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>> No.79357310

Why wouldn't you want to pay money for low quality mp3s that you don't own instead of going to the inconvenience of storing your content locally.

>> No.79357342

Based local storage-bro. Streamvirgins can fuck off.

>> No.79357363

Just use Freezer and stream FLACs.

>> No.79357382


>implying I pay money for spotify

My credit card gives $20/month credit for streaming services. Seethe. It actually blows my mind there are people who still download their music in 2020. Just fork up the fucking $10 or whatever. It is a million times more convenient.

>> No.79357391

>it's a retarded audiophile thinks he can tell the difference between 320kbps MP3s and his FLACs episode

>> No.79357422

Not the same anon, but if you care enough to usd
e FLAC, you are likely playing it on equipment that you can hear the difference on. My Bose computer speakers? Doesn't matter what the format is, sounds decent at best. My Klipsche reference system? I can tell the difference.

>> No.79357450

i literally just bought Spotify Premium yesterday

>> No.79357476

consider how much more convenient it is and how much time you save that you would normally use for syncing your shitty local music.
streaming is much more efficient, werks on all machines (my ipad, my lg g8, my win10 thinkpad, my linux thinkpad) and also the spotify algorithm is fantastic and always shows me new music that fits my taste
you need to be a complete and utter incel to not use spotify premium in 2020.
i also tried Apple Music (got 2 months free), the algorithm is pajeet tier and the UI is horrible, Spotify is a million times better

>> No.79357533

spotify is the highest quality you can get, besides source files, retard. guarantee your broke ass is listening to stuff with worse quality than spotify.
>b-but i pirated it so that means i outsmarted the streaming company and i have a higher quality version!!!
no, youre just a poor faggot.

>> No.79357550

take your meds schizo.
no, the jews are not "taking away" your music, its just that you didnt take your pills today.
merry christmas

>> No.79357556

>it's a retarded zoomer who thinks shitty transcoded 192 kbps spotify tracks are 320 kbps quality, or that mp3 is a relevant compression format in 2020
FLAC is for archiving you fucking moron.

>> No.79357587

>no, the jews are not "taking away" your music

>> No.79357589

you shill a botnet for the same salary as a janny
also yes they do remove music, see >>79357566
FLACs I torrent sound better and I own them

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>spotify is the highest quality you can get

>> No.79357616

I can't imagine actually paying someone money so they can rent you shitty quality media through a horrible UI. It's simply incomprehensible. I mean, I get your average normie, but /g/? How low can you sink?
I host everything on my server. Available anywhere, always of the highest quality, and most importantly, I actually own and have full control over it.

>> No.79357633

You already know you're retarded so just take this (You) and fuck off.

>> No.79357642

tell me about your algorithm, that suggests new music, anon.
ill wait.

>> No.79357662

>oh yeah, does your server have an algorithm that records everything you listen to suggest new onions music
you are retarded

>> No.79357684

no, YOU are retarded.
you literally listen to the exact same 10 songs for 20 years just because you dont have an algo
how can one person be this much of a faggot??

>> No.79357685

>B-But m-muh a-algorithms!
Is this supposed to be an argument in favour of Spotify? Go back >>>/r/eddit

>> No.79357724

>i believed you, but then i stopped because i realized you were shattering my illusions
ok faggot. have fun pirating your music. youre just too poor to pay 10 a month. its ok buddy

>> No.79357730

what the fuck do you need an algorithm for
has your brain so rotten that you can't decide what music to listen to anymore?

>> No.79357749

at this point i really think you are a downie
the algo is for selecting NEW music you dont even know exists.
how can one person be THIS dumb?

>> No.79357756

And now we've reached absolute cope.
Trying to shame people who didn't buy into your scam service so you'll feel better about falling for it yourself. Next month you'll pay up again like a good goy, you can't give up now, else they take all your precious streamed music away.

>> No.79357782

lol nobody gives a fuck about your cope. you gain nothing from having it stored as a file, unless youre a schizophrenic. and maybe you are, but its more likely that youre just poor and making excuses. id forgive your retardation if you bought the music that you wanna own, but you didnt, because youre poor.
its ok buddy. have fun.

>> No.79357783

Nah dude that's literally impossible after all before Spotify and their algos were invented no one ever listened to music you're just poor or something.

>> No.79357803

you're not gaining shit from paying Jews just to take away your music
your cope is so high that you call people that you don't like poor (same mentality as an itoddler)

>> No.79357806

they wont take it away if i dont pay, i just get less quality and ads.
cool wojak bud. dont have to believe me about being a master engineer, you can literally research this yourself. but you wont, because poor people tend to be unable to do that kind of thing. youre more of a free handouts kinda guy

>> No.79357817

>they wont take it away if i dont pay, i just get less quality and ads.
no they take it away

>> No.79357956

i'm a spotify user. how do people without it find new music these days? I go through a bunch of playlists. even with the algorithm, i probably spend like an hour sampling and pressing next just to find a couple new songs.
anons like >>79357680 will forever be stuck with the top 100 or whatever songs on the radio. yeah I'm a millenial and I do get bored of listening to the same songs. but I think every song creates a different set of emotions, so I'm not ashamed to constantly be on the lookout for new music.

