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>> No.80311965

You're delusional if you think any version of Windows 10 is less pozzed than another. LTSC is a meme.

>> No.80311982

Install Gentoo.

>> No.80312353

you WILL get the feature updates
you WILL get telemetry
you WILL get the latest NSA backdoors
you WILL NOT own software
you WILL be happy

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>> No.80313739

Just install Enterprise IoT which is basically LTSC with the 10 year support.

>> No.80314061

>dont worry bros, in 2021 linux would be good enough to switch by then

>> No.80314165

Well yeah, you have Ubotnet and Poop OS

>> No.80314416

That's some impressive cope. LTSC has all the same telemetry and tracking as any other version of Windows 10. The only thing it doesn't have is a bunch of shitty modern apps installed by default. Even Cortana is still there, just renamed SearchUI and with the front end removed. You are a sucker who fell for a meme.

>> No.80314442

>Υοu WILL be happy
That's all any sane man should need.

>> No.80314469

It seems that LTS for >8 years is slowly dying, which is sad. Stability is nice.

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>> No.80314570

>hello more instability than ever

>> No.80314574

Still no icon view in the file picker. Thanks, but I'm sticking with Windows 10 LTSC.

>> No.80314608 [DELETED] 

just use linux instead you fucking dumbass, ltsc is lightweight windows 10 for enterprises, it doesn't remove any telemetery shit, you still have all the backdoors with regular versions of windows 10.

>> No.80314619

kde and lxqt works fine for me

>> No.80314746

jsut upgrade to linux bro

>> No.80314768

5 years?
So our government agencies will be upgrading around 2040.

>> No.80314789

>globohomo bad
>you WILL not install any feature updates
>you WILL not send crash reports to improve the product
>you WILL keep the old NSA backdoors and never patch them out
>you WILL pretend you own something that a megacorp made
>you WILL be happy
fuck off

>> No.80314797

what's the best way to remove most bloat fro mwindows 10 apart from installing LTSC? i have it on my laptop but WMR doesnt work with it cause it's missing something

>> No.80315149

Le based Юлeнькa has arrived

>> No.80315180


look at the section about removing UWP apps

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>> No.80316025

You can't remove UWP apps completely because Settings depend on it.

>> No.80316258

>flexing LTSC
>using chrome

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iToddlers BTFO

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It still pisses me the least of wangblows family OSes.

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>> No.80317369

That's a lotta ram for a very unbeefy cpu.

>> No.80317649

Actual happy, not a happy slave.

>> No.80318933

I'm transitioning into a linuxfag, friend
But muh games and muh compatibility
The software I need for school isn't always compatible with Linux, wat do?

>> No.80318989

you can run windows programs in several ways:
wine (like an emulator, does not always work)
virtual machine (should work 99.9%)

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No problem here, LTSB will still continue
working on my machine for quite a while

>> No.80319055

Some fag was maining Fedora and tried emulating some shit we needed using Wine and it didn't end well for him
Kinda deterred me from trying the same
Also I hate VMs because they're slow. Might dualboot maybe

>> No.80319140

if its just for some office level program, virtual machine is comfy as fuck assuming you have enough ram. if your processor is not too old it should not run that slow.

fuck, I remember working in 2012 for it support. we had some applications that were run remotely and you basically saw a jpeg compressed image of the app. clicking was slow, there was horrible latency but it vaccinated me against fear of slowness. basically, like a thin client over a slow network.

now I think: if its good enough for work, its good enough for me, especially with office type stuff.

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Just wait for him

>> No.80320619

Any day now

>> No.80321544

Nice try, corpo shill

>> No.80321930

>tfw you felt for the LTSC meme and you can't connect to the work local network.
It fucking sucks, I can't eve use fucking Firewall


>> No.80321993

Updates? I'm still running 1709.
Though recently I used my XML and made a 202H v2 iso.
NTLite and hours of testing. It's not worth it to be honest, LTSC "levels" of debloat are fine. Services disabled has the biggest impact.

>> No.80322016

Ratchet straps

>> No.80322482

is it worth using ubuntu (even with gnome and SystemD) over this?

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All the big guys are shitting on industry. pic related is another example

>> No.80323184

Install linux/bsd then

>> No.80323315 [DELETED] 

>Unironically using windows
This. Fuck off wintoddlers. You literally do not belong here.

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>> No.80323419

mean and uncalled for

>> No.80323434

It's live updating the shortcut in your taskbar

>> No.80323492

Yes. Although really you should use Mint.

>> No.80323669

why Mint?

>> No.80323671

>I'll make another thread that shows I'm a dumb cunt
Sure okay I guess.

>> No.80323731

It's Ubuntu, but they strip out the gay stuff Canonical does. Telemetry, installing snaps by default, affiliate links, etc.

>> No.80323752

>LTSC updates are ending sooner then planned
Good. I prefer my OS to be stable.

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KeK Linux mint is the most busted Distro.
It has so many security flaws.

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LTSC is hindering adoption of new technologies, stop being a faggot

>> No.80324048


I don't want new technologies, I want to be left ALONE.

>> No.80324332

>You need to login to view this posts content.

>> No.80324380

meme aside the worst creation of microsoft is
visual studio code.

>> No.80324420

Yulenka no one gives a fuck about how much Microsoft cock you suck commie fag

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>> No.80324758

>globohomo bad


>> No.80324945

works on my machine

>> No.80325073

Just install the latest Windows 10 and stop holding back adoption of Feature Level 12_2 and increasing the install base of Feature Level 12_2 so lazy game developers will be forced to adopt it

>> No.80325079

Microsoft Windows

>> No.80325146

all i use windows for is solidworks, and it uses opengl

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>> No.80325277

If Windows gets too out of hand, I'll probably move over to macOS and enjoy the 20+ hour ARM battery life.

