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Why 90% of HR are woman anyway?

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>but the diploma mill said I could become a video game designer!

Seething unemployable NEET thread?

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You. Will. Get. Whatever. Lands. In. Your. Inbox.

Take it or leave it.

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Women are good at filtering out applicants since they lack empathy toward other humans.

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Low iq job, full of gossips and company drama. A place women would LOVE to be in.

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this, they are the chinks of gender, souless husks

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Some of these recruiters need a top off of nitrogen because their attitude controls systems are all out of whack

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You think every IT interview is conducted by a qualified IT person? HR rep either does it themselves or takes the lead, while an IT guy asks 2-3 technical questions.

You answer the technical questions perfectly but the HR rep might just say meaningless nonsense like "I don't think you'll fit into our corporate culture", and that's literally all it takes to not get hired.

You know the preppy but not that good looking girls from high school you figured would probably just settle down and start a family? That didn't happen -- instead, Chad rejected them, and now they work in HR now, they're frustrated, and they're looking for people to take it out on. So if you're a nerd, creep, etc. WATCH OUT!

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Is there a more bullshit job than HR ? Any sector manager could recruit way better than those fucktards.

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need to fill that male to female quota somehow. Wimyn aren't good in technical roles.

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Literally lie?

Doesn't stop politicians or even ceos.

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> HR rep might just say meaningless nonsense like "I don't think you'll fit into our corporate culture"

idk what your guyses' problem is

HR women are typically so thirsty, you just gotta flirt with them a little and that river is fucking forded.

unless you guys are all women, then I have no advice for you. maybe I'm the only actual dude on 4chins lol

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>with polygraph
lmaaaaoooo, mutts are fucking extreme.

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based and redpilled.

this. companies using arbitrary requirements don't understand markets.

also that's the whole point of HR, to sift through this crap so fuck them.

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>Because they can also smell a "virgin" (you know what I mean) from a mile away, and instinctively reject them. It's really that simple.
ok that's fair

had a fedora type comin in once for an interview. that was a riot.

but really, for any anon listening, being a "virgin" isn't a fact, it's an attitude. nobody gives a fuck whether you fuck or not, just don't exude that unfuckability.

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>>/ic/ or >>/3/

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>being a "virgin" isn't a fact, it's an attitude
True, but very hard for some people to turn into action

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it's some government sponsored internship that only accepts recent grads or current students.

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>Master in CS
>Must know windows and loonix
>Must know C, C++, C#, Java, Javascript, HTML, CSS, SQL, Python
>Must know shit tons of bullshit JS frameworks
>Must know Docker and Kubernetes
>At the very least 10 years experience in everything above
>No salary trainee positions
Every single job offer ever.

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This is for military contracting work.

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I don't understand what this thread is supposed to be about.
Is there something wrong said in the screenshot? They are both right and apparently agree.

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>ask for specific requirements
>will still badger me and ask to interview me even if I don't reach those requirements and already employed
The duality of brainlet HR.

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>I don't understand what this thread is supposed to be about.
>Is there something wrong said in the screenshot?
Yes, you're supposed to understand that both them are "right" but they are agreeing with an inherently broken system.

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Twats like these prevent me getting ENTRY LEVEL positions at places, if they require multiple years of industry experience it's hardly entry level anymore?

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>UGH, there just aren't enough qualified people out there!

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find out which companies are located in nearby office parks.
find the software dev shops, consultancies etc. esp. the ones with less than 20 people.
apply even if they don't have job ads posted.
your email goes straight to the owner.
job interview the next day.
pass the fizzbuzz.
enjoy your new job.

you won't get paid as much as you would at FAGMAN, however you'll never work longer than 40h a week, and there won't be any gay office politics.

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>>You know, the same government that gave you a loan for that education that apparently doesn't match their own industry regulations

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just lie. business ethics are for good goys.

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The glowie fears the truth

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Copy them.

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>the literal US military thinks polygraphs work
Worse on every concievable level. I was hoping it was some dumb HR boomer.

