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They keep posting because you keep replying to it.

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Obvious bait threads that newfags fall for.

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Dude, Apple's a multi trillion dollar monolith of a company. They don't give a fuck about 4chan.

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fake news

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Fuck off freepoortards. Applechads rise up.

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Prove you're an Applebro and not a poser.

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Not till j*nnie finishes dilating his wound

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I'm a transgirl, so it's fine, according to some anons /g/.

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Opinion Discarded

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>he doesn't know the screenshot incident

>> No.80193373

The fact that his irl deets have been public for so long and none of you guys ever did anything about it shows what sort of pathetic spineless incels you lot are. Grow a pair of balls, or is that too hard for you?

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>dude why would a company EVER advertise its products on one of the most visited websites in the world? It just makes no sense
Reminder that mods are aware of the spam and are paid to leave it up. Reports don't do anything. Pic related is a normal day on /g/.

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looks normal to me

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Doubt the one on the left moderates /g/, you should find the one on the right. He's the cause of all your problems.

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Seething virgin weeb poorfag detected

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Did you conveniently leave out "one of the" to make your strawman?

>> No.80195430

how can facts and logic be fake anon?
just admit it, Apple is superior technology :^)

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So let me get this straight. Apple is a tech company, the threads are tech related, yet they don't deserve a thread on the technology board but your constant Intel/AMD bickering deserves it?

if the threads were about Tim Cook's anus I'd agree with you, but they have as much right to stay up as your daily garbage threads.

I know it's hard that people like things you don't and talk about it on a public space you happen to visit, but it's free speech honey. Deal with it or get the fuck out.

>> No.80195704

it's advertising, get it through your thick fucking skull. advertising and spam are in the fucking rules as being bannable offences. fuck off

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Do you seriously think that Apple spams /g/?
Apple woos Normies, not us.

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>I prefer to run an OS that isn't aids and fail.
>pic related
You posted Windows 10. Did you get lost and think you were posting on /v/?

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The "Brave" retard bothers me far more than Apple spam. Now that is really saying something.

>> No.80196270

This is so not cool that I may have an aneurism over this.

>> No.80196281

Got sauce for that? Debooonked!
Wipe off that Apple homo cum from your lips you tranny infested modanifil acid eating onions drinking AMERICAN!

>> No.80196306

>You posted Windows 10. Did you get lost and think you were posting on /v/?
Windows 10 is the best. NT is the best architecture. Everything else is 1960s UNIX and its derivatives. The UI is comfy too. All programs dating back to DOS can still be run. It just works.

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Ahh you're Indian. I understand now.

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he looks like an alien

>> No.80196529

You can't make me like what you like.
Ain't gonna happen.

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You'd think apple could hire top grade russian shills.

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