or whatever" is not an error message, you have to be more specific. If you could provide a sample file that gives you the error that would be even better.
When you drag and drop from the file manager 7zip will first copy the archive to your temp folder. You might be having issues with size or permissions depending on where you defined that folder. Try extracting by right click -> Extract files...

>> No.80441495

could be AV interfering

>> No.80441595

havent bought a phone since /g/ kept shilling the xiaomi redmi note pro 3 as the best bang for your buck, years ago. Whats the current equivalent?

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Can I disable encryption in the torrent client if I'm using a VPN anyway? (Like, doesn't the VPN encrypt everything anyway so what's the point of the torrent client allowing/preferring/requiring encryption?)
Would doing so improve speeds / increase my connections?

try messing with app background priority settings?
browser, try ublock origin. if ur using the app, look into setting up a pihole.
amazonbasics make the sturdiest usb cables ive used. anker is meh in comparison.
use 2 ssds, one os on each
failing that, try putting puppy linux on a usb

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i had 2 EVGA 1080s from my old build - put on on Ebay for buy it now of £350, sold instantly - previous had sold around 280-320 so i was surprised

Put the next one on at 370 and it sold in an hour. now i'm worried did i fuck up and really lowball the price? I mean i bought the things like 5 years ago for £500 a pop

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Why did the graphics card prices increase?

>> No.80442364

crypto and chip shortages

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I want a cell phone. I want the dumbest fucking cell phone there is. The only thing I want to do is make phone calls. Every feature the phone has in addition to making calls is a negative for me.

I need it to take SIM cards , and I don't care about 3G/4G LTE/5G beyond continually being able to make phone calls when the older cellular networks get shut down.

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I'm trying to get FTP working on Opus directory. This file manager is awesome and it could potentially replace both the default file manager and WinSCP for me but i cant get the FTP conection to not be refused when trying to connect to any of my machines. Anyone use Opus and could help?

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If you want to transfer a copy of windows from an old ssd to a new ssd, is there a chance of damaging the new ssd by transferring corrupted data to it?

To clarify, my pc is having issues that I’m pretty sure is related to the ssd that windows is installed on. I’m worried about messing a new ssd up by putting the old one’s contents on it.

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>quality - inkjet
>economy - laser
Thank you! I’ll go with the inkjet.

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Is it possible to 301 redirect a random html page without owning the domain?

>> No.80444037

Data doesn't physically damage drives. Cloning can come out bad when the original drive was bad. I make it a personal rule to do a clean install when there was noticeable corruption on the old drive, but you can try your hand at a clone and see if everything works right if you really want to.

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what site should i use to register a domain name?
what site should i use to host a personal website?
can/should i host it myself?

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Should I use greasemonkey over violentmonkey? Tampermonkey has great reviews, but it's not free as in freedom.

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Are tech support questions allowed here? /wsr/ is dead and not responding

>> No.80444974

asking is less of a nuisance than asking if you can ask

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A friend of mine has a problem with Steam.

His Install of ARK somehow "dislodged" itself from steam but it is still on his disk and he can launch it manually. I told him to just press install because Steam automatically checks if the game is already installed in that library before downloading but he doesn't have enough disk space (Why does Steam check if there is enough disk space before it checks if the game is already installed anyways?).

Does anyone have an Idea how to solve this? I've already drained Google but nothing we tried stuck.

>INB4 Delete and redownload.
This is Germany, Sir, our Internet is worse than rural India.

TL;DR: Steam cannot check if the game is installed because there is not enough disk space.

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So now that Flash is dead how do I play all the hentai and porn flash games/videos I've saved over the years? I tried Lightspark and it failed the very first file I attempted.

>> No.80445417

Thanks. Life is pain

>> No.80445448

>try messing with app background priority settings
Yeah Im retarded how do I get to these settings. I tried googling

>> No.80445740

Look at this shit.
It happens at random, it stops at random. I don't understand. Semi-related, my mouse will sometimes click on its own, sometimes several times, although when i turn off the trackpad and use a mouse it stops. The trackpad is also super sensitive to clicks as well, it often clicks as i scroll if i move too slowly. Chrome will often switch to the first tab at some point during all this.

