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>is there any reason to use anything other than apple products?
Gayming and ricing. Maybe some very specific software not available for Applel ecosystem.

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>>devices supported longer than android

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i don't play games so I'm considering switching. I don't know if fiddling with electronics is a good usw of my time. I'd rather spend it doing something else. reading wikis for hours might be a good time for some of /g/'s users but its not my cup of tea.

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phones from september 2015 are on the latest ios version.

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I would so fucking gladly buy a mac, but I hate supporting their product strategies. Instead of listening to their customers and their needs, they push stupid changes and make their customers adapt. Give back the headphone jack you cunt.

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most consumers unironically don't know what they want

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I understand, but I dislike putting batteries in things that don't neccesarily need them in the first place. Sure, wireless buds are a cool invention, but why not give the customer the choice?

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>Capitalism sucks
lol. idk i read too much ancom x homofash jreg fanfic. i go to make fun of you and just become horny. oh no, what a mess :/

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Yes, while it has longer support than Android, macOS and iOS have shorter support than Linux or Windows.

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You can say something is shit without having a viable alternative. I'm not a commie.

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The problem is that Apple forces the hand of consumer "preferences" by giving them an ultimatum. If consumers like the headphones jack, well they COULD keep their old phones, but Apple then stops sending those devices updates or proactively goes in and removes compatibility of apps. Then other sites and services update their backends and the apps break completely. Consumers then are forced to drop something they like because they've been forced into a corner.
The open and flexible nature of Android means you can patch together your own solution if you really, really don't want to get rid of the old hardware.

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We have Apple advertisement every single day. Why isn't /g/ moderated?

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>Apple laptop for general shit/work
>Pc VR machine/gaymin
>Android for mobile

Seethe all you want this is peak comfy

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>Android for mobile
And giving up on continuity and iMessage? Yeah, right.

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Reminder to report Apple advertisement and spam
I love how the mods leave this up, but remove my posts that tell people to report advertisement because it's off topic - it's a thread about advertising Apple products and my post is about Apple advertisement, how is this off-topic?
Pic related, the state of /g/ moderation.

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that is why longer support is listed under ios (longer than android) but not under macos :^)

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>Apple then stops sending those devices updates
iPhone 6s, iPhone 6s Plus, and iPhone SE 1st gen all have the latest update and a headphone jack. cope harder :^)

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>>Android for mobile
google and microsoft would be out of business if they didn't sell your data while apple makes money selling hardware

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>Apple advertisement and spam
yup, I'm totally a paid spammer...
look, if this is how you need to cope so you don't rope that's okay buddy. you're very brave, valid, and correct :^)

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Not really. They all cost about the same; it's just Google and MS don't focus on hardware sales and barely make any hardware.

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>yup, I'm totally a paid spammer...
We know. Do you guys pay mods to leave your ads up, or are they just incompetent? Serious question.

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this is a baseless conspiracy theory. there is no reasonable evidence that could convince you this is not spam.

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>there are post about a company that has 30-40% market share in mobile in the first world
Clearly a conspiracy!

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by this i mean my post. i can't speak for those other posts you're linking

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Samefag advertiser, next time try not to use the word 'conspiracy' in both posts when no one else did.
Pic related, look at all these organic posts! Totally just fellow consumers.

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They're both doing it for free. Both shills and the mods lmao.

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Stupid shizo.

Anyway, seems somewhat on topic... anyone here tried to make a Hackintosh with some cheap ass Nuc? Surely i3-8109U would do fine for messing around in Logic?

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Why are iToddlers so obsessed with their messaging app? How is it any different from any other messaging app?

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>there is no reasonable evidence that could convince you this post is not from a spammer

keep igorning the truth lol, you are delusional.

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Wow bro that's like impossible to fake.

The truth is that /g/ is bombarded every single day with Apple ads and mods don't lift a finger about it.

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if nothing could prove something wrong you should not beleive it.

there is an invisible stalker following you at all times.

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Okay, I'll bite. What sort of proof would do for you?

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>anyone here tried to make a Hackintosh with some cheap ass Nuc?
i think on youtube. you can buy used apple ones for like $300 and the cheapest new one is $700 though and hackintoshes preform worse than the real deal.

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>ok Rajesh here's what I'm going to post, now you switch around a few nouns and post it too
You guys should really coordinate better, it's beyond obvious.

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These autists aren't paid, be sure. Apple doesn't need these dumb guys to ad on fucking 4chan. Usually 4chan users are smarter than buying a shitty overpriced laptop based on a spyware fork of BSD and a phone that has a lot of telemetry while being expensive as fuck. Some of 4chan users are so dumb and think if a product is overpriced, this means, it's good and call the others poor people. Let the normies leave because they are the ones that lose, not only money but also time. macOS is used by autists.

