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He's based

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OP is a faggot.

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Why is it "based"?

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Based on what?

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Based on C

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he looks like THAT?!
explains a lot

going back to C

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Blogpost but, yesterday he actually appeared in dream and I told him that I wouldn't use the features of nu-C++, after that he slapped me and told me that I am not allowed to program in C++ then he broke my PC. It was weird as fuck

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No, Dan Abramov for creating react hooks

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Only code monkeys have worked more than practise with that language, so it wouldn't be a crime against humanity. Perhaps animal cruelty is more suitable charge.

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>that desktop clutter
absolutely based

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C++ is the worst designed language in the history of humanity.

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I agree, javascript is better.

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Once again another C++ hate thread that proves no substantial points and provides nothing of value.

OP will post this thread again tomorrow all the while ignoring the tangible benefits that C++ provides as a language.

Zero-cost abstractions, anonymous lambdas, templates all make C++ the giga-chad of languages.

Maybe instead of being triggered by based Bjarne you should go back to your Java class homework.

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templates are fucking genius!
multiple inheritance, runtime polymorphism and awkward handling of namespaces can eat a dick!

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Yes, but Ritchie and Thompson should ultimately be convicted instead for enabling him.

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Split a string.

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>Language features arent bloat because they dont get compiled into your program if you dont use them.
This is a lie. The two main offenders are exceptions and RTTI, which is also why most implementations allow you to turn them off.
Sadly, most of the C++ standard library relies on exceptions, therefore there is no way to avoid that additional cost if you use the standard library, even if you don't use it.
The so-called "zero cost" unique_ptr actually adds exception-managing code when compared to a raw pointer.
C++'s abstractions aren't actually zero cost, the syntax is insanity and metaprogramming relies on horrible design hacks such as SFINAE, instead of providing proper facilities. There is really nothing redeeming about C++.

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>lets return error codes instead of the value we want because exceptions bad

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Dangerously Based and Anti-Stroustruppilled

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C is a retarded language with topically nonsensical abstractions that only make sense if you understand what a hypothetical stack-based register machine is doing under the hood. So it's retarded in a good way, and that's why I like it. Lots of weird bullshit like static and includes in general.

LISP is well designed.

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literally fucking this

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if(a == 2)
if(a = 2)
if(a := 2)

fucktard design

explain to me why we need operator and functions.

sum = add(a,b);
sum = a + b;

oh sure we have std::accumulate and std::plus. do you understand where we are going now?

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>if(a := 2)
>explain to me why we need operator and functions
You skipped your English classes or something?

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a = 10;
b = a + 10
a = 20
assert(b == 30) // FAILS!

this is a language for code monkeys

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Wow you really don't know better Syntax than C style?

:= is the assignment operator in Pascal. This was an improvement because you could catch a lot of common typing mistakes. while C++ uses = for assignment and == for comparison.

Now answer how can you justify std::plus when we already have the '+ operator'.

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Yes, I program c++ as my main language and I am fully confident in my opinion that the world would be a better place if c++ was never created.

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Of course it is, you can tell by the shadowing.

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mad cuz filtered

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C++ inherits most of its flaws from C.

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Wtf? Just because he doesn't wear """programming socks""" and doesn't have dildos layong around you're gonna hate on him?

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>supplying std::sort with a weak ordering causes random seg faults

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And what about templates? Are you going to blame that tire-fire on C as well?

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Someone edit this to show a template error message spanning every single screen

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this except on >>79981512

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Making C++ was the ultimate gamer move tbqh

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Amazing. You replied to a post refuting the bullshit you just wrote with the bullshit that was refuted in the first place. It's like you can't even read.

>filtered by sfinae
Nobody in her right mind would think grokking SFINAE is worth her time.

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Lisp doesn't have this problem.

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for succinctness. its also easier to write more complicated equations with symbols rather than composition

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You don't prosecute a chemist for inventing a substance, you prosecute pushers.

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Templates is fucking duck typing, the most ghetto, shit, type-anaware method of handling generics. It's the lowest step possible up from void*
It's literally just attempting string substitutions and seeing if the code compiles or not. After having used a language that takes types seriously going back to C++ feels like visiting a third world country

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>It's literally just attempting string substitutions
Holy fucking shit this thread is pure gold
Go on

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does C++ have pattern matching yet?

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Sunken Cost Cope

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vtable is an implementation detail, you're not supposed to have to deal with them (but you do because C++ has leaking abstractions galore so they will find their way to your 500 page error messages)

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>destructuring binds
It's called structured bindings you absolute ape
Holy fucking shit
Don't stop

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>The idea of having C but with classes & templating was not inherently bad but the way it turned out is an absolute abomination.
That's where I'll have to disagree with you. The problem lies not in the implementation, but in the concept itself. C was always known as a a "low level" language even back when it was first introduced (because no, C wasn't the first language after assembly despite what revisionists believe, nor the highest-level one at the time). While some of its flaws are inexcusable, it had to make compromises due to its nature. Stroustrup was a huge Simula fan and for some bizarre reason that was never fully understood, he became truly obsessed with bolting classes (a relatively high level concept) on top of C. The rest is history.