I'm on a Lenovo Thinkpad T490s running Windows 10

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>> No.80446977

how do you report a bug to 4chan/nel?

>> No.80447144

>i want a book that doesn't require internet or libraries to download
? download pdf and document viewer while you have internet, use when your internet is ded

>> No.80447190

just steal a few(dozen) books that look interesting, and when you are offline take a brief glance at opening dozen pages and decide which suits your needs best

>> No.80447216

shit I get what you mean now, honestly, if you have a reddit account go ask r/learnpython they might even have something in the side bar

>> No.80447458

How can I sell PDFs through my website? I have built the website over years and want something I can easily integrate that doesn't cost $$$$

>> No.80447725

I have a LG 27UL850-W. I got it solely for the supposed picture clarity, but it doesn't matter what I do since the shit is all fuzzy.

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What IT career path should I choose if I want to barely do anything, make a decent income ($65k and above,) and not have to come in on off days and/or stay late? I enjoy programming but I'm too socially autistic to do freelance work.

>> No.80448200

Gigabit fiber is in my area. Should I buy it?

>> No.80448300

Would it be better to get a mid tier 2.1 amp or two cheapo ones for 2.0 and 0.1? Is there something I should consider while picking suitable ones for a 2.1 setup?

>> No.80448346

is there a way to copy everything i've done from a virtual machine to a fresh install?

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I used ffmpeg to turn a bunch of image sequences into .mkv videos, except they're very fucking heavy (i.e. : A 13 seconds clips is 3,0GB, total is 117GB)

I want to use ffmpeg to turn said clips into more compressed versions without losing too much quality.
What's the ideal codec/format for that?

Also, I imagine that I'll do it like this, any better way?

ffmpeg *.mkv -codec [Your codec here] *.[your format here]

>> No.80448400

You can try a sysprep then image with macrium reflect, but YMMV.

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Did Firefox Nightly remove "View page info" from the browser or just hide it from the context menu?
I don't know when it changed but mine is gone now

>> No.80448742

I've just put an ssd in my laptop and installed an os on it. The laptop boots fine from the usb installer I used but it won't boot from the ssd. I used the same installer on an hdd that was in the laptop before and worked fine but since I switched it with the ssd even putting the hdd back in won't boot either. The installer sees and writes to the ssd fine and went just like it did on the hdd, I don't understand why it doesn't work. The laptop also has a hardware diagnostic thing in the bios that says everything about the ssd and hdd are fine. Basically when I turn on the computer it goes to intel boot agent and fails whatever it's trying to do and then let's me select the drive I want to boot from, flashes a black screen for a second and goes back to the same list to let me pick the drive again. I reset my bios settings and messed around with the uefi and legacy settings, turning uefi off, giving legacy preference, going back to default again, it still goes into the failing intel boot agent thing. I thought maybe I installed the ssd fine but then why would the installer see it and partition it with no problems and why would the diagnostic also pass it on all the tests?

>> No.80449483

where can i find good equalizer presets for audacious?

>> No.80449751

Cfdisk shows an 8m bios boot partition, 463g linux filesystem and 2g linux swap, why won't it boot?

>> No.80449834

its like texturized plastic, but I know it has a name and even cases use it..but cant remember its name..

>> No.80450046

Two of my fans that are directly connected to my chassis fan controller stop working when switched to 12V. I never noticed this before but the 5V and 7V steps work fine. Is this mostly an issue with the controller rather than the psu and its cable? I haven't tried swapping the cables yet but I have tried it on a different molex split with the same results.

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I have a pixel 3 on Android 11. My phone constantly just decided that it can't see any word networks and I have to reboot. Does this happen to anyone else? It's really fucking annoying. I used up a bunch of data accidentally because I didn't realize I wasn't on wifi because the fucking thing couldn't see my own home network

>> No.80450571

is there anything like MAL for normal media? to keep tracks of movies and tv shows watched

>> No.80450728

what's a good music player for ubuntu?

