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>wanted a keyboard that looks like a typewriter
>I actually have options for this, and good ones too
>can just pay an inordinately expensive amount for an endgame keyboard and then be done with the entire hobby

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GMK polybius actually looks nice, shame it's pad printed ABS

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does anyone have experience with razer keyboards with their orange switches? I know razer has a bit of a bad rep, but I'm interested in their blackwidow elite keyboard since it ticks about every box for me and is also on sale on amazon right now.

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>silent and "tactile" gamer switch
i already know itll be trash
get a linear

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>$100 for rebranded greetech browns
whatever floats your boat

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when does nk_ restock nk65 ee?

does it worth getting a b-stock?

does nk65 ee even worth it? i could build a XD84 for $68 without caps and switches and still have VIA support.

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Getting a happy hacking pro classic soon, what am I in for?

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have you tried those "non-clicky but tactile" romer g or razer switches? they've always been dog shit

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I've tried Zealios purples which fall under that definition, they're nice.

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That's the spirit

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Why so many guns but just one keyboard?

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how much does guns cost?
t. europoor

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Can only use one keyboard at a time lol

It varies wildly. An inexpensive .22 might be $200, a 9mm pistol $500, a rifle $1,500. In many Yruop countries the cost is significantly higher, for instance in Germany I believe a Glock might cost 800 euro where (typically, pre-panic) it would be more like $500US.

The epitome of dome experience

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Start deadlifting

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>Can only use one keyboard at a time lol
How many guns do you use at the same time?

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>blues for normal browsing
>lubed and filmed reds for incognito mode

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I briefly had a blackwidow elite with green switches and I can tell you that the blackwidow is loud as shit. I had clicky switches but a lot of the sound wasn't the click, it was the sound of bottoming out and the sound of the end of the upstroke, sound of the god awful stabilizers, the sound of springs pinging, and the sound of the whole board ringing as I typed. oranges will remove most of the click but the rest of the board will be loud as shit still. I am still waiting for my next board so I don't have anything to really compare razer to but I think you can get better built keyboards with tactiles for the same price or cheaper.

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Nice repeating integers, both of you!
Also, do you like topre switches?

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should i get a leopold with reds or a yc66 with gat yellows + some aliexpress keycaps?

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So I'm lookin' to replace my old Rosewill, but I can't seem to find what I'm looking for without digging through 20+ pages of online shops.

Can anyone recommend a floating/raised/exposed 100 or 60% board with cherry blues or greens? Finding somewhere that properly lists keyboards that are "raised" or floating or whatever you call it has been incredibly difficult.

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Picked up a couple NIB Unitek K258 keyboards for $15/ea.
Have Alps White SKCM switches and the metal plate, but was assembled in Malaysia. The keycap printing is kinda inconsistent, but for the price it was worth a shot. Partial bamboozlement?
Thanks for reading my blog.

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Get the leopold.

>> No.79535747

Where did you get this?

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If nothing else the SKCM whites are worth the $15 per board.

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oh god they're calling it the classic now?

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It's slightly updated, mainly the case.
The layout works for me as an emacs user.

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Is there any reasonably priced detachable cable that'll do both usb c and micro usb b that works with ducky boards (for some reason lot's of cables don't work with mine)

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Any suppliers for round keycaps that aren't hogshit or am I stuck with Datamancer?

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Spherical isn't the same thing, nor is cylindrical.

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Yes, and? I'm saying typewriter caps are shit.

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Go to /v/ if you want to bicker about nothing.

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I want one cable.
Just rather not wait 6 months to spend $150 on some meme group buy cable.

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Best brand of keyboard? Money isn't an issue. Preferably one that doesn't have shitty glued on rubber pads on the bottom, if you know what I'm talking about. I got a Filco and the chink tier glue job is so fucking annoying.

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Not Op but including my cock gun...5?

>> No.79538720

Best prebuilt boards outside of esoteric custom builds are leopolds.

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>wanted something with silent cherries
>got the Shine 7
I'm not usually a fan of >Ducky but this shit can kill a man it's so heavy.

