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> Labels: Fixed-2019-Sep-27

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The first comment is literaly This was fixed last Friday, dumb poster

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pozzed glowie trash
after all that media shilling i'm uninstalling signal and getting whatsapp
already convinced my whole family to install whatsapp

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Use telegram

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Refute this faggot https://yasha.substack.com/p/signal-is-a-government-op-85e

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use Wire

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This was fixed literally over a year ago.

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>literally already fixed
You're going to have to do better than that.

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telegram's crypto was made by russians high on crack. it's not broken, but they made the whole thing super weird and convoluted for no good reason

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> some schizos blog memesite
lol no thanks

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no, i think the problem is the guy on the right of Snowden, enDORSEYing Signal

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No you still have to trust them. While they can't access the content of your message you still trust them with running the infrastructure. They can still gather information about you and if they decide to they can just block all your messages. Granted it is unlikely but you are still putting your faith in them.

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>claiming a non-peer reviewed self-published paper as evidence against ProtonMail and clearly misunderstanding its contents (possibly intentionally, see last greentext)
>other immaterial claims mixed with unsubstantiated ones, possibly indicating an attempt to use obfuscating language to hide the weakness of his evidences
>writer starts talking about his supposed life in his article, talks about a supposed mental issue (PTSD), refers to some vague case of a supposed friend and starts to use more crass language at the end (Red Flags)
For what is it worth, I don't think privacytools and Protonmail are trustworthy but that is even worse in Privacy-Watchdog's case.

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>trusting this thing

No way in hell CIA funded them via alternate means & didn't install a backdoor. Plus, those fucking servers. Its like everyone got amnesia after Snowden & forgot big tech literally funnels everything through NSA/Gov.

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I’m sure they miss you too anon.

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fake and gay

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I hope you're doing well, wherever you are. I think of you often!

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Snowden SAYS he uses it, and is a glowie now. Imagine knowing what he knows & using a service where the messages travel where they do. You gotta be kidding.

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i heard it was funded by pedo satanist cannibalistic interdimensional child-molesting lizardmen who attend bilderburg meetings and drink pepsi

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Why not just use tox

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>by lots of independent organizations and people from various countries
All funded by the CIA.

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so you agree with him

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i find the entire question meaningless, as i dont have friends.
if you want to scream out into the void, you might as well just start your own .onion or .i2p blog.

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I feel bad for Signal. Updated their servers for all the normies that dropped the app back to WA after a couple of days once their hysteria ended.

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