>> No.80450907 [DELETED] 


>> No.80451071

Most reliable is shelling out to adobe, but libre office draw is free.

>> No.80451266

How do i find a "real" USB 3.0 key? As in consistent USB 3.0 speeds, not just some shitty write cache

>> No.80452654

whenever i try to open a video in a new tab i have 2 audio sources
one audio source and the video itself stops playing when i pause it but the other audio source still continues on until i close the tab or the video ends

this seems to only happen on videos with autoplay enabled
i'm using Chrome

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Finger placement questions:

In my right hand it feels unnatural to press [p] with my pinky so I use my ring finger instead;

Also my right hand I use it my index finger to press

is this more natural than the hand placement in pic related or am I developing bad habits?

>> No.80452761

>execute them on my phone?
Why would you want to do that?

>> No.80452801

Why not?

>> No.80452861

nevermind i've found the solution to this
i'm using Kaspersky (please don't judge me)
and the web extension is the culprit
simply disabling it fixes the issue


>> No.80453076

I have a 5 year old laptop with an intel cpu that I'm thinking of putting linux on. I'm also aware that the NSA put backdoors in modern Intel cpus. So, if I install linux on it, will the NSA still be able use that backdoor to spy on me?

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Is this bad practice? This is what I had to do to get the statistics page working on my starlink dish. I swear every post about it has someone doing something different so I'm unsure. This works though.

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Just add more network cards lol.

>> No.80453548

Help me out /g/, google is useless.

I setup a samba server on ubuntu
netbios name = HP
When I try to connect to the share \\HP\my-share from win7 it asks for username and password and the only username it accepts is Unix User\<nameoftheuser>.
No problem so far, but since "Unix User" contains a space which is an invalid character in Windows domains it refuses to save credentials after reboot.
How can I change the domain needed on windows login?

>> No.80453571

You need to minimize disk writes, SDcards don't have wear leveling so it's extra crucial.
>disable swap
>disable logging
>configure your software to avoid writing
TOR for one has "AvoidDiskWrites" setting, idk about others.

>> No.80453650

I've had good exprience with Asus, so I might stick to that. Opposite with HP though, everyone single one failed in about a year because of the display wiring getting fucked in the lid hinges. What about Dell? There are a few of those around in the $1000AUD range.

A lot also have Windows 10 S on them which I want to get rid of but I don't know much about it, would it mean the specs are likely shit if it uses S?

>> No.80453897

I mean, you can just buy a bigger SSD and put it in. Or assuming it has two slots you could keep the small SSD and just plug in your old HDD for when you need extra space.

>> No.80453944

If it has an optical (CD) drive you can replace it with a SATA adapter for an extra slot. Otherwise a lot of newer laptops have both an M.2 and a SATA slot.

>> No.80454120

SD cards are slow and not particularly reliable. Sure, HDDs are not much better but they're also dirt cheap, while you have to pay premium for anything but bottom of the barrel cards.
If it's your only option it's not a 'bad' idea but in most cases you have better alternatives available.

>> No.80454123


>> No.80454213

M.2 reduces costs, SATA needs a SATA controller and the 2.5 inch slot is bigger.

>> No.80455193

I've been trying to install openvpn server on linux and I need some help / clarification
"export KEY_CN" Requires common name, but what exactly do I put in?
I've seen some examples put in just the server name (ie just "openvpn"), some straight up skipped it and some their actual CN, for example: openvpn.example.com
I don't have a domain set up, so I'm not really sure what to do

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>> No.80455355

I'm not an expert, but I imagine the people who work at discord can doxx quite a lot about you (i.e. it might be possible to connect this account to your normal one). As for other retards on the server probably very little (even without VPN), since from what I recall all traffic goes through discord servers

>> No.80455376

fucking discord makes your email public, which is gay

>> No.80455570

Depends on each game. Normally it would be some version of vc++ redist, and some version of directx, maybe other things I'm forgetting, but I haven't used windows in a while.