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went from an 8 year old blackwidow ultimate that was loud as shit to a varmilo with silent cherry reds and this thing feels great. keys dont feel anywhere as thin as the razer board’s and the absent click plus cushioned sound on the board which itself is really solid feels great.

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No u won't retard

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Watch me nigga.

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>does nk65 ee even worth it? i could build a XD84 for $68 without caps and switches and still have VIA support.
is VIA that good tho?

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Yeaaaah you kind of burn out because of just how tideous applying lube well is and if I'm gonna half ass it why bother. I feel like half assing it is more of a waste of the switches than not using them at all because of how time consuming delubbing with a ultra sanic is.
Only practical way to burn through a switch collection that size is to buy a pile of leopold's and adderall's and get all the switches tuned/built over a week.
Though I suppose you'd end up with the same number of switches as you'd have all the ones from the leopold's you install them in.
A pile of plain 60 flexes, there you go, a pile of plain 60 flexes. It's $70 for 5. Otherwise you're looking at like $1700 in leopold's to install 1500 switches in.

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which romer gs?

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Is there a silent and non-clicky TKL keyboard for a reasonable price (under $100)?
Must have backlit keys but not RGB.

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I know I'm trying to ask for similar alternative switches to tactile romer Gs

>> No.79541285

Also should mention to anyone who was interested in these maybe, these are from GMK-S on Aliexpress.
My photo didn't capture the pink very well, and look a little orange. They are more of a pink hue in person

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pls respond

>> No.79542390

i hope you're wealthy enough to literally burn money, because otherwise you'll regret the purchase and spend all your time on r/keyboards cope posting about how it was worth the purchase

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I just received my keyboard form KBDFans. I checked the assembly option for extra 8$. Do they also lube the keys? Keyboard seems extremely silent.

>> No.79543789

does anybody have any experience with GMMK TKL? on candykeys the body is seems opaque but in reviews its metalic.

>> No.79543864

What is a good, durable, water-resistant mech KB?

>> No.79544500

can you recommend any? I'd like to get something with a silent/tactile switch like cherry browns, in either 84 key or full-size, with a heavy preferability to it having cable management channels and backlighting

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My first fancy keyboard. Only complaint is I wanted black or white case color but could only get silver.

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that is a really nice keyboard, >:3

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what's the appeal of not being able to type numbers? Seems kinda fuckin stupid to be desu

>> No.79545126

Bump. Can you guys recommend anything?

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The whole bottom row are modifier keys.
If I hold down N, the top row becomes a number row. I also have the lil number nugget in pick related.
Do not bully them!

>> No.79545501

>1.77 MB
>what is image compression
pathetic. won't be a surprise if it turns out you are a rust tranny or smth like that.

>> No.79545543

Guys how do I disable the FN key if the stupid keyboard won't send a scan code to my PC?

>> No.79545750

Where do you live? If you're close to the Netherlands, you might be able to order it from here. We mostly use ANSI.

>> No.79546144

When I hold down N, it just repeats nigger.
Saves a lot of time nigger nigger nigger nigger nigger nigger nigger nigger nigger nigger nigger nigger nigger nigger nigger nigger nigger nigger nigger nigger nigger nigger nigger nigger nigger nigger nigger nigger nigger nigger nigger

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Yeah, it is. That’s what I hear about that keyboard. I’m sure I’ll instantly cum, since I’m coming from a used membrane keyboard g213

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Where can I buy a TKL plate? I wanna try out building a handwired board.

>> No.79547125

can't find a filco TKL with blacks in NZ?

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someone needs to make the reddit fuck you keyboard with just the letters EGINR

>> No.79547350

I can type 300 words per minute but just the word fuck

>> No.79547542

are there any more kebos I should know about?

>> No.79548176

>what are hall effect switches?
tl;dr - magnets

>> No.79548242

i don't fully understand what is being explained but I believe that it's a great feature, how can i see if the apex pro has this?

>> No.79548412

I'm pretty certain Apex Pro has the hall effect, does it mean i can adjust the pressure needed to register a keystroke?

>> No.79548432

Basically the switch is just a sensor that detects when a magnet is nearby. It being analog and contactless have their own advantages. The omnipoint board is the one with hall effect switches.