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>Don't forget to pay your taxes!
And don't forget to pay us back for that loan too, plus interest of course!
You know, the loan we gave you for the education we gave you that doesn't match the industry regulations we made.
What do you mean you can't find a job? Well I hope you know that doesn't mean you're off the hook for the loan
Bankruptcy? No, sorry, that doesn't work either because we the government wrote a law that said bankruptcy doesn't apply to student loans lol oops ;)

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Women deal with people, men deal with things

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Fuck them. The only reason they list retarded qualifications is so they can go complain to the fed and get pajeet slaves to do the job for a 20th of the price.

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busywork, you could remove 90% of HR and productivity would improve

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HR are glorified secretaries

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Yep. Anytime I've been around when a company expands its HR dept., they always expand their office space to fit bullshit in and hire useless assistants

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>libertarian sperg-rage
Neoliberalism won bro. Now throw that pocket constitution in the trash with all your Ron Paul gear.

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all recruiters (men and women) should be taken to the fucking gulag

no exceptions

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>company doubled its HR dept and built out a diversity team and Learning and Development team
>covid hit
>all of them got laid off
>all the recruiters got laid off
>Hr is literally ran by 2 people now for a 3k person company
>constantly get emails from HR begging us for favors to help them out
>remember all the times they would CC our CIO on petty emails because something wasn't working right
>both HR ladies get canned months later
>new HR team of freelancers are brought in, each one getting canned after a month or two

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I'm not American and I don't know what exactly a libertarian is, but I don't see any logical argument refuting me in your post, so I guess I'll wear that label you've given me with pride, since it apparently means I'm right

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Our law enforcement still uses it to grill suspects. Cops know it can be manipulated but its a good interviewing tool.

source: Cop thats stationed at my building will talk your fucking ear off after a hello

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Frogposting shitter is actually right here. HR is being outsourced like crazy these days.

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It usually means they want a compliant student to drink the koolaid. Recent grads will almost suck cock for a degree related job.

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Yes, absolutely

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This is a load of FUD. I've never checked all the boxes on nearly every position I've gotten. Honestly, just apply, bros - but try to check at least half of the boxes.

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>If I move to India work there for 3 years and come back, it won't count because "It isn't Canadian Experience".
LMAO you're right

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You are definitely kin to burger libertarians. They too, believe that being correct or consistent in the application of principles is something important for society or government per se. In reality, its all power dynamics between competing individuals, groups, and institutions. The notion that one "government," makes on set of regs and enforces other incompatible regs is hilarious naivete. What actually happens is one bloc lobbies for some regs and another bloc does the same and they're both passed and come into conflict later, but the only loser in the equation is a bunch of proles who don't matter.

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Because we need a filter. If you can't talk to wymin you're out.

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how do i flirt with HR lady without being blacklisted?

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>/g/ gives better advice to incels than /r9k/ ever could.
i guess C really is the Chad programming language.

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be attractive. don't be unattractive.

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Luckily, nobody believes i'm virgin, maybe because i'm an extrovert

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What does sex appeal have to do with getting hired though? I thought seeing every women as a sexual object was part of the whole incel thing

>> No.79863992

how do i do that?

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I. Work. In. HR. Because. I. Am. Worthless.

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>hr women complaining about literally doing their job

>> No.79864073

I understand there are processes and competing priorities within a government. My pointing out that these processes taking place inside the government, which result in outputs that are contradictory, doesn't say anything about my political beliefs. It seems like any time someone questions the government, they are immediately chastised, insulted, and labelled. No one ITT has any idea what I believe politically, but you can keep guessing if you want. What if I told you I work for the government and understand all this from an insider's perspective?

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>wank wank wank
>Bad government regulations are due to lobbyists
Its almost like you two are in agreement.

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>>remember all the times they would CC our CIO on petty emails because something wasn't working right
I don't know what the fuck it is about HR, but the biggest fucking Karens and "I WANNA SEE UR MANAGER" types I've ever known were all from HR. Fuck them all.