>> No.80455582

Probably something like DirectX 9 / 11 / 12, .NET framework, vc++ redist, maybe java?

>> No.80455585

I was never a power user, and havnt used Windows is so long that I probably couldnt find the control panel if I was in front of a computer, but I dont ever remember needing anything to play games, just put the cd in the drive and install, IDK maybe something like directX or something, but the install would coach you to DL it if it didnt come with the game

>> No.80455652

I need to replace a screen and keyboard t440s thinkpad and open a 2015 macbook air to see if its old enough to steal the ssd of it that shits soldered in, will this screwdriver set work with both?


>> No.80455933

im the same guy, as
maybe its trying to update?
this says its a launcher and updater, but IDK

>> No.80456193

To an extent.
Most of the time
Not as secure as the info being only in your pc and encrypted by a local password manager, written on something you own.

>> No.80456257

Any browser out there still supporting flash?
I wanna keep playing my p2w browser games.

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Retarded microsoft isos won't fit on my average 4.7gb dvds and I have no available usb drives around. Is there a way to compress the iso and still write it on the dvd?

>> No.80456522

Please help me before I have a stroke.

This Xbox controller requires drivers. I apparently can't just download the drivers off the Microsoft site, I first have to link my Windows PC to it. I did do that but the PC still doesn't appear under devices there so I can't download the fucking drivers. What do I do?

>> No.80456534

As long as I use a vpn my university can't tell I browse 4chan right?

>> No.80456535

Windows 8.1 for the record

>> No.80456592


>> No.80456716

wtf, the website is fucked, I noticed my iso is like 6gb, that I got like a month ago, so seeing your 4.8gb one, I wondered if there was a lighter one maybe, it was a fucking labyrinth, I couldnt even find the free DL this time (I found it last month), on the download page, the upgrade tool is obvious, and the img writing tool is obvious, but then the download windows is hidden in the collapsible for the img writing tool, and then it asked me the gayest questions, like instead of specs, it asked, is your computer lightning fast or slow, can you open all the programs, a few programs or just one program, does my battery last all day or not as long as it used to or needs to be plugged in, and last how important is security to you, very important or not important, and no matter how you anser it trys to shill you to buy a new laptop, and if not, it wants you to pay $189 for windows

anyone know where to find the free iso?

>> No.80456746

I believe the friendly windows thread on /g/ has something in the OP with all the available binaries
If you want to download the newest iso from scratch you have to use the media creation tool. It will then ask you what language, version and arch you want. Picking both x64 and x86 will make your iso bigger. When I picked x64 only it downloaded a 4.8gb iso

>> No.80456788 [DELETED] 


>> No.80456807

>Are you following some crazy guide with certificate authority voodoo and shit?
Yes and every single one of them is different, which is infuriating to say the least
Thanks for the link, I'll look into it tomorrow

>> No.80456815

Thanks I'll look into that. I need to format my desktop and was kind of stuck for the past hour browsing /g/ instead of actually trying to solve the issue

>> No.80457314

cool terrorist photo
I have guitar and I want to use my computer as an amp. is this possible?
is there a good free software for this?

>> No.80457348
File: 8 KB, 236x190, 6c783155b49eced982969c437b5d2746.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I don't understand the static grounding stuff. All I want to do is open up my PS4.

Could I fry some of the parts if I just disassemble without precaution?

>> No.80457428

Is there any way to make a child account on a fire tablet that doesn't use that awful freetime homescreen?

>> No.80457715

How does nu-Edge compare to other Chrom* browsers?

>> No.80457905

I'm assuming you're on Windows. It's the fastest browser you can get on Windows.
Functionality/customization is pretty much identical to Chrome. Very far behind Vivaldi in this regard.
Uses less resources than Chrome and Vivaldi but more than Opera.
Privacy? You're on Windows so why would you care.