>> No.79548502

>is there a reason i would want to adjust anything or leave them be?
Just to suit preference for where you want the actuation point, really.

>> No.79548517

I think i'm going to run to best buy and impulse buy one now. It seems to be a favorite for many people

>> No.79548609

looks completely unusable.

>> No.79548616

I don't care about keyboard autism but need to replace my Logitech g710 because I spilt lemonade on it. Should I get a Ducky double shot?

>> No.79548896


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>finally starting to ship

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Never seen a ZX spectrum anon?

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it's another overpriced groupbuy meme
who fucking cares

>> No.79550651

KAM caps really aren't that expensive. Not every groupbuy is some $150 GMK set you know.

>> No.79551270

There's the leopold fc660c, but it ain't usb-c.

>> No.79551272

will I ever get used to my gat black inks? they hurt my fingers

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Do these work with data or are they only for charging?

>> No.79551710

Such a good idea but I've tried a few brands and the magnets don't hold with any resistance. Especially if you bend the cable it'll just disconnect

>> No.79551801

this. Don't buy them.

>> No.79551808

Just ask yourself if you think small, flat keycaps would be comfortable to use.

>> No.79551976

You'd probably have to look really hard for perfectly flat keycaps of any shape, all the round keycaps I know about have a concaved surface. Even seeing that he's trying to pick a fight for the sake of picking a fight, later on in the exchange, it's puzzling that he moans about how round keycaps are inferior when what's clearly meant is the keycap's shape and not the striking surface.

I've settled for the issue being he's a faggot who didn't have anything to say.

>> No.79552019

That's completely irrelevant seeing as even keys branded as "typewriter style" have a convex surface. May as well say you don't know or just don't respond if you weren't interested in answering the original question.

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I actually have those! They're fine to type on, they're resin filled up to a point on the keycap so they naturally have a smooth and rounded-off feel. They're not uniform since they're handmade so they can have a "concave-like" feel from the resin not quite getting flush with the edge of the metal rim. You can see it in your picture, there's a little bit of space between the edge of the metal and the resin on some of the keys.

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please stop posting GMKino.... i cant afford it right now......

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I don't know why so many people hate on the Cherry MX Brown these are my favorite switches.

>> No.79553309

so is groupbuy faggotry required if you want high end stuff? looking to get into customs but this shit looks annoying.

>> No.79553321

Depends on what exactly you mean by 'high end'. If you're impatient you could just go straight to a CNC shop and get shit made yourself but then that would require you to have design files.

>> No.79554056

You apparently.

>> No.79554106

Bruh why do all keycaps look the same, it's fucking hard to find anything that isn't the same thing as every other key but with a legend that takes less time to fade

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for those who own a keychron
what do these keys do in windows 10

>> No.79554195

I don't know, why do all black people look the same?

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arriving Monday I'm so hyped

>> No.79554304

This was funnier in your head

>> No.79554317

I imagine f3 does what windows key + tab does and take all windows on current desktop and minimise them to a pattern so you can quickly select between then.
F4 might do the same but not in a funky pattern?

>> No.79554340

you're not wrong

>> No.79554351

I don't like it... Send it back

>> No.79554362

fully customizable colors for all keys, 100million keystroke life, what's not to like?

>> No.79554457

Ok I sent it back I hope you like me now

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buy some cool keycaps

>> No.79554611

what is the most tactile between glory panda, kiwi, and zealio

>> No.79554633

Between those 3 the zeal v2s, although the T1 & its variants like the kiwi, koala, etc. feel close enough to the bump of a zeal v2 that it's not worth the Zeal Tax™ imo.

>> No.79554662

are durock tactiles the same as kiwis? is that what a t1 is? i cant keep track of all this jwk shit

>> No.79554669

Kiwis are just T1s with the same housing material as tangerines last I checked. Yea everything is a fucking JWK recolor these days.

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Thanks pham.
Just closed on a deal for a really clean, complete package IBM 5160 XT. It's the 640kb version and has the color monitor.
This keyboard may or may not work with it, we'll see.
Really excited to play with it, install freedos, and hopefully be shitposting on bbs's from 1986.

>> No.79555610

thinking about getting my first hotswap board. should I just reserve a GMMK Pro?