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>>can run all windows stuff via bootcamp

Linux can run windows stuff via dual booting :^)

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i used to be a crazy schizo so i use linux and graphene os but having a widely support ecosystem that doesn't make me look like a schizo autist is really important to me. the price isn't a real thing. a mac mini is $700 and an SE i think is $400 but i only buy phones used so its more like $200. as for laptops i dont use them for ergonomic reasons but $1000 is a fine price, i guess.

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yup! they are mostly equal in that way lol.

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This. I'd switch from windows and android tomorrow for an iphone with a replacable battery, headphone jack, and macbook without meme form over function design choices like a goddamn touch bar.

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But these guys don't care about the price, they know that Apple is expensive, the others are poor.

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>replacable battery, headphone jack
do any modern phones do this? lol

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>having a widely support ecosystem that doesn't make me look like a schizo autist is really important to me
Ngl that's pretty pathetic.

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*posted from the browser.
Apple gives a false sense of security not even open source, at least with android you can make a custom ROM, not only that you can't even use apps outside of the apple store so no f-droid. So you're fucked.

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I use lineage os and linux currently. the issue is i really hate the perception of being some autist. I have 3 monitors (1440p, 165hz) set up right now for example and a fourth (2160p, 60hz) i use sometimes. that kind of shit is super weird and cringe. linux? weird and cringe. lineageos? weird and cringe. knowing how to flash an os onto your phone or use the dark web? what am I, a pedophile? what do I have to hide? normies unironically think these things. I just want to be a normal and the mac eco system is cool and comfy. also it is totallg better than you all think. stock android being less private and secure is a good example no one gets shit on for using stock android when they should. if you use google search thats worse than using applel.

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apearence is very important. what something looks like is often more important that what it is

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Apple ecosystem is the worst thing from freedom. You can't connect nothing less than Apple products and you have to pay more bucks for a charger because Apple cuts a tax. Also, mac is based on BSD and full of telemetry, why not stick with something actually secure like OpenBSD or FreeBSD?

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Just like normies parrot the meme that privacy is only important if you have something to hide, I will unironically tell you appearance is only important if you have someone to suck up to. And the only reason you should ever have to suck up to anyone is if you don't know how to take advantage of fear. Make companies hire you and keep you because they're scared of what will happen if they don't. Take a spouse and make them fear what will happen if they try to run away. Appearances are for people too weak to grab success by the throat and squeeze the life out of it.

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it just werks

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>you can buy used apple ones for like $300
Cheapest I saw here are like 350-400 bucks for the 2014 version and most would require a storage/ram upgrade. Plus older CPU would kill any hopes for sidecar. 2018 ones with 128gb are almost 600 bucks on ebay ... which is fucking crazy given the difference to M1 one but here we are.

In contrast modern Nuc would be like 350-400 with 1-2TB storage. Just not sure if i3 would do if i5 is 50 bucks more. Yet at the same time, it's just a fun side thing, so it's hard to decide.

The charger is standard shit for almost a decade now.

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Appearance is nice if you are the one who did it. Most of the times CLI apps are more productive then the GUI ones. Also, every normie says either than they are not tracked because nobody cares about them or you care about privacy only if you have something to hide.

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why not embrace wireless?

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Low end trash more often than not. For flagships it's pretty rare.

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gtfo shill

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I feel like low end phones are better than the flagships these days. You can do whatever you want of them for 20-30% of the price. Flagships have no functions that can you buy them.

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>Ngl that's pretty pathetic.

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headphone jack was removed because they finally realised the shitty DAC driving it wasn't worth the space it took up anymore, espcially now that there are proper DAC's available for portable devices.
its pretty much forcing consumers to use better hardware, because the plebeians wouldn't otherwise realise portable audio is just as shitty as it was a decade ago

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good point. unironically buy a dac if you are about your listening experience

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Based and red pilled.

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Don't bother. Reports don't do anything either.

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Buy second hand that way not a penny goes to Apple

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Hello fellow chad

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why would anyone willingly listen to the radio? unless you are listening to radio 3, it is a generally awful experience
just take the music you like and download it to whatever device you please
and even if you still do, you're much better off using a portable radio or a cheap transceiver like a baefeng anyway. especially if you are in a remote area.
phone DAC's are bad, but phone radio receivers using a hair thin wire as an antenna are even more so

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If you can't find a single way to show you're not a marketer, you're probably a marketer.
You could just not reply you know, I've seen your kind of thread every day on this website. You're not going to convince me your advertisement thread isn't an advertisement thread.

>a tech company would never advertise their products on a tech website
The rationalizations you people come up with are adorable

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Can't repair
Can't upgrade
Can't customize
Get throttled
Overpriced for what you get
Doesn't properly work with non apple products
Applel """ecosystem""" sucks more than any of the others
Have to pay gays
Makes my dad think I'm gay

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>if u don't buy my ad u poor
We know, that's one of the many many literally scripted responses in >>80098439. But keep telling me how you're not a paid advertiser while repeating the exact same lines as all the other paid advertisers.

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