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>buggy ricer desktop
go back footfag

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xdd good one bro

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Make sense, redditors are well-adjusted, mentally healthy people with friends and careers, so if you are to choose a distro, you choose one that just works.

t. redditor using openSUSE

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>dumb frog logo
fuck off he's cool

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errm wrong sweetie openSuse ships KDE, footfag, XFCE all together and you can choose

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You will never have a job.

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kde has already won why are you footfags still in denial?

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Massive cope and/or bait

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Absolute bait

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OpenPEPE doesn't ship any DE by default, you pick which one you want during the install. Also the logo isn't a frog.

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sus xd

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based sex haver

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And all of the widely used distributions are shit on desktop.
They're meant for running headless servers, not desktop use.

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>has sex
Pick one.

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>meme package manager nobody has ever heard of
It's RPM ?????!!!

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american education everyone

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I think its both, like Debian is DEB and apt

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>why would anyone use this shit?
It's actually stable unlike Fedora, so you don't really have a choice if you need RPM. Otherwise just use Debian like a sane person.

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brainlets, rpm is the package format and zypper is the package manager

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If you're proud of being on social media you aren't healthy

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You'll never be a woman

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its not a fucking frog

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Everyone who knows a bit about Linux already disliked suse back in mid 2000s

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this. I only come here to laugh at those pathetic virgin NEET losers. Holy shit I hate you all losers so much. But if I want to openly mock you I have to come here because IRL you are all hidden in your parents' house unable to take care of yourselves.

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but for what reason

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SUSE EL is a good server distro, sadly OpenSUSE Leap is not a 1:1 clone, but it benefits from much of the same security considerations and decent packages. With CentOS out of the game, unless you want to be a RHEL cuck you probably already switched to either Ubuntu LTS, Debian or OpenSUSE Leap.

Would I use it on the desktop? Only for business use. For personal use Arch linux all the way.

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Imagine being proud of using the faggiest social media ever created. If a girl (yes a girl, not a tranny) ever notices you using Reddit they will literally be repulsed and will run away you dirty faggot.

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>I only come here to laugh at you Pathetic NEET losers.

Who is the real NEET here, the guy who was waiting for a (you) or me?

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Leap for your pc is dumb it's like using Debian lmao

I'm using Tumbleweed and thanks to their good QA it never brakes

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Only for old boomers

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sometimes you gotta embrace your inner boomer

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is it comfy? I've never used it because only people I know is this 60 year old at work

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gnome-shills in fully blown panic mode

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>frog logo
that's a chameleon you fucking nigger

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It's like they know nothing about Linux but feel qualified to comment their ignorant opinions.

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perfection in a post, truly inspired art.
Literal garbage. Be ashamed of your post.

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The amount of reflexive senseless hate OpenSUSE has been getting over the past few days makes me think it must actually be pretty good.

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SUSE is a German competitor of Redhat (now IBM), an American corporation.

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>With CentOS out of the game, unless you want to be a RHEL cuck you probably already switched to either Ubuntu LTS, Debian or OpenSUSE Leap.
>Would I use it on the desktop? Only for business use.
Nobody uses CentOS or RHEL on their desktop PC, so that's obviously not the sort of use case the comment you responded to is about.

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Using it right now, it's pretty solid. Had google chrome disappear on me, but I like to think it's the smug lizard judging me for my poor privacy choices.

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I run Red Hat Linux 8.3 on my laptop. Works fine for me.

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Oh so it's based then. Installing right now.

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Red Hat Linux was discontinued almost 20 years ago. Red Hat Linux 8 was released in 2002. You run Red Hat Enterprise Linux.

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>I'm sure the "ENTERPRISE!" makes all the difference.
It's a different distro with a different name anon. Just call it RHEL like a normal person if you don't want to type the full thing out.

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You guys are missing the point, you run OpenSUSE Leap on your work system so you get compatibility with your server system, for testing packages and such. This is why CentOS was so great, it was free and you could run it on as many systems as you wanted without bullshit licensing, while using RHEL on your server to keep management happy.

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>And it's SUSE, not "SuSE."
Oh, so pic related is not SuSE Linux. OK then. Another cretin who started using Linux yesterday and doesn't know shit.

None of my colleagues call it that. How would you even say it, "Rell"? It's Red Hat, that's what it is.

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I run Tumbleweed on my laptop, and remote into CentOS or RHEL servers. There's really no reason that I can see to run a server distro as your desktop environment.

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Nigga, does that look like a “frog” to you.

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I'm sensing a pattern here: You are out of date.

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Of course it doesn't look like a frog. OP is an insincere cretin.

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>None of my colleagues call it that. How would you even say it, "Rell"?
Yes, that's what everybody calls it. Type it RHEL, pronounce it "Rell", or type it "Red Hat Enterprise Linux" and pronounce it the same way.

I'm going to be level with you, if you have earnestly never seen nor heard it referred to as RHEL, then I doubt you actually use it. Even Red Hat themselves call it RHEL, and have for years.

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>Not to be confused with Red Hat Linux
>(often abbreviated to RHEL)

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>being this mad you got called out on an anonymous chinese origami forum

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