I've been using that for the last year. Pick up a set of the HyperX Pudding Keycaps too if you don't have a PBT set already, but the stock ABS ones were surprisingly good. The RGB is actually pretty good, too. The only down side is the thick non-detachable passthru cables most retail mechs have now, and it's pretty lightweight but expected. The switches are amazing. If you don't need a big ass heavy customizable case this is worth the extra bucks. Out of all the high end Best Buy tier boards this is the one for sure. Go for this over Razer or Corsair. The software is fine, too.

>> No.79555839

Anyone know a budget keyboard (sub 60) that can handle 3 keypresses properly? Currently using magicforce and it sucks with multiple keypresses, which is awful since I need to use 2 keys for Fn then the third key only.sometimes registers.

>> No.79555855

any 10 dollar one will do. i've never used a keyboard that couldn't ctrl alt delete

>> No.79555876

GMMK Pro or a stock GMMK, depends on how soon you want it (you can get a stock GMMK now) or if you value the rotary knob that a Pro has. Hotswap is an insanely nice feature on its own.
Try Redragon or Victsing if you want a sub-$50 (sometimes sub-$40) mechanical.

>> No.79559987

>dual wielding is for dexfags, true men go for strength.
I squat 6pl8 and dual wield keyboards. True men have 18+ in all their stats.

>> No.79560172

How do I type fast? My speed is like 60 wpm.

>> No.79560695

Type more

>> No.79560744

Yeah gimme your work address and when corona is done I'll come grab one.
Best I saw when working at an old hospital near me were unicomp model m's with custom ge caps/cherry g80 with some custom caps too.

>> No.79560765

Bros where can I get chink version of GMK bingsu? Maybe im autistic but cant find shit

>> No.79560799

this is peak ergonomicsTM

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REALFORCE R2 PFU Limited-Edition

What do you guys think?
Currently have the Leopold FC660C.
Has been great the last few years,
but I'm missing the function keys.

>> No.79561650

Just get the FC980C

>> No.79561686

not all mech switches are made by Cherry, newfriend.

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Where can I get this keyboard? It would be perfect for me. I've checked Amazon, Newegg, AliExpress, and even KPRepublic's website and NiZ's website, but they are all out of stock / unavailable.

>> No.79562358

Ever since 2010 I haven't used a keyboard that wasn't from a laptop. What keyboard/key switches would give me the closest feeling to a laptop keyboard to help me transition to the /mkg/ experience?

Budget is up to 120USD, will mainly use it for gayms and some programming.

>> No.79562361

What good keycaps options are there on aliexpress? Profile and material dosent matter. I heard about domikey and enjoypbt also taiho or something

>> No.79562847

I have it. It's fucking great.

>> No.79562866

>you could have bought this ugly, mediocre, not similar at all, chinese wannabe

>> No.79562918
File: 1.02 MB, 1800x848, 1595832122417.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>ugly, mediocre
I wouldn't sing the praises of a board those words still apply to

>> No.79562925

>100M "guaranteed" keystrokes
>keycaps will melt in a few months

>> No.79562942

If it works for you, it's good

>> No.79562991
File: 1.28 MB, 480x459, 1589955552573.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I look at it and think "That sure is a keyboard."

>> No.79563059

I am typing on my GMMK with box reds and razer pbt keycaps, feels good

>> No.79563134

If they were linears, I'd consider it.

>> No.79563816

Oops I didn't RTFM. I'd go hotswappable just for options even at the expense of being locked to optical switches if you're going to be stuck with one switch-type anyways on the Gateron version.

>> No.79563827

It's probably not coming back unless they do a 2020 version, why not just go with the Micro82?

>> No.79563830

All Cherry and Cherry-style switches. 3 pins only, but you can remove two pins if you have 5 pins.

>> No.79563836

I haven't seen any reviews about keypcaps melting. it's OK $200 is nothing if that happens

>> No.79563855

whos fucking idea was it to make a $240 PC Canoe use MINI USB
micro would be acceptable but seriously wtf

>> No.79563917

Go for the classic then, you wont be dissapointed unless you hate cables cluttering up your workspace.