>> No.80458022

How do I install an Intel integrated graphics driver while my old GPU is still installed? When I try to run the driver installer it tells me my PC doesn't reach minimum specs. Is my bios turning off Integrated graphics because a GPU is installed?

>> No.80458023

I don't have any problems. Make sure you're using the latest version of uBlock Origin legacy

>> No.80458187

pls respond

>> No.80458281
File: 22 KB, 791x482, dsfdf.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

How do I make my windows show the size used and free in this view?
Installed on an SSD and I did not even know this was an option that isn't default.

>> No.80458346

Nevermind found it, it was Tiles which was hidden before clicking tiny arrows. Now I just need to figure out how to wipe this old windows drive.

>> No.80458377

How hard is it to upgrade from 8.1 to 10? Will I lose my data?

>> No.80458427

It's pretty much the same system, but newer
You shouldn't lose any data, but it's Microsoft, so always ALWAYS be careful

>> No.80458469

To the /g/entlemen who have been hired before
How have you prepared for the job?
Was it fully company providing training when starting on, or did you take initiative before starting?
My manager has been vague about what exactly I'll be doing, other than automated testing with python , and documentation.
He'll be in touch with me 1 month before the start of the summer job for preparation.
But it's quite far away, I want to perform the best I can to get the job extended into perma position.
Any advice appreciated

>> No.80458515

Got it. Buying a license for the pro version for 15 bucks off ebay is fine?

>> No.80458563

>No. Either use an activator(hassle free, takes 30 seconds, open source options available)
I've used kms activator and I'm scared Ivan from Russia could potentially jack my crypto which I've accessed through a browser
I have a good antivirus, a rat like virus would get found out pretty fast right?

>> No.80458576

Ok I don't really want to pay I just thought that'd be the easiest. How do those differ from normal Windows? And do I get it from here? https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/software-download/windows10

>> No.80458607

That's why you use the open source options I mentioned.
For KMS you have
But it's easier to use activation by hardware ID

They are the versions with most features (and control) available
The /fwt/ paste should answer all your questions

>> No.80458652

>For KMS you have

I think that might be the one I've used actually. Got it from a highly updooted post in r/piracy , so I guess it's fine then. Thanks

>> No.80458694

The 3000-series APUs are still based on Zen+ and not particularly good, so Intel is probably better in this specific case. More generally, you'll want to look for 4000-series APUs, because even 4500u is performing pretty close to an ice lake i7.

Repairing components costs more than replacing them, so no.

>(Like, doesn't the VPN encrypt everything anyway so what's the point of the torrent client allowing/preferring/requiring encryption?)
Well, for starters, if you disallow encrypted connections, you won't be able to leech from anyone(or seed to anyone) who requires encryption.

>what site should i use to register a domain name?
Namecheap is what I've seen recommended. Godaddy is apparently one you want to avoid. I can't personally attest to either of these, though
>what site should i use to host a personal website?
There are lots of providers who offer cheap VPS. Pick any.

>> No.80458856

The media creation tool is fine. You choose the version of windows you want during install.

>> No.80458945

The newest one, it's just called 'Xbox Wireless Controller'.

>> No.80459727

I'm setting up a server, but I'm an idiot.
Should I use RAID 5?
Hardware or software RAID?
Do I need a caching SSD?
Is it fine if I just use win 7 and run Ubuntu, Home assistant and Openmediaserver in Virtual machines (or containers in Ubuntu)?

>> No.80459893

>Hardware or software RAID?

>> No.80459927

just write your passwords in a book, that's what I do.

>> No.80459950

What is an optimal desk depth? I'd like to be able to tuck the keyboard under the monitor and have space to draw/write.

>> No.80460006

What are the requirements to use QTcreator's free/LGPL version? I would prefer to keep my application closed-soruce but I don't mind making it open if I have to. Might end up selling it. From my understanding I shouldn't run into any issues on windows/osex/linux and it's just embedded system that need a license. If someone who understands it could elaborate for me that would be very helpful.

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