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post links to source

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Stupid company i work for still has applications that only work in fucking ie

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Same reason why everyone else does: old devices in crappy offices and schools

>> No.80141937

Some internal website in sony will only work in ie. They're slowly moving away to edge tho

>> No.80141945

they're pretty dumb

>> No.80141959

They are actually enlightened. Know that you don't really need anything more or newer than internet from 2002.

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>hates the Japanese
>comes to website founded to discuss Japanese culture and cartoons
pic related, it's you.

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I love Japanese cartoons. Japanese people are fucking stupid though.

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As you can see here this average /g/ poster on 4chan is oppressed due to the fact that his safe space is getting ""smaller"", being truthful is a matter even if the truth is the thing that you hated the most. 4chan and 4channel is different read >>80142298 properly and you would understand what I'm talking about. Context matters anon it always does.

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japan has the cultural equivalent of autism, where they hate changing what works and will only really swap over if they're forcibly moved off it.
see - pager services still being in service until 2019 because they didn't see any reason to move over to a newer and more modern system.
IE is the same case, it just werks, why change?

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cause they're stuck with their "salary man" idiotic idea of utility and "if it's ugly and works it's the best thing ever" just look at those ugly Sharp flip phones

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This isn't /mu/

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Planning to turn this into the new /mu/ lmao.

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dumb subhuman

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