>> No.79563949

very based enter key

>> No.79563971

Disclaimer: this is not against those who like HHKB or Topre, I have tried HHKBs and Realforces and Leopolds and they are great, ultimately you should buy what you want.

I have to say though, Niz boards are good and are getting better (they updated their switch a year ago and will probably continue to make improvements). They definitely started as a "knockoff" brand but, like many of the knockoff Cherry clones like Gateron, have matched and even surpassed the originals in a lot of ways. Unless you need the HHKB layout, Niz boards are honestly comparable to Topre in terms of the nuance of their feel and if you are an Anon who is interested in EC rubber dome I would try a Niz. They are especially nice if you want bluetooth and full programmability, something you have to pay a ton for in other brands. They also aren't as cheap as they used to be, but I think that is reflected in the quality improvements they have made. A lot of Topre bros shit on Niz but I have the feeling they haven't actually tried them.

I know I sound like a shill but I'm just a dude who has found endgame in a chinese board (Niz Atom68 45g). Also, mx stem allows for a multitude of profiles (MT3) and meme caps, which can be dumb but im sure many of you are interested in them. Anyways thats my two cents.

>> No.79564005

There's a vtuber that's doing a keyboard build, pretty sure it's a dude but the voice changer is very convincing


>> No.79564027

dude ive seen you post this exact shit before... we get it, you think literal chink knockoff trash which objectively is inferior to true topre is a good investment. nevermind that only $50 more could get a HHKB ....

>> No.79564079

who do i need to fuck at leopold to make them start producing a new round of topre boards

>> No.79564108
File: 2.58 MB, 4032x1816, 20210106_142306.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

What are these keys and the purpose of them?

>> No.79564149

macro, probably a winkey lock, and LED brightness controlers. Either way read the fucking manual.

>> No.79564195

Yeah I think I’ll lose too much tactility if I go with the 35g

>> No.79564268

I have not posted about this before, I literally just got the Niz. I'm not surprised someone has made a similar post though. Just sharing my honest experience.

Also, to reiterate, I have used HHKBs, Realforces, and Leopolds before, so I'm not just pulling this out of my ass, the newer Niz keyboards are legitimately comparable.

The reason Topre is great is because of the keypress feel, right? I'm surprised you aren't interested in competitors, even if you decide they aren't as good. It sounds like you will not be satisfied with anything other than Topre though, even if another company produces something better.

>> No.79564477

alright i concede nizshill, you have won... just the fact niz 45g feel lighter than their topre counterpart and are also less tactile made me switch to superior niz product. just put in my order for an atom68...

>> No.79564790

Got mine from AliExpress, shipping to burgerland didn't take too long thankfully at the time (bought in mid 2020)

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I got a switch tester and I'm deciding between browns and clears.

What are the best brands to buy them from?

>> No.79565532

If someone recommends Kailh box browns, only listen if you're also prepared to lube them. They become clicky after a short while.

>> No.79565611

even the browns?
I thought that was a box royal thing

>> No.79566067
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rounded corners look gay af

>> No.79566130

Lead slab

>> No.79567229
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>> No.79567290

Anyone could sell me on apex pro? Ita been 1year already and no new model should i just buy it? Or am i being scamming into this new tech shit

>> No.79567315
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Thoughts on the gmmk pro? Looking for a nice white 75% board to use with the classic blue keycap set.

>> No.79567327

How do you achieve this look bros?

>> No.79567330

>new tech
It's tech that's more than 50 years old at this point. That said hall effect is probably the best type of sensor you could use for a keyboard switch. Smoother due to not having a physical contact, practically unlimited lifetime, inherent NKRO, possibility for analog sensing (as long as the firmware is programmed to handle that), etc.

>> No.79567476
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Yeah there's a similar board group buy going on (paragon) but I don't have 460 to blow on it.

>> No.79567520

Difference is paragon will retain its value mostly or go up in value since it's GB.

>> No.79567870

asking the real question here

>> No.79567895

Got a Das Keyboard 4 Root, brown switches. Loving it so far. They originally shipped me a blue, but thought it was too noisy. Loving the smoothness and quiet of the brown. Why oh why didn't I fall for this meme earlier?

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