I believe he himself is in denial, in the first 100 or so pages of "The C++ Programming Language" he repeats multiple times that "no language solves all problems" and that "the concept of using a single language for everything is a fantasy". These statements are bizarre because they go against what C++ itself ended up being. Deep down, he knows he knows people should just use an actual high level language whenever convenient and a dedicated low level language when the former doesn't cut it, instead of some barely-a-jack-of-all-trades such as C++.

C++, just like JavaScript, became popular solely because of really clever marketing, not because it's technically good. The name "JavaScript" itself is dishonest, since it has nothing to do with Java. The name "C++" is more accurate, but it never truly delivered actual, 100% compatibility with C. The original CFront compiler translated C with Classes to C, allowing it to run on machines which only had a C implementation.

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>Term jerking
Incel /g/ weaboo LARPer

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>It's literally just attempting string substitutions and seeing if the code compiles or not.
this is obviously wrong, but you’re not incorrect in that templates had a pretty bad interface. now with concepts it’s a lot better though

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It's a good language, what's your problem with it?

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>tons of low-resolution monitors with abysmal panels
Why? Is he broke?

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it’s obvious you know nothing about C++. operators are just sugar for functions call. now stop.

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>marketing made by who? the 40 unpaid members of the C++ committee?
Marketed by people who make C++ tools to make the language less unbareable. There is a gigantic amount of money on the table here

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>It's really embarrassing
Yes, yes it is since you still provided no arguments
But it's funny to see you try so go on

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you genuinely have autism hey?

>> No.79982816

I'm a compiler developer

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why would the tools be desirable if the language was shit?

>> No.79982837

>if you turn them off
Thanks for proving his point.

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Not even joking. Working on LLVM has given me a hatred for C++ and Bjarne that you couldn't even imagine.

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>let’s try to make this language popular because we accidentally wrote tools for it that aren’t selling
>wait... why don’t we just hope on the java train?
>dude, trust me
That doesn’t make any sense whatsoever

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It's precisely a shit language that makes tools desirable.
Harder to sell tooling and support for a well designed language that doesn't need them as much.

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Maybe you are more familiar with spring and the other java tools for handling dependency injection (something that the language itself is unable to handle well)
Do you now see how the engineering effort put into spring gives the owners of spring an incentive to market the usage of java? Same goes for C++

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Thanks, you just admitted I'm right.

There is no argument to be made here. The entire concept of "operators" is redundant. C++ itself admits this by implementing operator overloading as just writing regular functions.

C++ at this point is just a synonym for Stockholm syndrome. It's unbelievable how arrogant its proponents get while also being completely wrong about things.

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shut the fuck up lol are you seriously going to complain about a few kilobytes or binary size that you can avoid by disabling RTTI/exceptions? you’re grasping at straws so hard they’re going to break

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>waaaaa my program is 0.05% bigger if I don’t use compiler options waaaaa
the standard isn’t requiring shit like basic diagnosis or optimisation either, are you going to complain that C++ is too slow and let you compile with a missing return?

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You're actually fucking retarded

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A shit language which happens to have billions of legacy lines of code opens up a huge demand for tools to cope with it. The fact that you can't understand this outs you as a LARPing NEET who is just making shit up and "guessing" how these things work.

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youre retarded lol

where did the legacy code come from if its so shit? also i am actually employed at a market maker, you are not LOL

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yeah i get 6300€ a month after taxes. and you are autistic, born broken LOL

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i found it to be the same truthfully, though with room for extremely stressful events. my first job was at a standard enterprise product (big data processor) and i didnt think about it before or after work hours. if i introduced a bug it didnt really matter even if it got released. here i have weekends where i suddenly think remember a possibly bad block; although there is a lot of testing and fairly long pre release cycles if you put something out there that can cause big losses for rich people. you get 2 chances from what ive seen, though someone blew them both in one particular fuckup since ive been here

i also dont work so much on the algo side of things, just platform and backend, queues, messaging etc.

americants and larping neets need no longer respond

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If only they could switch to something better...
Oh, wait, there is nothing better, that's why they keep using it.

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Great argument lol

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>socks and sandals
is this linus ++ tips

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kek larping so hard it's not even remotely passing

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I vote we prosecute Al Gore for inventing the Internet

>> No.79986826

Being Danish is reason enough.

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As a fellow JS/Python developer, I also think C++ is terrible and Rust is the future. I haven't used either of course, but seen enough snarky comments on 4chan and HN to know what to think

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Seething CPP monkey

>> No.79986928

I know, static typing and dynamic memory can be scary, but we can get through it together.

>> No.79986945

who gives a shit, don't like it don't use it

>> No.79987065

C++ is perfectly fine, and so are many other programing languages
prove me wrong, good luck for your phd thesis

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But b is 20

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the same program will be as efficient in c++ and have less lines of codes than c
case closed eternally

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Do you want to say that you are better Computer Scientist than Linus (Tech Tips) Torwalds?

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holy shit imagine being this retarded to not understand C++, just invest more time on it instead of your shitty vidya

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kek i'm sitting like this right now. this means our sould are connected.

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kek i'm sitting like this right now. this means our souls are connected.

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holy shit are you serious

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Honestly anything but highly optimized C will be slower than brain-dead C++ purely because you can use data structures that aren't linked lists or arrays without wanting to kill yourself. The compilers are also much better at optimizing C++ than C these days.

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What chair is that?

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>No source given

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>Want hash table

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C++ chads send languagelets into a seething rage simply by existing

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