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i have a job and i hate HR trannies
low iq, low pay job for fucking women, they don't do shit, they just hire people that do.
I'm starting yo see small companies straight up not have a hr department or just have one faggot on hr and delegate him mundaine tasks, excluing interviews because they can't do it

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There is a subtle implication here that women are objects and i am all for it

>> No.79864172

> they them
there are also compliance standards for not being a fucking queer retard, but you failed that and got hired anyway.

>> No.79864201

gym, shower, clothes, haircut
rest is genetics but unless you're a abomination the above should help

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In order to sound "enthusiastic", you must put everything in the perspective of what is going to benefit the organization. For example, if they ask, "why do you want this job?", DO NOT say things like "it would be good for my career", or "because I'm interested in the field".

Instead, say something more like "because I read your company's mission, and I believe my skill set will help contribute to it. For example, I read on your website about this project the company is working on, and I could be of help in a project like that because..."

>> No.79864370

that's kind of what I do. soft skills are underrated probably because of all these cold autistic nerds.

>> No.79864375

It means they simply don't like you, or that you may have shown signs of leaving if given a better opportunity. The latter happened to me two times with positions I was genuinely excited for because I showed signs of applying to masters programs (they rejected me after my third round of interviews and asking me lots of questions about "trying to know me better"). Luckily I learned from this mistake and got a pretty good job. Basically if you don't show propensity of loyalty, they will get second thoughts.

>> No.79864385

Oh, and another thing is, when they ask at the end of the interview "Do you have any questions for us?" ... NEVER SAY NO. It shows you're not enthusiastic/interested at all.

You should have about 3 questions written down specific to the organization, again read their website/mission/"about", etc...

>> No.79864417

This is the dumbest shit, I want money like everyone else, I wouldn't do the job for free but you're expected to larp as if you would and the pay is some sort of gift

>> No.79864431

Honestly I don't even know why people waste money on them when they don't even do anything that can't be done by anyone else in admin positions.
These are the same people who will not only write fucking unreasonable requirements in medium to large size companies but will send you wave after wave of worthless candidates that can't even write a resume.

>> No.79864440

the basic assumption that most retards thinks it works is what makes it work some of the time.

>> No.79864451

I agree that it's stupid and seems pointless, but you have to understand that this is the system we find ourselves in when trying to get a job. Like any other system, it can be manipulated if you think and act a certain way. If you're actually interested in technology, you'll know what I mean, and should be able to take it from here

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then don't work and move into the woods, retard.

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I don't think I've had to interact with HR since I got hired so for that I'm grateful. However the entire management of my department is women so it's not like I'm free.

>> No.79864675

notice she doesn't say you can't apply if you don't have 3 years of experience in X? she merely says you have to put in your CV that you have 3 years of experience in X.
fuck liberal arts majors, she probably cheated to get her shitty HR job too

>> No.79864695

lol no. I've worked at big companies and they don't do things the smart way ever. besides hr wouldn't want that anyways because it would reduce the work they do and thus the amount of resources they can demand

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why is hr even allowed to exist?
it's just a parasitic group of people that does nothing and the little it does could be automated

>> No.79864718

>not enthusiastic enough
You dodged a bullet. When a company really hounds you to be "enthusiastic," they mean that they want your job to be the most important thing in your life. That's the kind of job where your manager will give you a stern talking to about "what you actually want from this company and what your decisions reflect about you" if you ask for a day off to take your kid to the hospital.

>> No.79864755

Anecdotes aside, machine learning algorithms to gather, reject, and accept resumes in order to automate some of the HR process is big business right now. Many organizations large and small delegate this process to a third party. It's literally key to the business model of companies like Monster.com, LinkedIn, etc... why else do you think you get to apply to jobs for free? You're the potential product.

>> No.79864799

I saw some job asking for 12 years of exp for a senior full stack React/Node job. I applied anyway and said to their indeed questions "Yes I have 12 years exp in react and node" to force them to look at my resume.

>> No.79864843

I think it's not wise to lump a whole organization up with what some stupid HR person thinks. You could end up working for a manager that hates HR and their ideas twice as much as you ever did.