Sadly can't move to Linux because the graphics software I use doesn't work on it (not even in Wine).

>> No.80325392

True but you're still able to "own" it, as in have a license that doesn't expire. Soon enough it will move to a rent based model like all proprietary software

>> No.80325556

This anon isn't wrong at all. Nowadays, you have to cherry pick and pull up old issues with Linux and Mac to criticise it, or point to some random e-celeb to "prove" LOL SEE LOONIX IS FOR NEETS.

There are probably more neets in Japan who use Windows 2000 to play old vidya gaymes than neets who run arch.

>> No.80325719 [DELETED] 

I've downloaded shota porn and called cops and the government trash for decades. Nobody has kicked down my door and thrown me in gitmo. Nobody gives a fuck about spying on you, lardass.

>> No.80325721

it's funny how butthurt certain posters here get whenever you mention you use ltsc

>> No.80325754

>it's funny how anons call you a retard once you announce you do retarded shit
Hipsters are a cancer, fuck off.

>> No.80325985

>Windows bad shtick again

No kidding, which distro do you use and recommend to use? Which one replaces windows for old people

>> No.80325999

>Which one replaces windows for old people
Buy them an iPad. Old people need guard rails, which Windows also fails to provide.

>> No.80326019

ive been running ltsc since it came out in 2019 and my system has had NONE of the issues /g/ or other users bitch about windows update forcing on them

>degraded dx9 performance
>feature sets being changed
>files being deleted

i just turn my computer on and it works as I left it before the globohomos took over tech and made everything SaaS

>> No.80326020

>replaces windows for old people
why would you do that? no old person cares about any of the benefits of linux

>> No.80326021

>still using Windows 7 Pro

man, so much drama over one shitty OS lol

>> No.80326093

iPad is safe

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still using LTSB, can't be assed. Blocked all MS IPs in router, set up a server to re-validate myself every half year, comfy.

>> No.80328327

Just use to learn your fucking computer bro

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You are retarded if you think you need enterprise ltsc instead of pro in home use.

Just config your pro.

>> No.80328347

>he actually thinks the configuration isn't a placebo

>> No.80328930

this anon knows whats up

>> No.80329282 [DELETED] 

>he actually thinks LTSC isn't schizo placebo

fucking schizo wintoddlers are the worst.

>> No.80329341

what is so fucking hard about not having your main computer not connected to the internet? you fucking lunatics need help.

>> No.80330700

Not unusably so but it is pretty slow. Throwing win 10 on anything more than 4 years old is pretty painful.

>> No.80331624

Isn't LTSC missing the Ryzen scheduler until 2022 or something?

>> No.80331796

>playing video games
lmao good joke mate

>> No.80332429

It is missing and it will be missing. That's the major downside of using LTSC.

>> No.80332451
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ltsc is a meme for braindead morons who cant do real debloating themselves

>> No.80333001

>source: my ass
unless you audit the code yourself you will never know to what extent microsoft is tracking you

>> No.80333040

only shitposter in this thread with half a brain

>> No.80333066

That's why you use superior Intel products and don't have to give a shit.

>> No.80333257

It's 6 years later now, they fixed all that now

>> No.80333305


>> No.80333342

pretty much the same

>> No.80333343

Goddamnit, Microsoft. Why do you insist on making people hate you?

>> No.80334123

LTSC 2019 won't install any cumulative update after KB4586839 ("This update isn't applicable to you" error).
Not that I care anyway

>> No.80334176

No, it isn't. Now that Winblows is a rolling release it isn't fine.

>> No.80334199

>>globohomo bad
>fuck off
you WILL NEVER be a woman

>> No.80334232

Fucking wangblows pajeet niggers fucking my shit up

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What? How fucking retarded you have to be, seriously, I was expecting more from /g/!

>> No.80334281

spbp, baste

>> No.80334294

No performance difference between a fully updated LTSC 1809 and Pro 20H2 on Ryzen. Stop believing the memes these retards are parrotting.

>> No.80334473

fpbp. anyone who thinks ltsc isn't a botnet is a fucking mentally ill, sick in the head, freak of nature.

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>> No.80334923

just admit you're a gaymer
if you wanted adobe shit you would be using a mac anyway

>> No.80335757

5 years is enough time to consider hardware upgrades, if you can't upgrade to a different version of the same OS in that timeframe you're doing something wrong.
Of course, you'd bitch regardless of the specific number of years.

>> No.80335813

That's because the modern apps were not installed, not because there is no botnet.

>> No.80335846

you WILL live in a house made out of foam and paper
you WILL not own anything
you WILL be the perfect consumer and eat the artificially flavored and colored bugs
and you WILL be happy

>> No.80335853

I will now install Linux

>> No.80335888

go fuck horses somewhere else glowie

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>> No.80336205

isn't it hilarious how someone tries to use the "aduls don't have time for that" argument while suggesting linux? the fucking irony of this post is astounding, looks like someone conveniently forgot the famous quote:
>Linux is free, if you don't value your time.

>> No.80336235

>anecdotal evidence

>> No.80336311

>virtual machine (should work 99.9%)
my infrarred usb device which only has drivers for winXP does NOT work in a VM on linux, while it works on a VM on W7, so no, "should work" is not a valid statement to use shitnux

>> No.80336315

>consumers on /g/ giving advise
This isn't a board for corporate slaves, fuck off.

>> No.80336414

The latter, just privacy autism, if you wanted better performance you would disable the services yourself or use a custom uso like Ameliorated/ReviOS

>> No.80337222

Thanks for sharing.

>> No.80337321


>> No.80338087

>How does it affect you personally?
If you aren't even a little concerned about the billionaires and megacorporations that proprietary and centralized software has spawned and the externalities that come with them then you are legit an NPC.

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