>> No.79357977

Discogs is way better than any algorithm for discovering music

>> No.79358127

>My Klipsche reference system?

mega virgin detected

>> No.79358236

Just ytdl all music and if you want to support an artist my their album or merch, you support an artist more by buying a 20$ shirt than spotify, and when you download music you keep it forever unlike spotify

>> No.79358457

And a rainstorm is coming too
>weak men create difficult times

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I accepted the botnet and now my life is better. I listen to music on my phone a lot so going seamlessly from one to the other without issue is amazing.
The botnet always wins, join the normies and wait for the end.

>> No.79360001

i use a pirated spotify apk, retard. ive never paid for music in my life

>> No.79360133

Rotational velocidensity affects all audio files encoded with lossy compression. These include mp3, aac, and ogg.

The most notable effect of rotational velocidensity is the loss of bitrate in files. A lossy audio file will lose an average of 12kbps a year. But, this can vary greatly depending on the type of storage media used.


SATA HDD: ~12kbps
IDE HDD: ~15kbps
SCSI HDD: ~7kbps
DVD: ~16kbps
CD-R/RW: >21kbps

This can be overcome by compressing audio using lossless formats such as FLAC, APE, or TTA. These formats are designed to never lose quality over time, and will sound the same right now as they will in 10 years.

>> No.79360155

i can tell the diff between Flacs and dsts, fuck off retard

>> No.79360166


>> No.79360167

well you see, mp3s are "lossy" and flac is "lossless". This means that the longer an mp3 is stored on the hard drive, the worse it sounds. This simply doesn't happen with flac as it cannot degrade (hence the name "lossless").

>> No.79360184

this guy gets it

>> No.79360200

>do I give money to vermin like publishers, middlemen and other people who aren't musicians
That's what you'd be doing if you go through with it.
You can see here that not a single one of these top earning acts had streaming services as a source of income worth mentioning.

>> No.79360538

what about nvme ssds and optane?
which one is the closest to lossless?

>> No.79360831

>Having "money" that you can only spent in specific services
Fuck off jewfag

>> No.79360848

how is this compared to deemix, is deemix deprecated at this point? i only use it for downloading and not listening

>> No.79360976

Just get YouTube Vanced

>> No.79361010

cant decide if b8 or not

>> No.79361286

just use a pirated APK, are you retarded?

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Here's the true based setup

>Pay for Spotify Premium to curate playlists and discover new music
>Use THAT application to download in lossless so you have a local backup
>Backup that local storage to the cloud + YouTube Music so you have your own streaming cloud and data redundancy

This is what I do

>> No.79361343

How much is your annual fee goy.

>> No.79361371

I just have my music on my phones storage. I don't know why you want to make everything so complicated.

>> No.79361529

>so you have a local backup
i bet its encrypted, have fun trying to play it in ANYTHING but the Spotify app

>> No.79361545
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Nope, not encrypted at all, fren. I don't get my lossless/lossy downloads from Spotify, Soulseek or from Pirating.

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waht is this? Spotify?

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>(((credit card)))

>> No.79362068

People download songs because they wanna own it and don't want some (((Jews))) to take it away

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I wonder who is behind this post

>> No.79362706

Are we going to post Fermis next?

>> No.79362778

at this point why won't any of you autists just reconstruct it in software or play the song yourself with an instrument if you're bitching about the audio quality this much

>> No.79363131

What app?? Everyone mentions ways to download from spotify without encryption but no one ever provides and searching gives useless results

>> No.79363258

>1's and 0's deteriorate over time like vinyl

>> No.79363403

exactly. FLAC audio uses specialized technology to flatten these pointed ends of high signals or '1s' which allows for higher quality audio, and little to zero degradation over time

>> No.79363973

Damn i haven't seen this one in a while.

>> No.79364727

I'm glad I found this thread, I had no idea those programs existed. Using it now with a deezer FLAC trial to d/l all my music and ditch the streaming bullshit
VLC is the shit and works on everything I have

>> No.79365833

What does paying actually get you? I use it for free and don't have any ads or restrictions. Do paid users get a bigger catalog or higher quality audio?

>> No.79366138

haven't you heard of rotational velociodensity? baka
at least its a bit better on ssds, but yeah try listening to some of your older mp3s. they decay by a few kbps each yeah, whereas my oldest flacs from 2006 still sound as crisp as the day they were ripped.

>> No.79366811

I only have Spotify because stuident version is like 3 bucks and I go outside a lot (unlike most of /g/). It is just convenient to hit the heart icon, and have it both on my pc AND my phone instantly. Plus 900 songs are like 3 gigs and when you are out and about you don't care about what compression himamamjiks they use to make it that small, you just want to just have some music blasting in your ears

>> No.79367003

mastering > bitrate

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