>> No.79864854

haha don't listen to that dumb ho. i haven't even graduated from cs and got a fulltime sysadmin job at a bank. just spam those vapid retards with resumes and when someone calls you to talk about positions don't act like an autist.

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>>the literal US military thinks polygraphs work
Not really. The US government pretends they work because poor people are stupid and believe them. This leads to a lot of easy confessions because suspects don't want to outright lie when hooked up to a
>lie detector

It was is a great tool for political crucifixion, like when our newly-minted Vice President Kamala grilled Kavanaugh for not subjecting himself to the meme machine despite her being a prosecutor that obviously knows better.

Scenarios and absurdities like these are commonplace in American society, which is a great reminder that democracy doesn't work and that we're a nation ruled by Machiavellians elected by idiots.

>> No.79864904

>This is for military contracting work.
A polygraph is completely useless. May as well say you have to hold a magic rock while being asked questions.
That some morons in government think they have any value is just proof that all managers are incompetent. Either for thinking that a polygraph has value or for letting others include a polygraph as a requirement for security.

>> No.79864906

pretty much this, it is a codename for being paid peanuts, peer pressure and unpaid overtime. These days I don't even bother applying to these job posts, same with companies asking you to do "take-away" projects, or doing algorithms on a whiteboard - they are skewed to favor single cluess recently graduated kids

>> No.79865015

this is the most normiest shit ive heard all day.

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What is this, application development for tactical networks? God, that sounds like such a nightmare environment to work in. No cell phones, no goofing off during downtime. It'll be all crunch all the time and when you finally get your phone from your locker you'll have just enough time to shower, eat your dinner, and fall asleep.

>> No.79865063

for retards who voted democrat: this is what you get. you're not worth $15. your noob-ass is unhirable for $15. enjoy sucking dick under the queensboro bridge, tranny

>> No.79865082

It really does detect when you’re displaying signs of stress. If one question you’re more stressed at that another, it can indicate you have something to hide

>> No.79865084

Oh I can definitely do that then, I tend to think of it as the "small talk" switch in my head that flips whenever I have to talk to family / company reps and the sort.
I was getting a bit worried reading further up in the thread as there was a few posts eluding to flirting with the HR rep, which I don't think is a line I want to cross really.

>> No.79865120

Your image pains me greatly.

>> No.79865196

Back in my day you just went to the nearest factory had a chat with the foreman and started work the next day.

Now you need a resume`, years of experience that exceeds your years adult life, go through a recruiting agency, multiple interviews and as a final boss some HR roastie who will only hire you if she wants to fuck you because that is the limit of her squirrel brain.

>> No.79865201

I wouldn't want to cross that line either, because we have a certain idea about what it means to be professional (perhaps not shared by many anymore). But it's still very possible to be that ideal professional and land jobs, and you'll feel better for it.

That switch is what people mean when they say "just be yourself", because to normies it really is that simple.

>> No.79865260

Recruiters are fucking idiots

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>Always makes me wonder where retarded HR thinks those years of experience come from.
Especially when they ask for 10+ years of experience in a relevant field.

If I spent 10+ years at a company that was relevant to my career path and paid well, why the fuck am I jumping ship just to land at the bottom of the totem pole for your shitty, underpaying company?

>> No.79865409

It’s relative though. Think spikes. Your baseline may be higher but that doesn’t make you spike.

>> No.79865646

Lol. It's site reliability and looks like something to do with Azure/Cloud shit. At least for defense companies, you work 45ish hours a week and can fuck off the rest of the time. Now imagine defense levels of bullshit in a top tech company. That would legitimately be hell.

>> No.79865691

I got big gap in my resume when I become a glorified cashier to help out parents in my small family business after graduating. What can I do to compensate for this shit? Coding competitions (code wars, kaggle)? FOSS contributions? Get a masters (which I suspect will actually reduce value instead being overqualified with no experience)? The accumulated rejections are driving me nuts.

