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You should buy a shovel, strudy one. Get on a bus going far away. Get off it on the unfamiliar wilderness and go. Go forward and don't stop. Find a forest, but not a ordinary one. Find The Forest. The one where it all will start and end. Venture into the woods. You will encounter great darkness and greater fear. Embrace it. You will find a pond. Stop there and look around. Look around at the rotting and malicious world. Hear distant screams and wailing. Feel the pain, the sorrow, the rue, the inevitable. The End. Death. Take your shovel and hold it with pride. For you are to unchain yourself. Dig deep and dig fast. It will begin to rain. Dig steady until you reach the rock. Now beneath you is your ark. Embark it. Lay down and close your eyes. The rain will say his farewell. The mud will engulf you. The Forest will mourn you. The pain will set you free. Die faggot

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zsh is only slower when you install the cancerous oh-my-zsh. Otherwise, it's faster, and also posix compliant.

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Is that how you ask for more astolfo pics?

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I prefer this guy. I get to call him faggot and he doesn't care at all.

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triggered closet fag.
if you don't like your dick getting hard from astlofo cut it you absolute mongoloid.
but you will never be a woman

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>Find The Forsest.
Ya lost me, pal. Go to lit.

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Do I want to be woman? No.
Do I like anime? Hell fucking no.
Am I a mongoloid: Maybe, I never learn my origins.

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What's a better to kill yourself without people getting pissed off about your corpse. A forest seems to be the answer.

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>Do I like anime? Hell fucking no.

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zsh because it has POSIX like syntax

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holy shit thank you this is awsome!!

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Overcomplicated kys, you should kis,s.

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i havent noticed any slowdowns ushing zsh, honestly
also fish having different syntax (including stuff that concerns variables) is annoying to me - tried fish for like an hour or two, gave up and went back to zsh. if you like fish, more power to you but zsh is my cup of tea

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i use bash for scripting

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fair enough but if theres some software you need to build and the build instructions use variables, i would always have to remove the brackets from the command, which is kind of annoying as you can imagine. thats honestly the only reason i went back to zsh, so i can be lazy.
though now thinking about it, i wonder if i could do "sh !!" whenever i'd use fish and that issue came up

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yes that's a smart work around with !!

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Astolfo is not a tranny.

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haven't seen anybody talk bout oil, 'the new unix shell', anyboody who's used it and is hiding?

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