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>It’s relative though. Think spikes. Your baseline may be higher but that doesn’t make you spike.
And those spikes indicate what exactly, oh wise one? John Larson, the man who invented the machine you worship, regretted he ever made it because of how cattle like you attributed the results as a black and white indicator of the objective truth (disregarding the fact that objective truth may not exist).
Stress is a very poor indicator of deceit because numerous unrelated factors can cause stress, while lying itself may cause no stress at all in a particular person.

The polygraph is intended to induce paranoia in single-digit IQ prols like you. It has no purpose beyond that, but, as you have graciously exemplified, it works very well for that purpose.

>> No.79865817

>What can I do to compensate for this shit?
Mention it. An unexplained gap is an issue, an explained one not nearly as much.

>> No.79865821

This may not be an exciting answer, but it's pretty much the truth. If young autistic boys were taught this in school instead of being left to figure it out themselves, it would help them out a lot.

>> No.79865861

Ummm actually my pronouns are they/them, thank you very much

>> No.79865877

This. Literally all these whores have to do is read resumes all day. I should apply with blank PDFs just to fuck with them.

>> No.79865925

That is one issue. My main concern is more the companies thinking I don't keep up my programming skills being out of IT jobs for some years. Hence my question on how to compensate.

>> No.79865967

Seeing women as objects, sexual or otherwise, is what really bothers them. Seeing them as sexual people, not sex objects, is what women generally want. Seeing them as people means empathizing with them to some small degree. For instance, you should consider that if you were the woman, would you appreciate a man like yourself making passes on you? You wouldn't like a fat neckbeard propositioning you for sex, and neither do they, so if you are a fat neckbeard you should have enough empathy to realize that women don't want to deal with you.

That is the problem with fat neckbeards who hit on women. They fundamentally lack empathy.

>> No.79866056

>It means the entry level at that organization is higher than the industry entry level.
75% of "entry level" jobs, at any organization, are writing CRUD apps, cleaning data, writing unit tests, etc. Monkeys could do it, there is no reason for all this superfluous bullshit

>> No.79866078

you are trying to rationalize the behavior of a woman who is explicitly acting in an emotional manner. i'm not saying that women can't be rational but when they are reflexively snapping back to people about how they don't want to be seen as a sexual object they are operating 100% in an emotional frame of mind and do so regardless of whether it is a fat incel hitting on them or someone they are attracted to yet find their presentation to run contrary to their general taste. you react in the same way when women hit on you but you probably aren't thinking about this in an actually empathetic and rational frame of mind, you're just saying you are because it's rhetorically convenient

you can jump into their emotional frame of mind and do their rationalizing for them all you want and what you're basically trying to do here is to construe self-flagelation as empathy. that's not empathy, that's whipping yourself for good boy points

>> No.79866137

Also not a fat neckbeard, stop projecting

>> No.79866145

>didn't lie on resume
>flirted with hr rep
>job offer within two weeks of sending resume
it's like people have literally no idea how to talk with another human being to get them to like you and want you around

>> No.79866154

>microsoft controls who can work in military contracting
Tell me again how this is a "private company" and how they thus can discriminate freely...

>> No.79866247

I don't agree, everything I've said here (>>79865967) is wholly compatible with the premise that women act and think emotionally, not rationally. This is a premise believe to be true!

Women, in their emotional way of operating, like it when attractive men desire them sexually. They don't like it when unattractive men desire them. This is a matter of emotion, not reason. Given these facts, an unattractive man who has to deal with women has two options:
>This woman probably does not want an unattractive man like me trying to fuck her. She will feel uncomfortable if I make passes at her, so I won't try.
>The woman is a sex hole that I want to penetrate, I will make passes at her. Maybe it won't work, but I don't care that my ugly ass oggling her boobas will make her skin crawl and ruin her day.

If you're not unattractive, then you should be flirting with women. If you are attractive, then failing to hit on a women stands a good chance of offending that woman, by making her believe you think she's ugly. If what the woman thinks about you matters to you (e.g. she's an HR bitch and you're looking for a job) then the rational thing for a man to do is to manipulate the woman in whichever way produces the desired result. For attractive men, this means casual flirting. For unattractive men, this means NOT flirting.

>> No.79866281

>flirted with hr rep
it's 2021 anon, there's no flirting with any reps now. It's all automated online filters. I was 4 for 5 with in person recruiting but somewhere along the lines of 0 for 200 with online apps now.

>> No.79866307

Not lying on the resume is a mistake; the society we live in does not reward honesty or honor. But otherwise you have the right idea. Women are simple creatures, if you're not autistic then you should understand how to manipulate them to get what you want.

>> No.79866316

i think you're looking at this in a way too black-and-white manner that fails to understand the complexities in how people actually think and operate. i can attest for myself that i deal with many women that are clearly attracted to me but are very disinterested in me due to my outspoken presentation and general demeanor that i am only guessing they perceive to be morally incorrect due to their particular ethical framework. and that friction causes a pretty clear hostile reaction that is basically identical to what women claim is getting mad at incels on the internet

women don't address problems directly, they project problems onto people, and instead of admitting that they are upset that reality does not match their fantasy they get upset that their reality is getting violated by a convenient target, and the easiest one to blame is low-status men

>> No.79866340

Why can't I just not flirt anyway? It's a professional environment, and what if the person happens to not be hetero? Your model just falls apart at that point

>> No.79866374

The casual flirting is done over the phone or video chat now.

>i think you're looking at this in a way too black-and-white manner that fails to understand the complexities in how people actually think and operate. i can attest for myself that i deal with many women that are clearly attracted to me but are very disinterested in me due to my outspoken presentation and general demeanor that i am only guessing they perceive to be morally incorrect due to their particular ethical framework. and that friction causes a pretty clear hostile reaction that is basically identical to what women claim is getting mad at incels on the internet
If this is representative of the way you speak to women, then it's not surprising that women aren't interested. Your "outspoken presentation and general demeanor" comes off as stuffy or formal. When talking to other men, that's fine. But it's incompatible with casual flirting.

Also it should be mentioned that the objective of casually flirting with women you need something from is not to fuck them, but rather to give them pleasant emotions about your interactions with them. If you make them happy, that biases them in your favor. If you come off as impersonal, that biases them against you. If you come off as creepy (which means "not attractive, but tried to flirt anyway") that's obviously going to bias them against you as well. Knowing which strategy to employ means being honest with yourself about yourself.

>> No.79866420

Thanks for the advice.

>> No.79866439
File: 61 KB, 584x600, r86r3422m.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Been fired from a major Apple supplier since April but from what I'm reading is the corporate world NOW Finally starting to outsource HR, God please say yes! About damn time they share the pain. Learn to code Grills!!!!

>> No.79866445

Don't go through HR
network to the manager/engineers you will be working with.
We don't care about degrees, or certs. We care about results, and competence.

Nearly every person I've interviewed who had a degree and a pile of certs can't talk through basic troubleshooting, or even tell me where the fuck logs are stored on a linux box.
The best employees are self taught, and driven to make things better.

>> No.79866453

To be fair anon he's talking to autists on 4chan, not really the setting where you'd talk in the same way?
Or are you being disingenuous?

>> No.79866457

>>Why can't I just not flirt anyway?
If you're not attractive, then you don't have to flirt. If you really dislike flirting so much, I suppose you could do something that makes yourself unattractive. Get a terrible haircut or something. Then women will be glad when you don't try to flirt with them, rather than feeling ugly and undesired by the Chad they just met who didn't even look twice.
>It's a professional environment, and what if the person happens to not be hetero?
Such is the minefield of modern society. Do whatever research you can before the encounter (do they have a public twitter?) Do your best to judge them by all the clues they offer. The way they dress, the way they style themselves. Does she look like a lesbian, or does she look like she's trying to make men attracted to her?

Sometimes you'll step on a landmine. Knowing how to disarm that landmine is a skill not all men have. Practice helps. Keep your flirting very light and particularly casual until you get the hang of it.

>> No.79866471

Required: X years of $platform
Required: X years of $framework

$platform_age = X - 3
$framework_age = X - 5

HR is a cancer

>> No.79866503

>experience giving L1/L2 support to users of the software.

>> No.79866808
File: 708 KB, 583x637, 1605568137137.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Job-searching anon fresh or of college here,

Can anyone give me some comforting words amidst this sea of jaded anons? I just want to have hope

>> No.79866874

women don't manage people, they are just shock absorbers for men with strong personalities. All they do in my estimation is modulate communication between men.

>> No.79866890


>> No.79866898

why not? Company's are absolutely full of shit when they present themselves to you.

>> No.79867166


most decent companies will get you talking with an actual dev lead after the initial interview, and they will have more realistic expectations of what the role needs Initial technical recruiter is just there to filter complete retards.

If you think you gonna get filtered by the initial person or resume review but have the skills for the later interviews find a company you know folks at and get them to recommend you so you can skip the queue.

>> No.79867345

you shouldn't work with a person that puts xher pronouns on social media.

Just saying.

>> No.79867679

Woman are more empathetic than men you idiot.

>> No.79867739

It's literally they/them dumbass

>> No.79868068

>does a great disservice to young autistic boys by telling them to treat women just the same as men.
I really question if you know what the fuck you're talking about with this line. You will be more successful treating them like men than like delicate flowers. Don't talk like a fag like the guy you're replying to, but busting balls goes a long way with women if you don't overdo it.

>> No.79868075

I'm sorry to tell you all women are whores including your mother and sisters.

>> No.79868187

I just treat them like retarded children. My life is so much fucking better.

>> No.79868195

Who are you doling advice to, the guy who thinks he has it down or me, who I guess is the fag?

>> No.79868215

That's more in line with what I'm thinking. Obviously you'd not flirt with actual retarded children, but obviously I know that's not what you mean.

>> No.79868232

I'm not the anon you were talking to, I just wanted to demean women.

>> No.79868255

>Obviously you'd not flirt with actual retarded children
because children are usually easier to reason with

>> No.79868273

That's true, children are more open to reason than most adults give them credit for. When I was a kid I hated how often adults refused to explain things to me, assuming I wouldn't understand it.

>> No.79868297

Welcome to the real world kiddo, everyone lies and cheats as hard as they can.

>> No.79868366

Most normalfag comment I've today.

>> No.79868411

>Be only tech person in small company
>Almost all other employees getting government-paid leave
>Still have to work full time
It's not fair, I want my neetbux.

>> No.79868414

Anyone now how to attach something like a flash grenades to a pdf file?

>> No.79868462

>How do I sound excited for something I don't give two shits about?
The real question is "How do I sound excited for something I'm excited about?"
As a legit assburger I don't know what these people want from me.

>> No.79868845

Fuck no lol. I used to believe that until ive seen enough first-hand.

>> No.79869080

Details please. Did you get a degree? How did you get out of this hell?

>> No.79869178

Same but I have a degree, share wisdom please anon

>> No.79869413

>entry level cashier position at McDonald's
>minimum requirements: at least 30 years experience working in customer service and no less than 4 postgraduate degrees (doctorate preferred)

>> No.79869489

>If you're not unattractive, then you should be flirting with women. If you are attractive, then failing to hit on a women stands a good chance of offending that woman, by making her believe you think she's ugly.

Well, time to try flirting with the women I encounter, because NOT flirting and being totally platonic sure as fuck hasn't worked. I think I have an attractive face and I look fairly fit, but I'm like 5'7 or 5'8 so I've always assumed women find my very existence repulsive and offensive and want absolutely nothing to do with me.

>> No.79869604

The sad thing is you probably thought you were posting something meaningful when you typed out this dog shit.

>> No.79869845

Well shit, good luck man. You're in a good spot, but I'm sure it's still not easy. Put on that happy face and try not to think about killing anyone.

>> No.79869944

Got a job at a good company on my first (serious) interview ever. Real devs interviewed me so they saw through the retardation and into the fact that I had real knowledge.

Tactics employed:
- Exploit the filter. Don't "lie" but understand that the to get an interview you first need to pass through (literal) robots or NPCs in HR. You can also view this as simply making HR's life easier, because instead of having to guess whether you have the required skills from passed work experience you have the skills required explicitly listed on the resume.
- The interviewers want to hire you. They want you to be the last person they interview because you are just the right person for the job. Work WITH them to BE that person.
- Vocalize your thought process when appropriate in technical questions. While vocalizing you make tangible progress in solving the problem, so while they are interviewing you they get a sense that you know how to solve problems. Unless you solve problems like a retard of course.

Rooting for you anon. Please be a good person.

>> No.79870014

> steady gaze and firm handshake, the post.

>> No.79870030

>> steady gaze and firm handshake, the post.
Feel free to read it, anon.

>> No.79870076

If you can reject 99% of the men who ask you out you can reject 99% of applicants

>> No.79870166

lmao staceys mad i throw resumes at every job listing and dont care about qualification?
I need to do it more often then.
they know they can just search for keywords in the resume right? they dont have to check every durgasoft graduate resume. staceys too dumb to use their tools. typical HR staceys

>> No.79870265
File: 175 KB, 1152x950, Amy miller 04.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Hey -- looking good Amy! Thanks for the tips on responding to your messages instantly, but understand don't call us we'll call you on your side.

>> No.79870301

>triggered burger libertarian
don't you people also read public choice theory?

>> No.79870305

Polygraphs are pseudoscience at best

>> No.79870319

you will never be a woman

>> No.79870328

well why would you apply for a job you aren't qualified for?

>> No.79870349

>Neoliberalism won bro
No it didn't, it just took over thanks to Woodrow Wilson.

>> No.79870351

i used to believe that as well
i just mistook it with emotional instability

>> No.79870360

I'm probably the only person who has only ever had positive situations with HR.

>> No.79870367

women deal with things as well, it's just that they treat people like things

>> No.79870393

Just apply to a smaller engineering firm without a full HR department, white flag is when you apply and are interviewed by someone you'll be working with or under.

>> No.79870456

>tweet screenshot
I wonder how that guy squares his worldview with the legions of married working class men, regular dudes who certainly haven't "won" anything.

>> No.79870474

i felt that

>> No.79870489

how would they even know?
wait, are you young enough that it's all online?
oh boy that'll be fun for a long of young fucks

>> No.79870496

You deserve it you filthy marijuana junkie

>> No.79870577

I don’t worship the machine, I’m just saying it detects signs of stress. You can compare that with other levels throughout the test and see which questions the subject was more stressed about. It’s science bud

>> No.79870610


Do they really care about a little youthful experimentation with drugs in US vetting? Also polygraphs are notoriously unreliable, I can't believe you use them.

>> No.79870621

>Which is lying.

It can be. It can also not be.

>He said nothing about whether or not those keywords actually align with your capabilities.

>> No.79870851
File: 154 KB, 852x669, empathy-sympathy.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Women feel pity, not empathy or compassion.

>> No.79870973

Why cant there just be a thing that pipes you into a job within a few months of graduating? Why do i have to go through all this shit?

>> No.79871088

poor guy was probably really trying to fight muscle memory and not call this big angry guy in front of him 'sir'

>> No.79871654

women are vapid whores
yes I hate women

>> No.79872078

Ever wonder why men never cry in front of women?
Ever wonder why women always cry in front of men?

Imagine being this naïve.

>> No.79872826

>not bullying HR women through spurious job applications

>> No.79872907
File: 65 KB, 556x604, 1565873639427.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I remember being 12.
Don't worry champ, you'll understand soon enough

>> No.79872917

>this thread
we're reaching levels of "who hurt you?" that shouldn't be possible

>> No.79873323

It's because they're a safety net from potentially very expensive legal battles. That combined with an easy place to add token diversity is literally it.

>> No.79873377

pic of richard ramirez

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